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[Liveblog-ish] Rune Factory 4: You Got Resident Evil In My Farming Sim

OKAY SO in a bit of a departure from the usual fare…

I got many games for Christmas. Among them was Rune Factory 4. I enjoy the Rune Factory series, 3 especially was a blast, and so far 4 has been a blast too. Mostly. Mostly.

And then last night, playing for a little bit before bed, I got to the third dungeon of this game. I figured I’d just take a peek inside to see what monsters I’d be facing, send my little farmer off to bed and then I’d follow suit myself out here in the real world.

To say there was a tonal shift and a frantic change in plans would be an understatement. This dungeon did not entirely belong in an E10+ rated game. (That means “okay for 10-year-olds”, for those of you outside the range of the ESRB rating system. Yeaaaah.)

I grabbed my phone and opened up the notetaking app to write out some reaction tweets about it, to send in the morning. About halfway through I realized there was WAY too much panicked text flailing to spam onto twitter, and so I turn to tumblr.

I’m leaving any typos as-is, for ULTIMATE AUTHENTICITY. (50% typing on an iPhone, 50% freaking out too much to care.)
Panicked flailing, shrieking at demon ghost monster children, and ultimate confusion over how I could go from “arguing over squid with a butterfly-girl” to this, all under the cut.

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(i think i fucking leveled up while drawing this)

Obsidian Mansion was probably both my most and least favorite dungeon… on one hand, it was super spooky and interesting (i’m a wimp that was shaking and on the verge of tears while reading the journal)…. but on the other hand i rage quit the game for a week or so because Marionetta was so hard to beat;; either way I usually end up taking her and other enemies there out with an axe (。-_-。) one time i ran the whole dungeon through with a baseball bat and it was hilarious