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100% Agree with with you on Canon vs Fanon Krem. As a trans man myself, I fucking ADORE Krem. He deserved so much better. And knowing what we got in game vs the original script just makes me so fucking mad. Like, WE deserve better. I will never forgive the fact he was voiced by a cis woman, and written by cis writers, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt that he was poorly written w/ good intent. Nope. He was never meant for me. UGH. At least they fixed Bull's handling. I love those lines.

i’m so sorry dude. i wish they had done better, because y’all (all trans fans) absolutely do deserve more from them

Out of the Dust

The fiery sun was like a golden-red pit in sky which filled the air with a dry heat to compliment the dry shifting dust of the wasteland. The infernal dust layered heavily on the ragged and patched clothing of the townspeople. Quick and ravaging dust storms were common to these people and they all dressed for its possible arrival with eye coverings like glasses or goggles and bits of cloth to cover their mouths. Barely any skin was exposed lest it be scraped and abraded with millions of high speed sand granules. Today was currently a calm day though. There was little wind which only left the heavily dressed to sweat in the heat.

Far north of the town was rumored to have less stifling heat and lesser winds, but more monstrous metal ruins twisted in rusting decay where people who were wild and blood thirsty raked a pitiful existence. To the east was water; salt water, water that would have been rendered completely toxic and undrinkable even if it had been fresh. Down south was the promise of other towns, some form of civilization struggling. And to the west was the complete unknown. As far as a townsperson dared to travel in that direction there was wasteland seemingly stretching forever.

Cygnus, thankfully had made extensive and calculating plans in preparation for approaching this insular town. It had taken much more time, granted, to appear as if he was coming from the south and walking around a great distance. He was even lucky enough to run into a group of wandering traders who gave him an inconspicuous pair of dark sunglasses for a jewelry trinket. He felt an unidentifiable pang as he gave up the necklace, but he knew that protection and blending in were vital. He entered the town with the traders and then quickly separated from them as soon as the group was swamped for outside news. 

Cygnus pulled his dark overcoat snugly around himself and turned up the dusty collar. Being that he had just come from the western wasteland gave him a good enough layer of dust that he quickly merged with the crowd. There was a traders market of sorts in the middle of the town and he quickly began to eye over the wares as he wandered and observed. This seemed like a good town to rest for a bit, and from what Cygnus could see nothing rather exciting ever happened here.

obsessivelygalahad replied to your postI am fairly certain my face traumatized this guy in my French class this morning.

Are you sure there wasn’t a very thin, somewhat skeletal gentleman looming over your shoulder making threatening motions with a lasso?

That would make a lot of sense, let me tell you.

That would also take care of my fear of being mugged, because the second anyone tried anything, said somewhat skeletal gentleman would simply flash his noseless monstrosity of a face in the would-be assailant’s direction, and all of my problems would be solved.

Except for my fear of being stalked by skeletal gentlemen that make threatening motions with lassos.

Yes, I'm doing this. Bear with me.

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.

Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

Questions autumnharbinger gave me

1.) What is your zodiac sign? Do you think you live up to its definition?

I’m a Taurus.(Loyal, Patient, Stubborn)….I’m pretty stubborn. I guess I’m patient. As for being loyal….that is not for me to assess. My LARP character is mad loyal though.

2.) Is there a country you want to visit? Why?

UK. I really want to see the London Tower and see all the torture instruments

3.) If you could give your child self one piece of advice, what would it be?

child self? I rather go back to High School and tell my self “yo, don’t do IB, it really doesn’t do much. You should go to LIHSA and really go for Drama classes.”

4.) How does your favorite color represent you?


what does the color blue mean anyway?

5.) What is your favorite part about a person?

about a person? as in talk about a person anonymously? umm idk….

I can’t even decide on the person to talk about

6.) Is there something you wish you could do but it’s legally/morally wrong?

Eat people. I’m really curious what they taste like.

7.) If your life were like a board game, which game would you want it to be like?

Clue. Solving Mysteries are mad cool. 

solving the mystery only to find that I’m the killer would be hilarious.

8.) What was the weirdest thing you ever asked someone?

It’s either

“if you were able to commit a murder would you rather hide the body perfectly so no one will even know what happened to the victim or would you display the body artfully for the public to see (kinda like the angels from the NBC Hannibal episode)? Assume either way, there will be no evidence to trace back to you.”


“if you are in zombie apocalypse and got bitten, will you choose to die human or become zombie and enjoy being part of the horde?”

9.) If your life soundtrack was taken from a video game, which would it be?

don’t know much soundtracks….

something calm since my life is pretty uneventful.

10.) If you could speak in any accent you want for a day, which would you want?

something people can actually understand me.  I currently have Japanese accent and sometimes, its a bitch for people to understand. 

11.) Your worst peeve?

can’t think of one off top of my head. Do I not have one? huh.

ok, my question for you lot are

1) what character do you want to try cosplaying?

2) If you can enter any world (video games, tv series, books….etc) which one would you choose?

3) what is your spirit animal?

4) what is your worst subject?

5) what is your guilty pleasure?

6) what turns you on?

7) did you change much from your child hood? (taste in music, personality etc.) if you did, what changed?

8) what blood type are you? Do you fit the stereotype? 

9)what was your first video game?

10) what kind of weapon would you like to become proficient with?

11)If you are in a classic fantasy setting, what kind of character would you be? (archer, mage, paladin, etc.)

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You've probably gotten messages like this already, but: Since the PC version of AC4 doesn't come out until Nov 19th, and even then a lot of people can't get it until the holidays, when will we have to worry about spoilers on this blog? You did such a great job when AC3 came out, but I still worry. :/

Typically I start posting things from the game as soon as I finish the game or close to, which is takes about a week (I like taking my time and hate rushing through games). But this time it may take longer now that I’m working full-time and November is going to be rather a busy month for me (not to mention my birthday is next Saturday). When I do finish, I’ll try my best to not post anything that will give away a major plot in the game. If anything, it’ll be something like Edward Kenway saying “Hello there, love” in his beautiful Welsh accent, haha.

Once the game is out on all consoles/platforms, I start posting spoilers around the new year (i.e. January). Of course, they will be tagged properly as I have mentioned recently. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that everyone else will so I suggest either temporarily unfollow all AC-related blogs or avoid going on Tumblr if you’re not getting the game for a while.

TL;DR Everything will be tagged, but beware of minor spoilers in November before the PC version is out, and be very wary of major spoilers in January. And sorry for the lengthy reply.

obsessivelygalahad replied to your post: I just want to say that, initially I followed you because you draw awesome Assassin’s Creed fanart and comic, but after having seen your OC, I think you really are a ton talented and creative!!

Ok, I’m REALLY INTERESTED!!! What’s up with these guys!!?!? (OCs are my fave thing)

a post-zombie apocalypse world is what’s up! the story’s set in a world where life has started to get back on its track and it’s everyday stuff for most people to carry weapons and pop a few zombies if they need to go out of town (meaning out of a safe city or zone) hahaha

and yeah these guys are gonna go from finland to denmark by land to find AGs family and Petri’s brother and Jonas just was so incompetent at surviving so they took pity on him. the other group of people i posted are residents in one of the safe cities!

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Because acknowledging how tumblr's 'community' is completely toxic to anyone who isn't oppressed enough to fit it's taste is clearly the worst thing a person could do. But it's fine to be horrible to someone who just wants people (PEOPLE, for fuck's sake, individual PEOPLE) to get along. "That white girl"? She's a person with a name, like you. Like every other person. So tell me about that 'hostility', since YOU seem unable to better define it. She did not derail anything, she made a valid point

Ok ok, fair enough.

I’ve collected resources to answer your question. I hope it’s what you’re looking for. Now please leave me alone

Tumblr Crushes:

lookit all these cool people…. and brad. haha just kidding. pretty sure galahad is the single constant on this thing since i started tumblr otherwise this has changed a lot since I last looked.



    Name, Username, name of your blog.

    Where do you live?

    Pronounce these words: Hobbit, Dwarves, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli, Kíli, Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Ori, Nori, Dori, Oin, Gloin, Gandalf the Grey, Radagast the Brown, Thranduil, Beorn, Smaug, Bag End, The Shire, Erebor, The Lonely Mountain, Lake Town, Mirkwood, Orcrist, Glamdring, Sting, Far over the misty mountains cold, Think furnace with wings, Mithrandir, ponies, Ered Luin, Azog the Defiler, mountain troll, Khuzdul, If there’s a key there must be a door

    Who is your favourite character and why? If it’s not a dwarf, who is your favourite dwarf?

    Least favourite character?

    Read the first paragraph of the first chapter.

    Would you rather want to be a hobbit, a dwarf or an elf?

    OTP and/or OTF

    Recite either a part of Misty Mountains or Blunt The Knives (bonus points if you sing it!)

    And finally, favourite line or scene from the book or movie?


Thanks haybop86 for nominating me. The challenge is now being sent to Pan (obsessivelygalahad) and M&mie (servant0fthorns).