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I'm absolutely obsessed with your tumblr I refresh it all day and constantly put send my mini evak rants or just whatever and it's so sweet that you answer them, and you do it quickly too!! Thanks for being such a quality human💕💕

I get so overwhelmed reading this!!!! Literally i read through old positive asks like this sometimes because it always makes me feel better! Many doesn’t realise how much a message like this means to people!! So thank you right back, honestly!


-Between them rolled the unmistakable sound of a cat’s purr.

Obsession, Chapter 6

And so I finished! My favorite scene of the first part of the Tendencies series by @kryallaorchid. The last line was so good and what a great way to make a cliffhanger. I was in the edge of my seat in this chapter and had to reread it several times to fully absorb the weight of this scene. Damn.

Sorry for the lack of consistent between characters, altho i think by the last pages i found a comfortable way to draw them. 

P.s.: Now I will finally read Quiver! I’m prepared myself and i havent even spoiled myself because i want to be really surprised! ( be honest with me guys, how many tissues im gonna need?)


fantastic beast characters + text posts (pt 2)