raptors-have-feelings-too said: I think it’s a good thing because then you’ll never be one of those obnoxious apathetic authors. I didn’t know you wrote though! You should post links to some of your stuff!

I just hate crying and being in a mood afterwards. I’ll have to explain when my cousin and her husband get home from work what’s going on and as much as I like to think they understand, it’s still awkward. 

I may post a short story that I wrote some time ago. I actually want to turn it into a script and film it when I get the chance. 

obsessingonsnape said: You are good. Love you, hun. <3

Thanks, sis. I love you, too. We definitely need to chat when you get home today. 

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I appologize for my comment >.< Both of your names look similar to my two of my best friends names and thought it was them!

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-pictures the two of you on special brownies- Lots of giggles me thinks

Hahaha, it’s fine! I think it would be interesting if Bekka and I ate special brownies together. I imagine we’d be quoting drag queens and singing lots of Cher and RuPaul.