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Spencer dropped his bag by the door, putting his keys on the table. He could hear the music coming from your room. He looked around the living room filled with paintings, some hanging some resting on the floor. 

 The way he was obsessed with books, you were obsessed with paintings. He stopped to look through the new colorful canvas you had created. You two were complete opposites, you spent all your time expressing your self, you were open about your feelings, you constantly spoke your mind. Everyone doubted that your relationship would work, but you both knew how to appreciate your differences. 

The music got louder as he continued walking through the hallway. He quietly opened the door, and stood by the door watching you. You were wearing an old shirt, stained with old paint, holding a tray filled with colors. 

He could watch you forever, how concentrated you were, the way you never took your eyes off of your work. He was constantly amazed by the way you could create such beautiful, colorful works of art.

He stood there for a while just watching you appreciating you, the way you appreciate art. It wasn’t until you noticed he was there that he walked into the room, you smiled from ear to ear. “My favorite person is here,” you said putting down your brush and throwing your arms around him. 

“How long have you been standing there,” you asked looking into his hazel eyes. “A while, I didn’t want to interrupt, plus I love watching you” 

“Creepy and romantic all in one, I love it” you pressed your lips against his. 

“I’m surprised you still aren’t ready, your show starts in an hour,” Spencer said as he watched you continue on your work.

 Tonight was a pretty big night, not only was your work being featured in a new gallery but Spencer’s team was coming to meet you. Everyone was skeptical about you, an artist dating Spencer, and FBI genius with a ridiculous amount of PHD’s. They would never say it to your face, but you saw it coming.

Many of your friends didn’t understand what you saw in him, you allowed everyone to have their opinions, when people said negative things they never bothered you. You knew why you we’re with him, what you loved about him, and you we’re secure in your relationship. If they didn’t understand you didn’t need to make them understand.

You rushed to get ready trying to pick something you usually wouldn’t wear, Spencer’s team was his family, and suddenly you felt the pressure to make sure you made a good first impression. Regardless of the thoughts the already had of you.
“Wow, you look amazing” Spencer said with a huge smile on his face.
“You like it?” You said spinning around, “I haven’t worn this dress in years” the white dress was clinging on to your curves perfectly.

Once you got there you wasted no time in socializing with everyone, after some time Spencer began to wonder on his own. When you saw him again he was surrounded by a group of people, you politely excused your self from the conversation you we’re having as you walked over you felt the pressure, their glares, each one of them ready over analyze everything you said or did.

“Well guys this is, Y/N” Spencer said putting his arm around you. You awkwardly waved and tried to flash a genuine smile. You heard a lot of “Nice to meet you” and “Hello’s.”

“It’s so great to finally meet you guys, Spencer’s told me so much about all of you.” You said nervously.

No body had a chance to reply, “Y/N, there’s a couple who would love to meet you” an older lady said approaching you. Within seconds she whisked you away to continue socializing. “So this is it, she just leaves you for the rest of the night?” JJ said watching as more and more people continued to talk to you.

“We’re at an art gallery, she’s a featured artist, it’s kind of her job to network” Spencer said defensively. “I didn’t mean for it to sound rude Spence, I’m just saying that—“

“I’m just saying all of you have already voiced your concerns loudly enough. It’s clear what you guys think, but have you stopped to consider how happy I am? I don’t care about the amount of degrees she has or what she’s doing for a living, I love her. If you can’t deal with some small details that’s fine but do not say a single negative thing about her” Spencer took a deep breathe and looked at everyone’s reactions, this time he was sure he had made it clear.

You had stopped listening to your conversation long ago, and all you could think about we’re the things that had just come out of Spencer’s mouth.

“Hey is everything okay” you said rushing to his side.

As the night came to end you and Spencer said your goodbyes and headed back home. “I heard what you told them today,” you paused to look at his reaction, “Not caring about the amount of degrees I had, the small details?”

“I just wanted to set the record straight, I really don’t care about those things they don’t define our relationship”

“Yeah one not so small detail is that you told them you love me?”

Spencer had never said those words to you, and hearing him say it to his friends was alarming, in the best way possible.

“I do, I do love you, Y/N. I love you”

“I love you too”

Chapter Ten

After the disastrous end to his last job, Doctor David Washington is hoping to find a quieter existence at Blood Gulch Medical Clinic and Hospital.

He didn’t take into account the flirtatious nurse Tucker, an ER staff obsessed with the color red, two rival free clinics, or the missing doctor Texas.

Scrubs AU.

Last week’s cliffhanger was fun, wasn’t it? At least, I certainly enjoyed it.

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Song for the chapter: “Hallelujah” by John Cale.


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New Year "New Me"?
  • Everyone else: New Year new me!! I'm gonna work out this year!
  • Me: psh..f*ck that, I'm still gonna obsess over Newton Artimus Fido Scamander on Tumblr.

You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.