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I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that according to legends big-old-tall-frightening Ban has a son with Elaine. And I wondered, which got me to thinking, which made get ideas; and my friends know, don’t leave me alone to have IDEAS.

So, here’s what I came up with. Elaine, who will smile but is making sure to keep her brother’s influences from her Lancelot. And Ban, who smiles without needing booze to do it. Merlin once asked him, “how many people could you kill, for you son?” Which confused him, as he bluntly stated, “Who wouldn’t I kill, for him?”


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Spencer Reid x Reader

For anon who requested - “ I loved the perfect two and if you would make another one with insecure/nervous reid crushing on reader with whatever other things that you want i would read the hell out of that, I just really enjoy those first stages of falling in love yknow”

Spencer POV

It had been over a year since Y/N had joined the BAU. As hard as I tried I could not for the life of me get her out of mind. I couldn’t read with her lingering in my mind constantly. I would start reading a book but when I saw the words “man goes…”, my mind couldn’t help but wander to mangoes which happened to be Y/N’s favorite fruit. I would go to the coffee shop a block away from my apartment and my eyes would wander to the words “bagel” because they were her favorite breakfast food. She was the one thought that got me through jail. This unattainable woman’s likes and dislikes were etched into my mind and for one of the first times in my life, I hated my eidetic memory.

3rd person POV

Spencer Reid had never been the most confident person in the world, especially when it came to women. He had no clue how to even begin to comprehend his feelings towards Y/N. She was a fellow Doctor of the BAU. After Alex Blake had left she became the new resident linguist. She fit in with the team easily. Penelope adored Y/N for her obsession with colorful pens and highlighters. JJ embraced how Y/N would, regardless of how often JJ told her not to, constantly spoil Henry and Michael. Derek enjoyed Y/N’s love for working out and they often hit the gym together. Rossi gleefully accepted another member at the BAU who carried his love for cooking. Hotch appreciated how Y/N was the team’s resident therapist. She would come over regardless of what hour of the day it was to talk to someone who needed it. She helped the team talk through their feelings which helped everyone put their best foot forward every day. And Spencer, he just loved Y/N. She was there for him on odd nights where nightmares of Hankle would plague him. She was there when he found out his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She was even there when he simply couldn’t get out of bed due to being petrified from the vivid nightmares that brought him back to prison. Y/N was everything to him and he thought he was nothing to her.

While Spencer had been in jail, all he could do was think of Y/N. He thought about the fruity smell of her shampoo. He thought about the floral scent of her perfume. He couldn’t stop thinking about those long nights where he would lay down with his head in her lap. She would comb through his hair while reading a book of his choosing. Although often times he chose her favorite books, simply to see Y/N smile.

Spencer never realized that while he dreamed of her she also pined after him. To Y/N, Spencer was the ultimate man. He was kind, caring, intelligent, loving, and selfless. He was the best human being that Y/N had met. To Y/N, Spencer was a hot cup of tea on a rainy evening. A bubble bath after a cruddy day.

One night, after a pretty horrid child abduction case, Spencer and Y/N were performing their night routine. They were both over at his place and drinking some coffee in a peaceful silence.

Spencer looked over at Y/N. She was wearing her glasses and her hair was in a messy bun. She only had on a massively oversized sweatshirt teasing Spencer with her toned legs. Y/N’s foot fell asleep and as she went to move it she accidentally kicked Spencer causing his coffee to spill on his shirt.

“Shit, I’m so sorry Spence” said Y/N before rushing to his kitchen to grab a towel.

On her way back she saw that Spencer had taken off his shirt and she just gaped at him. She knew that he worked out every now and then but she was in awe of how muscular he was. His defined biceps and back muscles tempting her. She handed Spencer the towel before continuing to gape at him, this time at his abdominal muscles.

“Y/N, what are you looking at?” asked Spencer.

“Uh, nothing. I was just um upset about spilling your coffee” mumbled out Y/N.

“Wait, Y/N. Were you looking at me?” questioned Spencer with a grin plastering his face.

“No. I definitely was not” spitted out Y/N.

“Come on Y/N, don’t lie to me. I’m a certified genius” said Spencer grinning.

“Well, it’s not my fault. You’re fucking gorgeous!” exclaimed Y/N.

“Wait, you’re attracted to me?” asked Spencer.

“So what? You’re attracted to me!” defended Y/N.

“Wha- How. How did you know?” stuttered out Spencer.

“It was obvious Spencer. You would smell me when we hugged. You actually hugged me. You would come up with excuses to see me. I just wanted you to build up the courage to tell me yourself. You’re so amazing and I wanted you to see how amazing you are” said Y/N, before leaning up to press a chaste kiss against Spencer’s lips. She looked up at Spencer who had a broad smile on his lips.

Spencer, gaining the confidence he hadn’t realized he needed, grabbed Y/N’s face, pulling her closer with his other arm. He leaned down while his fingers combed through the hair falling out of her bun. He gently pressed his lips down to her coffee stained lips. Y/N eagerly responded allowing his lips to caress hers. Out of breath, the two separated before wasting away the evening with chaste kisses, occasional cuddling, and intimate conversation.

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