Hello Greenery! Pantone’s color of the year was released today:  Pantone 15-0343.

A selection of greenery from our collections:

African Luna Moth from Beiträge zur Schmetterlingskunde (1872) by Peter Maasen and Gustav Weymer

Beetles from Catalog der Kaefer-Sammlung (1843) by Jakob Sturm

Yellow pond-lily from Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution (1902) 

Swallowtail larvae from Die ausländischen Schmetterlinge in Abbildungen nach der Natur v.2, (1830) by Eugen Esper

Jerdons leafbird from Illustrations of Indian ornithology (1847) by T.C. JErdon

All are available in the @biodivlibrary! Similarly obsessed? I can relate. I can also tell you about our exhibition, Color in a New Light, on display through the holidays, so don’t miss it! 

[[Here’s a little secret: a certain someone here actually color-codes their annual files by Pantone Color of the Years.]]

@waterboarding Tagged me for a selfie yesterday and I forgot to upload it so here!

Slightly obsessed with my color changing nail polish. There are very few “girly things” I do but this is one of them 😂

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  • 1. how old are you? 21
  • 2. current job? Student
  • 3. dream job?  Actor, something in film, something in screenwriting,
  • 4. what are you talented at? Memorization, Acting, Athletic stuff…procrastinating, 
  • 5. what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved? Being more outspoken, I want to work towards my dream job more though.
  • 6. what’s your aesthetic?  Coffee, Pink nails, Lipstains, paper clips holding together packs of paper in a journal, class work aesthetic, bags under my eyes, pink trench, vintage 1920′s-1950′s :fashion, movies, actors, music. 60′s music. Mafia stories. Film studies, Movie obsessions, screenplays, colorful notes, old movies, video games, tired eyes, that noise a vinyl makes when you take it out of its sleeve, 
  • 7. do you collect anything?  I own vinyls in general, but I exclusively collect my “ holy grails” which include Frank Sinatra, The Animals, and i gotta look at my list again lmao. I apparently collect lip stains bc i cant stop buying, I collect video games, and idk, fallout stuff but not really. I own a Nick valentine portrait i won in a giveaway and a fallout 4 pocketwatch. 
  • 9. what’s a pet peeve of yours? People who are fake, people who manipulate you in any shape or form, people who use you, people who talk over you while you’re speaking and wont let you get a word in, people who think talking louder than you will make you stop talking, rude people, etc.. i literally described the same general thing lmao.
  • 10. good advice to give?  It’s okay if you thought you were friends with someone and they turned out bad for you. You don’t always see the bad in people but i promise the moment you weed that person out you get a built in bullshit detector lmao. Silence is golden. People don’t always stay in your life, sometimes they teach you a lesson. You deserve the best. Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless, don’t let anyone walk all over you, don’t let toxic people make you feel like you’re wrong when they’re guilting you because they can’t live with themselves.
  • 11. recommend three songs or more: " My Way” Frank Sinatra, “ That’s Life” Frank Sinatra, “ Sand” Nancy Sinatra, “ Mr. Booze “ Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Sammy Davis Jr. , “ Style” Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin, “ Little ol’ wine drinker of me “ Dean Martin ( i think thats what its called) “ Honey” Dean Martin ( song fucked me up ) “ Bad mood rising “ Creedence Clearwater revival, “ New Kid in town” The Eagles, “ wasted time” - the eagles, “ Another brink in the wall” - Pink Floyd,” Don’t let me be misunderstood” - the animals, “ the house of the rising sun” - the animals,” It’s my life” - the animals “ We gotta get out of this place” - the animals, “ Don’t” - Elvis Presley, “ Tequila sunrise” - The Eagles, “ Don’t be cruel” - Elvis Presley, “ Love me tender” - Elvis Presley, “ Fly me to the moon” - Frank Sinatra, “ and… i could probably list more but i dont want to make this too long lmao

This woman screaming that she was discriminated against because Michael’s didn’t have large enough bags is proof that white people are incredibly fragile

A Chicago-area Trump supporter lost her mind in a dispute over what she calls discriminatory treatment at a local Michaels. First white people came up with “white supremacy” and claimed that people of color are obsessed with identity politics. Now they complain they’re being discriminated against over the smallest of totally non-racial issues. It gets more cringe worthy when she calls the cops to complain.

Gifs: The Beautiful Wild Magazine



Fitting for a show about those occupying society’s technological substrata, Mr. Robot’s characters are often placed at the very bottom of the frame. This leaves massive amounts of headroom that suggests a great weight hanging over their heads, and echoes their isolation: When they’re talking right to each other, they seem alone. [x]