Relationship Goals

People talk about how “romantic” the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker is. It’s not! Their relationship is textbook abuse. The Joker beats her, makes her feel worthless, and has convinced her that she is so damaged that no one else would want her. She believes that she DESERVES the physical, mental, and emotional abuse! It is not a “romantic” relationship. 

The Joker and Harley are NOT good “relationship goals”. 

You want a good, “dark”, relationship to emulate? Check out Gomez and Morticia Addams! They have a much healthier relationship. They are obsessed with each other, but still have hobbies that they pursue on their own. They support each other emotionally and financially. They make time for their friends and family. Hell! Gomez and Morticia are rich! They have the money to be able to completely shut out the world and just focus on each other. AND THEY STILL MAKE TIME TO BE WITH AND SUPPORT THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

 A good relationship does not make you feel worthless. A good relationship does not isolate you from other people. A good relationship does not make you feel like you have to do exactly what they say or you don’t love them!


Coloco los audífonos
escucho una canción de The Doors
y comienzo a subir el volumen,
rápidamente y de forma inconsciente
sé que quiero llegar a 75% del volumen
(que son ¾ del total
dejando libre un cuadrante)
pero la ruedita del mouse no me lo permite
y pasa de 74 a 76 sin pasar por 75
a pesar de haberlo intentado varias veces;
la canción sigue sonando pero no la estoy disfrutando
solo pienso en el 74-76 74-76 74-76
Tuve una novia que vivía en un piso 7,
recuerdo que lo hacíamos en el sofá
y que ella moría de frío durante las noches…
siempre he sido de piel caliente.
74-76 74-76 74-76
la canción está por terminar,
detengo mi mente,
detengo la canción
y decido, de forma consciente,
avanzar a 80
80% sí,
Recomienzo la canción Moonlight drive
a un volumen un poco alto para mis gustos
pero con cierta peculiar paz mental.

    Vuelta y Giro.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any other OTPs from other fandoms?

like current ones??? there’s a lot of things i’ve shipped that i don’t really care about anymore but these ones have Stuck WIth me:

  • gold/silver (pokemon special) (i actually ot3 the johto trio)
  • starfire/robin (cartoon network teen titans)
  • i fufkcign love pearl/rose from steven universe even though i’ve never drawn for them i love them i’d die for th–
  • royai (fma) (ID DIE FOR THIS PAIRING)
  • abemiha (oofuri)