obsessed with tornadoes

//ok so i’ve been watching rav.en’s ho.me to like chill out in the evenings because it’s just fun and so well done and i love it?? but the best best part is that nia and booker, the african american girl-boy twins of raven’s are just amazing and perfect and flawed and sweet and beautiful and the actors are great and THEY REMIND ME SO MUCH OF THE TORNADO TWINS I WANNA DIE LIKE ALL OF THEIR INTERACTIONS WITH EACH OTHER ARE SO VERY DAWN AND DON and even if Dawn can be the more impulsive one and Nia isn’t I just. aoisdhasoidhasoidh. CAN THE CW GIVE ME THE TWINS ALREADY and can they talk to disney about how they cast CAUSE DAMN.

Y'all, I met a guy at work who has actually seen Popstar!
But then he was like “I like how you talk about it like these are fully fleshed characters with complex arcs”
And like, bud, they are. And I have analyzed them. Obsessively. Just wait till I tell you about my Popstar and Hot Rod are the same movie Conspiracy Theory™

I was talking to the lovely @ikiracake about some meta that’s been floating around, about how Saitama treats Genos as human instead of a cyborg and how important that is for Genos.

I wanted to talk more about HOW important that really is.

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pochipaws-deactivated20140704  asked:

robots w a rain fascination !!! robots who watch the rain thru the windows !!! robots who hold their humans + tell them storm facts during thunderstorms to try to help them feel a little better !!! robot stormchasers !!! robot stormchasers w ridiculous raincoats + metal umbrellas !!!! robots who obsessively read about tornados + hurricanes !!! robot weathercasters !!! (sorry omfg)

!!! <3