obsessed with the antlers

Freak Heart

You were born with them.

They protrude from your skull, your hair tangling around them. They twist upwards, curved like old tree limbs weighed down by time.

Your antlers.

Doctors have tried to explain them. They’ve all pretty much failed. Words like metastasized and unusual bone growth were thrown around a lot.

They grow with you. They were small when you were born, nothing more than tiny lumps that doctors dismissed as being the result of a treacherous and fast birth. But then, they started to grow.

You’re 21 now, and they resemble the antlers of any full-grown deer living in the woods peppered throughout town.

Doctors say the pressure they put on your skull is dangerous. They say it’ll eventually kill you.

You’re not dead yet, though you figure they’re probably right, anyway.

You figure anything can kill you, if you give it enough time.

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@VogtRoberts: You know how sometimes you see directors sketches that are beautiful and evocative? Well… this is how I communicate to storyboard artists

@VogtRoberts: In my last video game related KONG post today…The Sky Devils logo has a very Zelda / Hylian influence. Surprised no one has spotted this.

@VogtRoberts: At one point there was a very OKAMI inspired creature in KONG. I was obsessed with a tiger that had antlers. Didn’t make the cut.

@VogtRoberts: Dan Gilroy wrote an unused sequence where @twhiddleston broke into a military base. Naturally, i was going to get VERY Metal Gear with it…



Thisismydesignhannibal’s 500 Follower Fic Giveaway!

500+ Followers…WTF?!

I can’t believe that over 500 of you are following little old me!  I meant to say thank you at 100 and 200 and 300 and so on, but this all happened so quickly :)

THANK YOU for following, re-blogging, messaging, commenting, kudos, reading etc.  I am so eternally grateful to this fandom for welcoming me with open arms, and for being such a strange and beautiful group of kind, supportive and creative odd-balls. This fandom really helped bring me back to myself after a long period of floundering and forgetting, and I will always love you for it.

I thought I’d try my hand at a FANFIC GIVEAWAY!  Bear with me as I muddle my way through. The winner can give me a prompt or work with me on one :)  Guidelines are:

  • Must follow me
  • Re-blogs count as an entry (not likes)
  • Winner will be chosen by random number generator
  • I write traditional Hannigram…it can be smut of fluff or whatever, but I’ve never done AU… Maybe 1000 words (give or take?)
  • I’ve only posted collaborative stuff, but you can see it on AO3
  • If you prompt me something I really think I CAN’T write, please be open to some conversation about it, but I’m game for a lot :)
  • Winner will be informed by a message, so make sure your box is open
  • Giveaway entry period closes February 7th

THANK YOU FANNIBALS! (and please forgive the gushing)

I want to give a special great big kiss to @idonthaveyourappetite !!! I love writing and talking with you, and our many many Hannigrams always make my day. Love and infinite hugs to you murder bestie! XOXOXO

AND because I am such a lurker and re-blogger (and I missed Fannibal Appreciation/New Years opportunities to say all this) I would be remiss not to tag some of the amazing Fannibals out there that I love so much.  Thank you for your amazing contributions to this fandom! I don’t necessarily talk to all of you, but my life is better for your presence xoxoxo

(This is far from an exhaustive list, if you don’t see your name, I love you too…and now I’m crippled with anxiety over forgetting WAY too many people…)

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Fannibal hugs for all! (any excuse to use this gif)

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I still love you - a mix by Milena Medlies

vanilla twilight-owl city | wait for me-motopony | (i just) died in your arms-bastille | time after time-cyndi lauper | skinny love-birdy | all i want-kodaline | promise-ben howard | calgary-bon iver | u.n.i-ed sheeran | together-the xx | near to you-a fine frenzy | gravity-sara bareilles | heartfelt lies-ron pope | lonely eyes-the front bottoms | a wish-gregory and the hawk cover | obsessions-marina and the diamonds | where i come from-passion pit | wake-the antlers | echo-the hush sound | world spins madly on-the weepies | samson-regina spektor | your ex lover is dead-stars

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photo by Gregory Muenzen