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Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D (Yes Allura’s the Captain!)

As for the crossover portion…

Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??


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Day 1 - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

Headcanons - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

- Baby!Shiro was absolutely obsessed with space ever since his Dad showed him some Star Trek.

- His room was covered in posters with planets and he nagged his parents for MONTHS until they agreed to stick glowy stars on his ceiling so that he could gaze at them before he went to sleep.

- His Mother studied books on stars for ages until she finally knew almost all of the constellations, so that she and Shiro could sit outside and name them all (they just end up making up the names for them anyway).

- He always knew that he wanted to go into space, and as soon as he heard about Galaxy Garrison, he made sure that he would get in.

- He was so excited when he was told that he would be going on the Kerberos mission that he actually picked Matt up and spun him around.

- Matt did not approve (he did really).

- Keith ended up knowing more about space that he ever wanted to because Shiro never shut up about it.

- On the way to Kerberos, Sam Holt had to tell him to go to sleep all the time because he wanted to gaze at the stars and planets all the time instead.

- He thought that space was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


- His parents still sit on Shiro’s bed and stare up at the ceiling, cursing the day that they had shown him the stars.

- His father can’t watch Star Trek anymore.

- His mother no longer star gazes. She can’t bring herself to look at the things that took her son away.

- Shiro has realised that the most dangerous things are often beautiful. He doesn’t love space anymore.

- He wants to go home.

[NOTE: @bosstoaster inspired the one about Shiro wanting to look at the stars on the way to Kerberos instead of sleeping with her Day 1 fill. Go read it. Seriously. It’s awesome!]

Ok, I’m a bit tired of hearing that Sarek and Amanda are bad parents, so let me explain you a couple of things.

  • Both Sarek and Amanda decided to raise him following the vulcan teachings. Logic over emotion. Different ideals that cannot be compared or even understood by human standards.
  • We know that Spock’s childhood was horrible. He was bullied by the other kids, he had no friends except for I-chaya. Amanda had to restrain herself to comfort him emotionally because that’s not the vulcan way (I’m sure it was very painful for her). Spock sometimes disappeared and spent hours in the desert because he needed solitude. Once, he even hacked the computers of his classmates for pure vengeance! Yes, a flagrant display of human emotion… but you know what Sarek and Amanda did? they praised his computer skills.
  • When Spock decided to join Starfleet, Amana told him that she was going to support him no matter what he wanted to do. Sarek reacted in a different way. Sarek told him that if he finally joined Starfleet he would be banished from his home. Sarek was trying to scare him because he wanted to protect his son. If Spock went through all that hatred in his childhood, Sarek feared that he was going to suffer the same treatment living among illogical humans. And Vulcans are pacifists, and in Starfleet he was going to hold a gun sooner or later and maybe take someone’s life. I’m not saying that Sarek is the best father, of course not! but he was trying to apply his logic to this situation, because is what he had to do.
  • After all, Spock joined Starfleet, Sarek expelled him from home (he actually thought that Spock was going reconsider it, but he didn’t, so Sarek held firm to his principles) and you know what Amanda did? she abandoned Sarek for a whole year. A year… until Sarek’s father died and T’Pau called Amanda to ask her if she wanted to accompany her husband to the funeral. She finally came back and they never talked about what happened. During that year she lived with her parents and she kept in touch with Spock to make sure he was fine.
  • In journey to Babel we can see that the relationship between Sarek and Spock is very deteriorated but Sarek is in fact proud of him. He can’t admit it, but he is. Spock saves his life, not before putting his duty before his father. And some people are mad at Amanda for how she reacted? Like, his husband was dying (even if she’s human, I’m sure she was feeling it through the bond) and his son refused to help him. Do you really think se wanted to slap him? She wanted to reach the human part of him, she was desperate! After this episode their relationship improved, maybe not a lot, but it’s something. 
  • When Spock died, Amanda told Sarek that Spock must have found a way to transfer his katra to someone, Kirk. Sarek immediately went to Earth and that’s how they knew that Mccoy was the recipient. Later Amanda was put in charge of the re-education of Spock and she never tried to make him suppress his human part. Sarek again tried to keep Spock away from Starfleet (his son was alive and he wouldn’t allow him to risk his life once again). But remember that conversation Sarek and Spock had after Kirk and his crew saved Earth? Sarek admitted that his son chose his own path and, after all, it was a good decision… Spock had good friends and he was feeling fine.
  • Years later, Amanda was dying and Spock went to see her for the last time (Jim and Mccoy accompanied him). Sarek was required to conduct some negotiations, as the vulcan ambassador he had his duties, and those negotiations were really important. The lifes of millions of people were in danger… even if his wife was dying he couldn’t refuse. Finally, Amanda died alone. Spock was there with her but she was in a really bad condition to notice his presence and she tried multiple times to call Sarek. She kind of did it through the bond, but she’s not telepath, she was really sick and Sarek was really far… it was very difficult and for days Sarek believed that he hadn’t been able to say his last goodbye to his beloved wife (Spock also made him believe it… because he was angry with him for abandoning Amanda). And think about it… who also put his duty before his personal life? oh, right, Spock. So he understood that he had to forgive his father, because he did the same once.
  • Sarek married again years later with Perrin. Spock couldn’t accept it (no one was going to replace his mother) and again, their relationship weakened. There are also some other things that affected it (like the cardassian accord, and Spock becoming the vulcan Ambassador to Romulus). But Sarek admitted (when he melded with Picard) that he loved Amanda and Spock. He loved his son. Sarek died of the Bendii syndrome while Spock was in Romulus.

Now try and tell me that Sarek and Amanda were terrible parents… they obviously made their mistakes but so did Spock as a son.

Imagine Amanda trying to get little Spock and Sarek to play Monopoly at Christmas with her, and she takes the Cat piece and Spock is all “Mother!! It is illogical for you to have the cat! Logic dictates that I must use the cat!” so she uses the car instead. All other pieces but one are missing so Sarek is stuck using the thimble.

Imagine Spock just buying all the pretty looking places while Sarek quietly mumbles about how capitalism should not be in board games, and Amanda is really the only one playing properly.

Imagine Sarek being put in Jail and Spock panics and runs to the phone and calls the police.

Imagine Sarek storming off because he’s terrible at Monopoly and Spock tries to get him to play again but Sarek says it’s illogical. Spock is just whining for the rest of the afternoon to get his grumpy dad to play again.

Imagine Spock sneaking into Sarek’s room while he’s asleep and places the thimble on his nose before running downstairs to the living room and waits.

Imagine Amanda coming downstairs after hearing noises to see Sarek and Spock playing Monopoly together on the carpet and watches as they both play terribly but she doesn’t say anything because her Vulcans are bonding over high priced properties and fake money.