obsessed with negative space

You’re allowed to turn off Anon, or all asks

You’re allowed to block the people you see spreading nothing but negativity and hate in tags you browse to be happy

You don’t need to let these people be in your life

Take steps to create a safe and healthy enviroment for yourself. 

You can’t change people who negatively affect you, but you can take away their platform in your life.


Contrast and Beauty with French Illustrator @malikafavre

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The art starts with shapes. “Big shapes,” illustrator Malika Favre (@malikafavre) says. Much of her abstract work is inspired by graphic photographers and real-world objects and patterns that she shoots herself — not other sketch artists.

“I always try to spot beauty in everyday things, from a shadow cast on a wall to a beautiful object,” the 32-year-old, who is based in London, says. Then, she starts “cleaning,” cutting away at the image, because Malika is obsessed with negative space. But, she also seeks to add a human element to her canvas, which is why she describes her aesthetic as “bold, minimalistic, colorful and playful with a hint of sexiness.”

Growing up in France in the 90s, when people with graduate degrees had trouble finding work, Malika actually thought she would never turn her passion for drawing into a job. But, when you see art everywhere you look, creating may be the only possible path.

When I’m working on something specific, I always have a secondary piece that I can work on to mentally shift gears and try and get some objectivity. Often, those never see the light of day because they don’t get very finished, or they’re just studies or me trying to figure out how to do something, or they’re utter failures…whatever.  This one started that way. I was really just playing with ways of making eyes pop in a very shadowed face, while keeping it fairly realistic. It sorta grew. I started with a very low quality screen cap and then just kept adding and detailing until it pretty much turned into a painting on me. The dagger, however, is pasted in (yeah, not gonna paint that). I’m also still mildly obsessed with negative space apparently.

And since this version is too small for my liking (a lot of detail goes away), here’s a link to a larger version http://imgur.com/5vvoE4g

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