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For my dear Lexi, @caslikescoffeeandfreckles, who wanted a jealous!cas in a college setting and an accidental love proclamation.

destiel, 3k, jealous!cas, light dean/lisa, pining and angst with a happy resolution

Castiel is about to fit his key into his apartment door when he hears the voices: Dean’s gruff baritone mixed with a lilting melodic voice.

Lisa’s voice.

Castiel rests his forehead against the door, shopping bags in his hands lightly hitting the pale wood. He squeezes his eyes shut and wills himself not to be upset that it’s the sixth day of the week that Lisa has been at their apartment. 

He tries not to be bothered that for the last month Dean has been utterly obsessed with this girl: from late night phone calls to taking her to romantic dinners softened by candlelight.

Cas tries to ignore the fact that he’s inexplicably jealous of Lisa.

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Electric Heart, Ch. 1

In which Petunia has a Quirk and Lily doesn’t, and that is really the start of everything.

Petunia Evans manifested her Quirk at the tender age of three. It  wasn’t anything fancy, all she did was get the mess she’d made eating off of her bib, and her parents registered it as a ‘Cleaning Quirk’. That wasn’t quite what it was, but she didn’t question it until later. Neither did her parents, as they were busy preparing for the birth of Petunia’s little sister.

Little Lily Evans was a lovely child, and Petunia loved her fiercely. They’d play together, would read hero magazines with riveted attention and obsess over news reports.

“Just wait until I get my Quirk!” Lily would chirp. “I’ll be the strongest hero! My name’s gonna be Tiger Lily!”

“We’ll be heroes together,” Petunia would vow.

“But your Quirk is Cleaning,” the younger Evans would then frown.

“I’ll find a way.” Petunia was young and stubborn in those innocent times. The only thing that would change about that in coming years was her age.

“It’s a promise!” Lily would cheer.

But Lily Evans never manifested a Quirk, and while she still aspired to be a hero, her heart didn’t seem to be in it anymore. But Petunia never forgot that promise, and in her idealistic child’s mind, she never considered the possibility that Lily might.

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Do you know that feeling, the one you get when you are trying to fall asleep, but your heart just won’t let you because all you can feel is this overwhelming urge in your chest that just wants to combust. Well, here I am trying to fall asleep, but all I can think about is my love. It is in these weird moments, the ones where you literally can not stop yourself from overflowing with joy and happiness over one single individual that I just can’t believe my life. I love her. I love her! I know you will read this and I just love you. We fantasize and get so excited over the crazy adventures we will have in the future together and it is just amazing how much another individual can be on the same wave length as you. It is dangerous, we both know this, to put so much faith in one another and so much thought and love and whatever else the human emotions can express. Yet, how is it that something so dangerous can be so thrilling? I get chills sometimes from just how much times you cross my mind on a daily basis. So much so, I question what else could I have been thinking about prior to meeting you. This isn’t changing anytime soon either. Call me crazy, honestly at this point I don’t care, but I think I’m treading on borderline infatuation. I’ve literally had to, on many occasions, stop myself from crossing that line between what is healthy and what isn’t. But, at this point, who cares! I love thinking about how much you care for me and how much of a gem you are to this world. You don’t even know it and that just makes you all the more admirable. You question why it is people fall for you so quickly and I question how could they not? You are compassionate and mindful, brilliant and beautiful and I just can’t fathom the idea of not having you in my life. At this point, I don’t know who else to thank for having found you and really taken the time to get to know you. Funny thing is, we have so much more to learn about one another and that alone is mind blowing. You say that you are crazy and weird for feeling the way you do about me. If that is so, then I must be insane because I don’t even think the English vocabulary has the words to express my gratitude, respect, admiration, love and just hope for us and for you. I love you and I needed to rant about it because I don’t think my beating heart would settle if I didn’t confess this tonight. I’m calling it now, there will be times when I will be cold and distanced, it comes with being human and having forever fluctuating emotions. But please, my darling, don’t ever assume that anything I do or say lessens the space in my heart that you occupy. Because at the end of the day, I just want you to be happy and healthy and smiling and eating and staying hydrated and just content with life. And the beauty of us is that I know you want the same for me and for that I thank you. Thank you for being you and no one else. Thank you for being the weirdo that I have learned to appreciate. Thank you for listening when no one else would. Thank you for always wanting the best for me 110%. Thank you for carving a space in my heart where compassion is held onto with a firm grip. Even with this now formulating list of thank you’s, I can’t thank you enough. I love you with almost every fiber in my being (we have to leave some love as part of the chase). I just wanted you to know, as a reminder to you and as a reconsolidation for me. I love you.
Please don’t think I’ve lost my mind. It will happen, just not yet. More like I’ve finally imploded.

-My confessions 💖

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Hey I was wondering what is your sona? Like species wise; I love love love the whole design and look so much I almost wanna so something with that sort of look, it's just so cool!

AAAA I’m glad u like my lil mimic!!!

She’s supposed to be a baboon-like creature, because when I designed her I was super into baboons (well I still am… monkeys are awesome)…?

But THEN I did one of those memes where people send u a mythical creature and you draw yourself as that, and had so much fun drawing her in different forms I decided she’s also shapeshifter

Ence the name Memime, because she mimics… which I think fits me well because I have the bad habit of never sticking to a personal artstyle and instead always mimicking the latest drawing I’m obsessing over :B

Also lately I’ve been drawing her in a greyscale palette because I want her to look like one of those rubber-hose cartoons!!! 

Comparing Lunar Scythe and Yandere Simulator 1/? : Character Design

This is Luna, her backstory as written by Dev is:

The main character is a girl in her late teens named Luna. Luna is obsessed with an idea; the idea that this world is full of people who don’t deserve to live. Murderers, thieves, kidnappers, human traffickers, drug dealers, arms dealers, arsonists, scam artists, identity thieves - Luna desperately wishes she could do something to rid the planet of such people, but she feels like there is nothing she could do that would ever make a difference.
At the beginning of the game, Luna dies. As Luna’s spirit looks down at her own body, she feels nothing but apathy. She didn’t want to live in a world filled with human filth, anyway.
That’s when Death shows up.
Death looks into her soul to determine which afterlife she belongs in, and he is surprised at what he finds within her. He learns that she is free of sin, yet her strongest desire is to take millions of lives. While examining this pale girl clad entirely in black who yearns to kill, Death feels as though he’s looking at his own reflection for a moment.
Death decides that Luna may be able to serve him a purpose.
Instead of sending her soul to the afterlife, Death makes Luna an offer. “I’ll bring you back to life, if you agree to bring me human souls.”
Luna is shocked by his offer. “But I don’t want to kill innocent people!”
“Then do not kill the innocent,” Death replies. “Kill the guilty.”
“But who are the guilty?” She asks.
“That’s for you to decide,” Death replies.
Death is offering her the authority and the power to kill anyone she thinks deserves to die - and she thinks that a LOT of people deserve to die. She doesn’t want to come back to life and return to a miserable world filled with criminals, sadists, and psychopaths…but if she had the power to purify this sinful world, she could create a world that she actually wants to live in.
And so, Luna accepts the offer, not to become Death, but to become Justice.
Death resurrects Luna, gives her a giant scythe, and grants her superhuman powers that become active at midnight. By day, Luna is an ordinary girl who works part-time jobs to scrape by…and by night, she is the judge, jury, and executioner of her city, an agent of death.
If Luna does not bring him enough souls, Death will take her life. Luna asks Death how many souls he wants, and what her deadline is. Because Death does not perceive time the same way that mortals do - in terms of seconds, minutes, or hours - he cannot give her a specific date. As he looks upward in contemplation, he notices that the moon is full. And so, he decides that Luna must use the scythe to deliver a specific number of souls to him by the end of the lunar cycle. Hence the name of the game, “Lunar Scythe.”
(What do you think? Corny?)
The game takes place over the course of a year. After each full moon, Death demands more souls by the next full moon. So, Luna has to kill more and more people to meet her quota each month.
What Luna doesn’t know is that she’s not the only dead girl that Death has brought back to life! He has also resurrected other recently deceased girls who each have the capacity to take millions of lives. Every time there is a full moon, Luna will fight another resurrected dead chick wielding a giant energy weapon. The game takes place in 2015, and there are 13 full moons in 2015, meaning Luna will have to face 13 of these enemies in total.

What is Death plotting? Why does he want mortals to gather souls for him? What will happen once Luna has defeated all of the other dead girls?

You’ll have to play the game to find out. ^.~

Alex has given her a fairly simple backstory that could easily be expanded on. In the forum he presented this in, he gets some good feedback on her character wise. The people pose questions such as “what is her goal?” and “well this bit doesn’t make sense because …..” 

We already know Dev made Ayano a blank slate, because when he presented Lunar Scythe, he was met with what he saw as “harsh criticism.” However in the forum no one is really that harsh. Most tend to clue in that Alex doesn’t take critique well, and pose their thoughts in ways such as “well think about why she does this, who made her like this…” One of the major problems fans have with Yandere Simulator, is the lack of personality/story for Ayano. One could say Ayano is meant to be a self insert for the player, but the problem is she is legit nothing. A self insert in other games typically has a base story, and the interpretations of a character are formed based on the choices that the player makes. In otome games, Persona 5, Fallout, you can choose dialogue options. It’s up to the player to pick the snarky comment, the kind comment ect… The only way a player could form an interpretation of Ayano is through elimination methods. Do they stab a person? Blackmail? Pair them up with someone else? Either way the only focus on these options is Ayano’s perspective on removing someone from Taro’s life. The player can’t decide why Ayano loves Taro. What kind of person Ayano is. 

I tried my best to make sure that Luna wasn’t a Mary Sue. There are a lot of details about Luna that I left out…

Luna’s younger sister, Stella, was a child genius and a celebrity. Chess grandmaster, master of four instruments, wrote and published a best-selling novel, graduated college, performed surgery - all before the age of 12. Luna was never able to measure up to her little sister in any way, which left her with a horrible inferiority complex. As soon as Stella started pulling in tons of money and making the family famous, her parents practically forgot that Luna existed. Luna tried everything to get her parents’ attention - causing trouble at school, wearing bizarre fashion, dying her hair crazy colors - but this only pushed her parents further away. She moved out at age 18, and she hasn’t spoken to them since. She doesn’t bother reading any news related to her younger sister, preferring to pretend that she doesn’t even exist. The goth fashion and dyed hair became a part of her identity after so many years, so she still keeps a little bit of dye in her hair and wears gothic accessories from time to time.

Luna started struggling immediately after moving out. She barely graduated high school, she can’t make friends easily, she can’t hold down a job, and can’t afford to pay her rent. She’s depressed, miserable, and desperate when she finally dies. Even after her resurrection, she still lacks the qualifications or experience for any full-time job, and has to keep doing lousy part-time jobs to scrape by. She literally has nothing going for her, other than the fact that she gets superpowers for a brief period of time at midnight…then it’s back to being a failure at life.

Again, this is very underdeveloped. Why can’t she hold down a job? Doesn’t she learn? Is being depressed just part of her character? Alex refused to give Ayano a backstory, because he decided that if people didn’t like what he wrote for Luna, they wouldn’t like what he wrote for Ayano. Ayano has been given a few backstory prompts, sort of. The biggest being “Ayano can’t feel anything”, however people criticise Ayano’s character because it contradicts the very basis of her, she’s a yandere. It feels like Alex has just recycled the murderous intent from Luna, removed her backstory and stuck it into Ayano. There is no “deredere” to contrast the “yan” side of her, making her boring and dull.

People began saying Luna looks too generic, looks like Ryuko from Kill La Kill, Ruby Rose from RWBY, and Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash. People also though she looked too “edgy”, typical busty goth anime girl. When met with this criticism, Alex went around commissioning different artist to come up with a different design for his character. He asked the forum what they liked best. The designs presented were:

And this, is Ayano’s concept art.

Ayano’s first design shares some similarities to Luna. The red/black palette. Short hair. It seems as though Alex abandoned the original “having a distinct silhouette” and opted for having a plain design. Ayano is not easily recognisable, as she looks like any other Japanese middle school student. In the forum, he is constantly asking for harsh criticism. He says he want to improve the character. He often asks what other people would suggest instead. 

As he’s met continuously with criticism about the practicality of this all, he states:

I’m totally aware of how ridiculously impractical it would be to use a scythe as a weapon…in real life. But this is a video game, where the Rule of Cool is the only rule I need. I’m willing to throw realism and practicality out the window for the sake of having the coolest weapon possible, and to me, that’s got to be an energy scythe. An umbrella isn’t a practical weapon to use in a fight, either, but that doesn’t stop Parasoul. You can argue that Parasoul is using a special fantasy umbrella that shoots projectiles - and, likewise, my character is using a special sci-fi scythe with an energy blade rather than a solid blade, which opens up combat options that a grass-cutting tool does not.

I agree that the costume is impractical, but that doesn’t matter to me very much. Once again, I’m willing to completely suspend my disbelief as long as something looks cool enough…or sexy enough. I’d rather have an impractical and cool-looking character than a completely realistic, practical, boring character. With that said, it may be entirely possible for her to be wearing a much more cool-looking outfit than her current corset / skirt combo…but whatever outfit I eventually decide on will definitely not be restrained by practicality. So, what would you suggest for the outfit?

It seems like this is what fuelled Alex to make Ayano so boring. Ayano seems like she’s just a huge “fuck you” to the people that criticised Luna. Ayano is very practical. Very realistic. To the point of boredom. People continually state Luna’s character is boring and too simple, his response:

The reason I wanted to give the protagonist a simple hairstyle is because I haven’t been able to get cloth physics or long hair physics working in my game engine. But, of course, that’s a personal failing, and shouldn’t restrict the character’s appearance. So, what would you suggest for the hairstyle?

Having short hair fits with the first design of Ayano. Perhaps his engine still was that bad that he couldn’t get physics working. Personally, I feel like Alex continuing to ask people for suggestions when met with any criticism becomes very passive aggressive. Every single comment is met with that. It comes off as “well if you think it sucks, tell me how I should do it then.” You cannot saying the hair is generic without giving an alternate suggestion according to Alex.

He also gets upset over someone stating there was no reason for having a young white female protagonist. Keep in mind Ayano too, is a young white female protagonist.

What’s wrong with having a young, white, female protagonist? If this is a “social justice warrior” thing, I’m definitely not going to argue about that subject in this thread. The costume is my primary concern here.

Alex quickly abandons is old “please critique my work!” rhetoric and writes this rant defending his choices.

About the cleavage, midriff, and legs…well, there is a story-related reason why she desires to dress up in a sexy outfit when she fights, but even if there wasn’t a plot-related reason, I’m going to fall back on the Rule of Sexy. I absolutely love sexy-looking femme fatale characters. …aren’t we on…the Skullgirls forum…?…

This goes back to Alex is making a game for himself. A character for himself. He is sexualizing this girl and is lying about having a story related reason for the sexy outfit. He does the same thing with the characters of Yandere Simulator. 

I really hate over-designed characters with too many belts and zippers and random useless accessories hanging off of every limb…but I really don’t think my character suffers from that problem. She’s got a pretty simple outfit. There are some details, sure, but I don’t feel the design approaches the DeviantArt level of ridiculous over-design.

Everything about the character’s design, however implausible it might seem at first glance, does have a justification. The reason she dyes her hair, the reason Death thought a scythe would suit her best, the reason she wears a sexy outfit - it’s all worked into her backstory. Is that what you’re talking about?

I didn’t really purposefully make the game’s storyline dark for the sake of being dark - I just made it a story that appeals to me, and dark things happen to appeal to me, so the story came out really, really dark. I guess you could say that my over-abundant enthusiasm for impractical weapons, sexy outfits, and super dark-and-edgy plot elements is totally steering the design and direction of this game. (However, because the game takes place predominantly in LITERALLY dark environments, it may be a good idea to give her a brighter color scheme…)

Maybe it’s because all of these aspects of her design appeal 100% to my personal tastes, but I just can’t imagine that choosing to go with this character design could actually result in “practically no revenue”. Is that what you’re really suggesting? Or are you just saying that every time I make a decision about a character’s appearance, I should treat that decision, no matter how minor, as being a choice that could ruin the game financially? Because that doesn’t seem realistic to me, either…

Anyway, why even criticize the original design? I’m ready and willing to replace it with one of the new re-designs that I posted. So, please tell me what it is you like / dislike about the NEW designs.

The thread goes into gameplay a little more, and then Alex says this:

I’m starting to think I made this thread a little too soon. I mean, I’m TOTALLY aware that I could never, ever ship a game that plays exactly like that prototype you played. Obviously, the final game won’t just be killing sets of 5 dudes over and over. Obviously, the final game won’t have that lame death animation. Obviously, the final game won’t have a special move that is just spinning in a circle. But since people are getting the wrong idea, I guess it was a mistake to post that prototype and call it a “demo”. Maybe I should have called it a “proof of concept”. Or maybe I should have called it a “programming test”. Or maybe I shouldn’t have posted anything at all just yet…

It’s quite similar to the pity party he threw himself when his game was critiqued by Mike Z. Alex posts more designs for his character at this point

We go back to Luna’s goal and backstory, and Alex just keeps stating that she hates bad people and wants to rid the world of them. He states a few times “you have to play the game to find out” A similar tactic used with core plot points in Yandere Simulator.

What I’ve gathered from looking at Luna and Ayano together, Ayano is Luna. Same sadistic side. Lack of empathy. Similar beta designs and motifs. Ayano just had Luna’s backstory removed because Alex didn’t want to face criticism again. 

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What about Asara ?

Look bro, 

I can either have sexy, emotionally vulnerable, drama queen Dr.Frankenstein or Cleopatra reincarnate who is sick of her late husband’s furry obsession. Do you really think I give a damn about the guy who is implied to have wiped my character’s memory multiple times and also cursed Dr.Frankenstein ? Nope, I’m signing the custody paper’s for his pet snake and stealing his boyfriend, while simultaneously stealing his old employer. Fight me. 

        “one thing i’ll never truly understand is why people completely freak out when they find out what songs i’ve written. i mean— does it count as a good thing when they’re like  oh wow, really? i would’ve never expected that, that’s crazy!  because honestly, i’ve no idea how to take that,”