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10 Charlie Weasley Headcanons

  1. Charlie absolutely loves his Weasley sweaters to no end and sends a formal thank you note to his mother each time she knits him one.
  2. Charlie became obsessed with dragons when Fabian brought a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ to dinner when he was four and read parts of it to him. 
  3. Gideon actually got him his first broom and taught him to fly.
  4. When Charlie started school he regularly went to visit Hagrid and have conversations about dragons that would end up with Charlie rushing back to the castle because he stayed too late.
  5. Charlie once spent 48 hours outside. Not because he was locked out or anything…he just loves the outdoors and didn’t even notice the time passing.
  6. In fourth year while all the other kids in his grade were starting to date Charlie came to the conclusion that he was in fact. Asexual and Aromantic.  
  7. He actually had problems accepting this until a certain Hufflepuff in his year by the name of Nymphadora Tonks to shut up because at least he wasnt a teenage girl named Nymphadora. (”Seriously Charlie stop laughing”)
  8. He was actually the first person to refer to Tonks by her last name. (best friends ever since)
  9. After the war Charlie brought Hagrid to Romania to see the dragons. 
  10. The day after ‘Dora’s funeral Charlie charmed a stripe of his hair pink and never got rid of it. 

Same family tree, different genera.

Tried to base them on how their ults work more than anything. The Hanzo-dragons head is drawn over a crocodile skull more than anything else, and has a strong bite (go look up crocodiles bite force, they’re strong cuties), once you get caught you’re done for. Genji-dragon has narrower head, with a lot of small snarp teeth, here you won’t get any bones crushed but they’ll tear you to tiny pieces. Haven’t found anything to look up for this yet, might go read up on some predatory fish for this guy, what do you think?

And I’ll stop here, my Shimada dragon obsession is already bad as it is. 


Have a GTOP Valentine’s~

I think Hagrid from Harry Potter and Sybil Vimes from Disworld would probably get along pretty well, especially given their similarities of both being large friendly people who are kind of obsessed with dragons.

Look imagine Hagrid helping out at her dragon sanctuary. Imagine Hagrid sitting down with numerous swamp dragons on top of him. He wouldn’t even mind the fact that they have a habit of spontaneously exploding. It brings back fond memories of the Blast-End-Skrewts (well fond for him if not for anyone else). Also lets be real, if a magical creature doesn’t possess the ability to seriously harm and/or kill him, it is not one Hagrid is that interested in.

Sybil would probably be very interested in seeing the Harry Potter-verse dragons. Her husband however, would really rather not.


I headcanon that Iron Bull is the Warden’s #1 fan. Regardless of the Warden’s Race, Class, or Gender the Iron Bull just worships the ground they walk on because the Warden killed THE dragon. Evil personified in the body of a dragon, and the warden slew it like a badass. There is no way in hell that someone who is as obsessed with dragons as Iron Bull is, wouldn’t worship the Warden for it. It’s not sexual in nature (well knowing the Iron Bull it may be) just fangirling.

Fenris shot up in a cold sweat, his mind reeling for several seconds before he began to register the walls of the tent around him. He glanced to the bedroll beside his where Hawke was curled up asleep, snoring soundly and drooling on himself. Fenris huffed a small laugh through his nose; oh how he had missed this ridiculous man.  

- Big Wolf, Little Wolf

So after swearing Waking Nightmare would be the only fanfiction I’d ever write while I was writing it I wrote a short follow-up called Big Wolf, Little Wolf. Though the focus of the story is Fenris having a conversation with a mysterious character from the main text (who is probably obvious from the title alone) there is some FenHawke in there. Because all the fanfiction I write is FenHawke. 

Oh and spoilers, Hawke made it out of the Fade. Because i’m not a monster.

。◕ ‿ ◕。 Also please to be knowing that comments are welcome on my AO3 stuff. Encouraged, in fact. I like feedback. plz notice me senpai. 

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