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whaddup can I have a jhope FUCKBOI au w number 31 pls and thank u sugartits

idk why you went on anon mate i know it’s you @freehoseoksdick hope you like it lad and stop calling me sugartits 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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over time I’ve come to realize as of rn I like ML more in theory than execution, like the concept and how fans have expanded on the potential that hasn’t been utilized in the show itself thus far. but season 2 looks promising. I’m probably going to give it a chance

Mine (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: “Haii!~♥ Can I request where Reader is like Joker’s girl. Despite being bad-***, he'is really over protective of her (Kinda like yandere, but Reader loves him). Cause of this, Harley gets a lil’ jelly and tries to get Reader dead, but gets caught?”

Warning: Violence, Reader Abuse

Harley’s blue eyes were focused on you as you straddled the Jokers lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you laughed, the smirk on your lips managing to make her even more jealous. He had thrown her aside and she wasn’t handling it well. Throwing herself into a spiral of drunken nights where she wanted nothing more then to go to him and beg him to take her back. It was killing her to see you with him.

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My Queen

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You went to Camille’s birthday party, where you had a lovely night, but, on the way back to your house, a bad guy gets to you. Lucky for you, you have an Original to your hero.

Word Count: 3K 

The night in New Orleans was pretty darn cold when you left your building to walk towards the Rousseau’s in order to celebrate Camille’s birthday. She had invited you a week ago and said it would be only a small gathering of friends, which was why you agreed on going. Otherwise, since you hated the idea of huge parties (they were incredibly loud and filled with inconvenient people), it was very likely you would blow this thing off.

A shudder invaded your body and you tried warm yourself by rubbing your hands on the gift you were carrying. It was just a couple of psychology books, nothing special, but the kind your friend would appreciate it. Matter fact, the blonde was so sweet that she would not mind it if you swung by empty handed.

One particular circumstance bothered you, though. Cami became friends, a while ago, with a very… Different man. Klaus Mikaelson, the guy’s name, was new in town when he met her. Yet, she soon was converted to his favourite obsession. The man followed her to work and home, completely taking out her privacy. It was an abusive, sick thing. So, one day, the words just slipped, asking why O'Connell would not get a restraining order or so, forbidding him to keep harassing her. The woman softly smiled, padding on your back, and said it was complicated, nearly useless, to do that.

And, for short period of time, you got yourself wondering why would Camille say something like that. However, considering no one eased your doubt, you decided it was time you did your own research, so that you would discover what was his secret, why no one seemed to have the strength to fight him off. It was when Klaus noticed you, a witty tiny human who had the guts to look upon his past. Of course he would develop interest on you. It was so clear now… The man was keen to people who challenged him, who intrigued him, which was exactly what you offered.

Unfortunately, his crush on you was not what concerned you. Oh, no. That was the least of your problems… What really troubled you was your own feelings. Because, ever since he started to fancy you, Klaus Mikaelson had been a true gentleman. Sending lovely gifts alongside breath taking letters, also, any time the man approached you, your heart started to race on your chest. Your cheeks turned red and, heck, you started to stutter. It was ridiculous.

A stupid tune began to play, announcing a call. You swiftly snatched the phone out of your back pocket, answering it right away.

“Hello?” You said, glancing over the pub that was only a few inches far from where you stood.

Are you running late?” A tender voice asked, gently.

“Oh, hi, Cami. No. Actually, I’m just outside the Rousseau’s.”

Ah, then I guess this was one hell of unnecessary call.

“There’s no problem.” You giggled, happily. “Uh, I should hang up. I’m coming in.”


Her voice ceased and you watched yourself pondering before getting inside. What if he was in there? Standing with his cocky smirk and a glass of whiskey in one hand? Or what if today was the day? The day when you would let it all go and just accept the love Klaus said he had for you? So many unresolved issues haunting your mind… You felt like you were about burst.

It was no time to be a coward, though, so you swallowed your fear and took another step towards the place.

“Hey!” The blonde cheered, seeing you standing by the door. “Come on in. Everyone is waiting!”

Camille dragged you to the bar, where a bunch of her friends were. So far, Davina was the only one you recognised. She waved at you and a hint of smile curved her lips. The brown haired girl was such a nice kid, despite all the pain and loss she had to face. You admired her for that.

Your attention was soon stolen by the awesome bartenders who were fixing up cool drinks. Two seconds after that, Cami babbled an excuse and went to back to stock your gift among the others she had received, leaving you all alone.

“May I keep you company?” A deep voice whispered, making you jitter. “It’s sad to see a beautiful lady like yourself so alone at a party.”

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Chibs Imagine

Imagine walking in on Chibs playing dress up with your little girl who has just met him for the first time.

Word Count: 2237

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It had been a hard few week for you and your small family of two. Your little girl, Rosie, knew that something was different about you. She just knew. Their was no explanation because she would never have been able to listen in on your late night phone calls with Chibs because you always checked that she was sound asleep. She certainly wouldn’t know about you going to the clubhouse to spend the night with Fillip when she went to stay at your moms you knew this because you hadn’t even told your mom. But she still knew, and to be quick honest, it freaked you out. Their was no warning, no build up to the question she just asked plain and simple.

“Mom have you got a boyfriend?” You choke on your water as your daughter asks you this. After recovering you turn to look at her a completely confused look.

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Lifetime movies sound like they come off a name generator, cause you get titles like this:

The Perfect Teacher
Stalked at 16
The Man She Met Online
His Obsession 
The Obsessive Roommate 
The Perfect Husband
Kidnapped at 17
The Obsessive Stranger 
The Kidnapping 

Kpop Fairytale AU: Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon as Jareth The Goblin King 

“I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.”

My message to the Killing Stalking Fandom.

Please stop being hateful to the women in the comic. The newest girl was rude to Bum but please understand she never deserved death! She at most deserves a slap on the wrist and then a manners lesson! She does NOT deserve to be murdered!
Please stop taking her rudeness to Bum to the extreme.
In a sense she is much more innocent than Bum is.
As much as this fandom forgets:
If he never broke into Sangwoos house, he wouldn’t have gotten kidnapped.
Now I don’t think Bum deserves this at all but I don’t think the new girl does either.
I think that you people need to calm down and think about the big picture:
She had a crush on a very handsome man who treated her nice, the man seemed to be obsessed with another man so she was jealous, she slept with the man she had a crush on.
She definitely deserves to be killed.
Give me a fucking break.

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...Not many people are saying Rebecca is 100% a victim (besides her most ardent fans ofc). But she has been tricked and threatened and used by Robert. They kissed the second time because he led her on, he even kissed her back. He threatened and hounded her to keep her mouth shut around Aaron after their ons. He even said he used her iirc. She's responsible and the maker of her own misfortune but to say she hasn't been wronged by Robert is pretty biased and completely disregarding canon.

My dear sweet anon. First of all, hi!
I never said that she hasn’t been wronged by Robert. I am not excusing what Robert did. I am as devastated as the rest of the fandom about the ONS.

I just resent Iain MacLeod’s attempts to make her out to be the victim in this situation. I resent that she is not going to be held responsible for her actions, prior to the incident. I resent the misogynistic and nauseating way her character has been written. I resent that they wrote a female character as being obsessed with a man who she claims forced her into a traumatic situation. I resent that they are never going to address her rampant biphobia. I resent the use of the word “force”, with regards
to the abortion; because it clearly wasn’t one. It’s insulting to women who have actually been through that. I resent the use of abortion as a plot device. I resent the completely inconsistent way in which she has been written since arriving.

Having said all this, I know she is not entirely blameless. Robert should not have kissed her that second time. He knew she was losing interest. He wanted to keep her on side to help Andy. Those were his reasons. We saw that on canon. But yes, that doesn’t mean what he did was okay.

As far as using her goes: It baffles me why no one is questioning, why she allows herself to be used by him. She knows what Robert is like. I would have thought that she would be clever enough to realise that after the 1000th time. Yet even after he rejected her outside the courthouse and the pub; she kept arranging business deals for them to spend time together.

About him hounding her to keep her mouth shut? I genuinely believe he was acting out of fear. He’s terrified of losing Aaron, and he’s going into a blind panic. It’s disgusting to watch they way he’s going about it. But it is coming from a place of fear.

Also, I think threatening is a bit of a stretch, he was extremely harsh in his rejection of her and her pregnancy. Also, absolutely not okay. But I resent that up until that very moment, Robert and the rest of us thought she was scheming again. I know Emmerdale is trying to do quite a bit of retconning to have this s/l make sense. But I hate that Robert has been given this kind of history with her at all.

The saddest part is, I was starting to warm to her. I really wish she could have rejected him, after he drunkenly came on to her. I would have had so much respect for her, if she did. Then accusing Robert of being this vile pig might have been justified. But she didn’t. She slept with him anyway. She knew he was vulnerable and broken. She even told him that she knows he still loves Aaron. Yet she still had unprotected sex with him. Her, the sober one.

Everything she has done - Continuously trying to get him into bed. Trying to out the kiss in the pub. Even, I’m sorry to say this, saying he forced her into an abortion. It all seemed like she was trying to get a reaction out of him. Trying to make him finally love her. The recurrent theme to me in all of this is her obsession towards him. And the fact that this will never be addressed? Is what I resent most of all.

My Opinions (controversial)

The Abortion for sympathy doesn’t work because it contradicts all the previous actions of the character. If they want to bring something that happened in the past to the story, it can’t contradict past storylines as no one will believe or accept it. Take Aaron’s abuse for example, it worked because if you want old scenes such as where he finds out about Victoria/Daz his reaction shows that he thinks he forced her because his dad forced him, also he never saw his dad for 7 years, he constantly mentions he hates his dad, as have other characters. This works because it didn’t contradict history, and when it did such as Cain asking why he always wanted to return after visiting, it was addressed. 

This storyline hasn’t shown that she would of had a ‘traumatic’ abortion and was ‘forced’ to get one. As a women, I can honestly say that if a man told me to get an abortion, firstly I would tell him to fuck off as it’s my choice not his, and if I did end up having the abortion, I would never want to see him again. All that’s been shown since October is that she wants him back and is willing to do anything to get him including paying him(!!) and stabbing her family in the back for him. These actions do not to me sound like someone who had a ‘traumatic’ abortion and was ‘forced’ to have one. 

When the character was introduced she was described as ‘free spirited’. What women in her 30s and is defined as a free spirit isn’t on birth control!? Given that we have been told by Chrissie that she is promiscuous, and it’s been shown by her sleeping with Ross. So why isn’t she on birth control? It’s a bit convenient that the man she wants/obsessed with is the only man to have ever gotten her pregnant!

(controversial bit)

Using an abortion to get sympathy is disgusting! Many women in shows and in real life have had abortions, and I don’t feel sorry for them. With the exception of rape/domestic abuse/mentally abused victims, or if the baby has an illness and requires an abortion. An abortion is a women’s choice, and making it out that we should feel sorry for her for having one is ridiculous. Were we supposed to feel sorry for Kerry last year when she had one?! With how many people that can’t have children, showing an abortion as something we should feel sorry for people for sickens me. It was your actions that made you pregnant, it was you that got an abortion, so please don’t try and make me feel sorry for her as it’s not going to work. 

Also if anyone says this is just because of Robron, I have had people in real life that have had abortions and I have never and will never feel sorry for them. I am not against abortion, and don’t feel like they shouldn’t have one, but I will not give them sympathy for having one when it’s their choice. 

EDIT: I just wanted to add that I don’t hate people that have had abortions, and I still respect and are friends with people who have had them. But I don’t have sympathy for them, if that makes sense. Obviously in certain circumstances I do have sympathy, but from what I’ve seen portrayed on the show I don’t in this situation. 

I just wanted to add this as I re-read it and it comes off as though I am anti abortion and I’m totally not. It’s their choice, and I would never tell anyone to not have an abortion, the same as I would never tell someone to have one. I just don’t have sympathy for most that have had them. 


     Even now that she’s an adult she can be very unresponsive towards orders. She won’t argue or sulk of course, but she just won’t respond to you. Saiko is, again, in her own world most the time and acts on her own desires, and it’s always to benefit her knowledge. Not to mention she does not lie because she feels no need to, after all, in her mind what she is doing is fine, no matter what that may be. Although she has learnt over time to answer Gero the second time he asks, and I like to think after all those years he knows that if he doesn’t get a response it means she hasn’t taken his words into consideration. As a kid I think it was ten times worse, cause at least now she speaks freely and is more involved in his projects, rather then overly obsessed with anatomy and the (almost compulsive) need to cut things open. 

Stalked AU part 2

Despite the very abnormal circumstances Naruto and Hinata met in, the two were having fun getting to know each other. They texted each other throughout the day, the first always coming from Naruto which usually read “good morning beautiful”. Both were very excited for their upcoming date, and it was quickly approaching. Though this brought a bit of excitement to both of their lives they still had to deal with the reason they met in the first place.

Tuesday morning Hinata went to her usual coffee shop to get her usual order, but as soon as she walked in she felt chilled. Upon getting in line she felt some one behind her, and they were much to close for comfort. She could feel him taking in the scent of her hair then shortly after his breath tickled the back of her ears. She tried to step away from him, but he would instantly close the gap between them.

The manager was behind the counter and noticed the discomfort on Hinata’s face, and quickly took action. “Sir, if you’re going to stand here and harass my customers, get out.”

Toneri backed away, slightly. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Yeah ya have.” The man began. “You’ve been bothering this lady who’s just too nice to say anything. Above that, you’ve pissed me off, so get out now, or I call the cops.”

Toneri gave Hinata one more look over before exiting the shop in a huff. Hinata felt so relieved and thanked the man profusely. He took her aside for a moment to speak with her. “Look ma'am, I hate to say this, but maybe you should start getting coffee somewhere else from now on. I appreciate your business, but I don’t want you to get hurt. That guy seems like bad news, a cop was in here the other day asking about him.”

Hinata thanked the man and said she understood his reasoning. He gave her a coffee on the house before she left for work and told her to be safe.

As she walked she couldn’t stop wondering why this man was so obsessed with her. She had hoped maybe he would get tired and decide to leave her alone, but she wasn’t that lucky. When she was only a few blocks from the school she felt a presence near by. She picked up her pace, but it made no difference.

The school was now almost a block away and the person she felt was still close behind. She was about to break into a full sprint when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and jerked herself back in case she needed to run when she was met with a pair of blue eyes. These weren’t a dazzling blue like Naruto’s, no, these eyes were creepily bright and held desperation.

“Hello Hinata.” He said in a husky whisper. She just stared at him, feeling like she was unable to move or run. “I want you to have this.” He said holding out his business card. Hinata shook her head as he stepped closer. He was now only a step away and she shook from fear. As he stared at her she noticed he was also shaking, but from anger.

The business card fell to the ground as his fists clenched and he gritted his teeth. “Stay away from that police officer. He doesn’t understand our relationship or how I feel. Just tell him to leave and we can be together.”

Hinata was so confused. They weren’t in a relationship, and how would he know she was talking to the police? “Sir, I don’t even know you and we have no relationship whatsoever. Please leave me alone.”

She turned her heel and went to run when he grabbed her wrist and spun her around again. His grip was strong and painful, Hinata tried to pull away but he kept her firmly in place. “No Hinata we’re in love! You’re going to quit teaching and come be a stay at home wife and mother, remember?” Hinata continued to struggle while saying she had no idea what he was talking about.

Toneri grew angry, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “We are destined to be together!” He practically screamed at her.

“No!” Hinata used her free hand to slap him across the face as hard as she could. He immediately let go of her wrist to cover his now reddened face. Though she hit him with all her might he didn’t appear to be in pain, in fact he was smiling. Slowly Hinata began to back away, preparing herself for whatever would come next.

Toneri turned around and began walking away slowly. “Do not worry my dear, I will come back for you.”

Hinata quickly grabbed the dropped card and ran to the school as fast as she could. Upon reaching the front office she informed the secretary she needed somebody to fill in for her for just a little while she went to the police station. “Naruto? He’s back. He followed me from the coffee shop. Okay I’ll see you soon.”

Naruto arrived shortly after he received her call and took her back to the station. He sat her down and listened to her tale of the white haired mans return. He took vivid notes as he always did, but he felt a hurt in his heart. He was so worried and scared for Hinata, and all he wanted to do was help her. He finished his notes and stood up. “Hinata, come here for a minute.”

She stood as she was told and was immediately brought into a warm hug. She laid her head on Naruto’s chest and listened to his heart beat softly as he softly traced a pattern on her back. “I figured you probably needed one of these with all the stress you’re under.”

“Thank you Naruto, I appreciate that.” After a minute of just being in each others arms the two pulled away and smiled. Both felt that special spark that had just been ignited, and were surprised, yet excited about it.

A few days had passed and it was now the day of their big date. Naruto had told Hinata he was taking her to this new restaurant in town that looked pretty nice. She felt bad, she didn’t want him to spend a lot of money on her, but he insisted on making their first date memorable.

When it came to fashion Hinata had a pretty good idea of what she was doing, but she never knew how to dress for dates. The dress pants and blouse made her look like she was going to work, jeans and a shirt was too casual, and she didn’t want to be buried in her jacket all evening.

She wasn’t even sure she had anything nice enough until she found a little black dress she’d never worn. She slipped it on and was so glad she did. The dress showcased her figure very well while still being modest. The skirt cut off at the knees and the top revealed very little cleavage, which Hinata couldn’t usually find. She threw on a pair of ballet flats, put on a touch of makeup and was ready to go.

It was only six when Hinata finished getting ready so she decided to kill her hour by watching tv.she had finished a couple episodes of a show she was behind on when the doorbell rang. She quickly straightened herself out and went to the door.

“Naruto hi.” She smiles warmly

“Hey Hinata, mind if I come in for a minute?” He asked with an excited smile while holding something behind his back. She backed up to allow him inside, when he came forward he revealed a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

Hinata gasped while Naruto grinned ear to ear. “Oh Naruto they’re amazing. Thank you so much.” She gave him a small hug then went to trim the roses and place them in a vase.

“I thought you might like them. I saw them at the store and it made me think of you.” He said as he followed her to the kitchen.

She had finished trimming and placing the flowers when she looked up and noticed Naruto was staring at her. “Naruto? Is something wrong?”

He looked up at her beautiful lavender eyes. “You look beautiful.”

She turned red within seconds. “Ah thank you Naruto.”

“I mean you always look beautiful, but wow.” He said now grinning.

Hinata looked him over as well. He wore black pants and a white button down shirt that showed a very toned body. An orange tie hung around his neck that he couldn’t help but fidget with. Hinata couldn’t help but giggle “you look very nice as well. Just as handsome as you always are.”

Now it was Naruto’s turn to blush. The thanked her and took her hand delicately in his. “Shall we?”

She nodded, grabbed her coat and locked the door once outside. Naruto opened the car door for her, “You know, usually when I open the car door for somebody I have to duck their head down for them.” He joked. They both laughed and talked thought their drive.

Dinner turned out to be a very nice Japanese style restaurant that had opened only a few weeks ago. Naruto had ordered miso ramen while Hinata tried the sushi. They enjoyed their dinner while talking about anything and everything that came to mind.

Hinata found that Naruto was the kind of person that just wanted to make people happy. He never did something because he knew he would be thanked, but because he did things from the heart and wanted to see others smile. She really admired him for this, and it made her like him even more.

Naruto found out that Hinata was graceful in everything she did. The way she talked, the way she moved, everything she did seemed so elegant and natural. She was also so unbelievably kind that it made his heart happy.

All night the two seemed to grow closer and closer with every word they spoke. After their dinner they still weren’t ready to leave each other, but they knew their time had come.

They pulled up to Hinata’s drive way when Naruto quickly got out to walk her to the door. “Sorry if it seems weird, but I just want to make sure you make it inside safely.”

“No I actually really appreciate it, I’ve been pretty jumpy lately and having you with me helps a lot.” She said as she unlocked the door.

“Well I’m glad to be of service.” Naruto grinned.

The two stood awkwardly for a moment, fidgeting and trying to find the right words. “I had a really nice time tonight.” Hinata finally said

Naruto smiled. “I did too. I was actually hoping you might like to do it again some time?”

Hinata turned her typical shade of scarlet, but agreed to another date. They both laughed happily before hugging each other tightly. That moment felt so serine and perfect, but Naruto pulled away suddenly. He cupped her face lightly and looked deep into her eyes. “Hinata I really want to kiss you right now.”

Those words hit her harder than the cold January wind. She was glad he wanted to kiss her, but her body felt stiff. She bit her lip nervously before she slowly rose onto her tip toes.

Naruto took that as a sign. He leaned down slightly and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was sweet, warm, and welcoming. Her lips were soft against his own and he felt like he never wanted to pull away.

After a moment of the sweet embrace they both pulled away and let out a breath. “Wow.” Hinata whispered and she touched her fingers to her lips. They both smiled brightly before saying their goodbyes for the evening.

Hinata laid in bed, with the warmth of Naruto’s lips still on her own, she smiled happily to herself. Despite the past weeks circumstances, she was glad she had something good happening in her life.

The next morning Hinata awoke around 9 and made a pot of coffee. She walked back to her room to get dressed when she noticed something on her porch. She unlocked and opened the door only to find it covered with flower and stuffed animals. Each one had a tag that read “to my lavender eyed princess, Toneri.”

Hinata felt a harsh chill go over her body before slamming and re locking her front door. She knew Naruto was probably still asleep, but she called him anyway since he was the one working her case. Sure enough the call went to voice mail and she left him a message about the gift shop on her porch.

She slumped over to her couch and did her best to read her book but failed. She felt so vulnerable, so exposed, and most of all she felt scared. She almost began to cry when she received a text. “Don’t touch anything, I’ll be right there.” All he had done was text her and she felt more at ease, maybe he was special after all.

10 minutes later he was there out of uniform with another officer taking pictures and writing notes. After about 10 minutes the other officer left and Naruto knocked on the door. Hinata smiled upon seeing him and he returned it. “Hey Hinata, good news, there’s nothing dangerous here, so you can do whatever you’d like with this stuff. I’m gonna swing by the station later and check out the tapes, hopefully we’ll see him and we can go from there.”

“Okay, thank you again Naruto.” She leaned in and gave him a small hug before walking outside. “I’m going to throw all of this away.” She said grabbing the trash can from beside her house.

“Here let me help you.” Naruto said picking up an armful of the items and tossing them into the trash. Hinata joined him, and the two threw away every last item that cluttered her porch.

Once clean up was over Naruto gave Hinata a quick kiss and went to the station for his shift. He hoped he was getting closer to putting this Toneri guy in jail.

Upon arriving at the station he immediately got to work. He examined all the pictures closely compared all his notes on the case, but unfortunately everything he had wouldn’t add up to a restraining order. He downed the rest of his coffee and slammed the cup on the table frustrated.

“Long day?” Kakashi asked leaning against the desk

“Yeah and unfortunately it just started.” Naruto laughed

Kakashi chuckled a bit, but there was clearly something in his mind. “Naruto,” he began, “about this case, I understand you’re involved with this woman.”

“We went on a date yeah, and I like her.” Naruto admitted

“Well here’s the thing, you know I don’t want to do this but, if you continue to see this woman in gonna have to take you off the case.”

“Chief what?!” Naruto said standing up. “You can’t take me off this case! Nobody will work it as hard as I will, nobody will care as much as I do!”

“Exactly! I know it’s not because of romantic reasons, but others might not see it that way, it appears biased.” Kakashi argued

Naruto looked him dead in the eyes. “You know I am one of the hardest working people on this force, once I start something I finish it, period. So please, keep me on this case, I’m going to get this all taken care of, and if internal affairs has a problem they can come talk to me.”

Kakashi sighed. “You do realize I’m risking a lot by keeping you on this case right?”

Naruto smiled a bit. “Yeah I know, thank you chief.”

Kakashi simply walked back to his office and shut the door while Naruto got to work. Little did he know this case was about to get much more interesting.

I find discourse about Gwyndolin and discussion about the character in general very interesting, because what many seem to fall back on is the hypothetical of Gwyndolin being “coercively” raised as a girl.


Literally nothing that says that. “Through the aura of the moon, Gwyndolin was raised as a daughter”. Where does that even LOOSELY imply that “GWYN WAS AN EVIL DADDY AND MADE POOR MAN-GWYNDOLIN WEAR DRESSES AND IT T R A U M A T I Z E D HIM!!1”? Nowhere. And if people don’t fall on that, they fall on a bit from the Reversal Ring, which has even LESS to do with the matter. It includes a snippet of history about Gwyndolin’s personality, which does NOTHING to suggest that Gwyndolin’s appearance or gender-expression were forced. As a matter of fact, the ring EXPLICITLY says it was GIVEN to Gwyndolin. Not that (s)he was forced to wear it. Not that Gwyn jumped Gwyndolin and slam-dunked it onto h(er)is hand. GIVEN. That’s pretty indicative that the situation was, at the very least, not coercive in the slightest.

Furthermore, it’s made pretty clear that Gwyn wasn’t especially proud of Gwyndolin, and didn’t pay her much attention, or commission any statues for her, etc. It’s connected to the fact that Gwyndolin is considered “frail”, “unconventional”, etc. Fancy, polite medieval speak for “sissy” or any veiled transphobic slur of your choice. Basically, it indicates Gwyn wasn’t really supportive of Gwyndolin, or, if he was, he still didn’t really approve, which is almost evidence for Gwyndolin actively PURSUING femininity. We see that Gwyndolin seeks to emulate Gwyn’s reign and continue his goals. Why in the world would (s)he present as female and pursue powers considered to be feminine if her father, the man she seems almost obsessively determined to please hated it, unless she REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO? Was…. Say…. Compelled to….. By some sort of…. Dysphoria. Hmmmmm.

And beyond that, we see Gwyndolin centuries, if not millenia after Gwyn has departed to go chop his soul up and barbeque himself, leaving the Furry Larper and Fat Hannibal Lector to attend his castle….. And (s)he’s still dressing, speaking, and presenting very, very femininely. Shit, close screenshots will reveal that she has breasts, and model-stripping has revealed feminine hips, face, and a distinctive lack of any male genitals. Why in the world would Gwyndolin look like that unless (s)he wanted to? Sunny-D’s gone, yo. He went to go divvy his soul up with the local skater kids and self-immolate a bazillion years ago. Really, everyone’s gone.

Which brings me to my next point….. Who’s the one deity Gwyndolin makes an illusion of? Gwynevere. Her big sis. That’s pretty indicative to me. She’s uncomfortable coming out to speak in public, because she still has a lot of reservations about her appearance, and her big sister’s the first person she thinks of to use as a mouthpiece. Hm.

Some bring up the fact that Gwyndolin is referred to exclusively with male pronouns as a catch-all “uh, sweaty he’s not trans” argument. Considering everything I’ve brought up, that’s less indicative that Gwyndolin is not trans, and more indicative that she is now technically the female sovereign of a patriarchal kingdom. Of COURSE she uses male pronouns. It goes hand-in-hand with the fact that she hides and uses illusions to speak for her. She’s alone in a big, dark world, holding on to all this power by the skin of her teeth, and she KNOWs that any sort of slip up, any manifestation of weakness, could invite someone or something nasty to come lop her pretty head off. Hell, it’s implied that Gwyndolin has negative self-image, and sees herself as “frail’ and “repulsive”. And eventually, her fears do come true (spoiler). Be it the Chosen Undead, or Saint Aldritch (fuck that asshole), something dark and nasty with sharp teeth eventually ends up breaking the door down and offing Gwyndolin.

I’m not saying Gwyndolin ABSOLUTELY 100% MUST BE A TRANS GIRL AND IF YOU DISAGREE YOUR EVIL CIS SCUM BLEEEEEEEH, but I am saying that, regardless of the creator’s intent, the character they created looks like, functions like, has many of the behaviors and traits of, and seems to THINK like many trans-girls. If it looks like a duck, thinks like a duck, walks like a duck, and seems to have the DNA of some sort of avian waterfowl, one has to consider at some point that maybe it is a duck.

But that’s just Gwendolyn’s opinion on Gwyndolin. I sure as heck don’t have a monopoly on interpretation of a character, but I felt the need to chastise people for dismissing a very prevalent (and more than likely accurate, ignorant writers be damned) interpretation on very flimsy pretenses. Praise the sun, yo. Or the moon. And feel free to provide counter-arguments or feedback.

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Would you be able to do MadaSaku with the prompt?: You are absolutely gorgeous. No, no, sorry ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.

Sakura knew working part time this late at night was a bad idea, but hey, you do crazy things when you have student loans screaming to be paid.

And crazy things can sometimes lead to near life or death situations apparently.

Watching the familiar blue skinned man hold a knife to her coworkers throat, Sakura had to fight back a sigh, silently wondering just how she’d deal with this later on.

it wasn’t too often you knew one of the people robbing you after all-and she’d know that man anywhere, he was one of her friends after all. Two years friendship and she could spot the shark obsessed man in her sleep- just who was he trying to fool here?

“Sorry for the trouble miss, we just want the money. No one needs to get hurt here.”

And then there was Itachi.

For gods sake, did they think she was an idiot or something? He used to babysit her, Naruto and Sasuke on a regular basis- hell, he’d helped her with her project not a week ago.

And here he was with Kisame and some other people she couldn’t quite place, holding up her coworker, apparently not having noticed her standing in the doorway to the staff room behind them.

“Is there anyone else here tonight?” A new, older voice asked. Her coworker shakily sobbed, not paying attention to him as the man continued to empty the register. “I won’t ask again.”

Sakura sighed once more before coughing loudly, all heads present whipping around to face her in an instant.

“Dude. So not cool. Do I go and shake down your place of work? NO.”

All heads whipped around then, but Sakura’s eyes were glued to the older man at the register, her cheeks flushing slightly as she caught sight of his rather…handsome face.

And looks in general.

God damn it why were all the guys she knew hot? It’s wasn’t fair.

“Oh wow, you’re gorgeous…”

“Pardon me?”

“Huh? OH- oh, no, no, don’t mind me at all. Sorry, ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.”


“SAKURA! Long time no see, I didn’t know you worked here! What a coincidence…” Oh Kisame, you strangely wonderful man you. Only you could try and make a robbery seem like a get together.

“Kisame, you know this girl?”

“Yeah, yeah Itachi does too. She’s one of Sasuke’s friends- the one Mikoto always tries to get stay over. Ours too, she’s the one who I got to help re-wire the getaway van last month.”

“…” Getaway van?

“Ah I see, nice to meet you Miss Sakura, I’m Sasuke’s uncle. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, we’ll be on our way shortly.”

Why did this always happen to her?

“I don’t suppose young Sasuke has asked you to join us for dinner next week has he? If not, please feel free to drop by, I know Mikoto would love to see you again.”

Yep, looks like she’d have to quit this job as well. First Naruto ruins her job at the cafe, then Sasuke gets her fired from the library- now this.

“I’m going home.

Only Naruto was near to Sasuke. No Sakura, no body else. Only Naruto. Only Naruto loved him. He saved him. He has always been by his side. Sakura was obsessed by him only. She never loved him, because you can’t love a man to whom doesn’t care of your existence. The only thing she loved was his physical appearance and she never was interested about his feelings.

I don’t want to speak about Hinata and her no-relationship with Naruto, because is the same story.
The same. Fucking. Story.

Naruto never loved Hinata and her crush was an obsession too. Really, I still can’t believe it. I can’t think about this situation because my mind can’t bear so many bullshits.

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Gilgamesh hates people seeing a kagome (i love all your histories, you cheer my day)

Well, it brings a smile to my face when I hear it cheers you up <3 That is why I am here, hon! Also, I figured you meant like Gilgamesh getting jealous?? If not, please correct me!


  • Gilgamesh won’t even deny he is possessive when it comes to the things he desires, and in this case, he won’t deny he doesn’t like seeing the miko getting close to anyone. 
    • That itself includes even his master.
  • Whether the person is weak or strong, or even an innocent human, Gilgamesh will go far enough to do background checks to see who is getting close to Kagome.
    • He will not hesitate to use his powers against them if they pose a threat: physically or emotionally.
  • Many servants, especially Rider and Lancer, have made the comment to him he has turned into an obsessive mad-man.
    • What Rider has realized about the miko is she is not to be messed with for she is a servant of God and would jeopardize the Holy Grail if she is claimed, killed, etc.  
  • Nonetheless, Gilgamesh has no interest in the Holy Grail as time goes on and uses his own Master to find a way to claim the miko as his own.

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