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Sheila LaBarre was a multiple murderer who killed two of her boyfriends by beating them to death, before scattering their remains across her New Hampshire farm. While LaBarre admitted to the murders she pled not guilty by reason of insanity. The defences argument was that LaBarre had a psychotic obsession with pedophiles, and that she was operating under the delusion that every man she met was a pedophile, which was why she murdered her two boyfriends. The prosecution, however, argued that she was manipulative, cruel and vindictive, and completely sane.

After a psychological assessment, which found that LaBarre did indeed have a preoccupation and obsession with pedophilia, along with serious anger issues and a high likelihood of a personality disorder, the psychiatrist could not link a mental illness to the cause of her crime. In the end she was determined to be sane, and was given two life sentences in 2008

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Fruit was wandering around the VLFS, looking to see if any friends came as well, and eventually found Grunt. He runs up to her. "Woah, you're here too! It's been crazy, there was a fiasco with the chocolate fountain, I stopped someone from stealing it, quite a bit of yelling, there's a lot of arguments too." He tries to jump up to her shoulder, but since there's not table, he'll need some help.


“Hey buddy!” She scooped up her little pal and placed him on her shoulder. “Chocolate fountain? Shit, man, why’s everybody so obsessed with that thing?” She rolled her eyes, subconsciously scritching his chin. “Y’can hang with me and we’ll have some good, wholesome fun!”

Only Naruto was near to Sasuke. No Sakura, no body else. Only Naruto. Only Naruto loved him. He saved him. He has always been by his side. Sakura was obsessed by him only. She never loved him, because you can’t love a man to whom doesn’t care of your existence. The only thing she loved was his physical appearance and she never was interested about his feelings.

I don’t want to speak about Hinata and her no-relationship with Naruto, because is the same story.
The same. Fucking. Story.

Naruto never loved Hinata and her crush was an obsession too. Really, I still can’t believe it. I can’t think about this situation because my mind can’t bear so many bullshits.

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It's funny that Hinata fans feel the need to attack the other females in the series when she's in fact the worst. Sakura is strong, Hinata stumbles on rocks. Ino fought and saved Sai when he was brainwashed, Hinata is a damsel in distress always needing saving. Temari doesn't put up with Shikamaru's BS, Hinata worships Naruto. Tenten doesn't need a man in her life, Hinata has an unhealthy obsession with a man. She's literally the worst no matter how you look at it.

Exactly! Hinata is a weak stalker whose life revolves around a man that pays her no attention. She is garbage

DC has an amazing opportunity to follow the comics and how Harley realizes that the man she’s obsessed with, the Joker, is abusive. She can become the symbol of how hard it is to get out of a relationship like that and continue to have to put on that brave face even though she’s broken inside until that brave face is how she is on the inside too.

Harley can be more than just a sexy, kickass anti-hero. She can be the symbol of strength for every woman (or man for that matter) who can’t see, or won’t see, the abuse and how they CAN get out of it.

Michaela is downright OBSESSED with the idea of every man she’s attracted to being gay. No writer can resist irony. How could the writers resist the idea that she herself is gay (I don’t even think she’s bisexual)?

Laurel has jokingly expressed interest in Michaela and their dialog lately tends to veer toward sex or their relationship. And that’s usually to break the tension between them. How could they not go for Laurel/Michaela eventually?


Title: Delicate
Author: lena1987
Word Count: ~15,400
Rating: Mature
Status: Complete
Summary: All Hermione wanted to do was discover the teasing, delicious scent worn by her colleague, Severus Snape. But the unravelling box that is this sensual man becomes an obsession and she cannot stop, nor does she want to.

I have seen those lips before.

It wasn’t that.

It was his scent.

There was something new about him; something tantalising. I caught a brief teasing note of it when I breathed in, and I just could not put my finger on it, but it was…

“Oh,” I sighed, feeling my eyelids flutter unnaturally. I felt faint. “What is that?”

I drew Nina The Killer. The creepypasta girl thingy.

I’ve actually read her story.
In my opinion, yes, it’s cheesy. But slightly better than Jeff The Killer, eyeless Jack, etc.

From my point of view,, it’s kind of realistic. It’s a real thing. It happened with some 11 year old girls that were obsessed with the Slender man story.

She’s just like that. Obsessive about Jeff The Killer.
Being emo n such. Into creepypasta. Serial killers at a young age. Influenced by all of it. Pressured by bullies. Wild imagination.

All leading to murder, losing sanity and control over her actions. Panicking. Looking over her shoulders all the time.

As well as the Jeff she saw being a hallucination. Symptoms of schizophrenia started, traumas involved.

So even if it is a Jeff The Killer ripoff, I like it a lot better.

Jeff The Killer is a popular and mainstream story.
The serial killer character himself is ok, I do like him as the serial killer character he becomes later on.
But I don’t like his stories. I don’t like the too unrealistic strength he has. I don’t like how they were written.
I like his killer pattern and looks however.

I love how suddenly Karin is now the best female character in manga just because in the very last chapter she decided not to obsess over a married man with a kid. But SK forgotten how trash and creepy Karin’s character was during the entire manga.

I never undertand why the hell SK so anti-SS.This couple is basically a shitty parody of SS.

SK supports Karin’s obsession and is totally fine with Karin’s actions  but they want to talk shit about Sakura’s love calling her love an obsession?
I find so funny when SK says Sakura never cared about sasuke’s past and she only likes him  for superficial reasons while Karin loves the “true” Sasuke.

This is a Joke.

Sakura was the First Person. Sasuke told about his Past:

In Chunin Exame Sasuke told to Sakura the reasons because he want to be strong. Not to mention Sakura is very worried about sasuke’s state.  So much Fangirl huh.

During her confession was revelead Sakura  knew about Sasuke’s past and his clan and had a personal conversation with Sasuke about his revenge.

Sakura researched two years during time skip while she was training to know more about Sasuke’s past only to help and save him.

While Karin is just a masochist fangirl.

Who is only concerned with his looks and still doesn’t give a shit about Sasuke emotional state or his actions. Sasuke and Karin haven’t even had a personal conversation, she doesn’t know Sasuke. When there is absolutely no panel of Karin ever giving a fuck about Sasuke’s past or vice versa.Karin did nothing to impede Sasuke to become an criminal while she was by sasuke side.
She only obeyed Sasuke without question his motives. .

Sorry SK but the Crazy Sasuke who wanted to kill everybody never will be the true Sasuke. Sakura knew the True Sasuke because this she never suported his criminal actions and wanted to rescue the True Sasuke from the darkness.

Sakura came to see Sasuke wasn’t just “hot and cool.” He was a very hurt person with flaws like everyone else, and she came to care for him as a person Their early interactions as part of team 7, he protected her a number of times and she saw him fall into darkness with her own eyes, she made it her duty to save him from the darkness even if it hurt her, at one point she was willing to kill him because she could not bear it. Which has been said by Kakashi & obvious to us readers in the war arc shown compared to Karin, who still fangirled/lusted for him in that serious situation.



Kishimoto never wanted to show Karin’s obsession as a positive light.
SasuKarin never would stand a chance in a canon territory

I don’t understand when  SasuSaku became canon. So Many “SasuKarin” salty shippers come from nowhere until today.

Karin is basically a comically messed up dark version of Part 1 Sakura.
Sakura only had 12 when she fangirling over Sasuke. But she never reached on karin’s level of craziness. Karin is freaking 17.
If you legitimately dislike Sasusaku, then you should despise much more Sasukarin as well.

The same ppl likes to use Karin’s past as a excuse to say she is better than Sakura  and saying  Sakura has no substance compared to Karin.

Sakura’s trauma is that she couldn’t save sasuke. She was bullied as a child but she grew out of it. She learned to become a better person. Sakura chose her path. Sakura got so far, she trained her ass off. She asked to be train to help her teammates. She got enough backbone to go to tsunade and train with her brute strength. Sakura worked her butt off to get where she’s at. If sakura can go towards sasuke whiles he’s in curse mark form at part 1 of naruto and run towards naruto when he was kyubi mode in part 2, then she got enough backbone.  She saw Naruto hurt because she asked him to go after Sasuke, and she felt horrible, and that’s when she decided she wanted to change herself. And she did. She didn’t want to let Naruto go alone again.
And plus yes Sakura had a normal life but she also worked harder then anyone to prove herself. She was bullied as a child, and she never came from a clan or had an inherited technique like Naruto and Sasuke did. She was literally a normal person in a world full of people with special abilities. So in a way yes she spent her most of her life trying to catch up and prove herself. It was declared that she achieved greater power than Tsunade

In the manga we never see anything from karin’s past because is irrelevant. They put that in the databook because every character need to have a background, but just that.

I’m tired of people acting like Karin’s past, which really amounts to one blurb in a databook, actually has significant impact on Karin as a character. It doesn’t. It’s never introduced into the manga through Karin’s own POV so why does it matter? It doesn’t effect Karin or the plot in any way. Her character could live without the databook’s tragic story and it wouldn’t make her aggressive, borderline schizophrenic behavior any better or worse and her character remains the same.

if you think Sakura has no substance, than Karin has much more even less.

 It’s the cold, hard truth. In the entire manga Karin has been focused on Sasuke; there was no exploration of her background, her motivation, her moral character, or the way in which she perceived the world around her;

Severus Snape was not a hero.

Severus Snape didn’t have the greatest childhood. He grew up poor and his parents neglected him.

But then he met Lily Evans and she was kind to him. She showed him friendship and he fell in love with her.

When they got to Hogwarts, Snape was sorted into Slytherin and Lily into Gryffindor but they still remained friends.

Until Severus started to become influenced by dark magic and his wannabe Death Eater friends. Lily told him she didn’t like his new behavior but he didn’t stop. After Severus called Lily a mudblood in 5th year they stopped being friends.

Severus’ love for Lily turned into obsession. And after she started dating James Potter, the man who tormented him, that drove him into madness.

Everyone seems to forget that Snape was the one that told Voldemort about the prophecy. He knew that Voldemort would try to kill the subject of the prophecy but he didn’t care.

Until he found out that the subject was Lily’s son. So, he warned Dumbledore and became a spy for the Order.

Severus Snape was not a hero. He wasn’t brave. He did what he did out of guilt and obsession. He knew that Lily would never have been in danger if he hadn’t told Voldemort about the prophecy.

Harry shouldn’t have named his son after Snape. We all know that Slughorn manipulated his memory of telling Tom Riddle about the horcruxes. Harry only saw things from Snape’s perspective.

I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but I don’t care. Snape was a bad person. He didn’t change for Lily. (Unlike James who actually made an effort to become a better person). Snape didn’t deserve to have Lily as a friend or otherwise.

FM Date 2014
  • Tiffany: Seohyun is infatuated with Kang Dong Won.
  • Seohyun: He is too beautiful.
  • Sunny: It's not like Seohyun to be obsessed with a man. She never says things like this out loud.
  • Taeyeon: Seohyun, do you need to lie down? I wonder if she's delirious. Talking weird.
  • Seohyun: I'm your rival.
  • Taeyeon: She's been babbling on and on about how perfect he is and how he's her ideal type.
  • Tiffany: Taeyeon's pricked.
  • Sunny: Dramatic stuff...