obsessed sherlock is obsessed

  • Me when I'm not home: omfg I have so much to do when I get home, and so many essays to write not to mention all the studying I have
  • Me when I get home: oh cool 115k word fic, lets read it all in one sitting

Four codenames: Antarctica, Langdale, Porlock, and Love.

Five people in the room: Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Vivian Norbury, Lady Smallwood, and Sir Edwin.

It’s time to play…

“Who then is Porlock?”

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Do you enjoy this Mofftiss?

The hype is real
I feel like the clock moves in slow motion
My heart rate is off the limit
I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
I can’t chill
I’m trembling
I can hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice whispering “I love you”

Do you think that is unhealthy?


“No, no, he would never be that disappointing. He’s planned something, something long-term”
“It has to be him. It’s too bizarre, it’s too baroque. It’s designed to beguile me, tease me and lure me in. At last, a noose for me to put my neck into”

Sherlock remembered Moriarty 13 times in just one episode.
It’s killing me.