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assassin's creed college au where assassins and templars are just two different dorm houses and the apple of eden is somewhat of a spirit stick (superstitious item that's supposed to either grand good luck or bad luck). idk what everyone's majoring in but desmond is failing because he stays up til 3am playing overwatch every night

- “Everything is due, Nothing is submitted” is the school’s motto

- Assassin house is named Alpha Dat Ass
- Templar house is named Omega Booty Baals

- Shaun writes for the school newspaper and he always looks sleep deprived because his noisy roommate plays video games late at night.

- Altaïr often picks fights with the Templar house, but Desmond gets blamed because they look so much alike. Altaïr expresses his obsession over the apple of eden stick in a personal journal.

- Ezio hosts the school’s radio talk show (1-800-Assassino) where he offers questionable relationship advice to his listeners. Edward drunk calls him every evening.

- Malik is annoyed by a freshman who constantly stares at him during geography class. 

- Desmond sits behind an attractive student in geography class and he blushes whenever he catches him staring for too long.

- Connor holds a deep grudge against Charles Lee after he discovered the nasty Templar had deep fried his beloved pet, Mr.Gobbles, during the annual barbecue.