obsessed okay

I’ve been listening to the beauty and the beast soundtrack for like the past 2 hours and I am loving it! Everyone sounds so good and it just felt to nice to listen to, like my childhood was coming back. I just have one question.

Who’s bright idea was it to cast a Scottish guy as the one french character in the whole movie that actually speaks in a french accent?????? Like Ewan McGregor sounds good but like, his french accent is so forced? Idk I like it but I don’t. I haven’t seen the movie yet (two days and I’m seeing it) so I don’t know what he’s gonna sound like when he speaks but it just seems like a strange decision

  • Someone: Who is your roommate?
  • Simon: Baz
  • Someone: Who is your enemy?
  • Simon: Baz.
  • Someone: Who do you call in an emergency?
  • Simon: baZ
  • Someone: What time is it?
  • Simon: bAZ
  • Someone: What do you do in your freetime?
  • Simon: BAZ
  • What's your dream?
  • Simon: BAZ
  • Someone: What do you think, how are you going to die?
  • Simon: bAz
  • Someone: How old are you?
  • Simon, shaking: B a z
  • Someone: What's your name?
  • Simon, breaking down: baz
  • Someone: Who is Baz?
  • Simon: *starts crying*

I think Hagrid from Harry Potter and Sybil Vimes from Disworld would probably get along pretty well, especially given their similarities of both being large friendly people who are kind of obsessed with dragons.

Look imagine Hagrid helping out at her dragon sanctuary. Imagine Hagrid sitting down with numerous swamp dragons on top of him. He wouldn’t even mind the fact that they have a habit of spontaneously exploding. It brings back fond memories of the Blast-End-Skrewts (well fond for him if not for anyone else). Also lets be real, if a magical creature doesn’t possess the ability to seriously harm and/or kill him, it is not one Hagrid is that interested in.

Sybil would probably be very interested in seeing the Harry Potter-verse dragons. Her husband however, would really rather not.

Campaign to stop associating jack as obsessed with hockey since birth and making it seem like his parents trained him to be a hockey player? Give me childhood jack whose parents let him explore his interests and jack with a happy childhood whose hyper fixation on hockey came with anxiety in his teen years


The story of the Kubdel pocket watch