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Why is the popular characterization of Stanford Pines still this “cold, stuck up science jerk with ambiguous morals” sorta thing…have you seen him??? Sure he’s spent the last 30 years in dimensions with rules and social norms wildly different than ours, and sure he can be standoffish at times and get really carried away with his research, but other than that honestly he’s like… embarrassingly wholesome. Did y'all miss the “gotta do the right thing even when it seems impossible” speech? The part when he pulls out a picture of him and Stan as kids that he’s kept in his pocket for 30+ years? The time where he stops what he’s working on to play a goofy board game with his 12 year old nephew, complete with doing ridiculous hand gestures and poses when he talks about different characters? Or how about how he’s been wandering through dimensions with no home or resources with ppl hunting him down and he like…can’t stop overthrowing evil regimes and being friendly to random people and generally doing good? Its not that the angsty loser of science who gives weapons and mind control ties to children isn’t him, but sometimes i kinda wanna see more Stanford “chronic dogooder with a marshmallow center” Pines in fan work, y'know?

testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!

2011: what is air XD i love triangles david karp is daddy etc
2012: black and white pics of girls blowing smoke and effie from skins and the 1975
2013: bee movies i guess idk that was a hell year but i think that was when mishapocalypse happened yikess
2014: jelly sandals and holographic skirts and petra collins and feminist as fuck pastel graphics
2015: pics of matisse paintings and kankens and ppl tragically putting frida kahlo on t shirts and stuff and copic markers and doodles on grid moleskines
2016: mulder and scully and a weird obsession with having a gf and suggestion blogs
2017: so far it is more of that bog witch culture and lo fi pics and cursed images and being as ironic as. u can be


@ amethyst transfering your gf unhealthy obsessions onto youself isn’t gonna make things better

Because ‘Maximum capacity’ revealed Amethyst has a thing with guilt-trapping and ‘Sword to the Sword’ taught us Pearl thinks love=sacrifice to a rather extreme degree

(this is an AU where Amethyst is a warrior on YD side and Pearl is still Rose’s knight but she ain’t getting some so she goes fooling around with a kindergarden gem from the enemy’s side bc being a traitor is much easier than telling Rose how she feels apperantly.)

thank you pearlsnose for beta’ing me!

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Complete Kpop Master List!

It has been an incredible year! Today my blog turns exactly 1 year old. Through out this year I have meet many wonderful people and made so many friends and memories with all. I want to thank all of my 6k followers for your patience and also thank you all for your support. Without any of you my blog wouldn’t be what it is today. To show my appreciation I have composed a link to all of my works, thank you for your time and I hope you all enjoy!!!


You’re more interested in a reading a book than them

His crush talks about her crush in front of him

His gf gets him matching couple merchandise

His gf is clumsy when she’s nervous

Someone look like they’re a bad influence but in is actually really shy

He finds his friends sex toys

His crush teases him by using revealing clothes

His gf gets mad because he didn’t fall for her prank

His gf isn’t ready to loose her virginity even though she promised she was ready

His gf gets mad and she starts breaking everything her way

They fight another member for your attention

He thought his gf was seducing him but in reality she was just stretching

He has a crush on a pretty Youtuber

Another gives his gf flowers and candy

They give you a stuffed panda and you carry/drag/ cuddle it all our the house

You keep poking their face to get their attention/ distract them

He drunkenly confesses + the aftermath

His gf gets mad because he does a sexy stage performance with another idol

You keep on beating them in Just Dance

You want them to push you on the swings

They wake up you in their arms and they don’t know how you got there

You’re trying to write and essay but you keep on getting distracted


His best friend is dating another member

His innocent gf gets him sexually frustrated

They see you prom ready

Heated kisses with BTS (SMUT) (NSFW)

His crush can belly dance

His gf suggest a bed kink

You ask for a threesome with another member

His friend sits on his lap and they get turned on

They elbow your boob and you act all dramatic

They forget your birthday and they suggest making it up to you

You eat lindts chocolate very sensually

You work hard and make the states speech debate

His gf is obsessed with Pokemon Go

Pretty Please- Jin scenario

His s/o wants to take them back to her country so they can meet her family

His gf is a bad winner

They hear you sing for the first time

They walk in on you making out with another member

They finally meet their favorite Youtuber


He catches his gf reading smut

Big Bang and their ideal types

His gf is the leader of one of the biggest kpop groups

His gf playfully makes jokes about him

His gf is short, thin, and awkward

They like a girl who’s thick

His gf is short

When he enlist in the military and when he comes back

His gf is an idol and she has to do a duet while wearing something revealing

It’s your first time and you’re scare

Your cooking isn’t the best

You’re rumored to be dating another member

Favorite position to take you in (SMUT GIFS, NSFW)

They get a boner while cuddling you

They ask his gf to be on We Got Married

His gf surprises them with mid-make out with oral

They find out his crush is polyamory

They catch his gf masturbating

His gf’s nephew tells him that they should have a baby so he has someone to play with


The Markson couple

His crush confesses

His gf is short

His gf auditions for an idol company and makes it

His gf has to go back to her country because she was only there for school



His gf is rumored to be dating another member

They like you and they find out you have a 3 year old

You give them head after work without any questions or doubts

I can entertain you- Jackson Wang Smut


SVT Joshua fluffy scenario

His gf is a marine biologist

His gf has really curly hair (Performance Unit)

His gf is taller than him (Vocal Unit)

His gf has really curly hair (Hip Hop Unit)

The girl he likes is nothing but sass (Hip Hop Unit)

His gf sings in the shower (Vocal Unit)

His gf has a sailor’s mouth/ frequently curses (Hip Hop Unit)

His friend gets stuck in a hotel cabinet (Hip Hop Unit)

Love at first sight at a fan meeting (Vocal Unit)

You have a sailor’s mouth/ frequently curse (Vocal Unit)

Favorite position to take you in (Hip Hop Unit) (NSFW) (SMUT GIFS)

“Accident” Jeonghan smut

You want to play video games, watch movies, and go to a haunted house (Hip Hop Unit)

You fangirl over NCT (Vocal Unit)

They see you prom ready

You fall asleep on them and wake up the next day being shy (Vocal Unit)

His gf is a foreigner and she wants to take them back to their country so they can meet her family

His s/o is a ballerina and a kickboxer (Hip Hop Unit)


You’re clingy when you don’t feel well

Janitors closet - Chunji smut


EXO and their ideal types

You ignore them because of your new kitten

His gf is a prankster

His gf wants to go sky diving/ bungee jumping

His crush gets a girlfriend

His gf gets casted for a Hollywood film

You’re stronger than you look

His gf wraps him up like a burrito

His crush caught him looking at her

He gets jealous because you feed another member

His gf makes a fort and he can’t go inside until he pays a toll

They meet you at a fansign and they’re interested in you

They confess to you in the rain

They get jealous because you dance with another member

His gf had a rough day and won’t say much

They fight another member for your attention

They get you a stuffed panda and you carry/cuddle drag it around

You beat them in Just Dance

His gf always knows where his lost things are

They come home and find a puppy in the living room

His gf’s debut video hits one million in the first week

How EXO would take you (SMUT GIFS, NSFW)

They get his gf pregnant and his gf is freaking out about how her parents will react

Another member is checking out his gf

His gf ties him up to the bed during sex

His gf is short

My Boyfriend EXO

My boyfriend Xiumin

My boyfriend Kris

My boyfriend Suho

My boyfriend Lay

My boyfriend Baekhyun

My boyfriend Chen

My boyfriend Chanyeol

My boyfriend D.O

My boyfriend Kai

My boyfriend Sehun

My Boyfriend BTS

My Boyfriend Rap Monster

My Boyfriend Suga

My Boyfriend Jin

My Boyfriend J-Hope

My Boyfriend Jimin

My Boyfriend V

My Boyfriend Jungkook

My Boyfriend Big Bang

My Boyfriend G-Dragon

My Boyfriend Taeyang

My Boyfriend Daesung

My Boyfriend T.O.P

My Boyfriend Seungri

My Boyfriend Seventeen

My Boyfriend S.Coups

My Boyfriend Jeonghan

My Boyfriend Joshua

My Boyfriend Jun

My Boyfriend Hoshi

My Boyfriend Wonwoo

My Boyfriend Woozi

My Boyfriend DK

My Boyfriend Mingyu

My Boyfriend The8

My Boyfriend Seungkwan

My Boyfriend Vernon

My Boyfriend Dino

My Boyfriend GOT7

My Boyfriend JB

My Boyfriend Mark

My Boyfriend Jackson

My boyfriend Jr

My Boyfriend Youngjae

My Boyfriend Bambam

My Boyfriend Yugyeom

My Boyfriend Monsta X

My Boyfriend Shownu

My Boyfriend Jooheon

My Boyfriend Wonho

My Boyfriend Minhyuk

My Boyfriend I.M.

My Boyfriend Hyungwon

My Boyfriend Kihyun

My Boyfriend Dean

Birthday Gif Spams

J-Hope Birthday Gif Spam

Dino Birthday Gif Spam

Vernon Gif Spam

DK Birthday Gif Spam

Xiumin Birthday Gif Spam

Mingyu Birthday Gif Spam

Sehun Birthday Gif Spam

Jay Park Birthday Gif Spam

Daesung Birthday Gif Spam

Z.Tao Birthday Gif Spam

BamBam Birthday Gif Spam

Baekhyun Birthday Gif Spam

Taeyang Birthday Gif Spam

Suho Birthday Gif Spam

Jun Birthday Gif Spam

Hoshi Birthday Gif Spam

Xiumin Gif Spam


G-Dragon purple aesthetic mood board

J-Hope teal aesthetic mood board

Joshua Hong yellow aesthetic mood board

Win-win NCT 127 teal aesthetic mood board

Suga red aesthetic mood board

Jin pink aesthetic mood board

Vkook red aesthetic mood board

Wonwoo orange aesthetic mood board

Chanyeol blue aesthetic mood board


Jimin snaps- You tease him while at work

Rap Monster and Yoongi snaps on a regular basis

Chanyeol snaps after you two had a fight

J-Hope snaps when he’s on his way home

Suho snaps when he misses you and he’s on tour

T.O.P. snaps when he’s hot and bothered

Lay snaps when you’re on your period as he’s trying to make you feel better

Meanie snaps- Mingyu tries to make Wonwoo feel better while he’s away

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BTS Reactions: Their GF being obsessed with mermaids.(Rapper Line)

Namjoon: Namjoon would find it funny and cute but he would find it embarrassing at times. If you guys go anywhere, you would wear a shirt from The Little Mermaid or sing anything from your favorite mermaid show and he would be embarrassed.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would straight up think you’re a weirdo. He would judge you silently and out loud. He would probably be embarrassed to even be near you. He would also probably tease you about it since he never shows his emotions that much. If you guys go out in public and you’re wearing mermaid merch, he would keep his distance as much as he can.

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Hoseok: Hoseok would find it super adorable. Even though he wouldn’t be into mermaids like you, he would do anything just to keep you happy. He would buy you mermaid merch and movies. He would fangirl with you every time you watch The Little Mermaid or any mermaid move/show.

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Every time I make a shitpost that goes fandom-viral, I always end up getting a bunch of new followers. (*waves* hi new friends!)

But sometimes I wonder what people expect out of this blog when they follow. I certainly hope it’s not a steady diet of memes or a swath of content related to one specific fandom, because over the months this blog has steadily become a messy fandom buffet.

I blame my friends for getting me into SvtFoE and SJ, and Adult Swim for finally airing more Rick and Morty. 👍🏻

Don’t get me wrong, my main obsession is still defo GF and that’s the bulk of what I post, but… geeze this blog is a mess. My tagging system is a mess. I’M a mess. Someone pull me out of the abyss xD