- Watched Strange Magic but missed the first 30 min
Reaction: pretty good, I should watch those first 30 minutes
- Watched all of Strange Magic.
Reaction: that kinda made it lame, but I really like that Bog King
- Watched Strange Magic two dozen more times
Reaction: I f*cking love this movie! I’ve got a straaaange magic… ooooh aaa straaaange magic 🎶 must buy the movie, soundtrack, and make a million screenshots!
… I feel so protective because it has such a small Fandom though it should be so much more

I seriously have no chill when it comes to liking something. When I like a song, I listen to it like 100 times on repeat. When I like a tv show, i spent the whole day watching it. When i like a person (mostly someone who doesn’t even know i exist), i search the whole internet for them, make them my lock screen and home screen background and declare that they are the most perfect person on earth.
There’s just all or nothing for me.