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OMG! Someone who's Halloween addicted just like me! I'm staying here! XXX from Siberia with Love

Halloween dance party on my blog. Yes

P.s. I LOVE hearing from followers across the world, eromidnight!


Spirit Halloween,

The Skeleton-Files.

Hello, Ghoulies!

I am soo freakin excited as Halloween season seems to be inching it’s way closer and closer! Who else is excited?! Spirit Halloween shops are popping up and Halloween decor is slowly but surely making it’s way into stores. I bought a few items and filmed a little, as well, of everything in the stores so far! I came home and told my boyfriend that I can’t stop buying all the Halloween stuff! If you know me in rl, you’ll know that it’s an obsession for real!

If anyone wants to see a little Halloween Haul of everything I’ve gotten so far, let me know in my ask box, I would love to film that for you guys! If you have any questions for me, Halloween/not Halloween related, I will be more than happy to answer those in a video for you too!

Let’s get spooky dudes!

Crying, bawling, convulsing, throwing up profusely.

Just finished going through my Spirit Halloween store which opened up yesterday. There were little to no customers, maybe about 3-4 other groups and I outlasted them all. All the associates were like okay, weirdo, you’ve made 5 rounds throughout the store, you’ve seen everything!

I just can’t help it, I’m so in love with Halloween!

Took a bubble bath and was consumed by bubbles BEYOND BELIEF!!!! 😱😱😱 I’ve never seen this much bubble height in my life!!! It’s just like in the cartoons! So cool. You don’t understand how excited I am right now. My whole life, bubbles have never lived up to my dreams. Until. Today. Bubble close ups on snapchat: blogilates #obsessed

This year, I am way more excited about getting into the SFX scene. I have decided that this is the direction I want to go, career-wise. It’s art, creativity, make-up, and spookiness all rolled into one awesome package; it just makes complete sense!

  • person:why are you so obsessed with bands?
  • me:*whispers* no I'm not
  • *Kellin, Andy, Ronnie and Vic open the closed wardrobe door*
  • * I close the door again and hope noone has seen something*
  • person:*stares*
  • me:*smiles*