observing the sounds of the world

Manifesting results in this life is a matter of our personal efforts and the complex circumstances of the world. 

We can put in perfect effort and still fail. We can put in little to no effort and still succeed. It isn’t perfect; it is simply the way of things. Usually it’s a mix of the two.

We have the right to put in our efforts to achieve anything we wish. But we do not have any right to certain results. This is just the way of things. Observe it and you will find it to be true. 

This is why “detachment” or “non-attachment” is taught. We should be detached from the results, non-forming of expectations. 

However, we should be very passionate and involved with our efforts. That is where our mental and emotional energies are best invested. Anything else is just the sound and the fury signifying nothing. 

In this way, we can live and work in this world while still maintaining our inner tranquility. Our passion and peace do not hinge on outcomes. 


Speculation on: The Diamond Corruption Blast

Ever since the airing of “Monster Reunion”, the Blast we see at the end of Centipeetle’s story has piqued my interest. It has all but been confirmed as the source of Gem Corruption, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it.

I’ve been mulling around a few theories myself. All of a sudden, while assisting at my grandparent’s garage sale, it hit me. I was a meteorologist. Why didn’t I see it sooner?

It’s like lightning and thunder.

Let’s take a step back and look at what we know.

Centipeetle describes - er, draws - a flash of light coming from the sky. This correlates with what we observed in “Same Old World”:

However, as Centipeetle continues on with the story, Steven says: “ You stopped. You heard something. From the sky, a sound. A song? And then…”

This is where the theory gets interesting.

For those of you who don’t know, light travels faster than sound. This is why, in thunderstorms, you will typically see the lightning and a few seconds later hear thunder. These two are corresponding events. The thunder you’re actually hearing is the air rapidly expanding - creating a sonic boom - caused by the lightning.

Do you see where I am going with this?

The Diamond Corruption Blast began with a flash of light - this flash of light would have stopped any commotion on the ground - fighting, running, etc. - and have the gems’ attention turned toward the sky. Seconds later, the sound hits. And it’s the sound that causes the corruption, not the light. And you might ask, why is that?

Everything that exists has a frequency. Matching that natural frequency can have a variety of effects, but the most common example is shattering. Think of an opera singer at their highest tune… then an audience member’s glasses crack and shatter.

Gems, however, are described as “beings of light manifested by their gem”. While they do have physical forms, they don’t abide by the typical laws of physics - being able to regenerate, adjust to gravity, shapeshift, etc.. That being said, if the Blast’s sound was able to match the natural frequency of the gems, would these “beings of light” shatter? But they don’t actually have bodies. All they have is a gem, or central intelligence system – so their intelligence system gets shattered instead. What’s getting shattered is, essentially, their minds.

As per what Garnet said in “Monster Reunion”: “ It’s sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.”

And, if its a sound that causes the corruption, another sound - or song - may be able to reverse it……


This theory can be proven further.

In “The Return”, Greg tells Steven a bit about the Gem War and states:   “In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends. If it weren’t for her shield, man, I don’t know.” At first, we didn’t know what that meant. Now, we seem to have the clear idea that Rose was able to have Garnet and Pearl stand behind her and her shield to protect them from corruption.

If it were the light that corrupted the gems, it wouldn’t make sense that Rose and Co. were protected because the shield is translucent.

HOWEVER, if it were the sound that caused the corruption, Rose’s shield would have dissipated the vibrations. This can be seen in “Ocean Gem” when Steven reflects the Water Crystal Gem’s attacks:

The best comparison would be when Thor smashed his hammer against Cap’s shield.

Every year has been hard, but this year has been the hardest. I have gotten worse. Reality has become nothing but a question to me. I have come to the point where everything in sight has been in observation. I study the leaves and how they move with the wind. I study the passing cars going to their destination.  I study the sound the crickets make and think about how they have a completely different life than us humans. I study everything and wonder if anything studies me. Times like these I feel odd. I feel distant. Everything is a blur. I feel the world all around me. I am nearly a tiny person in this vast universe. I look up at the stars and wonder what life is out there. I wonder if life is even at all. Everything is confusing. I do not understand anything.
—  I took a walk and wrote as I observed life around me

The sounds fill the air
But, it’s different…
Different to what I know

A quiet calm and chaos blending together
Not a tale of contradictions
But, a world far from home

The calls at night
For the hunter and the prey
And the silent observer…me

I am lost here
And yet, I have found myself
This is a home away from home

One I shall carry with me for the rest of my numbered days


Author: mermaidinplaid
Warnings: some smuttiness
Pairing: Bucky x reader

A/N: So I did a thing for my wife @plumfondler cause she has been having a difficult time latetly. She is my proofreader, though, and since this is FOR her, I couldn’t let her proofread it lol. Soooo…sorry if it sucks or has mistakes.

As soon as Bucky stepped into your shared apartment, he knew something was wrong. He could hear you sniffling across the living room and looked over to see you on the couch in front of the TV. An ASPCA commercial had just ended and the news came back to life, a reporter observing somewhere else in the world.

He sighed and put his things down by the door, discarding his shoes before walking towards you. You didn’t even notice he had come home until he was sitting with you, arms wrapped tightly around your body.

“What’s the matter, baby?” his voice was soothing and always sounded like heaven to you

You buried your face in his chest and inhaled deeply. It didn’t make sense to anyone but you, but Bucky Barnes smelled like sunshine and rain and home; he smelled like all of your favorite things mixed with the telltale musky scent of man. It calmed your nerves instantly and you sat back to look at him, a stray tear still on your face.

“I’m sorry.” Bucky shook his head and wiped your face with his thumbs as you spoke “It’s just been really stressful at work lately, there is nothing but fear and pain all over the news, and then that stupid commercial.”

Bucky laughed quietly “It’s okay, doll. You’re allowed to fall apart sometimes.”

You shook your head and sniffed “I just wonder when the world turned to shit. What happened to the good ole days? When I was a kid, you never worried about being outside after dark, there were no cell phones to waste your days on, everyone knew everyone and we all got along. Now the world is just a big pile of technological shit.”

Bucky laughed again pulling you closer “Now, honey, I know you don’t really think the whole world is shit. There’s chocolate, puppies and kittens, penguins!”

It was your turn to laugh; Bucky had a soft spot for animals.

“Oh and that guy you really like who always plays the gay kid or the asshole…what’s his name? Stan something?”

“You mean Sebastian Stan?” you mumbled into his chest

Bucky snapped his fingers “That’s it! The world can’t be that awful if he’s a part of it right? Plus the animals and chocolate.”

You lifted your head too look at him “You kinda look like him, ya know.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow “Oh…so is that the only reason you’re with me?”

You pulled away and scoffed, smacking him playfully. Bucky chuckled and moved to get off the couch.

“I’ll be right back. You gonna be okay?”

You nodded and watched him walk away, admiring the way he jeans hugged his thighs. What a sight that man was.

You shook your head and grabbed the TV remote to find something else to watch. You had just settled on Golden Girls when Bucky was back and pulling you to your feet.

You followed him to the bedroom, fully expecting to have your clothing ripped off and your body worshipped. He kept maneuvering  you, however, and you were soon looking at a full bathtub, complete with bubbles and candles lit around the edges.

“Bucky.”  you turned and smiled at him, wrapping your arms around his neck

His kissed your cheek and stepped out of your grasp “I just thought you needed some time to relax.”

He lifted your arms above your head to remove your shirt, laying soft kisses across your collarbone. Your hands instinctively went to his hair, trying to hold him to you, but he was already gone and starting to slide your shorts down your legs.

You sighed and figured he was in charge for the moment, so you let him continue to remove clothing until you had nothing left. Bucky took a moment to appreciate your naked body before helping you step into the steaming water. Once you were comfortable, he began removing his own clothing.

This was something you very much appreciated. You didn’t typically consider men beautiful, but Bucky was an exception. The only exception. His sculpted body always making your mouth run dry. The way his piercing blue eyes shined brighter when he looked at you. He was the epitome of perfection and he was all yours.

You bit your lip and whimpered quietly once he finished, thinking of several other ways you could be relaxing right now. He raised an eyebrow at you and shook his head, almost as if he knew what you were thinking. He then climbed into the tub and settled himself behind you.

His hands slowly slid up and down your back before settling on your shoulders, his fingers massaging out all the knots and tension that you hadn’t noticed until now.

“Oh god., you moaned and leaned your head slightly forward to give him more access to your neck

“You need to stop getting so stressed, honey. It’s not good for you.” he was leaning into you, kissing up and down your neck

“I know, I know.”

You slid your hand up the grip the back of his neck, keeping his lips against you. A moan escaped your lips and Bucky pulled away.

“I think I know another well to help you relax.”

You were barely listening to him speak. Instead, you were focused on the fact that his left hand was now dancing slowly across your thigh, pulling gently so you would spread your legs. Your heart started racing and your breath hitched when his right arm splayed across your chest, holding you against him.

“Bucky…” your voice was just above a whisper

“Yes, doll?”

You didn’t have the chance to respond before his tongue was sliding across the sensitive spot behind your ear. A shudder washed over your body and you whimpered quietly.

Bucky’s chest vibrated behind you as he chuckled. You were about to tell him to stop fucking around and get to it when his metal digits met the sensitive spot between you legs. You body jerked slightly as he applied more pressure and started rubbing in small circles.

You bit your lip and looked down; the sight of his hand between your legs sending a new wave of moisture from your core that you knew he would have felt had you not been in the tub.

Suddenly gentle vibrations started pouring from his fingertips. You cried out and slid down, pushing yourself into his fingers. Bucky smiled into your skin as he sucked light purple marks across your shoulder.

He chose that moment to sink his teeth into your flesh, causing a fire to erupt in your belly.

“Fuck, Bucky.” you were breathless and couldn’t even fathom forming a coherent sentence

Bucky continued his assault on your neck as he moved his fingers from your clit to your heated opening. Slipping two fingers inside, he immediately found the spot he was looking for and went to work. You had no control over the noises escaping you as his fingers continued to vibrate inside of you, the fire in your belly reaching new levels.

“Don’t stop. Please. I’m so close.”

Bucky tightened his hold on your chest and pressed his finger into your g-spot, the vibrations coming from his fingers now much stronger than before. Unable to hold back any longer, you screamed out his name as your walls clenched around his fingers. Your whole body shook against him as you writhed in pleasure, digging your fingernails into his legs, which you hadn’t  realized you were holding on to.

His grip on you finally loosened as your body started to calm down. He slowly slid his fingers from you but didn’t miss the chance to swipe them over your throbbing clit one more time. You gasped and grabbed him hand tightly. Bringing it out of the water, you kissed his fingertips before slowly turning to face him

“Do you feel better?” Bucky’s voice was raspy and full of want, his pupils taking over his iris

“I do.” you leaned forward to kiss him deeply “I think it’s your turn now.”

You climbed into his lao and wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands immediately gripped your hips tightly and pulled them into his own, his already hard cock brushing against your folds.

“oh, if you insist, sweetheart.”

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I want you to form a mental image in your mind and focus. You are at the World’s Fair Exhibition in the year 1961. All the newest inventions and fun games for you to observe and partake. The intoxication of greasy hamburgers and sweet scent of vanilla ice cream overwhelm your nostrils, causing you to salivate in the mouth. The sights and sounds of the crowds excited to see what is new and revolutionary here at the World’s Fair. However, from out of the corner of your eye, you spot a huge wooden door and above it words that say The Great Escape. Intrigued by the name of the place, you approach the door. As you approach the door, the door opens and man in professional business attire comes out and greets you. He explains that The Great Escape is a funhouse that incorporates new technologies of the World’s Fair and can make any person who enters The Great Escape their dreams come true. The gentleman asks you what is your greatest wish, your greatest fantasy. In your mind, tell yourself what is your greatest wish. 

Excited to the prospect of having your greatest wishes come true, you proceed to enter the fun house. Upon entering the funhouse you come across two doors. The first door has a note and you approach to read that note. It says that “those who enter this door, return to their normal state.” Confused by what the note says, you go to door #2 and on that door has a note stating “those who enter this door, shall be blessed with treasures beyond their wildest dreams.” Thinking to yourself “That is what I’m talking about,” and you enter Door #2. After proceeding through door #2 you find yourself in a long funky labyrinth with doors and smooth walls. You know that somewhere in the middle or on the other side of the labyrinth your greatest dreams will become a reality. You proceed to go down the labyrinth. However, unaware of what has happened, a soft melodious music is being played in the background and with each step you take, with each step you make, your notice that long labyrinth hallway is getting WARMER AND WARMER. As you continue to proceed down the labyrinth, you decide to open one of the doors and as you enter through that door, the music only gets stronger and the warmth only getting warmer. Relaxes you further and further, but you knew you have your objective to reach the other side. 

The more doors you open, the more turns you take, the stronger the music plays, the hotter the labyrinth gets, relaxing your muscles as it spreads from the feet to the legs 

getting warmer and warmer

from the legs to the waist

warmer and warmer

from the waist to the stomach and chest

warmer and warmer

from the chest to the left and right arms and hands 

warmer and warmer

from the hands and arms back up and down the back

warmer and warmer

from the back and up the neck

warmer and warmer

from the neck to the face, where it concentrates on the ears, cheeks, nose, mouth, and eyes

warmer and warmer.

The warmth overwhelming your body, relaxing your body as you slowly but surely, but your mind determined to reach the other side. You continue to press on, despite the increasing warmth of the labyrinth and your body continually relaxing. Pressing onward and forward, but unbeknownst your mind is slowly changing as your mind is slowly drifting away the DEEPER you go. With the music still playing in the background, under that peaceful, harmonious song, lies hidden meanings, hidden words, as I count from 20 to 1, your mind will gradually, progressively melt until there is nothing but my words and only my words. Further you proceed into the labyrinth the further the countdown goes and with each even number your mind will melt further and be blank and with each odd number imagine the warmth be temporarily lifted. Each even number helping you to further be blank, melted, and relaxed while each odd number temporarily lifts the warmth. You shake your head in acknowledgment as the countdown begins and with each step you make 


Warmth overtaking your mind

Melting the mind, blank, and relaxed


the warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed


Warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed


The warmth passing along 

mind blank, melted but still relaxed


Warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed


The warmth passing along 

mind blank, melted but still relaxed


Warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed


The warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed


The warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed

The mind getting drowsier and drowsier


The warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed

The mind still getting drowsier


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed

No thoughts, just letting the warmth shutting down all rational thoughts


The warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed

Thoughts still fading and disappearing


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed

Comfortable and content

The Warmth passing along 

mind blank, melted but still relaxed 

Very comfortable and content


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed

Becoming very sleepy


The warmth passing along

mind blank, melted but still relaxed 

Very very sleepy


The warmth moves in and overtakes your mind

Melting the mind, blank and relaxed

Becoming very obedient


The warmth passes along 

mind blank, melted but still relaxed

Very very obedient

Still wanting that warmth but the warmth temporarily lifted

You are so very relaxed, so very warm, so very obedient, that try as you may, your body and mind does not want to return to where you came from. You went for one of the doors, but once you opened the door, a rush of warm air penetrates your body and mind and a voice beckoning you to return, to be one with your destiny. And even if you want to go back, you won’t remember how you got there because in your mind, you wanted this to happen. In your heart you craved for this to happen. In your soul you yearned for it to happen. As the words continue to eat away at your will, the numbers keep on spiraling down further and further as the voice beckons you to FOLLOW THE SPIRALS, building up and exerting more control over your mind and body. Proceeding from 


Deeper and Deeper


Stronger and Stronger


Your will fading further and further away


Only listening to my words and only my words


Stonger and deeper, deeper and stronger


Completely willing and obedient to my words and only my words

Your mind so blank, so melted, so willing and obedient, smiling and ready. As the voice behind the music continues to guide you towards your final destination. Your eyes so glazed, so relaxed, the mind so calm and warm, the body so limp, so relaxed, your will, your thoughts, all under the voices control. As you enter the final room of the “funhouse”, the doors close behind you and without you being aware of what is happening around you, spirals appear all over the room with words and images flashing before your eyes and into your mind, wrapping itself within the subconscious mind and cerebral cortex. 









Your mind accepting these changes as it is natural and it is law and absolute. Your mind and body no longer yours. Only wanting to obey Noah and the Cock. For whenever you see him, whenever he talks with you, you will find yourself aroused and unable to maintain control of yourself as you want to worship his cock. When you see his cock, your mind and body will return to a state of deep sleep, ready and willing to obey and follow Noah’s commands. When the spiral ends on a count of 1 to 5, you slowly wake up, refreshed, alert, and hornier than you were before. For those who enter the funhouse will leave a new man. 


accepting in the subconscious mind


justified in the subconscious mind


forever law and absolute


stretching, getting aware of your surroundings



You wake up and you see the wall in front of you saying that “you won The Great Escape, enjoy and have a great day at the Worlds Fair.” You gather yourself and head out of the marked exit sign. You are greeted by the man introduced you to the funhouse. You thanked him and left on your merry way. Little did you know, the rewards you were given today far exceeded your greatest wishes.

signs as I've known them
  • Aries: rule breakers, adrenaline junkies, young at heart, insecure deep inside, very loving, carefree and laid back
  • Taurus: deeply passionate, complex emotions, very in touch with the physical world, really know how to fully live in and appreciate the moment, talented
  • Gemini: cheerful, magnetic, surprisingly observant despite air-headed facade, child-like energy, funny, inconsistent
  • Cancer: fiercely protective, opinionated, selfless, absolutely terrifying when angry, deep lovers, wise
  • Leo: competitive, compassionate, optimistic, intuitive, generous, determined, forward-facing
  • Virgo: sensitive, realistic, fluctuating self-confidence, intelligent but oblivious sometimes, bad liars, individualistic, meticulous
  • Libra: fantastic conversationalists, attentive, patient, unexpectedly hostile sometimes, charming, good memory
  • Scorpio: self-aware, cautious, initial good intentions but will not hold back if you betray them, contradictory, brooding, good sense of humor
  • Sagittarius: free-spirited, innocent at heart, optimistic but realistic, conceptual, honest, curious
  • Capricorn: instinctual, pessimistic, self-oriented but secretly really protective, strong, high stamina, appreciates a good laugh
  • Aquarius: more intelligent than you know, manipulative, appreciates irony, eclectic, methodical, independent, emotionally immature
  • Pisces: sees the best in everyone, wise, sentimental, sympathizes with the underdog, surprisingly funny, affectionate

anonymous asked:

I'm a devout Catholic. However I'm also Bisexual, I love science, especially evolution and biology. You constantly post about how science and God cant coexist. How Christians hate lgbt people. They aren't mutually exclusive. Science helps me understand how perfectly God created the world. I probably won't change your mind, but Catholics love science. We aren't intolerant. I hope your well.

I hope you are doing well as well. Catholics and the LGBT community aren’t mutually exclusive, you are right, but unfortunately the  most vocal portion of the Church has time and again shown its intolerance for non-heterosexual relationships.

However, god(s) and science are mutually exclusive, science uses facts, repeatable experiments and recordable observations to help us to understand this little blue ball we call home. Not to sound rude, but nowhere in the vast libraries of scientific facts and observations is there even a sliver of proof for the existence of gods. I have gone on about this before and likely will again in the near future.

“And His Lips Don’t Leave A Sound”: On Dean’s Voice Post Hell

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

This well known philosophical question regarding observation and knowledge of reality kind of popped up in my head when I was thinking about (I know, I know, what else is new) Dean post Hell. Don’t worry, this is not going to be long and will also not feature any in depth discussion of the metaphysical theories this quote sparked in the philosophical world. I really just borrow the quote from it (I’ll just talk about this very very loosely, so if you’d like a short recap on what this theory is about, read here). Though some of the aspects put forward in this philosophical discussion are extremely interesting to ponder - especially the question of disimilarity between sensation and reality, which is a huge thing about Hell as Dean talks about having been torn apart and magically put back together while for all we know Dean didn’t have a body to be hurt, but what was damaged and hurt and tortured was his psyche, his spirit or as Supernatural put it: his soul.

That said, to me the lead in quote is mostly interesting in relation to how Dean’s voice changed after he returned from Hell. Because this change in Dean’s voice - and I could very well imagine it was a conscious decision made by Jensen to have Dean’s sound darker (one day I’ll dare to ask that question at a panel, one day!!!) - feels to be such a fitting metaphor and connected to his emotional and overall psychological state of being after 40 years of Hell.

The very last scene of season 3 is Dean in Hell, strung up on hooks, all alone, scared out of his mind, bleeding and hurting and screaming for his brother. And in fact it was made a point that the very last thing the audience would take with it for the hiatus is a black screen while one can still hear Dean scream “Sam!”. It was one of the most horrifying and gruesome scenes of Supernatural and in relation to the quote above captures heartbreakingly that none of those screams were heard, because - if we work very loosely with the thought experiment of the tree and the sound - there was no one around who truly cared about Dean who would hear him scream. This unanswered cry for help to me is one of the toughest things about this scene.

Of course what Dean endured in Hell, what he experienced, what he himself did, all of it left marks and scars on Dean, he returned from Hell a changed man, a broken man - and that even is emphasized within the narrative again with the whole talk about Dean “breaking in Hell”. And this aspect Dean returning as a broken man imo was beautifully highlighted by the change in Dean’s voice, because even if no one may have been around to hear Dean’s screams, his vocal chords remembered them as his voice sounds a lot darker, mroe hoarse and really just broken after Hell.

In this regard the very first scene of season 4 will also always send shivers down my spine, because man, there was thought put into this set up. Because after the horror and flashing of blood and gore and close ups of Dean’s eyes (which at one point actualy are pitch black and showing how close Dean may have come to becoming a demon back then) in total darkness (iin perfect connection to how S3 ended with a black screen and Dean’s scream for Sam) we hear Dean cough and then scream “Help!” but there is barely a sound coming from his lips. As we can hear in this moment, Dean may be put back into his body with vocal chords that hadn’t been used in a while, but that still sounded exactly like those of someone who screamed out in pain, fear and agony for decades. We hear a broken voice.

And maybe I am once more thinking about this way too deeply, but I truly find Jensen’s decision to have Dean come back from Hell with a darker and much more hoarse sounding voice absolutely genious, painful and yet amazing. Because how could Dean not come out of Hell a changed man? The trauma from that experience lives with him to this day as he never truly had the chance to heal. And well, the fact that Dean’s voice was barely audible in the first scenes of season 4 makes me think of how it is not uncommon for people to stop talking or “losing their voice” (something also thoroughly unique and as much connected to one’s identity as a name) after they have been traumatized. I very much see that being the case with Dean here too - though not long term, but since the show needed Dean to speak within the show obviously just briefly, but have him since then speak in a different and lower voice.

Plus: We know from Dean himself that he experienced just that - not wanting to talk / losing his voice - before. After all in 1x03 “Dead in the Water” where Dean bonds with Lucas, because essentally he sees himself in him (nice reverse parallels there: Lucas losing his father to the element of water and Dean having lost his mom to the element of fire) and gets the kid to open up when he tells him 

“You’re scared. It’s okay. I understand. See, when I was your age, I saw something real bad happen to my mom, and I was scared, too. I didn’t feel like talking, just like you. But see, my mom—I know she wanted me to be brave. I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave. And maybe, your dad wants you to be brave too.”

Kuan Yin is the goddess of love and compassion. In Buddhism, Kuan Yin (also spelled Guan Yin, Kwan Yin) The name Kuan Yin is short for Kuan Shih Yin (Guan Shi Yin) which means “Observing the Sounds of the World”. In Japanese, Kuan Yin is called Kannon or more formally Kanzeon; the spelling Kwannon, resulting from an obsolete system of romanization, is sometimes seen. In Korean, she is called Kwan-um or Kwan-se-um. In Vietnamese, she is called Quan Âm or Quan Thế Âm Bồ Tát. This Spiritual teacher is very active to help us understand love and the necessity for compassion. Not only for others but for ourselves. This gentle teacher, if asked, will help us to forgive and rise above or teach us to give no energy to that which we cannot forgive until such time that we can forgive fully.

anonymous asked:

That you are very straightforward. It seems like you couldn't care less of what people think. If people don't like it, they can leave. You don't share affection unless someone's very close to you. Your family and friends mean the world to you. Wow, I sound fucking creepy 😬 I just check your blog in the mornings first before I go to any other ones. I like that there's no bullshit here.

Don’t worry, not creepy sounding just observant and pretty spot on tbh

s2 trailer observations

I’m taking a moment to be calm for a moment and write down some of my observations and thoughts of the season two trailer that has pretty much destroyed us all [link]

  1. “Keith, if I don’t make it, I want you to lead Voltron” sounds super ominous but Shiro sounds injured so maybe this is right after the season finale. also it seems like they might have crashed together…(Shiro probably lives)
  2. Lance and Hunk landed on a water world, maybe?? assuming either 1 or 2 are right after the finale
  3. Pidge is all alone?? omg protect the Pidge
  4. Keith looks all determined like he’s going to save Shiro’s life or something (bc seriously, why would you want this boy leading srry)
  5. is that?? another balmera?? except for the huge ass mountain ridge/spine it looks kinda similar to earth bc there’s a lot of water and green land
  6. more underwater lance and hunk + a galra base. maybe not after the finale after all *sigh*
  7. vortex black whole thingy is sucking red in. why. also wtf is going on with green it looks like its bond by magic rope
  8. is that a world eating space worm thing-y. looks like that one big flying thing from the first avengers, just blue and not covered in armor
  9. wormholes, wormholes to everywhere
  10. is Shiro standing in the castle control room? that is definitely shiro and there are blue screens that look altean. he looks so thoughtful
  11. piss off zarkon. and you too haggar
  12. yikes
  13. that shot of the galra sentries actually looks pretty cool just saying
  14. angsty looking shiro. pls let the spacedad rest. BUT NOT IN PEACE DAMMIT
  15. hello thrace. I happened to notice you showed up in Taking Flight too
  16. there are so many pretty planets and places and aahhhh
  17. action montage, pretty cool (go lance, go castle)
  19. like, the exact galra (are they galra??) that shows up a frame later with their blade doing cool stuff
  20. hunk, lance, pidge, keith look great. how…ominous that there’s no shiro…(he still probably doesn’t die…I hope)

・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。 ・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚  aries is the explosion of stardust
taurus is the seed as we are implemented in the uterus
gemini is the first voice we heard, the sound of our mother
cancer is the arms that welcomed us into the world, the midwife
leo was the first time we giggled
virgo was the first observation we made
libra was when we fell in love
scorpio is the presence that helped us cross over, the spirit midwife
sagittarius was the wings that took the soul to the sky
capricorn took us to God
aquarius took us to to angels
pisces welcomed us into heaven ・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。 ・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚ 

Helix normally enters a world silently and instantly, rarely observed. Most of the time, she is simply there, filling a space that was empty before.

This time, she is in distress. The portal forms above a street, crackling and humming, like the sound of whales, reaching tendrils out to anchor itself between a water cistern and and a local radio tower, flickering with the many colors of magic.

She pushes through, partially entangled in a sturdy brass net, metal thorns digging into her skin. Behind her, holding the net for dear life and thoroughly surprised, the first Dao genie to ever see Gotham City is accidentally yanked from the Elemental Plane of Earth into one of the many forms of the Prime Material Plane. Completely unable to fly, he falls like a stone, and takes the entangled witch with him.

cyssegr  asked:

hiiii :). So, an Aesthetic to Sophie Trevelyan - I loved the quote you gave to her on the other week, thank you. She is a mage with grey hair and storm abilities. She's a bit moody and because of that, Varric calls her Stormy. She's open-minded and has a free-spirit, trying things that other people think are impossible or impractical. She loves life with passion, like a dreamer, humming songs, observing and collecting data about the world in order to know both herself and the world around her.

im so glad the quote fits! its lovely to have her back :)

the dreamworld aesthetic sounds perfect for her tbh!

tell me about your oc & get an aesthetic or an interesting word!

Review: The Raven and the Reindeer, by T. Kingfisher

If you have asked me for recommendations at any time in the past couple years, you’ve heard me rave about Ursula Vernon (who writes under T. Kingfisher when writing not-intended-for-children stuff). I generally recommend her books by saying, “Read this now,” which–shockingly–some people find lacking in detail. I will try to be a bit more specific in my current review.

The Raven and the Reindeer is a retelling and revision of The Snow Queen. This retelling includes an interracial lesbian romance, a raven named the Sound of Mouse Bones Crunching Under the Hooves of God, and giant snow otters. The book balances humor with observations about human nature, stories, life, and belonging that cut you to the heart. Take this passage, for example…

Gerta would have said that Kay was her best and truest friend, that they could tell each other anything and they would take on the world together.

Kay would have said Gerta was the neighbor girl. “She’s all right, I guess.”

In fact, he did say this, on a number of occasions.

There are not many stories about this sort of thing. There ought to be more. Perhaps if there were, the Gertas of the world would learn to recognize it.

That line was the first place where I made a kind of incoherent keening sound while reading this book. It was not the last.

Ursula Vernon has a gift for reworking fairy tales. In her novellas and short stories, she adds a dash of practicality here, a smattering of botany and zoology there, and shines a spotlight on some unspoken assumptions over there in the corner that nobody noticed. Her stories, like her protagonists, have heart. The Raven and the Reindeer is my favorite of her fairy tale retellings for now, at least until the next one comes along.

amorthonblackwood  asked:

Earthroot: What is your character's preferred environment outside of a town or city? Open plains, a forest, or something else? Is it hot, cold, or warm there?

Aki doesn’t generally hate any place or environment, so long as it’s neither Silvermoon nor Orgrimmar. While he does have his favourite, Aki believes every area of nature has its own special charms and he has always been one to appreciate them.

As far as temperature goes, Aki doesn’t have a preference there. So long as things look pretty and remain fairly dry he’s happy.

Three of Aki’s favourite environments are a forest, a beach, or somewhere covered in layers upon layers of snow.

Aki is able to sit for hours when it comes to a forest, doing nothing other than simply sitting there on an old tree root or even in a tree observing the world around him. Listening to the sound of birds passing by, the faint rustle of leaves, the fresh scent lingering in the early mornings or after a light sprinkle of rain are only some of the qualities Aki has come to appreciate. He also enjoys seeing and studying the flourishing plant life.

A beach is one of the few places many people assume they will never catch Aki hanging around given his fear of water. Little do they know the monk spent most of his days sitting along the coastline before traveling out to the Broken Isles. Once again though, it is the sound and smell which draws Aki to beaches and as long as the water doesn’t touch him he’s perfectly fine to be around it. Aki even enjoys watching the waves roll over one another and finds the sound of it all soothing in a way. There are also a few other reasons as to why he enjoys them, but he has yet to disclose that to anyone yet.

Last but not least, for how chilled Aki’s body is on any given day, any place where he’s capable of rolling around freely in fresh snow will take the cake when it comes to being his favourite and preferred environment. Even if it’s highly likely he’ll find himself having to endure a few sniffles after the fact, it’s completely worth it in his books. Aki truly is just a child stuck in a grown man’s body after all!

Thanks for the ask @amorthonblackwood! And @cielyah-sunjoy because you sent me this one as well. :D

So this happened, if you may recall...

Inky: There are consequences for your actions. I don’t recommend getting the attention of Besmirch.

Observer: This “Besmirch” sounds like a strong fellow. I do plan on getting his attention…but maybe just to see how he reacts to a being of my sort.~

Inky: “Probably murder. The things you do represent all inks. We’ve been trying to improve our reputation since the fall of Gravestone. I don’t want to start a war with different kinds of ink. Right now things between us all are peaceful, and I’d like to keep it that way for all future inks waiting to be created who just want to experience life and the world. If you go out starting fights and destruction - none of us will stand behind you in that, a few will probably even fight against you.  We’ve been trying to get away from that. If you go after Bess, he’s been my ally in the past, I don’t plan to start anything with him now! We may be different compositions now, but we came from the same vat." 


Good morning everybody! Jared’s Snap chats have recently included a view overlooking L.A. either early in the morning or sometime in the evening.  For some reason those photos make me want to take those kind of walks. The ones where you don’t have to think and just observe. In fact those photos make me want to take risks no matter how bad the cost. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s so true.

But at the same time that is how I know that I belong in this crazy family I call the echelon. They give me the opportunity to be my full creative self.

Hope you guys have a great day! See you at the Vyrt at 12 PST

On another side note, I successfully made some vegan waffles this morning! See I’m making it in the world hahaha

・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。 ・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚  aries is the explosion of stardust
taurus is the seed as we are implemented in the uterus
gemini is the first voice we heard, the sound of our mother
cancer is the arms that welcomed us into the world, the midwife
leo was the first time we giggled
virgo was the first observation we made
libra was when we fell in love
scorpio is the presence that helped us cross over, the spirit midwife
sagittarius was the wings that took the soul to the sky
capricorn took us to God
aquarius took us to to angels
pisces welcomed us into heaven ・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚☆ ゚・。。 ・ ゚☆ ゚・。。・ ゚