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Happy National Techies Day!

October 3 is National Techies Day…and here at NASA we have quite a few people who get REALLY excited about technology. Without techies and the technology they develop, we wouldn’t be able to do the amazing things we do at NASA, or on Earth and in space.

Our Techies

We love our techies! The passionate engineers, researchers and scientists who work on our technology efforts enable us to make a difference in the world around us. They are responsible for developing the pioneering, new technologies and capabilities needed to achieve our current and future missions.

Research and technology development take place within our centers, in academia and industry, and leverage partnerships with other government agencies and international partners. We work to engage and inspire thousands of technologists and innovators creating a community of our best and brightest working on the nation’s toughest challenges.

Technology Drives Exploration

Our investments in technology development enable and advance space exploration. We are continually seeking to improve our ability to access and travel through space, land more mass in more locations, enable humans to live and explore in space and accelerate the pace of discovery.

Techie Technology

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

When traveling to other planetary bodies, each and every pound of cargo matters. If we can reduce the weight by building tools once we arrive, that’s less weight we need to launch from Earth and carry through space.

Additive manufacturing is a way of printing three-dimensional (3-D) components from a digital model. If you think of a common office printer, it uses a 2-D file to print images and text on a sheet of paper. A 3-D printer uses a 3D file to deposit thin layers of material on top of each other, creating a 3-D product.

Thanks to techies, we’re already using this technology on the International Space Station to print wrenches and other tools. Our Additive Construction for Mobile Emplacement (ACME) project is investigating ways to build structures on planetary surfaces using resources available at a given site.

Discover more about how our techies are working with advanced manufacturing HERE.

Technology Demonstrations

Our techies are always innovating and developing new cutting-edge ideas. We test these ideas in extreme environments both here on Earth and in space.  

Science missions in space require spacecraft propulsion systems that are high-performance, lightweight, compact and have a short development time. The Deep Space Engine project is looking to meet those needs. Our techies are currently testing a 100lbf (pound-force) thruster to see if this compact, lightweight, low-cost chemical propulsion system can operate at very low temperatures, which allows long duration storage capabilities.

Another technology in development is PUFFER, or the Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot…and it was inspired by origami! This robot’s lightweight design is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into places rovers can’t fit. PUFFER has been tested in a range of rugged terrains to explore areas that might be too risky for a full-fledged rover to go.

With our partners at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., we’ve also collaborated on the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM), which will flight test a “green” alternative to the toxic propellant, hydrazine, in 2018. GPIM is the nation’s premier spacecraft demonstration of a new high-performance power and propulsion system — a more environmentally friendly fuel. This technology promises improved performance for future satellites and other space missions by providing for longer mission durations, increased payload mass and simplified pre-launch spacecraft processing, including safer handling and transfer of propellants.  

Find out more about our technology demonstrations HERE.

Aircraft Technology

What if you could travel from London to New York in less than 3.5 hours? Our techies’ research into supersonic flight could make that a reality! 

Currently, supersonic flight creates a disruptive, loud BOOM, but our goal is to instead create a soft “thump” so that flying at supersonic speeds could be permitted over land in the United States.

We’re conducting a series of flight tests to validate tools and models that will be used for the development of future quiet supersonic aircraft.

Did you know that with the ability to observe the location of an aircraft’s sonic booms, pilots can better keep the loud percussive sounds from disturbing communities on the ground? This display allows research pilots the ability to physically see their sonic footprint on a map as the boom occurs.

Learn more about our aircraft technology HERE.

Technology Spinoffs 

Did you know that some of the technology used in the commercial world was originally developed for NASA? For example, when we were testing parachutes for our Orion spacecraft (which will carry humans into deep space), we needed to capture every millisecond in extreme detail. This would ensure engineers saw and could fix any issues. The problem was,there didn’t exist a camera in the world that could shoot at a high enough frame rate – and store it in the camera’s memory – all while adjusting instantly from complete darkness to full daylight and withstanding the space vacuum, space radiation and water immersion after landing.

Oh…and it had to be small, lightweight, and run on low power. Luckily, techies built exactly what we needed. All these improvements have now been incorporated into the camera which is being used in a variety of non-space industries…including car crash tests, where high resolution camera memory help engineers get the most out of testing to make the cars we drive safer.

Learn about more of our spinoff technologies HERE.

Join Our Techie Team

We’re always looking for passionate and innovative techies to join the NASA team. From student opportunities to open technology competitions, see below for a list of ways to get involved:

NASA Solve is a gateway for everyone to participate in our mission through challenges, prize competition, citizen science and more! Here are a few opportunities:

Vascular Tissue Challenge 

The Vascular Tissue Challenge, a NASA Centennial Challenges competition, offers a $500,000 prize to be divided among the first three teams that successfully create thick, metabolically-functional human vascularized organ tissue in a controlled laboratory environment. More information HERE.

For open job opportunities at NASA, visit: https://nasajobs.nasa.gov

For open internship opportunities at NASA, visit: https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/stu-intern-current-opps.html

Stay tuned in to the latest NASA techie news, by following  @NASA_Technology on Twitter, NASA Technology on Facebook and visiting nasa.gov/technology.

Happy National Techies Day!

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Taako: This is gonna sound phony, but we don’t know who we can trust. Look at us, we’re 3 grown men trusting a baby with secrets, we’re not professionals-

Angus: I’m not a baby! I’m f- eight-how old?- I’m te- Did I say how old I was last time?

Merle: Ten.

Angus: Ten it is.

Taako: A master of observation indeed.

skam messages

“I became insecure and desperate. Your opinion meant more to me than my own and that’s not how it should be. I have to find out what my opinion is. And I have to do it on my own.“

“But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life… I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on.”

“Everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

“You are strong and independent when you can change your opinions. No matter what gender changes you.”

“War doesn’t start with violence. It starts with misunderstandings and prejudice.”

“If you say you’re in favour of a world of peace, you have to try to understand why others think and act the way they do.”

“People experience horrible things everyday and still manage to be nice to others. Being an asshole is not something you’re born with, or something you become. It’s a choice.”

“Hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.”

“Whether you believe in Allah or Jesus or the theory of evolution or parallel universes, there’s only one thing we know for certain. That life is… now.”

“Do you know how many people I know who say they believe in Allah? But they still drink, steal and vandalize. What’s more important? Saying you believe in Allah or live like you believe in Allah?”

I love that skam can place important and meaningful messages within the show not just through actions and events but also in the dialogue without sounding cliché or slipping from the narrative voice. These are legitimate things that teenagers think about and say. Yes, they’re mature but it comes from reflection, observation, and learning about how the world works and who we are. It’s never dumbed down to the point that it sounds cheesy or discredits teenagers’ ability to genuinely think, and it’s not so elevated and structured that it sounds fake or forced. It’s raw and real and beautiful

Okay, guess I’ll make a serious post about this:

There’s a problem in audio drama/serial fiction podcasts with representation. (I don’t listen to nonfiction podcasts, so I cannot comment on those.) Obviously, a lot of kinds of media have representation problems, but popular audio dramas often get lauded for diversity, so. 

There’s a real disconnect between the kinds of people these stories are about and who gets to tell these stories. Podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale, The Adventure Zone, or The Strange Case of Starship Iris are highly praised for their well-written LGBT characters or characters of color. And yeah, they’re good! Their representation is sometimes even very meaningful and profound. I don’t want to dismiss that, especially all the great work that LGBT+ actors and actors of color have put into those kinds of shows. But they also tend to all have moments that bring me up short, make me go, “Oof, a straight white person definitely wrote this, didn’t they?” 

Even good and radical sentiments in these podcasts ring hollow when I remember that straight white writers are the ones gaining reputation and profit from the stories that aren’t theirs.

Creative control matters. There needs to be more diversity among podcast writers and directors. Representation in characters is great, but that isn’t a substitute for a genuinely critical point of view. Take Friends at the Table. It’s not perfect, but it really shines in a lot of ways. LGBT characters and relationships are consistently centered, which makes sense for a show where at least four of the contributors are gay or trans. The story is actively anti-colonialist–yeah, the GM is black. There have been lines that I’ve cried at because a person of color wrote them. Something very real and beautiful lives in the beats of stories made by and for people like me. 

So support creators of color. Support LGBT+ creators. For that matter, support disabled, non-Christian, poor, or any other kinds of marginalized creators, and especially support creators that are more than one of these things. Demand more from this medium that so many great things are made in. 

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the violet hour | jjk

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summary: in a world where a mark completes itself when you are introduced to the love of your life, jeon jungkook is convinced that he is fated to die alone. here’s a hint, though - he’s wrong. (soulmate au)

• word count: 6.31k

• warnings: swearing; alcohol

→ note: kind of a college au; side vmin. also, i just wrote this already have drabble ideas for this, goodness… hope you enjoy!!

[eight weeks before]

Jeon Jungkook is his own soulmate. Not that he has any say in the matter, truth be told, but he doesn’t need to shout up to the sky and ask the universe himself in order to know what it has planned for him. 

All he has to do to understand is take one single glance at his forearm.

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Your life situation may be full of problems — most life situations are — but find out if you have any problem at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now. Do you have a problem now?

When you are full of problems, there is no room for anything new to enter, no room for a solution. So whenever you can, make some room, create some space, so that you find the life underneath your life situation.

Use your senses fully. Be where you are. Look around. Just look, don’t interpret. See the light, shapes, colors, textures. Be aware of the silent presence of each thing. Be aware of the space that allows everything to be. Listen to the sounds; don’t judge them. Listen to the silence underneath the sounds. Touch something — anything —and feel and acknowledge its Being. Observe the rhythm of your breathing; feel the air flowing in and out, feel the life energy inside your body. Allow everything to be, within and without. Allow the “isness” of all things. Move deeply into the Now.

You are leaving behind the deadening world of mental abstraction, of time. You are getting out of the insane mind that is draining you of life energy, just as it is slowly poisoning and destroying the Earth. You are awakening out of the dream of time into the present.
—  Eckhart Tolle

Draco knew it.

He first knew it when Potter was sitting with him during Potions in their eighth year. He could smell him, he could see the way his hands shook whenever he would work on a potions lab.

Seeing Harry Potter in all of his magical glory was really what helped Draco realize it.

“Draco,” Potter grinned one morning as soon as Draco sat next to him in Potions, “goodmorning.”

This confused Draco to no end. First off, since when were they on a first-name-basis? Secondly, he couldn’t understand how it could possibly be a goodmorning for him, considering he had to sit next to Potter and listen to his nonsense for an hour.

The portrait of his godfather explained the potion they would be brewing today, Pepper-Up Potion. Draco quickly sent Potter off to retrieve the ingredients from the cupboard at the back of the room, while he prepared the cauldron and the tools they would be using.

It was common knowledge that Harry Potter was not an excelling student in Potions, but Draco couldn’t understand why it took him five minutes to fetch the ingredients. He impatiently strolled to the cupboard to see what was holding him up.

As soon as he entered the cramped cupboard, he ran into the back of the one-and-only Harry Potter. He was having a hushed conversation with Theodore Nott. Once his presence was known, the talking ceased, and Potter grinned at him.

“Why, Draco,” he began, “fancy seeing you here.”

“Yes, fancy seeing me in my own class,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I came here to fetch the ingredients that you obviously couldn’t.”

He began to collect what he needed, only to notice that Nott had left. He required the “eyelashes of Hippogriff” which was on the highest shelf. Draco wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but he wasn’t particularly tall. He strained his one hand up, only to feel the pressure of hands lifting him up.

This was not a position Draco Malfoy wanted to be in, at the time, but he took the opportunity and grabbed the jar anyway.

Once he was on his feet again, he nodded at Potter who had rosy-tint to his cheeks, but was smiling nonetheless. Leaving the cupboard, he tried not to look baffled even as everyone (including Dumbledore who “coincidentally” entered Snape’s portrait at the time) looked at the duo as if expecting something.

As they arrived at their seats, Draco watched as Harry began chopping up a basil leaf. He saw his hair sticking to his face from the heat of the cauldron, and his glasses fogging up. Oh, Merlin. Draco knew it then.


Once he knew, he figured that the whole school was most likely in on the secret. Except for, newly-appointed, Headmaster McGonagall, actually. He figured this when he was inside of her office (which still smelled like Dumbledore, for the record).

“No, Mr. Malfoy. I will not change your rooming arrangements. We must enforce house-unity, and what better way to get through to the younger wizards than to place the eighth years in mixed-house dorms?”

Draco though of several different methods, perhaps even eliminating houses all together. He knew to keep his mouth closed, though, because the look in the woman’s eyes showed that she would not be convinced otherwise.

The wrinkles surrounding her eyes also showed that she was way past her expiration date, and he constantly wondered how she managed to avoid death. If I was death, Draco thought, I wouldn’t mess with Minerva McGonagall, either.

“I understand that, Headmaster, but Weasley constantly sneaks into the room in the middle of the night, no doubt from Granger’s room.” They ignored the chuckle Dumbledore let out from his portrait above them.

“I don’t see how a room-change will prevent that from happening.” She sighed these words out.

“It doesn’t matter to me if it stops, I just don’t want to deal with it.”

“Mr. Malfoy, I can’t ju-”

“No, no, I think the boy is right,” Dumbledore spoke gruffly from his portrait. You could hear the smile in his voice, “Perhaps, we should switch Mr. Weasley with Mr. Potter?”

Draco Malfoy couldn’t deny that he liked where this was going. What he didn’t understand was how Dumbledore caught on to his feelings for the messy-haired boy so quickly. Draco made a decision to hide his feelings better, because if old men in portraits could figure them out, he was sure Potter could.

“Now, why would we do that, Dumbledore?”

Minerva McGonagall was practically competing with Harry Potter to win the title of ‘Most Oblivious Person in Hogwarts’.

The sound of Dumbledore sighing was heard in the room, and Draco couldn’t help but agree with the man.

“Well, I’ll be going now. Perhaps I could get a few hours of sleep before Weasley comes into our room, only to leave again with Granger.” Draco spoke as he rose from his seat to leave the room.

With McGonagall’s complete lack of knowledge towards Draco Malfoy’s feelings for Potter, he assumed that maybe the school didn’t know. Maybe it was only Dumbledore. That thought alone made him feel a bit at ease.


Until the next day.

He was strolling down to the Great Hall that morning, only to be yanked into a corridor. Pansy Parkinson and Hermione Granger looked at him expectantly, as though he was the one that pulled them into a corridor.

“What?” He questioned impatiently. If their little chat was going to happen at this rate, he would miss the fried tomatoes.

“We think that you should stop acting oblivious, and just be with Harry.” Granger rushed out as Pansy nodded alongside her.

“I’m the oblivious one?” Draco said incredulously.

“Oh, you have to forgive Harry,” Granger waved his comment off with a flick of her hand, “he doesn’t get things sometimes.”

“I’ll have you know, I am completely fine with pining after Potter. Leave me alone.” These were words that Draco never thought he would ever say in his life. His father was writhing in his grave.

Draco now figured that, yeah, the whole school was probably aware of his problem. You would think that maybe someone would actually help him solve it, but he continued to talk to Parkinson and Granger about how this was all his fault for not taking action and winning Harry over.

The thing is, Draco isn’t a man of action.


So people knew, that is, except for Potter (and maybe McGonagall, as she tended to watch them closely nowadays, as though they would break out into a fight at any moment). Which was quite a nuisance really, because now here he was in the library. The Boy Who Lived was his only companion, completing a Transfiguration Essay, and he was burning with want.

Over the past few weeks, Potter had weaseled (no pun intended) into Draco’s everyday life. They played chess, went to Hogsmeade, and ate together. Draco was in no position to complain, but everyday he found that he craved Potter more and more.

The library was silent, except for the quiet sound of Dumbledore trying to make his breathing inconspicuous. All he smelled was musty, magical books and the boy next to him. He seriously wondered how a boy capable of defeating the most powerful dark wizard in the world could be so absolutely oblivious.

Now, for the record, Draco Malfoy was not an observant person, himself. He had only realized his true feelings for the Golden Boy a few weeks ago. Whereas, the majority of the school population had figured it out during their sixth year (according to Seamus Finnigan who explained that he and Nott have a bet going on how long it will take for Draco to cave into Harry. The bet has been running for over two years.). Draco didn’t understand how he could have gone for so long without thinking about Potter that way.

Harry Potter, however, was a different level of obliviousness than Draco had ever had the displeasure of encountering in his life. It was a wonder that the boy realized there was a nose-less man after him in the first place.

“What are you reading?” Potter turned to him and pushed his glasses up.

Draco simply turned his book to show Potter the cover.

“You know, you don’t have to stay with me while I finish my essay.” Potter smiled at him.

“Well, I can’t leave you alone, now can I?” Draco rolled his eyes.

“You could.”

“Don’t be daft.”

Potter casually toyed with a piece of Draco’s hair, and even though his face was set in a frown, it secretly drove him mad.

He and Potter continued to share light conversation. They covered news concerning Quidditch, their N.E.W.T.s, and the other eighth years. Draco found talking with Potter was quite easy. Their conversations drove late into the night, and Draco was still not fulfilled. Eventually, Harry decided he ought to complete his essay, and Draco finish his book.

Draco had yet to figure out what got him in this dilemma. He had half-a-mind to pin it on McGonagall and her attempts at enforcing “house unity” between the eighth years. If he had stayed with his fellow Slytherins in their chambers, he would have never noticed the way Potter’s hair flopped into his eyes. He would’ve been too busy restoring the Malfoy name to care about Potter’s matured voice. He definitely wouldn’t have noticed the way the boy’s eyes gleamed with determination as tried to complete a potion. He would’ve never realized what he’d known all along. Damn it, Minerva.

As Draco pondered over the absurdity of his situation, a light snoring from his side shook him out of his thoughts. Potter had fallen asleep on his parchment and the ink on his quill was beginning to drip. He looked so vulnerable and delicate lying there. The light pink of his cheeks, accompanied by the gentle rise-and-fall of his lungs shook something inside of Draco.

Draco thought quick about what one of Potter’s friends would do. Making a natural decision, he gently shook Potter’s sleeping form.

“Potter,” his shaking only resulted in Potter crinkling his nose and then recommencing his snoring, “wake up.”

Draco sighed and felt a bit bad for trying to awaken the boy. He had been working so hard recently. It was no surprise he was exhausted. So, Draco carefully scooped the boy up in his arms. Throughout the past year, Draco had grown slightly taller than Potter, whilst keeping his lanky form. He silently enchanted their equipment to follow them as he begun to walk to the Eighth Year Common Room. There weren’t a large amount of returners, and they couldn’t simply sleep with the underclassmen. McGonagall decided to place them all in the same quarters. This was also another attempt to promote the idea of house-unity to the younger wizards.

Draco tried to walk without running into any bumps. He narrowly avoided any disruptions that may wake Potter from his slumber. He would occasionally check to see if their possessed possessions were still trailing behind him.

Upon reaching the portrait of Sir William Arthur that hid their common room, Draco quickly mumbled the password. He tried to act as though he didn’t see the knowing look the man gave him as he entered.

Potter’s room assignment had been with Blaise Zabini, some Hufflepuff boy, and Neville Longbottom. Draco was sure they were asleep, but had no problem waking them up.

He knocked at their dormitory door, until a very frazzled-looking Blaise Zabini opened the door.

“I believe this belongs in your room.” Draco said gesturing to the boy in his arms.

Zabini rolled his eyes and moved to let Draco enter the room. It smelled like pine and there was only one untouched bed in the corner. He carefully set Potter on the bed, perhaps standing to look at him a bit too long.


He was met with a grunt from Zabini as the door shut behind him. Draco found his way back to his room with the Weasel, Finnigan, and Nott. There wasn’t even a shift in the room when he entered. Draco laid in his bed and thought about what mode of action he should take.

However, Draco wasn’t a man of action.

He knew this, and he doubted he ever would be. He fell asleep that night already accepting his Potterless future.


The next morning, he went down to the Great Hall only to notice Potter. He only ever thought of Potter these days. Today was the day that the ceiling had begun to snow and everyone was planning their plans for the break. Potter, however, sat and ate his fried tomatoes glumly. Draco didn’t understand why though, it was no secret that the boy would typically accompany the Weasel to his Weasel home.

He decided to take a seat next to the gloomy boy.

“It’s a wonder you were given the name "the Golden Boy,” Draco began, catching his attention, “what with your depressed persona.”

He watched as Potter laughed, and ignored how good it made him feel to bring joy to the boy next to him. Damn it, Potter.

“I wouldn’t be so "depressed” if you would have told me.“ Potter now sat with his chin is his hands facing Draco. Draco resisted the urge to straighten his glasses which were slightly crooked.

Once the words left Potter’s mouth, Draco didn’t know what he should do. He didn’t know how to respond to this situation. He looked at his nearby eighth years, and saw Neville Longbottom giving him a nervous thumbs-up. Pansy tried to hide her grin as she drank her pumpkin juice. Damn it.

"I didn’t think you wanted that,” Draco tried to speak as clearly as he could, given the heart-shattering circumstances.

“I think I know what I want better than you do,” the boy gave Draco a grin as his words sunk in.

“It’s not my fault you were completely oblivious to my advances.” Draco let a smile through. He ignored the way that the corner of Hermione’s mouth quirked up at his words.

Advances? Draco, you won’t even touch my skin! Last night was the closest we’ve ever been, and I was asleep.” Potter threw his hands up and grinned.

“Well, I’m gentleman, and I have yet to even properly court you.” his eyes twinkled as he said this, and Potter’s cheeks were rosy with life.

Potter bit his lip before he spoke. Draco tried not to let his eyes focus on the action, or the way that Dumbledore inconspicuously wandered into the portrait behind them.

“You’re going to court me?”

Draco was suddenly a man of action.

Damn, Gryffindors.


“I don’t think your dad will be too happy with this news.” Potter chuckled and danced his hand closer to Draco.

“Well, he’s not the one doing the courting.” Draco gingerly played with the boy’s fingers.

“I should hope not.”

This was the second time Draco knew it. He knew he was in love. Potter did, too.

So did Dumbledore.

@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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Okay so @xxtorchxx did the thing, prompted by @bridgetteirish and @reginalovesemma. I’m just finishing what they started. M’lud.

Alex knows that a cupcake isn’t enough, not for Kara’s appetite or for the level of damage to her feelings. It had been tough to choke back revulsion long enough to pretend that the alien frat boy might be a viable option, but thankfully Kara had been talked off that ‘complicated’ subject pretty quickly. She’d all but chased Alex out of the door before midnight, unheard of for their late night gossip sessions.

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On twins and polydactyly...

I know the fandom’s gone over how the probability part of this issue before, but long story short… it would be pretty odd and out of the norm for Stan to- in canon- not have shared his brother’s polydactyly, as identical twins. (As them being identical twins IS what canon seems to suggest.)

While it’d be rare but not impossible for Stan to have only five fingers when his brother’s identical genes gave him six, I give you an alternate concept to consider:

What if Stanley Pines was originally born with six fingers as well?

And their parents wanted to do something about their twin boys. Ma worried about the scorn they might potentially receive from their peers once they ere older, Filbrick more worried about the potential embarrassment it might place on the family… So they decided to have the extra digits on their twin sons surgically removed. 

But once learning how much that surgery would cost, they realized they only had enough money for one to undergo the procedure. They picked one son at random, and that son ended up being Stanley. The doctors removed his extra digits with barely even a trace… leaving only a small crease that perfectly blended into the natural ridges of his hands. 

They planned to do the same for Stanford a few months later when they earned enough money, but by that point the doctors warned them that his nerves developed enough that preceding with the procedure would likely leave him with nerve damage that would hinder his motor skills for the rest of his life. 

So Ford kept his extra digits.

And past then, when you have one child with the normal five fingers and one with six, how are you supposed to explain that you had Stanley’s extra fingers removed when he was a baby, like having six is wrong? Unnatural? Unwanted? Ma dreaded the thought of ever having that conversation, and so she never did. She, nor Filbrick, ever told Stanley the truth. 

And Stanley never asked about it. Never once considered. To him, some people were born with five, and others with six. Just like him and his bro. He never had any reason to suspect his parents were hiding anything from him.

Stanford, however… began to suspect in college, after going through a genetics course and conducting his own research on the topic. At some point he called Ma and asked about it. Asked her, pointedly, to not keep the truth from him. Reluctantly, Ma admitted what they did some twenty years ago… admitted that they only had enough money to put one through the surgery. 

Years pass. Ford was thrown through the portal… into the thickets of the multiverse. Every once and a while he stumbles upon an alternate version of Stan who had fallen through instead of him. Some of these Stans have six fingers. Some of the Fords he meets on his journeys don’t.

Some thirty odd years later, Stan and Ford are at sea, peacefully reminiscing about their happier memories together. After a while, recollection of their past turns to confession, and Ford imparts Stanley with the knowledge he learned from their mother years ago… That Stan was born with polydactyly too. The pair search across the side of Stan’s palm, eventually discovering an aged crease that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of them upon close observation… one that Stanley never thought to look at with much scrutiny before. Tears built up in his eyes, and he laughed, the sound both joyous and melancholy, somehow at once.

“Guess we were both Sixer, then,” he says, holding up his hand against his twin’s and imagining a world in which the number of fingers on their hands matched.

Advice to Residents: On finding your first job

Do you have any advice for a Family Med R3 looking for their first job? Any questions you wished you asked? Any tips to figure out if a place is toxic? -arianrhodswheel

Yeah! This post is a good place to start

Things to ask about:

  • daily schedule - Is there a way to work your schedule so that you can work 4 days a week? Can you work extended hours one or two days to benefit both the clinic and yourself?
  • how are appointments arranged on the schedule? Is it totally random or is there a method to the madness? Note: some places will schedule 2 chronic visits followed by an acute visit to help even the schedule. Or they schedule extra time for physicals or new patient visits. Is there a limit to how many physicals you will have to do in a day?
  • Extenders - how will you be compensated for supervising a PA or NP if you are not in a state where they are autonomous? (or will you be compensated at all? My hospital doesn’t, so my office doesn’t have them.) 
  • time off - is time off accrued or is it a set number of days? Does it increase over time? What sort of time off do you have for CME?
  • CME - how much does the practice pay for CME? What is included in that?
  • Benefits package - are there penalties or incentives built into your compensation package? Is your pay a flat rate or is it productivity based? Is the insurance decent?
  • bonus incentives - does your employer cover things like your cell phone bill or a tablet? Is a gym membership included or discounted? Do they offer a signing bonus and adequate moving expense reimbursement? Do they have loan repayment options? There are lots of little benefits you can negotiate into your contract 
  • call schedule - do you get paid extra to take hospital call or to pick up extra urgent care shifts? How often do you get called on home phone-only call? Does your new practice have a policy on after-hours prescriptions?
  • Patient demographics - what is the payor source division in your practice? Is your practice heavier in a certain age group or type of diagnosis? 
  • EMR - is the system decent? Does it make your job harder or easier? 
  • Area resources - how are the surrounding hospitals? Is there a problem with availability of specialist care? 
  • privileges - will you be required to do any inpatient care? What about nursing homes or hospice? 
  • Moonlighting - can you pick up outside work if you want it? What is available to you? Is there a noncompete clause? 
  • Your pet peeves - does your office manage a lot of chronic pain? Do they have a policy on after hours prescriptions,  appointment no-shows, walk-in appointments, or calling in antibiotics without being seen?
  • Standard of care - are the other doctors following the same guidelines and standards you are? Will they back up your decisions? Can you feel comfortable backing theirs?
  • Personalities - will the other doctors be supportive of you since you’re a new kid on the block? Will they be available for hallway consults or lunch break pep talks? Are they workaholics or do they value time at home? What do they do for fun? Are they friends or just co-workers?
  • culture of the office - do the staff genuinely seem to like their jobs? How is employee turnover? Will there be enough staff to support adding a new physician? Is the office manager available and helpful (you’d be surprised how much this will matter to you)?
  • DOES IT SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? If yes, it is. They may promise you the world, but it’s because something is seriously lacking. 
  • As for figuring out if a place is toxic, I think if you ask a lot of these questions and you observe people’s personalities, you’ll pick up on it pretty easily. If the other docs look tired and burned out and they don’t seem to love their jobs, beware!

Finally, remember that YOUR FIRST JOB DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR LAST JOB. It is 100% ok to leave and find something better. Don’t dive in head first with a long commitment before you really understand what you want in a job.

The Two Types of Every Sign

a) You’re either THE loudest person in the room, constantly starting arguments and planning the next party
b) You’re playing scrabble and silently or quietly passing shade on the people surrounding you, or you’re home happy to be the fuck away from people.

Taurus: a) You’re either the most caring loving devoted person, whose laughter sounds like sunlight
b) You’re a mean bitch who loves to gossip about literally every single person that existed.

Gemini: You’re either witty and intelligent, with sparkling charm that you bestow upon all your besotted admirers
b) You’re a broody moody sad fuck who will stab you in the back to save themself or just because :))))

Leo: You’re either the most fun person in the room, with childlike wonderment about the world
b) You’re a smug chill cheschire cat who got the cream and is eating it ;)

Virgo: You’re either sitting there quietly observing your surroudings only stopping to add occasional witty one liners
b) You’re the LIFE of the party, wait no; You ARE the party. Shots? You’re pouring them! Breaking and Entering into a locked basement party, you’re the mastermind. You’re a funny sign Virgo.

Libra: You’re either dressing all your friends up in your clothes and sharing all your makeup with them because you’re a kind generous soul, while also debating moral issues
You’re a snobby mean person whose nose is so upturned you may as well be Cindy Lou Who ;P

Scorpio: You’re either sitting there encouraging and chanting on the squad doing drugs and alcohol, talking about the world as if you’ve learnt every crevice and cranny
You’re not saying a thing. You’re not even there. No one sees you, yet you see all.

Saggitarius: You’re either lighting up the bonfire and handing out smore sticks and playing the guitar for all your groupies
You’re smashing literally every person at Cards against Humanity. Yes, you are the funniest person in the room. Don’t let it go to your head, oh wait. It already did.

Capricorn: You’re either the Mother Hen, helping drunk and disorderlies to bed, you ARE Nurse Joy; Everyone comes to you for advice. There is nothing you don’t have in your handbag.
You’re a cynical ass who is shade AF, the literal opposite from you’re other sort of capricorn, you need ALL the help. You’ll smash those pregame drinks and drugs early and spend the night being comforted as you lay in your own vomit :)))

Aquarius: You’re likely drawing the party, rolling creative joints and encouraging everyone to jump off the roof. You’re a wild child Aqua.
You’re at home knitting. No inbetween.

After All Things

Peter Parker x Reader

Ok, so, I’ve decided to do a short little series (maybe, depends on how this first part is received,) following what happens after the events of ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’

Summary: The crushing. That’s what you had come to refer to it as. It had left the Peter Parker you saw a broken and sad man; a man in desperate need of closeness. Only, it seems as though he’s forgotten how. You offer what you can to this man who doesn’t know. Answering his question in the only way he’ll let you. Peter is 23/24. Words: 2.5k.

It’s A Lot Like Falling: Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V  Part VI

After All Things:  Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Warnings: Sexual content/Hurt/Angst/References to death

The heavy smell of smoke filled the night air, ash and debris from the burning apartment building a few blocks away from your own fell from the sky, carried on the wind, fluttering past your window as you looked out on the horizon with a worried gaze.

Red and orange from the inferno cast this eerie glow behind the silhouette of the buildings dominating the skyline visible from your little portion of the world, ever reaching flames licking up at the stars from the source. Red and blue flashes added to the burning colors, staining the rising smoke a sickly purple, thickness of it beginning to block out the moon. Your ears were full of the sounds of helplessness and tragedy, echoing through your brain and reverberating in the chambers of your heart.

The whole building had been engulfed within minutes, even from where you stood in the cool safety of your apartment; troubled observer, it was undeniable; the structure was already beginning to crumble in on itself, fire having eaten away at the support beams.

There would be death.

It had happened too fast.

Your chest tightened further.

A loud rumbling sound filled the thickened air of the night as you watched the building finally give way, weakened, flame-licked spine fracturing. Watched as the burning debris scattered, charred remnants of the places people had called home, gift boxes for their lives, raining down on the city in a violent torrent, surrounding windows shattering, smoke choking.

Your eyes filled with stinging tears, salty droplets repelling from eyelashes; your fingers found the lock on the window, flipping it so that it would open without issue. So that it would open when the fires stopped breathing, when the smoke cleared and the disaster of the night ended.

When the numbers totaled.

When the names came in.

Turning away from the scene with a heavy heart and a brain full of smoke, you made your way to the bathroom to take a shower; an attempt to clear the debris from your mind. You were preparing yourself, checking for structural integrity before asking it to support more.

He would be here soon.

He would need it.

After that.

After all things.

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Manifesting results in this life is a matter of our personal efforts and the complex circumstances of the world. 

We can put in perfect effort and still fail. We can put in little to no effort and still succeed. It isn’t perfect; it is simply the way of things. Usually it’s a mix of the two.

We have the right to put in our efforts to achieve anything we wish. But we do not have any right to certain results. This is just the way of things. Observe it and you will find it to be true. 

This is why “detachment” or “non-attachment” is taught. We should be detached from the results, non-forming of expectations. 

However, we should be very passionate and involved with our efforts. That is where our mental and emotional energies are best invested. Anything else is just the sound and the fury signifying nothing. 

In this way, we can live and work in this world while still maintaining our inner tranquility. Our passion and peace do not hinge on outcomes. 


anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm writing a story that takes place on floating islands that orbit around a central axis rather than on an actual planet. Do you have any advice on how to develop the world more?

Heya, nonny. 

Sounds like a pretty cool world and I can see a ton of fun development for it. 

For a world that, at a glance, is so starkly different than the world of your readers, I suggest putting yourself in the shoes of a character–or perhaps some random person–and observing all that they see and hear that would stand out to a person from a world like ours. 

  • Can they see the other floating islands?
  • Is transport between island easy? How often do people travel? Can anyone travel between them, or is that a luxury reserved for the wealthy?
  • How does the situation of their floating islands play into their myths or religions? 
  • How does commerce between the islands work?
  • Are there rich islands and poor islands? Or does each island contain the full spectrum of classes?
  • Do the islands ever have conflicts?
  • Is there a central government, or is each island governed separately? 
  • How is time kept? (What are the movements of the sun/moon(s) and how does it affect how people perceive that passage of time?)
  • How are there seasons? What are they like?
  • Is culture and religion shared across the islands, or is each island unique?

Hope those help you get a start. Other than these, you can reference my generic brainstorming posts regarding culture and world

Happy building!

Missing Person Part 2 (Jughead)

Summary: Part two of a Jughead series I’m writing.

Word count: 1781

Requested? No

Warnings: Torture, drug use, implied panic attack

Prompts: None

A/n: None

Part 1

 Often when growing up teens feel alone and scared, specifically regarding the future. But at this moment nothing could compare to the fear and dread you was now exhibiting. You tried to distract yourself from the unfortunate scenario but the dulling drugs forced you to stay dormant and only think about the thoughts you couldn’t avoid, Jughead. Not a bad deal I guess.

Your arms recoiled in ache as your legs vibrated, shaking from the cold and terror. This shaking was the full extent of your movement as your arms were bound and your leg was painfully clamped to a chain of some sort, you couldn’t look around due to the coverage around your eyes. So instead, it was your mind that did the wandering. You clung onto the idea that one day soon you would see your friends, friend again. Your father too. You could only imagine how he’d be holding up, with the PTSD and all. These thoughts were more painful than then the whips and beatings you endured, you froze and sweat, fell unconscious and felt your eyes stinging from fatigue, and you hoped and wished for death.

A creaking door echoed thought the cabin, you could only assume it was a cabin. Fearfully, you tried in vain to shuffle back as far as you could as if it would prevent the literal torture. Your hysteria was only answered by a sickly ‘shhh.’ It was calm and unfazed as if nothing about the situation made them uncomfortable. That silencing response was the first thing you had heard out of the hooded devil’s mouth, if they spoke maybe you could tell who they were. It was as if identifying them would make any of this easier.

“Why?” You whimpered as tears spilled over. Not ‘why me?” or ‘why now?’ or ‘what do you want?’ Just ‘why?’ Once again you were answered with drumming silence, it was driving you insane. “SAY SOMETHING!” You screamed, or you would have if you could have.


The clicking and clacking of a keyboard echoed through Pop’s. The, luckily for him, twenty-four hour diner was practically empty short of a few couples getting a midnight milkshake. It was just them and the woeful writer. His eyes scanned over his monitor double checking the words critiquing them as he did. He was sure to have every word perfect, every one fitting into a place. It was this compulsive certainty that distracted him from current events. In his mind, if he uncovered layers of Jason Blossom’s murder, he could solve your disappearance. Anyone who knew you two knew how close you were and how much you needed each other.

Jughead knew that he was no detective but he was losing sleep and he had to do something, anything.

You woke up once again to the only sight you had seen for three days, darkness. Only this time something was different, you were more coherent as the drugs began to wear off, you noticed the sound of light breathing, had you still been drugged you would have thought it was you but what scared you was the lack of feeling alone. You were suddenly aware of the lack of restraints, you could move your arms, they cramped as they did but it still felt like freedom despite having your leg still painfully immobilized. Contrasting the joy of having the gift of consciousness, you were also completely aware of all the pain you had been experiencing, that alone was enough to still you. Regardless, you slowly raised your hand to remove the blindfold that was tightly secured around your head. Once it had fallen down to your neck you slowly opened your eyes only to jump back and scream when met directly with the covered face of your punisher. Once the scream left your lips they were met roughly with a hand shutting you up which led you to believe that you were near a possible rescue. Even after your scream was silenced the hand was not removed, instead, the face came closer. Their visible eyes burned a memory into your head. Uncontrollably, you sobbed wanting to close your eyes and never see those shadowed irises ever again. On the other hand however this was the only chance you had at identifying this monster. If only they backed up into the minuscule of dim light, maybe you could see something helpful about their features, likely not. In case you’re hopeful, they didn’t, instead they pressed forward pushing you back making you shuffle away, closer to the wall from your place on the floor. You thought back to your psychology class, what you were experiencing was traumatic shock, a state in which the victim is abused or manipulated to a point where they are so terrified that they are immobile in the presence of the abuser, this state is common in sleep paralysis. But this wasn’t a dream, it was real and so was the hand lifting and extending your right arm. Far too distracted by the possibility of death you didn’t even notice the elastic band being wrapped around your arm until it began to cut the circulation of blood. It made you sick that they didn’t even need the drugs to keep you under their control. However, when a familiar syringe was revealed you shivered. Like a light switch you were in hysterics, flailing and fighting, holding back screams in fear of that monster placing their hands on her again. Your arm was still stretched out, you assumed it would be roofie but as you’d soon discover it was an abandoned addiction, an old ‘habit’ that died hard, or hardly died.

“NO! Nononononono! Please!” You screeched, your begging was ignored. “Please! I’ve been clean for-“ Your please were interrupted by unsteady breathing, you were in complete panic as the needle’s tip touched your skin.

A breathy squeak escaped your lips as the tip pierced your skin, it was humiliatingly pathetic. When the liquid reached your veins you felt a short burst of euphoria, though you’d forever deny it. That was all, a small ripple before a wave of denial and a tsunami of shame. You resisted the urge to show any signs of enjoyment, instead you shut your eyes as every part of your body cringed.


Jughead lay in bed, eyed closed searching for sleep but finding nothing but terrifying thoughts of your whereabouts. Every thought more disturbing than the last. ‘Alive? Not? Okay? Not? Hurt? Not? Did she run away? Had she abandoned him?’

Later in the night sleep took over giving him nightmares, only for him to wake with the same thoughts.

*Sheriff Keller*

By duty of the law and common decency Sheriff Keller searched for any evidence of the missing teen hoping to find nothing. In his mind the only outcomes were to either find nothing meaning she had skipped town and was safe and sound or he finds a body, cold and rotting. You see, Jason Blossom was killed five-six days after his last sighting and it was only logical to apply the same rules here. Today was day five. To his great surprise, he found neither. Instead he found a camera. He bent down and acquired it after slipping his hands into latex gloves. It was old and had a notebook belonging to (Your full name) and a waterproof pouch attached to it containing multiple pictures, some of Sweet Water River, the forest, the town, there was even one of the Blossom twins in pure white riding in a red car. On closer inspection it was clear that the camera was broken, the closest thing he had to a lead, the only evidence, was a broken camera. Aggravated with what this meant the Sheriff stood and stalked away a few paces to radio in his findings.

“Yeah, it’s me. Look I may have found something relating to the (Your full name) case.”

“Sir, that’s not a case.”

“It is now.”

For the whole day and the on following, there were search parties looking for a missing girl, ones that Jughead signed up for the second it was announced. But that night the real sorrow came when the department sent all the civilians home and it was just a federal search, a search for a body not a person. It was that night however, when the real relief came.

 Night had fallen and the Sheriff had lost all hope. Minutes before he was about to give up and turn away Sheriff Keller let his eyes scan over Sweet Water River in sadness. It was quite calm at this time of night, or at least it should have been. Near the shore there was a violent disturbance. Immediately Sheriff Keller sprinted down to the distress. Upon seeing a struggling body being held under the water he instantly calls it in, “I need an ambulance! I found the kid! Alive!” Or at least she would be if he could get to her in time. In his detailed observation it was clear that the figure holding the victim down was cloaked and anonymous. They bolted upon hearing his booming voice, but not before pushing the distressed teen in further.

Suddenly the pressure left your head and back but the water was still filling your throat like relief soon would. You didn’t scream out of fear of a quicker death, you couldn’t help it when a hand reattached to your shoulder. Strong hands yanked you onto the shore. You fought and coughed violently as your vision clouded, the world still sounded like it was underwater. Eventually you had no choice but to stop fighting to recover by coughing up the contents of your lungs. Tears welled up in your eyes from the pain of the week prior, mental, physical and emotional.

“Y/n?” A husky voice asked when your coughing ceased and the only sounds were your sobs and the flowing of Sweet Water Creek. Upon hearing your name you knew it wasn’t your silent attacker but instead the voice of the Sheriff, the harsh voice of authority that turned soft the moment you told him you were lost on your fourth grade school excursion to the police station or the time he broke the news to you about your mother. It was a voice you trusted and a man you could lean on like a father figure, which is exactly what you did. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder before sliding off his jacket and wrapping it around you. Your sobs echoed through the woods accompanying the sweet ‘shhh’ from the Sheriff. You could only hope the monster you escaped from chocked on your safety.

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if Harry and Draco weren’t suddenly 100% opposed to each other, if they didn’t have complete opposite ideals, they would make an amazing pair.

Harry hates people fawning all over him, wants to be seen for who he is, not the Boy Who Lived, just Harry. And Draco does that. He SEES Harry in a way that few people do. Including his flaws. He never lets Harry take himself too seriously.

Draco is pessimistic and cynical. Harry is optimistic and shows Draco there is good in things, that he doesn’t need to worry about every single thing, that its ok to drop all the ice cold facades, the stiff and humorless visage. Its ok to show emotions, to talk about them. 

And Draco would force Harry to rethink his recklessness, the way he acts without thinking sometimes. 

They get each other. They bicker and fight obviously, they push each other to grow.  They have such different ways of looking at the world. 

They’ve always been on the edge around each other. It’s always been high emotions. They’ve watched each other from across the room for years, observing their habits, unable to NOT notice small things like favorite foods, nervous tics, the sound of laughter. 

I think they even each other out, darks and lights. Harry is so GOOD and so afraid to accept the parts of himself that might not be 100% perfect or pure. He’s got a hot temper, he’s sarcastic with an occasional dark humor, he’s stubborn and can be arrogant. Draco lets him be all those things. Hell, Draco LIKES all those things. 

And Malfoy who spent years doing nothing but wallowing in darkness, trying so hard to be like his father, to be cold and cruel. He wears his arrogance and bitterness like a second skin. But, there is an undeniable part of himself that grows all the time. This is the LIght, this is GOOD. He’s snarky, he’s an artist, he’s sociable, he’s charismatic, he’s afraid, he’s proud and brave in his own way, he can’t stand true violence, he’s eager to please. And Harry loves these things and lets Draco know its okay to be these things. 

They have passion, always will. They have heavy history and screaming fights. But, they also have quidditch and touch starved affection, they have cooking together, sharing movies and books and music, they have deep conversations and new perspectives, they have laughter and tears and comfort. They are two sides of the same coin, two seekers who seek each other, two scared boys who grew up to be men. And who are sometimes still scared, but they urge each other on. 

—does this make sense? | 04 (m)

pairing min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings some type of fluff I guess, smut, drama, angst
words 10,257

:: summary you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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saturnt  asked:

Hi! I really admire your art. I'm 19 and have been drawing all my life but not seriously. I found out about schools like yours and feel terrible that i've missed the chance to study there - I don't speak french and live in australia. But I want to create brilliant art & animated films like you do at gobelins. my skills just aren't good and I don't have any resources. I'm not sure whether I should think that I can improve my technical skills to catch up with yours, or give up. do you have advice?

Hi you!

Schools are great to feel motivated, surrounded by people loving the same things and learning with inspiring teachers teaching you everything you wish to be able to do. You can meet people who will propose you amazing work later and you will earn a lot of money $$$ and be successful.

But this is what happen in the perfect school in the perfect world. And you know, there is no perfect school and no perfect world!

Even if Gobelins is a really nice school, I feel not completly satisfyed. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing things that I would like to learn. Sometimes I feel that some exercices make me lose time more than make me improve my skills and so on! (And it’s sooo expensive!!)

Fortunatly, here is the great news : You can learn everything by YOURSELF, with the amazing help of the INTERNET. There are so many talented self -taugh artists! I know it sound surrestimated but I can assure you, you can improve so much by learning  with online courses (Schoolism, No film school, every frame a painting, online tutorials, coursera…), by practicing from your own, being inspired from people all over the world, getting feedbacks from people on forums…

Don’t be affraid to ask critics, practice, observe a lot, go draw outside, go to gesture drawing classes, throw all your drawings away and start everyting again, several times, that’s how everybody start!

Don’t compare you to other people, it ’s the best way to feel bad, inspire you from them! Look at what the other people can do and think : “Such great things can be done, I can do it too, with patience and practice!”

And as somebody -I don’t remember the name- would say : “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”

Never give up <3