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Hostage - Observer graphic novel of the month

We’re so excited to be publishing Hostage by Guy Delisle next Thursday. We think it’s wonderful, and so do the Observer, who have made it their graphic novel of the month! It’s the story of Christophe André, who was kidnapped by Chechan insurgents and held hostage for several months.

Three months, one room. This is, to say the least, extremely challenging territory for a cartoonist. Somehow, though, Guy Delisle – the French-Canadian artist who is best known for such award-winning travelogues as Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea and Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City – has turned André’s account of his weeks of hell into a gripping visual narrative…  

All this darkness and claustrophobia shouldn’t be exhilarating. The fact Delisle makes it so is yet another reason why he must be counted as one of the greatest cartoonists of our age.

You can read the rest of the Observer review here.

it’s more than just hiding curses and sigils in between layers of paint (although they do that too). sometimes people think they see something moving within the frame, just out of the corner of their eye. they may not be mistaken.

Collecting Sticks - Observer graphic novel of the month

Rachel Cooke says what we’ve all been thinking:

If you’re still scarred by camping holidays you endured as a kid – I know I am – then this singular, funny book is for you. 

You can read the rest of the Observer review here. And if you want to come and celebrate with Joe, come to Gosh! on Thursday 13th to raise a glass, get your book signed and maybe even get a free stick.

101, of course, looks much the same when you flip it on its head.

(please note, this isn’t my observation, just my graphic. Others have already pointed this out, on reddit [x] and here on tumblr [x])

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about pursuing graphic design. Do you have any tips about how to go about it? Love your blog btw! \(*^▽^*)/

hello anon! thank you for the kind words ;v;7 i’m glad to see another friend pursuing the wonderful world of graphic design!

here are some tips for general beginners:

learn how to use the adobe suite  ◦ Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign are all important tools as a designer! get a head start and learn how to use these and remember shortcuts and learn different tools! it’s a great kickstarter.

begin by developing a portfolifill your portfolio up with 5-6 bodies of work you’d like to show, your best being the last. fill it up with drawings, digital mock ups, pictures of physical mock ups etc. it’ll be important when applying for colleges/unis

observeobserved different types of  graphic design, type, web design, packaging. keep up with trends and  try to unravel the processes someone took to get there.

accept that failure is there ◦ yup. this is important when pursing design. your first concept will never be your greatest- and tweaking things will lead you to successes!

i’m sorry if this isn’t really sound advice (im in the middle of a terrible cold rn), but here’s some other advice posts i have for design students/people pursing design!


“My future dream is to be a scientist. I like experimenting, too. I bought a microscope. I looked at my hand and it was gross looking. I looked at a down feather and I saw a down feather. The goldfish was slippery. I realized the scales make him difficult to hold.”

– Heechul’s diary entry, 1992 (age 8)