observing the graphic


Conti, Graphite and white chalk on toned paper

24 “ × 18 ”

William D Simon ( American b 1956)

Pork shoulder, cauliflower and cheese curds are all trending in 2016, according toGoogle’s tracking of food-related searches. That list might either nauseate you or make your mouth water.

Our food preferences are intensely personal, but scientists have tried to figure out why some people are so picky about the things they eat. Jane Kauer is anthropologist who has studied this topic at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Monell Chemical Sciences Center. She’s also a board member of the youth nutrition company Rebel Ventures. She recently spoke with Here & Now co-host Jeremy Hobson.

Breaking Down The Science Of Picky Eating

Image: Tim Lee/The News & Observer/MCT Graphics via Getty Images