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i have no idea why my dash is lacking in anime/graphics right now! so..if you post any of the following, please like or reblog this post! bolded are ones i rlly love

  • haikyuu!!
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  • overwatch (bonus!!)
  • older anime: assassination classroom, free!, pmmm, mp100, etc.

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it’s more than just hiding curses and sigils in between layers of paint (although they do that too). sometimes people think they see something moving within the frame, just out of the corner of their eye. they may not be mistaken.

101, of course, looks much the same when you flip it on its head.

(please note, this isn’t my observation, just my graphic. Others have already pointed this out, on reddit [x] and here on tumblr [x])

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about pursuing graphic design. Do you have any tips about how to go about it? Love your blog btw! \(*^▽^*)/

hello anon! thank you for the kind words ;v;7 i’m glad to see another friend pursuing the wonderful world of graphic design!

here are some tips for general beginners:

learn how to use the adobe suite  ◦ Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign are all important tools as a designer! get a head start and learn how to use these and remember shortcuts and learn different tools! it’s a great kickstarter.

begin by developing a portfolifill your portfolio up with 5-6 bodies of work you’d like to show, your best being the last. fill it up with drawings, digital mock ups, pictures of physical mock ups etc. it’ll be important when applying for colleges/unis

observeobserved different types of  graphic design, type, web design, packaging. keep up with trends and  try to unravel the processes someone took to get there.

accept that failure is there ◦ yup. this is important when pursing design. your first concept will never be your greatest- and tweaking things will lead you to successes!

i’m sorry if this isn’t really sound advice (im in the middle of a terrible cold rn), but here’s some other advice posts i have for design students/people pursing design!

copying other people’s gfx / gfx styles: my two cents worth

About one year ago, I wrote a post about my opinion on copying graphics. In light of the fact that recently I have observed a lot of my graphics being copied and that I have even received an IM asking me how I deal with gfx copiers, this is sort of a revision of the said post. 

I’m going to do things a little differently this time and directly address some of the hateful anon messages (shame on you) I have seen fellow mutuals receiving with regards to them speaking out about this matter.

1. “You take graphic making so fucking seriously. It’s just graphics. Chill.”
Take an analogy. Imagine you had to work on a project all by yourself while your friend slacked off and claimed all the credit for the project. Certainly, it’s technically not a crime. But you see how screwed up this is if we were to just stop there and accept it? This isn’t how “serious” the matter is, this is about being a decent human being and not invalidating someone’s hard work. I’ve seen so many mutuals / awesome graphic makers wanting to leave Tumblr solely because they’re tired of seeing their graphics being copied. Precisely it’s because people don’t take making graphics seriously enough anymore that it’s waste of time to put their heart and soul into it.

And honestly, it’s not anyone’s right to decide whether graphic making is unimportant. You wouldn’t know what graphic making means to someone. Maybe it’s their way of expressing love for a fandom, maybe it’s their way of coping with real life problems (this applies particularly for me). Honestly, you’re an asshole if you think it’s “unimportant” when a person takes away the meaning of doing something from someone.

2. “You should be proud of and not offended by the fact that people want to copy your style. It’s a compliment to you because it means you have great style.”
Let me address this on a more personal level. I’m a college student who doesn’t have a lot of time to study, hang out with my friends and watch anime….let alone make graphics. When I do sit down to make graphics, it’s not like I whip out something within seconds - making graphics for me takes a copious amount of planning first, actual execution and constant refining. So yeah, I at least don’t consider it a “compliment” and in fact, I find it absolutely insulting. I find it an insult when someone else doesn’t consider how much effort + time I’ve put in on a graphic (when frankly I could be doing something else), only considering how many notes and followers they are going to gain from my idea. I find it insulting when people use me as a “stepping stone” without considering how I would feel. What I consider a compliment is when people like my style so much that it inspires them to improve on their own style and graphics, not when people decide to use it as a quick and easy way to gain attention while other people are working their asses off. If YOU as a graphic maker consider it a compliment, then be my guest, let everyone in the world copy your graphics. But, especially if you have never made a graphic in your life, don’t force this on other graphic makers who are truly upset when people copy their hard work.

3. “It’s not like your graphics are 100% original anyway.”
Sure, there are millions of graphics on this site and it’s true that nobody’s graphic is 100% unique anymore. Still, I don’t know why this should give people the excuse to copy someone’s graphic 100% wholesale. It’s like saying, “Oh, we’re all eventually going to die someday anyway, so why not we just YOLO and fuck shit up around the world?”. On this site, it’s like saying “Oh nobody’s graphic is 100% original so okay I guess it’s fine for me to just copy someone else’s graphic.” Honestly, I don’t know why people never think “Oh nobody’s graphic is 100% original but that won’t stop me from trying my best to develop my own style” instead of making stupid excuses for themselves. Again, it’s about being a decent human being and understanding by yourself what is right and what is wrong. 

4. “I don’t see what’s wrong as long as you credit the original creator for inspiration in the caption of the graphic.”
Honestly this topic is pretty much a grey area. But in my opinion, it is only polite that you at least ask the original graphic maker first for permission if you want to use their graphic for inspiration and not go behind their backs. Even if you creditted them for insp but did not ask them for permission, it’s like you’re telling them that you don’t respect them enough to at least ask what their preferences are. Also, I wished that people would at least put in some semblance of an effort of adapting the user’s graphic to THEIR OWN style instead of copying it wholesale. Again, stop making excuses for yourself.

With all this said and done, I understand how hard it is to be a new graphic maker and how when you start out, you get are bound to get inspiration from the bigger graphic makers out there. But the key idea is that you have to put in effort, you have to be respectful of others and you should never claim someone else’s hard work for yourself. It’s extremely hurtful and absolutely rude. 

Please save the dying graphic community on Tumblr. Please be more decent human beings. This has been a PSA.