When I visited Miranda recently in the tree-sit she’s been living in for over a year, I gave her my copy of ‘Green Is The New Red’ by Will Potter (awesome book!). Here is a photo of her reading it :). Will has also posted in his fantastic blog, Green Is The New Red, about Miranda’s tree-sit campaign. Yay! Loving the solidarity <3
Miranda Gibson needs an Iphone, Camera and other technical support gear

“Miranda Gibson is an Aussie legend. She is the Australian record holder for tree sitting andhas been living in the canopy of an ancient Eucalyptus tree in Southern Tasmanian for over 8 months. Her tree should have been protected by the state and federal governments but they failed to implement a promised moratorium over 572,000ha of forest.

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To date Miranda’s tree remains unprotected and logging of Tasmania’s old growth forests continues across the state.

Miranda is a truly rare individual, perhaps the most committed environmentalist in Australia. She has gained international attention running her campaign from the canopy using solar power to blog and skype her message to the world. See her recent appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise program here

Her campaign is supported by volunteers and entirely funded through grass roots fundraising initiatives and donations.

Currently Miranda really needs some help to upgrade her technical and communications gear. She urgently needs a new iphone, camera and other technical gear to support her amazing effort.

Please chip in as much or as little as you like, every bit helps. Help us reach our goal and kit Miranda out to help her continue her incredible campaign.”

You are invited to the Observer Tree event of the year!! Please join me on December 14th to celebrate my anniversary in the tree.  That’s right…one year in the tree! And to celebrate we’re having a global cyber event  – Anyone with internet access can join the party!

It’s easy! Here’s how:

  1. On Dec 14th get a group of friends together.
  2. Visit this website and watch live stream as I talk to the world from the tree tops. You can even send in comments and questions for me! As well as hear from guest speakers live streaming from around the world.
  3. Sign the virtual guest book! Post your comments, pictures, and videos – Tell the world why you want to see forests protected.
  4. Our livestream will be integrated with facebook and twitter, so you can use your social networks to spread the word.

Click here to register.

You can join in as an individual, with a group of friends, or host your own public event. Let us know what you’re planning when you register and if your event is public, we’ll promote it for you! Or attend one of these free public events:
 Hellenic Hall, North Hobart from 6pm onwards. Guest speakers,  live music, food and drinks.

Melbourne – State Library Steps from 6pm.

More to be announced.

Download the image  and spread it through your networks.