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Wildfire - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Inspired by Wildfire by Seafret

“Mates?” Derek stared at the veterinarian completely dumbfounded, his mind racing as he tried to comprehend what Deaton had just said.

“Yes, you’re each other’s mates. You were made to be together” His tone was calm as he observed the alpha, carefully watching his reaction.

“But we’re hardly even friends” Deaton sighed, resting his fists against the cool, metal examination table.

“Have you been hearing her heartbeat throughout the day, no matter how far apart you are? Have you been feeling the need to protect and provide for her? Have you-“

“Yes! Okay, I get it” Derek’s words rang around the consolation room as dread swirled in his stomach. How the hell was he going to tell (y/n)-someone who he rarely spent time with-that the universe had decided that they were made for one another and were destined to be together?

(Y/n) shivered as she made her way through Beacon Hills preserve, a new creature had been spotted around town and Scott thought it was hiding it the woods which naturally meant that the pack had to spend their evenings searching for it. She pulled her thin jacket across her chest, ducking her head as she braced herself against the wind. Derek seemed completely unfazed as he walked beside her. She glanced at him, her mind thinking back to how strangely he’d been acting recently. For the last couple of weeks he’d avoided her entirely, groaning in disgust as he was paired with her to search the woods. He hadn’t said a word to her yet, instead falling into a deep, brooding silence. His stare was settled straight ahead, not sparing her a second glance.

Derek was doing everything he could not to look at her. His wolf was crying out for him to hold her and cover her in his scent but he couldn’t. He wasn’t going to force her to be with him, especially when she wasn’t showing any signs of returning his feelings. Deaton had assured him that it was normal for a human to take longer to respond to the bond once it was triggered but she was nothing other than her usual happy self towards him.  He allowed himself a moment of weakness, sneaking a glance to his side. His wolf howled in alarm when he saw her shivering. Derek didn’t stop to think before he was pulling his jacket off. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she watched him extend his arm and offer her his coat.

“I’m okay” Derek raised his eyebrows, clearly not believing her.

“You’re shivering, take it. I’ll be fine” She watched him for a moment before taking his jacket. Slipping it over her shoulders, she sighed in contentment as it engulfed her in warmth.

“Thank you” Her words were quiet and shy, as if she was scared of aggravating him. Derek instantly felt guilty, he was being rude and he didn’t want her to suffer because he couldn’t control his feelings.

“So-uh-what do you think it is?” A small, pleased smile formed on her lips as she thought for a moment.

“I have no idea,” (Y/n) let out a quiet laugh “But I guess it’s not a wolf as you guys would be able to sense that, right?”

Derek was about to respond to her when he heard something rapidly approaching them. Without thinking, he moved in front of her, more than ready to shield her from whatever was coming towards them. He jumped in surprise when he felt her hand grasp his. Instinctively, he squeezed her hand in reassurance while he tried to ignore the waves of contentment rolling over him from her touch. His eyes darted across the expanse of trees in front of them, searching for the threat. Embarrassment flooded his veins when a deer ran past them. Bowing his head, he stepped away from her, reluctantly releasing her hand as they started to walk again.

“Sorry, false alarm” He kept his eyes trained on the floor.

“No problem, I’m glad you’re here with me. I don’t know what I would do if I was out here on my own” She offered him a sweet smile as she burrowed further into his jacket. Derek’s heart fluttered as he wondered whether that was a response to the mate bond, it was the first possible sign she’d shown and it was making his wolf go wild.

They fell into a comfortable silence as they made their way deeper into the woods, (y/n) eventually having to turn on her torch so they could see where they were going. She wasn’t paying attention as they walked, choosing to watch the stars littering the sky above them instead. It would’ve been fine if it hadn’t rained earlier in the day which had made the ground slippery and waterlogged. As they walked down a small hill, her feet gave out from underneath her and she slip down the muddy slope. Derek rushed to her side as an assortment of curses made their way past her lips.

“Where does it hurt?” She flexed her wrists, testing for any sign of pain, when she found none she wiped her muddy hands on her jeans.

“My right ankle is a bit sore but-“ Before she could finish the rest of her sentence, Derek had scooped her into his arms. He ignored her shouts of protest as he abandoned their search and started to make his way back towards his jeep. He tried to appear calm but he was panicking, the thought of her being in pain terrified him and made him fasten his steps.

He set her down in the passenger seat of his car, turning her towards him slightly so he could reach her leg. (Y/n) watched as he gently touched her ankle, his eyes widening when he noticed the scrape running across it. Derek cursed under his breath before rushing to the boot of his car to find his first aid kit. His movements were frantic as he swiped an antiseptic wipe across her ankle. She called his name softly as he started to dress her ankle. He was so focused on taking care of her that he didn’t hear anything she was saying. (Y/n) reached forward, taking his face in her hands.

“Derek. Derek, look at me. I’m fine” Her eyes searched his as he pulled in a deep breath and pinched his eyes shut. Concern clouded her eyes, but she let her hands drop, knowing Derek wasn’t a big fan of physical contact. He didn’t open his eyes, instead he bowed his head while bracing himself against the door frame, effectively trapping her inside. “Do you want to tell me what that was about?”

Derek gave a slight shake of his head before stepping away from her and pulling deep breaths in through his mouth as he tried to clear his senses of her scent.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me” She hopped down from the raised seat, wincing as jolts of pain made their way down her ankle. Derek was by her side instantly, supporting her with an arm around her waist.

“It’s okay, you’re cute when you’re worried” His cheeks flushed red as she giggled softly. Leaning into his touch, she pressed a kiss to his cheek before hobbling back to the car. She hung her legs out of the car while Derek leaned against the back doors.

“How long do you think the others will be?” She pulled his jacket tighter around her chest as she snuggled into the seat. He rounded the car, climbing inside and flicking the heater on.

“I have no idea but we might as well be warm while we wait”

The pack were shocked when they returned to the meeting point and found (y/n) and Derek in fits of laughter. After the two of them had calmed down, they all shared what little information they managed to gather before arranging to meet tomorrow evening at Derek’s loft for a pack meeting.  

(Y/n) reached to open her door so that she could get a lift with Stiles and Scott, but Derek stopped her, circling his hand lightly around her wrist.

“I’ll take you home” She was about to tell him that he didn’t have to when she realised she wanted to spend more time with him, even if it was only a ten minute car journey. Relaxing back into her seat, she laugh softly as Derek started to tell her a story of how much trouble he and Laura got into when they were little and were still learning how to control their abilities. She savoured the moment, he hardly ever spoke about his family and if he did, he usually retreated into himself as he was overcome with grief. But in that moment, despite still feeling the pain of loss, Derek could relive the happy memories and share them with someone else-someone he hoped he would be able to share or even create many more memories with.

As the weeks passed, (y/n) found herself spending more and more time at the loft, it became her safe haven, offering her an escape from the chaos of university and the pack’s problems. Derek never complained when she showed up, instead opening the door wider and offering her a drink as she set her work on his table. Some days she got her work done, on others she would chat with Derek while he prepared dinner for the two of them. Over time she got to know him, seeing behind the cold exterior he displayed to the word. Whenever she got to the loft, the stress of the day fell away and she felt safe, protected almost. Nothing bad could happen if Derek was there. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t developed a small (massive) crush during the time she was with him.

A result of spending time with him meant that she panicked whenever he got hurt.

Deaton had called her in the middle of one of her classes, telling her that Derek had been poisoned by some kind of wolfsbane. She didn’t stop to listen to whatever else he had to say, hanging up and rushing out of the classroom while offering her lecturer an apologetic smile.

She was breathless as she made her way into the clinic, bounding into the consultation room. Her heart stopped when she saw Derek lying motionless on the metal examination table. A shiver ran through her body, freezing her to her very core. She couldn’t breathe, her vision blurring as the possibility of losing Derek rushed through her mind. Deaton rushed to her side, reminding her to pull in deep breathes. He guided her to sit down, his eyes locking with hers as he brought her back to the present.

“Th-thank you” She struggled to get her words out as her eyes flickered to Derek and the panic returned just as quickly as it had left.

“(Y/n), he’ll be fine. I promise. He just needs a little time to come round” She nodded her head, missing the knowing look lingering in the veterinarian’s eyes. Standing on shaky legs, she dragged her chair towards Derek. She took hold of his hand, pressing a light kiss to the back of it. The touch brought her a sense of comfort as her eyes scanned his face for any sign of pain. Deaton rested his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it softly before leaving to check on the animals.

It took an hour for Derek to wake up, his eyes slowly fluttering open as his hand wrapped tightly around (y/n)’s. He tried to sit up, only to groan when the movement caused the room to spin.

“Easy, easy” As he relaxed back against the table, a small, smug smile made its way onto his face.

“You’re worried about me” She let out an exasperated sigh, throwing him a glare. Standing up, she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Of course I was worried! I got a call from Deaton in the middle of my class saying that you’d been poisoned by one of the most deadly kinds of wolfsbane and then when I get here you’re lying motionless on a table-“

Derek braced himself as he sat up and reached for her hand. “I’m okay-hey, look at me” When she reluctantly brought her eyes to his, he smiled at her softly before bringing her hand to rest above his heart. They both tried to ignore the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt as she visibly relaxed after feeling the steady rhythm of his heart beneath her hand.

“How did you get poisoned?” As her hand slipped away from his chest he caught it in his own, entwining their fingers. A smile threatened to form on his face when he heard her heartbeat pick up.

“Must be new hunters in town, I was running in the woods when suddenly I was hit with an arrow. I barely made it here before I collapsed” Fear ran through her body as she thought of what might have happened if he hadn’t got to the clinic in time. Derek squeezed her hand softly. “I’m okay”

“I know, it’s just you’re my-you’re my,” She let out a sigh of aggravation as she struggled to find the right words. “You’re my Derek”

He tried desperately to ignore the trickle of hope that ran through him as he hung on every word she said. She tried to pull away from him, needing space to think, but he kept hold of her hand.

“I don’t know how to describe it Derek but I need you-whenever I’m without you I feel this emptiness, like I’m missing something. But then when I’m with you, I feel safe and happy-happier than I am anywhere else”

“I love you too” She froze, her eyes locking with his. Slowly, a smile pulled at her cheeks while a blush spread across them. Derek pulled her closer, winding his arms around her waist. Her hands settled on his shoulders before threading through his hair.

“I love you” Her words were slow as her heart fluttered in her chest. She paused for a moment as she admired the smile resting on his face. “It feels stronger than that, like we’re bound together”

A content laugh bubble in his chest, his arms pulling her impossibly closer. “We’re mates”

Her smile dropped as she wondered how she could have misread the situation so badly. “Right, of course, we’re friends”

Derek’s brows furrowed until he figured out what she was thinking. “What? No, (y/n) like the idea of soulmates. It happens to werewolves, there’s someone we’re connected to-destined to be with”

She laughed softly, shaking her head. “Why didn’t you start with that?”

He joined her laughter as he rested their foreheads together. “Are you sure you want me because once we start making things,” He paused, embarrassment flooding his cheeks. “Uh-physical. There’s no going back, we’ll be connected for life”

Derek’s heart started to beat frantically as he watch a heart breaking smile pull at her cheeks and make her eyes sparkle.

“Sounds good” He leaned in closer, his lips brushing hers.


“Yeah” Their lips connected, their hearts seeming to beat in sync as (y/n) melted against his touch.

Beanies and Negotiations

Originally posted by juptern

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Betty and Veronica observe (Y/N) and Jughead’s friendship, Jughead’s signature grey beanie seeming to be a catalyst for the more flirtatious points in their relationship

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,182

A/N: this is my first imagine, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Veronica and Betty sat in a booth at Pop’s, each girl sipping on her own milkshake.  They smiled and laughed as they chatted about random topics, the subject ranging from schoolwork to their friends.  After their giggles died down from joking about Kevin’s antics, the conversation landed on the topic of (Y/N) and Jughead.

“So (Y/N) and Jughead have been friends forever, like you and Archie, right?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah, they’ve been best friends for as long as any of us could remember,” Betty said, smiling.  “They used to chase each other around everywhere. It was so cute.  I remember this one time, we were in first grade and the four of us were playing in Archie’s backyard.  Suddenly, Jughead got down on one knee, took off his beanie, and proposed to (Y/N).”

“No!” Veronica gasped, covering a smile.

“Yes!” Betty giggled. “Archie and I were so shocked, but (Y/N) just smiled and put on the beanie.  She told him, ‘We’re much too young to get married, Juggie.  Ask me again when we’re eighteen and I’ll say yes.’” Veronica laughed and Betty soon joined her.  Once their laughter subsided, Veronica’s wandering eyes found Jughead sitting a few booths away, typing away on his computer.

“Speak of the devil,” she smirked, pointing at him as Betty turned around to look.  He sat by himself, ignorant to the world as he wrote his story.

“I’m surprised (Y/N)’s not with him,” Betty commented as she turned back to face Veronica.  She shrugged.

“I bet you she’ll walk in within the next ten minutes.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later (Y/N) entered the Chock’lit Shoppe.  She stood by the entrance for a minute, her eyes scanning the diner. Finally, she spotted Jughead and walked over to the booth.  Sliding into the same seat as Jughead, she rested her chin on his shoulder.  Betty and Veronica watched as her mouth moved, but they couldn’t hear what she was saying.

“Ugh, I can’t hear them!” Veronica moaned.  Betty nodded.

“Me too.  Maybe we could move a bit closer?” she suggested. “But be subtle about it.”  The girls slowly picked up their milkshake glasses and shifted down a few booths, so now they were within earshot of Jughead and (Y/N). Neither of them seemed to notice.

“It’s very well-written,” (Y/N) commented, her eyes scanning Jughead’s laptop screen.  “Very eloquent and ominous.”  The corners of Jughead’s lips curved upwards, but he didn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“Thanks,” he replied, continuing to type.  Betty and Veronica continued to observe their interactions, watching as Jughead continuously stole (Y/N)’s fries, to which she would reciprocate with a slap on his arm. At one point Jughead became so invested in his story that he completely zoned out, unable to hear (Y/N).

“Juggie,” she pestered him, lightly poking his arm.  “Come on, Jughead.  Earth to Juggie?”  He remained stoic as (Y/N) sighed, leaning back in the seat.  After a moment of thought, she sprung up again.  She smirked as she snatched the beanie off of Jughead’s head and tugged it onto hers.  That seemed to snap him out of his trace, because immediately he slammed his laptop shut and reached out to take it back.  (Y/N) giggled and ran out from their booth, running over to Betty and Veronica.  The two girls shifted so it would appear that they weren’t eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Quick, move,” (Y/N) urged as she squeezed past Betty into the booth.  Jughead slowly approached their table, his eyes never shifting from (Y/N).

“Give it back,” he demanded as he stood right in front of the table.  Betty and Veronica bit their lips in an attempt to keep their giggles at bay.  (Y/N) shook her head.

“Not unless you let me wear it tomorrow,” she bargained.  Jughead scoffed and crossed his arms.

“This isn’t a negotiation,” he told her.  He leaned over to grab it off (Y/N)’s head, but she swatted his arm away.

“This is a negotiation,” she replied, smirking.  “I have something that we both want.  I’m proposing a fair deal to you.  Take it or leave it.”  Jughead released an exasperated sigh as he looked at Betty and Veronica.

“Can either of you please give that back to me?” he pleaded.  The two girls almost missed the slight upward twitch of his lips. Veronica pursed her lips, trying to hide her smile.

“Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’.  “I think it’s a fair deal.”  Betty shrugged and nodded.

“I agree,” she stated. Jughead let out another frustrated groan and (Y/N) smirked.

“The girls have spoken, Juggie.  Do we have a deal?” she questioned.

“Fine,” Jughead agreed, rolling his eyes.  (Y/N) smirked triumphantly, jumping over the seat and out to stand next to Jughead. He grabbed the beanie off her head and placed it onto his.  A smirk began to creep onto his face.

“You didn’t make me pinky promise,” he taunted before retreating back to their table.  (Y/N) huffed in anger as she stomped back to their booth, sitting down across from Jughead with her arms crossed.  Betty and Veronica broke down into hysterical laughter.

“Oh my god!” Veronica laughed.  “They’re like an old married couple!”

“Yeah they are,” Betty giggled.  “I still can’t believe they’re just like friends.”  They both shook their heads as they turned their attention back to (Y/N) and Jughead’s booth.  The pair had stood up, Jughead’s laptop tucked under his arm, and they exited the diner.

The next day at school, Betty and Veronica gave (Y/N) confused stares as she roamed the hallways sporting Jughead’s signature grey beanie.  

“That cannot be Jughead’s,” Veronica denied, shutting her locker.  “I mean, there’s no way Jughead would actually give his beanie to her. He never takes that thing off.”  Betty gave her a doubtful look.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he let her wear it,” Betty replied as they began to walk to the student lounge.  “He’s completely smitten with her.”

“He’s more smitten with his hat,” Veronica joked, both girls laughing.

Their suspicions were confirmed when they spotted Jughead in the lounge, raven locks flowing freely. He wore no beanie.  (Y/N) entered a few minutes later, still wearing Jughead’s beanie.  She smirked as she walked over to him.  Betty and Veronica turned to face them, not-so-subtly attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Can I please have it back?” they heard Jughead whine.  (Y/N) grinned and shook her head, putting her hands over the beanie in case Jughead tried to snatch it off her head.


“I feel like an idiot without it on,” he complained.  “Everyone’s giving me weird looks.  And normally I don’t mind that, but I’m feeling quite vulnerable and exposed without my beanie.”

“A deal’s a deal, Juggie,” (Y/N) sing-songed, walking over to sit next to Betty on the couch. Jughead muttered under his breath and shook his head, but he followed (Y/N) and leaned against the armrest of the couch. The four friends chatted and laughed together, and Betty and Veronica couldn’t help but notice Jughead’s frequent glances at (Y/N) and the wide smile that never left his face.

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All These Words I’ll Never Say

Mercury in Scorpio: Secretive, keeps the mind under guarded lock and key, feels that revealing thoughts reveals the self, quiet so observation can take place, only willing to participate in thrilling, stimulating, deep subject matter, most of the work occurs on the unconscious 

Saturn in the 3rd house: Mental paralysis can occur, like complete thought build up that hits a concrete wall and presses on the mind. The individual can be mentally environmentally overstimulated to the point of silence. Also deeply considers words before speaking 

Mercury in the 12th house: The crowd turns thoughts so wet and watery that they leak and vanish, often the individual can be stunned into silence socially because the thoughts of other people (often not recognised) become consuming. The individual thinks better alone, the mind is private  

Pluto in the 3rd house: The individual understands the reverence and power of words so deeply considers the conscious and unconscious wave of their words. Motivated to only speak the truth, only willing to participate in thrilling, stimulating, deep subject matter 

Mercury-Saturn aspects: Cerebral paralysis can occur, the mind seeming stunned or cramped, thoughts of inadequacy, ‘you’re too stupid to participate in this conversation’ can impair the mental expression, seeks to contribute only meaningful information and thoughts 

Neptune in the 3rd house: The active dreamlike can inhibit the individual from conversation often generating vague distractibility and inability to focus on conversation or lead conversation in a manner which can be followed 

Mercury in the 8th house: The compulsion to only speak the truth rears meaningful silence, guarded and strictly observant - the individual watches other people before participating in discussion, secretive with thoughts 


snovvhiteandthesevendeadlysins  asked:

How can I, as a straight white female, support my friends and others on the LGBTQ+ spectrum?

Such a great question!! Listen to their experiences. Amplify their perspectives. Use your place of privilege to fight for their equality. Spread messages of inclusion & love, and don’t ever assume people *know* you’re an ally. Closeted LGBTQ+ people are watching & observing - and everything you do, big or small, signals whether or not you’re someone they can confide in or feel accepted by.

As a gay white cisgender male, so much of my experience making “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” was about listening to people who belong to disenfranchised communities within the LGBTQ+ community, and using my platform to amplify their stories. Whether that’s people of color, trans youth, or queer refugees, it’s recognizing that I have certain privileges, and I have an opportunity to use my place of privilege to give them my microphone.


sparrabeth + elizabeth’s fascination with jack upon first meeting him

i had this bizarre dream last night that i made an entire, 20 min compilation of every single time littlefoot eats a tree star in the land before time series and i was so proud i submitted it to the library of congress and they sent it back saying “you put a deviantart watermark on it so its now unusable” and i was so upset i woke up

The Observer laughing at Noah v. Noah laughing at Noah

They’re similar in circumstance, but… 

The Observer sounds like he genuinely thinks it’s hysterical. Future Noah sounds like he’s chasing prey when he knows it can’t get away, and it’s amusing to watch it try.

It’s Launch Day! 

Final preparations are underway for today’s 5:55 p.m. EDT launch of the eleventh SpaceX cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station  from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft will liftoff into orbit atop the Falcon 9 rocket carrying about 6,000 pounds of crew supplies, equipment and scientific research to crewmembers living aboard the station. The flight will deliver investigations and facilities that study neutron stars, osteoporosis, solar panels, tools for Earth-observation, and more.

Watch live coverage starting today at 5:15pm ET at

Learn more about the mission and launch at

Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

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Some Ilvermorny headcanons
  • First and foremost, every day is cranberry pie day
  • While students do have robes, the clothes they wear underneath the robes are not uniforms. There is an eclectic mix of tastes, from the very serious horned serpent who wears button-downs and ties every day, to the wampus who has enchanted their graphic t-shirt to move, to the thunderbirds and pukwudgies who mutually exist solely for sweater weather.
  • Every year on James Steward’s birthday, there is a school-sponsored cranberry pie bake-off. Pukwudgie house nearly always wins. Once, thunderbird won and good lord you would think it was the civil war all over again
  • There are a lot of local professors, of course, so you get some really thick Boston accents, but there are also professors with southern belle accents who serve iced tea in class, professors with Canadian accents, professors with midwest accents, several Native American professors with smooth, lulling accents, and some Mexican professors who slip into Spanish when they get super excited about their subject. There was a visiting professor from Ireland once, and 96% of female students (and some male students) had major crushes on him.
  • Wampus house is where you go to get body-crushing, soul-lifting hugs
  • Horned serpents may be scholars, but they are also some of the keenest observers. They watch the whole school from afar and quietly play matchmaker to all of their friends. No one suspects them because - what, horned serpent? No. They don’t know about emotions. Meanwhile, the house president makes a killing on the bet she made to predict the homecoming king/queen. 
  • Thanksgiving at Ilvermorny is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. It’s almost bigger than Christmas. The thanksgiving feasts at Ilvermorny put Hogwarts to shame. Turkey, ham, real cranberry sauce, pies - oh my god so many pies. They’ve got cider, and tea, and cocoa like you wouldn’t believe. There are New English dishes and Southern dishes and Native dishes and Mexican dishes and Canadian dishes and West Coast dishes - essentially it’s a gigantic continental potluck, and it goes on all day long. Also, their pumpkin juice tastes 1000 times better.
  • While things like dueling and fighting with wands may be frowned upon at Hogwarts, at Ilvermorny it’s kind of just assumed that stuff happens, and the profs are very chill about it. “Just don’t kill each other okay” “just take it outside” “no casting destruction spells indoors” “bring some band-aids with you” “if you break your nose don’t bleed on your homework”
  • Pukwudgies are a pretty agreeable house over all, if not a bit salty and surly around the edges, they’ll still help you with your homework and bring you soup when you’ve got a cold. But all bets are off when they step onto the lacrosse field. Maybe its a pride thing, but pukwudgies are frikkin animals when playing lacrosse.
  • Wampus beats pukwudgie at lacrosse fairly often. They don’t actually practice that much, they just kind of win.
  • This fact has fueled a sports rivalry - friendly in wampus’ eyes, bloodthirsty in pukwudgie’s eyes. 
  • At wampus/pukwudgie games, horned serpents sell special blends of popcorn. Thunderbirds purchase, hoard, and eat 89% of this popcorn.
  • Horned serpents and pukwudgies often, though not always, end up having an unspoken rivalry in potions class.
  • Contrary to popular belief, wampus is not full of athletic jocks. However, they are the most body-positive of all of the schools, and, somewhat ironically to the stereotype, will never judge anyone for their athletic ability. They want everyone to be able to enjoy athleticism and bravery and adventure in the ways they are most able and gifted.
  • That being said, they do have the kind of student body who, if called upon, could become a minute militia.
  • When there is a freak hurricane or tornado headed headed for the school, it will be a wampus student who is patrolling the halls and telling students where to go for safety. If there is a bully in school, you had better bet your bottom dollar that s/he will be beaten to a pulp by the next day, and it will be a wampus student sporting mysteriously bloody knuckles.
  • Pukwudgies are the ones who patch up the bully; they might accidentally wind the bandages a little too tight.
  • Thunderbirds love a good game of hide-and-seek. They have a tradition of, every halloween, playing hide-and-seek in the dark in the woods.
  • Horned serpents are the students least often caught for sneaking in contraband into school. Caught being the key word. Most students learn at some point in their education that if you want a nice stiff drink, you go to horned serpent. During secret designated holidays, horned serpent common room turns into a speakeasy. 
  • Unexpectedly, it is pukwudgies who carry the most weapons and dangerous materials on their person at any given time. If a group of Ilvermorny students were going through a security check, it would be the pukwudgies held at the line while they emptied their pockets (bigger on the inside, of course) of various poisons and weapons. When asked, they would just shrug and say “just in case”.
  • The town around Ilvermorny is home to several franchised chain restaurants that, although they are no-maj brands, have been taken over by Ilvermorny alumni and thus serve predominantly wizarding patrons. Cups levitate to customers in the Starbucks, there are magic-only options on the menu; the chik-fil-a floor sweeps itself; at dominos the pizzas assemble themselves while the one clerk waits, bored, at the register. There are in-house cues for magic patrons whenever a no-maj walks in. The clerk rings a bell or taps loudly on the counter, or yells out an order than is actually a code word for stop doing magic stuff. It’s like red light green light.
  • There are some old service tunnels beneath the school left over from WWII and the Cold War. They’re like a labyrinth, and Thunderbird has a monopoly on the maps to the tunnels. Some of the more obscure tunnels have large rooms that are perfect for parties and impromptu speakeasies (lookin at you, horned serpent). Thunderbirds will rent out these rooms to fellow students at a fair and competitive rate.
  • Unlike hogwarts, Ilvermorny students are more apt to use modern technology. Electrics can be weird around witches and wizards, but they still enjoy a lot of no-maj programming. They use computers instead of quills (but still have to print off their essays, ugh,) and listen to music, and watch TV.
  • Star Trek has long been a school cult favorite. Pukwudgies have adopted Bones as their pop culture mascot; Kirk is Thunderbird’s, Spock, horned serpent. Wampus vacillates on which of these three they like most, though it must be said, when they start watching Next Gen, many wampus students find themselves enamored with Worf,
  • There has only been one no-maj to ever make it past the magic shields of Ilvermorny unaided. This instance was in 1985. His name was Chad, who at the time was 1) stoned out of his mind and 2) delivering chinese takeout to a horned serpent pulling an all-nighter. School admin found out later, and there was hell to pay. They never did track down Chad to wipe his memory.
  • Pukwudgie house does have more than its fair share of healers, so they are definitely the ones to go to for cold remedies, home made soup, the best cures for menstrual cramps, and really good back rubs.
  • However, they are also the ones to go to for less medical remedies: the best hot cocoa, the most gourmet teas, and home made food.
  • Each house has a class president who is elected for a two-year term (unless they’re a final year student, in which case they will serve one before being taken over by their VP). They have some influence within their houses, but never as much as they’d like. For instance, the thunderbird president once attempted to institute mid-day dancing parties, but school admin said no.
  • Pukwudgies are usually not super athletic, but are often very good at things like darts, archery, and waterbaloon fights.
  • Wampus takes ultimate frisbee very, very seriously.
  • Thunderbird hosts an ongoing scavenger hunt throughout the semester.
  • The women of horned serpent blow off steam and the stuffy acadmic pressures of their house by making pillow forts and watching rom coms with each other.
  • Back in the eighties some wizard created a magic version of D&D, and it has become a weekend favorite of many students across all of the houses.
  • After graduation, instead of having a class ring, it has become tradition for Ilvermorny students to make a pendant out of their golden cloak buttons.
  • Ilvermorny may be separated by inter-house squabbles much like at Hogwarts, but at the end of the day, they all leave school wearing the same blue and cranberry robes, sporting the same skill with a wand, raised to the same scrappy, witty, mod-podge tenacity that American witches and wizards embody so well.

you know what’s amazing? the books you read and the shows you watch will ALWAYS be a part of you till the day you die. you will make decisions based on your knowledge, knowledge you received by reading, observing and watching. everything you think or say, every inside joke you have, everything is influenced by literature, film and shows. always ignore people who think reading or watching shows are waste of time.

There’s a show called naked and afraid, which is a survival show were one man and one woman are left naked in some place of the world w no food, water, shelter, and clothes and they have to survive 21 days.
I don’t watch it very much but my dad follows it religiously and he says that 90% of the time, the women last the longest, complain the least, do the most work and know the most.
I honestly don’t even think it’s that the women r more prepared or anything like that, but the guys come in so cocky, talking bout how they’ll make the jungle their bitch and the moment something bad happens they lose their minds and give up 3 seconds later lol

Sorry to rain on your parade :’D

one of my favourite under-appreciated things about AVPM is the fact that the Langs obviously had no clue which house Quirrell canonically belonged in

(because Pottermore had not been around yet and that information is never given in the books)

so they just gave him traits from all the houses

like, he is ‘the brightest professor here’ and thinks that ‘books are a thrill’, which codes him more as a Ravenclaw

but then he’s brave enough to stand up to the Dark Lord of all people and call him out on his shit on literally every single occasion, and starting fights with Voldemort out of pure spite is definitely a Gryffindor-thing

he also is ambitious and wants to take over the world and has no problems with walking over corpses to achieve his goals, which all screams Slytherin

and then there’s the small feat of him finding Voldemort in the Dark Forest and generally being precious and nice and kind and positive - Hufflepuff

Observant #1: Death isn’t patient! It happens very abruptly!

Clockwork: I thought death had some virtues.

Observant #2: Why would death have virtues!?

Clockwork: Would it hurt to be a little bit nicer about the situation?

Observant #2: It’s not a guidance counselor!

Observant #1: I mean, why are we even talking-

Observants: Why is this a subject we are talking about!?

Clockwork: *age starts changing* Hey, I’m twelve! Going on fourteen!

Observant #1: …wait, what?

Clockwork: I’m almost eight!

Observant #1: Why are you descending in age so rapidly!?

Clockwork: I’m three!!

Observant #2: I don’t think we can even employ you, you are so young!

Clockwork: I’m ten! But I look twelve!! But I’m only six!!!