observe and terminate


Rex awoke in the sanitary environment of his private recovery room in the infirmary.  “Kriff, not again.” What happened this time? He vaguely remembers entering a bacta tank, then seeing Wolffe.

DMO-38 entered the room with a large trey of food and put it on the table near him.

“What is this?”

“Sustenance, Captain.” The Droid responded.

“No, I mean this.” Said Rex as he refers to the monitors on his chest and arms.

“You are under observation for terminal failure.”

“Droid, I am not in terminal failure.”

“That is why you are under observation. “

Rex Frowns processing what he just heard.  “Droids…”he mumbles as he begins to peel off the monitoring device which starts to beep.

“Captain, you must remain –“

“Clanker, if you touch me, you will be terminally deactivated.” He menaced as he took of the remaining tapes and threw off the sheets on the bed.

“DMO, you better do as he says.” Says Kitxa as she leans against the doorway.

“Thank you Doctor.” Says the droid, “Clones.” DMO-38 hastily passes Rex and left the room.

“That thing has to be reprogramed.”

“I know DMO’s bedside manner is lacking, but it is helpful around here.” Smiles Kixta as she enters the room.

Rex shook his head and ran his fingers through his beard scratching his face.  “How long have I been here?”

“A couple of days. You had an episode in the bacta tank. Do you remember anything?”

“Only that I saw Wolffe, and… Oh, no.”

“There is nothing wrong with your right hook Captain.” Said the large Zygerrian as he enters the room while lightly rubbing his still bruised nose.


 “It’s alright, Captain. I am aware of your unfortunate experience with my people years ago.  Slave trading is a practice that my family had been fighting for generations, but as a race we are overwhelmingly characterized as slavers.”  The Zygerrian looked at his patient with piercing eyes. “How are you feeling?”

Rex took a deep breath. He hadn’t really thought about it.  He stretched as he looked about the room, then at the concerned expressions of his daughter and therapist. He stood rather quickly surprising the doctors as well as himself.

“Easy there…” Said the Zygerrian offering an arm.  Rex steadied himself touching the therapists shoulder, then taking a few steps on his own.  “I’m fine.” He shrugged as he walked around the room, “Well rested actually.”

Kitxa looked at Kortokann and he nodded and left the room.  Kitxa sat on the bed and Rex sat next to her.  

“You almost died, Dad.” Kitxa said looking at him earnestly.

“Kitxa, I’m not going anywhere.”

“I can’t treat your condition.”  She sniffed trying to stay strong, “I don’t know what to do.”

Rex holds his daughter close to his chest as she tries not to cry, “Kitxa, No-one knows their time. Least of all a clone.  I’ve been very fortunate to live as long as I have.”

Kitxa looks at her father, holding his hand, “Dad, Please, stop taking risks with your life.”

“I don’t take risks that aren’t necessary.  I’m a soldier…”

“Were a soldier…”

Always a soldier.” Rex said sternly, he then softened, “Kitxa, I never thought I’d have the chance to be a father, yet here you are.  You’re beautiful, smart, and grown.  You’re married now, carrying my grandbabes.”  Rex placed his hand on her belly and smiled as he felt a flurry of tiny kicks, “I want to see them too.  I’m going to be around as long as I can, but don’t ask me to be something I’m not.  I know of no other way.  I’ve tried.”

Kitxa smiles halfheartedly patting her father’s hand on her belly.

“Where is that husband of yours anyway?”  Rex inquired.

“Thanowhyn hasn’t returned from purchasing plantings for bacta replenishment.  It’s been over two weeks.  I’m worried.”

Rex scratched his head, “I’ll go to the base and see what I can find out.”

“You’ll do no such thing.” Snapped Kixta.  “Captain Razer is tracking his route.  He’ll find out where he is.  You have to continue to get better.”

“I’m fi-“

“That is a medical order, Captain.  You haven’t eaten solid food for days.  Eat.”  Said his determined daughter as she pushes the table of food in front of him.

“I can’t eat all this.” Protested Rex as he waves a hand over the table.

“Plo is coming with me until you eat.”  Kitxa signals Plo to follow her, “I know you feed him.”

The Megalupin obediently slinks off with Kixta looking forlornly at Rex, “Sorry, boy.”

For our rogues gallery.

I keep seeing a post going around about different types of SW fans on Tumblr. It has an unfortunate lack of all the Sith and Empire fans. So I’m making an alternate list. Feel free to add to this, but without further ado, a general classification scheme for SW dark siders on Tumblr.

1.Jackbooted aesthetic of reblog all the evil style

2. Living embodiments of why the villain fan page on TV tropes is titled Rooting for the Empire

3. Dark with dark shippers: Palpakin, Kyloke, Phux, Grievous/Ventress, etc.

4. Fans who left the movies with a deep and abiding desire to become Sith Lords

5. The crew that is 100% here for the PIRATES AND BOUNTY HUNTERS

6. Proudly fanatical Vader loyalists

7. Your High Ground is Unsubstantiated and The Dark Side is Life (meta-generators)

8. Fans who get really attached to minor antagonists the story doesn’t focus on and convince others to appreciate them more

9. Shippers who care less about who’s “right” than they do about rebuilding burned bridges, and expressing that even prickly, formidable villains are not necessarily beyond help.

10. Outspoken people in any of the groups canon has stereotyped as Irredeemable or Always Chaotic Evil

11. Fans observing that SW has a terminal case of stupid, and responding by pointing, laughing, and/or pitching it to try and fix it (salties … bless you guys)

12. Muns with shady-as-fuck muses who they love and voice regularly

13. ???