observe and terminate

Caption: “Two Milwaukee Road Hiawatha passenger trains at Chicago Union Station, circa 1950. Leading the train in the background is F7-class 4-6-4 no. 102. Photograph by Wallace W. Abbey and courtesy the Center for Railroad Photography & Art.”

For our rogues gallery.

I keep seeing a post going around about different types of SW fans on Tumblr. It has an unfortunate lack of all the Sith and Empire fans. So I’m making an alternate list. Feel free to add to this, but without further ado, a general classification scheme for SW dark siders on Tumblr.

1.Jackbooted aesthetic of reblog all the evil style

2. Living embodiments of why the villain fan page on TV tropes is titled Rooting for the Empire

3. Dark with dark shippers: Palpakin, Kyloke, Phux, Grievous/Ventress, etc.

4. Fans who left the movies with a deep and abiding desire to become Sith Lords

5. The crew that is 100% here for the PIRATES AND BOUNTY HUNTERS

6. Proudly fanatical Vader loyalists

7. Your High Ground is Unsubstantiated and The Dark Side is Life (meta-generators)

8. Fans who get really attached to minor antagonists the story doesn’t focus on and convince others to appreciate them more

9. Shippers who care less about who’s “right” than they do about rebuilding burned bridges, and expressing that even prickly, formidable villains are not necessarily beyond help.

10. Outspoken people in any of the groups canon has stereotyped as Irredeemable or Always Chaotic Evil

11. Fans observing that SW has a terminal case of stupid, and responding by pointing, laughing, and/or pitching it to try and fix it (salties … bless you guys)

12. Muns with shady-as-fuck muses who they love and voice regularly

13. ???