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東京タワー Tokyo Tower by yiming1218
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Tokyo, Japan


NASA’s SOFIA mission, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, is literally a telescope stuck in the back of a 747 that flies at altitudes higher than typical commercial jets, above the tropopause (the altitude that clouds usually stop at. That gives them a view of the heavens not typically seen out the windows of planes. This video shakes a bit because it’s a handheld camera, but this is the view they get out the window. Despite a full moon, the Milky Way can be seen, in addition to light pollution below penetrating the clouds from a number of cities. Saturn and Mars can be seen at the upper right as the particularly bright dots, plus a lot of meteors. 

1960s - Taipei, China - This great UFO shot taken by Tsai Chang-hung in Yuanshan Park  adjacent to Taipei’s Grand Hotel, shows an oval object hovering in the sky.

Although the photo is dark and hazy, investigator Ho claims a high credibility for the photo as Tsai is a relative of Tsai Chang-hsien former head of the Taipei City Observatory. Photo courtesy of TUFOA.