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Prove It.

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Lance walked the halls, restless, unable to sleep. He knew he wasn’t the only one. He heard Hunk rattling around in the kitchen and Pidge was up and working on some gadget. He hadn’t seen Allura or Coran, but he knew they were awake too. He assumed Keith would be on the training deck taking out his feelings on the gladiator set two levels harder than he SHOULD have been fighting, but…he wasn’t there? What the cheese? Where else could he be? It was Keith. He was either eating, sleeping or training…or fighting with Lance but that was just par for the course.  

What wasn’t par for the course was the sniffling he heard as he made his way to the observation deck. Was someone…crying? That wasn’t him? He had just done a round of the castle. Who was it? Lance turned the corner and skidded to a halt. Keith hadn’t been seen out of his room in two days. Ever since they had raced to the black lion and found it empty. Of course, no one blamed him. No one really knew how close Shiro and Keith were, but they all knew they were at least good friends.

He should turn around. That was Lance’s first thought. He almost did too, except…sometimes… when he was crying he WANTED to be found. He wanted someone to notice him and tell him everything was going to be alright. So maybe…Keith did too? Only one way to find out…

“Hey, uh, you okay buddy?” Lance asked quietly staying where he was. Keith looked up, tear streaking down his face to see Lance. Wide eyed and wiping his nose, Keith didn’t tear his gaze from Lance. Couldn’t. He had never seen him looked so…so concerned.

“Hey, Lance.” Keith replied looking down finally. “I’m uh…” He chuckled bitterly. What was the use of lying? He had been caught in the act. “Pretty awful actually.” He admitted.

Lance smiled weakly and nodded. “Yeah, well no one is gonna blame you there.” He said tucking his hands into his pockets. His eyes searched Keith’s when they caught his own for a moment, and his mouth did that thing where it started running before he could turn his filter on. “You want some company?” His cheeks brightened and he stared as his sneakers focusing on a scuff on the left one. It needed to be polished but where the hell was he gonna find shoe polish in space? Maybe the mall? Oh man, he HAD to get back there!

“Sure.” Lance’s eyes snapped up to Keith’s steel coloured one’s, disbelief leaking out before he could check himself.

“I’m sorry, could you speak into my good ear?” Lance said grinning a little. “I thought you said you wanted to have a human interaction with me.”

Keith’s mouth twitched. “Just get over here, idiot.” He muttered looking at his hands.

Lance nodded and plopped himself down. “So…Are you okay?” Lance asked and held up a slim finger. “And before you say yes, please realize that you’re an awful liar and you do that shifty side look and you get all breathy when you lie and I’ll know.” He practically sing songed it at him.

“What do you think?” Keith huffed after a few seconds realizing Lance was right. Keith’s heart clenched painfully as he saw the empty pilot’s chair of the black lion in his mind once again.

“Pretty crappy probably.” Lance bit his lip staring straight ahead. “So my madre always says a hug helps any situation become a little brighter. So uhhhhh….” He pushed his hair out of his eyes, making it a total disaster of disarray. Now his hair was sticking up at odd angles and Keith couldn’t help the snicker.

“So uh what, Lance?” He always seemed to make things better. Yes, Keith still felt like he still had a hole blown straight through him, but Lance had a light in him that made him smile even now. It was like magic. Some sort of mystical talent that kept them all sane. Keith had never realized how much each one of them brought to the team, but Lance was harder to see most of the time. Keith was just now realizing without Lance they probably all would have lost their minds.

“Well do you want a hug?” Lance asked stringing all the words together, but Keith got his jist. His brow shot up, barely noticeable under the thick curtain of his bangs.

“…okay.” Lance practically choked on his own tongue at Keith’s acquiescence. He wasn’t expecting that. He thought it would be some teeth pulling ordeal with Lance finally screaming at Keith and him finally giving in just to shut him up.

“Oh, uhhh, yeah alright.” Lance watched Keith. Personally, he thought it was a trick. Personally, he thought he was going to reach over and Keith was going to try to gnaw his arm off. So Lance treated it like Keith was a bear. A very angry bear who just was woken up from a long winters nap and WHY was he doing this again? Lance carefully slipped an arm around Keith’s shoulders and surprisingly Keith leaned into it.

So, Lance wrapped his other arm around Keith. “There, there.” He said softly because that’s what his madre always did and okay so it sounded a little cheesy, but it must have been somewhat the right thing to do, because Keith wrapped his arms around Lance. Again, he was TOTALLY not expecting this. Like mayday what was HAPPENING? Apparently, Keith REALLY needed a hug.

“It’s okay.” Lance tried again, this time more sincere. “I know it’s hard but I’m here and it sucks, I know it sucks, Keith, but we’re gonna get him back.”

By now Keith was sobbing, clutching at Lance’s shirt and actually just letting it all out. Okay Lance was not prepared for this at all. He would have been more prepared for Zarkon calling a truce while dressed in an evening gown. Still, he had…asked for this? Kinda? He wasn’t gonna back down now. He never backed down from Keith, and he never backed down from a friend. Keith was well both.

“H-he…he told me like-like he knew….He told me when we…we were at the Blade of Marmora’s headquarters that…he…he wanted me to lead Voltron if something ever happened to him. Lance.” Keith looked up puffy eyes boring into him. “I CAN’T lead Voltron.” He shook his head.

Lance stared right back at Keith. “I think you admitting you can’t…probably means you can.” He said scrunching up his face in thought. “Wait, wait hear me out.” He said as Keith began to open his mouth. “You know that you’re not ready but like who else can do it? Allura has to open wormholes. She’s got to be ON the castle to do that. I dunno how we can even FORM Voltron without Shiro.” Lance’s eyes went wide in sudden dawning horror. “How in the quiznak are we gonna form Voltron?” He shook his head.

“You could.” Keith said and Lance laughed. “I’m serious.” Keith grabbed Lance by the shoulders. “You have better plans, and you know how to…you know…people.”

Lance. Just. Stared. Keith was admitting he would be a good leader. But he couldn’t make the calls that needed to be made. Keith could. Keith needed to be the voice of reason when Lance wanted to sacrifice everything for something small that wouldn’t help…but Keith was right Lance was a strategist…but…”Hey Keith, we make a good team.”

It was Keith’s turn to snap his eyes back to Lance’s. “You-you DO remember!” He practically shouted grabbing his shoulders. Lance was blushing. He could feel it all the way to the tips of his ears.

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I do. I remember.” Lance admitted. “But I mean we DO make a good team so…so why don’t we both do it?” He offered, his voice pitching up at the end of his sentence.

Keith’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates. “Both of us lead Voltron?” He asked in disbelief. Lance shrugged.

“I mean why not. You’ve got the drive, I’ve got the plans and when we work together everything is like ten times better so yeah. Both of us.”

Keith was still staring. “Yeah, okay, sure.” He nodded. Holy crow! Lance grinned, tears shining in his eyes. “We’ll find him. We’re gonna fid Shiro, Keith, but until them we’re gonna make him proud bec-‘

Keith cut Lance off. Lance yelped but it was smother by Keith’s lips pressing against his own. Lance’s eyes felt like they were gonna fall smooth out of his face so he closed them, because that was the polite thing to do right? That was what he was supposed to be doing? Also he should probably…slide his hand into Keith’s hair or….something? So he did.

Keith’s hands cupped Lance’s cheeks and it was uncoordinated and sloppy at best. Keith was still getting over crying and Lance was well a mess because he was still trying to process the fact Keith kissed him, and he was kissing Keith.

Finally, Keith pulled back and wiped his mouth. “Ugh you use too much spit.” He huffed. Lance of course was immediately offended.

“Hey I’ll have you know I am a GREAT KISSER!” He practically screeched. “You just caught me off guard and I didn’t have a chance to really get into it! But if I had you’d be singing a different tune, Keith!”

Keith chuckled. Yeah, things sucked and they were missing their leader, but Lance made everything a little more bearable. They were going to get him back. Lance promised, and if Lance promised then they would find Shiro, just like he said. They would figure out the black lion thing and they would get him back. Him and Lance we’re gonna be a great team, because they were. With a gleam in his eye, Keith leaned in. “Oh, yeah hot shot? Prove it.”

And Lance SO did.



Top of the Empire State Building barely peaks out from above the cloud deck, viewed from the Observation Deck of One World Trade Center. This view is basically “the island of Manhattan” during a day where the clouds are low.

Delicate Part 5/9

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/S - Your Astrological Sign

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

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I grew up in the Chicago area, so this clip of fog blowing through my city viewed from the Hancock Building observation deck remains one of my favorite Vines.

In this week’s Spotlight essay, Exploring Alaska’s Roadside Glaciers, Emily Epstein features Anchorage-based photographer Mark Meyer, who races against climate change to photograph as many of Alaska’s glaciers as possible. 

A hiker photographs the opening of a moulin—a tunnel that courses though the glacier—in the ceiling of a cave under the Mendenhall Glacier, June 16, 2014. Glacial caves are constantly changing; this cave collapsed a few weeks after this photograph was taken. (Mark Meyer)

An ice wall and exposed crevasse in the Matanuska Glacier, July 22, 2016. (Mark Meyer)

Early morning in front of the Worthington Glacier near Valdez, July 3, 2016. This is the view from an observation deck that is just a short walk from a parking lot and a paved trail. (Mark Meyer)

Ice climbers near the bottom of the ice falls on the Matanuska Glacier, July 22, 2016. During the summer months, guided ice-climbing trips—ranging from simple introductions to the sport to all-day, intensive courses—are available from local guides. (Mark Meyer)

The glaciers don’t crush all the rocks they transport. Those that remain intact are deposited as the glacier retreats and are known as “erratics.” Erratics can range in size from enormous boulders the size of buildings to small boulders, like this one near the terminus of the Matanuska Glacier, July 29, 2009. (Mark Meyer)

A climber scales the face of one of the Matanuska Glacier seracs, July 22, 2016. (Mark Meyer)

An ice “beach” along a supra-glacial lake on the Matanuska Glacier, July 2009. Lakes of melt water often form on glaciers; they can be stable and last for years or ephemeral, quickly draining when crevasses open under the surface. (Mark Meyer)

A guide uses crampons to climb over a moulin on the Mendenhall Glacier, June 16, 2014. Moulins form when melt water and runoff find small cracks and depressions in the glacial surface and erode the ice, creating tunnels. The moulins can be dangerous and extremely deep, leading into the internal plumbing of the glacier. (Mark Meyer)

A hiker (bottom right) is dwarfed by the massive, heavily crevassed ice fall where the Harding Icefield begins its descent into Exit Glacier, August 27, 2016. (Mark Meyer)

Helicopters ferry tourists above the Mendenhall Glacier for aerial views, July 26, 2012. Although several vistas are reachable by foot, many visitors opt to go up in helicopters—a quicker, if more expensive, option. (Mark Meyer)

Jessica Taft pauses above the Harding Icefield, August 27, 2016. The ice field is thousands of feet thick, but it does not completely cover the mountains; those peaks that stick through are called “nunataks,” from the Inuit word for “lonely peak.” (Mark Meyer)

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16. Stop telling me you’re okay.

“How you holding up?” Lance asked, sinking down next to Keith on the floor of the observation deck. “With…I mean, with everything going on.”

Keith took a deep breath, fingers digging into his palms against his knees. “I’m fine, okay Lance? Please just leave me alone.”

He fell silent, staring out at the slow moving stars and planets, and he was well aware that no, this moron was not leaving him alone like he asked. Instead, Lance seemed to almost scoot closer, leaning forwards on his knees and plopping his chin in his hands. “What part of ‘I’m okay’ don’t you understand?” Keith snapped. 

Lance turned his gaze to him, blue eyes piercing and trapping Keith’s stare in his. “Stop telling me you’re okay, Keith,” he whispered. “I know you’re not.”

Keith scoffed, trying to hide the tremor in his voice. “And what makes you say that?”

Lance turned completely, settling his body into a meditation pose and pressing the palms of his hands together. “The way you look at Black whenever we’re in the hangars. How you look away whenever someone mentions Shiro. Whenever Allura talks about destroying the Galra, how you look guilty.”

He shuffled forwards and Keith instinctively leaned back, able to feel the swell of emotion in his upper chest and throat. “I can see it when you leave training early and go back to your room for a nap. How you don’t care if you get hurt. How you refuse to touch anyone anymore, even for the smallest amount of time.”

Lance reached out and Keith found that he couldn’t move or pull away when his fingers curled into his. “I know you’re not okay,” Lance whispered, “because I’ve been there. Because I know what ‘not okay’ looks like. Because I know you, Keith.”

He lifted his gaze from their interlocked hands to Keith’s, throat bobbing as he swallowed. “And I want you to be okay.”

Lance’s voice broke and Keith felt the pressure break in his chest, tears finally sliding over his cheeks and hands starting to shake. He let Lance pull him in, let the paladin wrap him in his grasp, firm, strong, supportive. The qualities of Blue. 

“I miss him,” Keith choked out, fingers curling into the fabric of Lance’s jacket and tears rolling down his collar. “I miss him, and I suck at this, at being a leader, and I know Allura still doesn’t totally trust me, and it hurts Lance.”

Lance nodded and pressed a hand to the back of Keith’s head, his fingers running through his hair and sending shivers down Keith’s spine. “I know you miss him,” he murmured, catching on the first point. “We all do. But he’d be proud of you, Keith. And you’re not terrible at this, I swear.”

Keith shuddered and buried his nose into Lance’s shoulder. Lance continued, unphased. “Allura might still be wary, but none of us are. Pidge, Hunk, and I? We’d follow you wherever. We trust you. That’s what being a part of Voltron is about, right? Trusting your team?”

It was a rhetorical question, Keith knew that, but he still nodded. When Lance had started stroking his back or rocking back and forth he wasn’t sure, but he found it calmed him. “I’m sorry it hurts,” Lance said, so softly that Keith nearly missed it. “I’m so sorry I can’t fix it.”

He swallowed and pulled back, lifting his hands to hold Lance’s face in his fingers gently, thumbs stroking the skin. “It’s okay,” he promised, voice cracking. 

They sat silently for just a moment, faces less than an inch apart. “Can I…can I kiss you?” Keith heard himself asking. 

A shaky grin split across Lance’s face, and that was all the answer the red paladin needed to tug the blue in, to press salty, tear stained lips to chapped ones and dig fingers into cropped hair that was just a bit too long at the ends. Relief flooded his veins when Lance kissed back before pulling away and lifting his chin to kiss Keith’s forehead. 

“Talk to me from now on, okay?” Lance whispered. “I don’t want you to feel like this if you don’t have to.”

Keith smiled and tucked himself against Lance’s side, lacing their fingers back together. “I will,” he promised him. “But I’m okay right now, Lance. I’m okay.”

just minutes before killing 15 people at the University of Texas, 25 yr old Charles Whitman entered the college’s main tower, where he tried to use the elevator but found it wasn’t working. he was approached by an employee named Vera Palmer, who explained that the elevator hadn’t been powered and said she would turn it on for him. in response, Whitman said, “You don’t know how happy that makes me… how happy that makes me.” Whitman then took the elevator to the 27th floor, climbed the last flight of stairs to the observation deck, bludgeoned and shot its three occupants to death, and, from nearly 300 ft above, fatally shot twelve more.
Types on board the Titanic
  • ISTP: doesn't get on a lifeboat but still survives, is found floating on debris
  • ESTP: jumps down in the water, swims to a lifeboat, survives
  • INTP: makes a brief attempt to get on a lifeboat, fails and spends the rest of the time sitting on the deck observing panicked people like it's some sort of social experiment, doesn't survive
  • ENTP: passed out in one of the lifeboats earlier because they couldn't find their room, wakes up when it's being loaded and stays on board, survives
  • INFP: gets on a lifeboat but gives up their seat to someone else, doesn't survive
  • ENFP: sleeps through the crash, wakes up far too late, doesn't survive
  • ISFP: looks calm but is secretly terrified, gets on a lifeboat, survives but experiences intense survivor's guilt
  • ESFP: tries to calm everyone down by putting on a stand up show, succeeds briefly but eventually panic takes over again, panics with the rest of the passengers, doesn't survive
  • ISFJ: refuses to get on a boat if they can't bring their male family members with them, doesn't survive
  • ESFJ: helps children and the elderly on boats, doesn't survive but gets a statue erected in their honor for their selfless sacrifice
  • ISTJ: gets on a boat relatively early, takes charge on the boat and readily shares their food and water with others, survives
  • ESTJ: helps with getting the boats ready and loading them even though they're not a part of the crew, gets on one of the last boats and survives
  • INTJ: walks up to the deck the second they hear the crash, quickly calculates how bad the situation is and gets on the first boat, survives
  • ENTJ: quickly realizes how bad the situation is, tries to arrange people on life boats, gets frustrated and gives up after a moment and gets on the second lifeboat, survives
  • INFJ: never got on the ship to begin with because they had an ominous feeling about it, takes the next boat and is happy they did
  • ENFJ: decides to stay behind and let others take their place on the life boat, comforts others who stayed behind as well, doesn't survive

HEADCANON: Samara, upon finding a biotic Shepard having a flashback/panic attack/PTSD episode, teaches them how to do the meditation thing. It helps them get control over their biotics and is very grounding. Shepard takes to joining her in the observation deck when they have a particularly bad day. They continue this habit throughout me3 and kaidan(assuming he survived) eventually picks it up too


夕暮れの東京タワー︱Tokyo Tower at Sunset by Iyhon Chiu

Guns make the red, Bruce’s eyes are blue

Get fukt up motherfucka