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Northbound Amtrak Abraham Lincoln passing JO Tower at South Joliet, Illinois, consisting of equipment from at least five different railroads:

  • Locomotives from Penn Central (former New York Central), GM&O, and Union Pacific
  • Consist including an NP coach, UP coaches, a UP dome coach, a UP diner-lounge, and at the rear, CB&Q dome parlor observation SILVER TERRACE

March 1973

Photos by Joseph Petric


Whiskey Beach, Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware.     WWII  Army shore battery observation towers on the beach.      These are all up and down the Delaware Coast, spotting submarines that were waiting for the munition ships leaving DuPont though Delaware Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.   They relayed the information to the large shore batteries at Fort Miles.   This beach was certainly much better duty than Omaha or Utah Beaches in Normandy.

O’brien’s Tower - Ireland

O’briens tower marks the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher. The tower was built in 1835 by local landlord and MP Sir Cornellius O’brien as an observation tower for visitors to the area. From the viewing platform, you can see the nearby Aran Islands, Galway Bay, and Hags Head.

The cliffs below have features in many movies, including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and the Princess Bride. 


夕暮れの東京タワー︱Tokyo Tower at Sunset by Iyhon Chiu

(Spoilers Extended) Maiden in the Tower: an observation • /r/asoiaf
>"Oh, good," Jaime said. "I only rescue maidens." - A Storm of Swords (Jaime VI) The more I think about it, the more Sansa’s story reminds me of...

Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again. But of course that could never be. Alayne Stone had no brothers, baseborn or otherwise.

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What's up with the UFO that crashes into the Ohtori observation tower at the beginning of every shadow girls segment during the Apocalypse arc?

It belongs to the Shadow Girls! They’re aliens and A-ko and B-ko take the UFO out for a vacation during the Black Rose Arc, but they return for the Apocalypse arc and show off just how bad they are at driving it.

Really, though, what’s happening is that the Shadow Girls, our Greek Chorus and closest link to the inner workings of Ohtori, are showing us what we probably already suspect - that the plan has been derailed, that the ship has been thrown off course. Importantly, this threatens everything - Utena hits Ohtori, hits the Chairman’s Tower in particular, like an out-of-control UFO, and thus is a threat to both the structural and ideological integrity of the institution and herself

Further, I like to see this as a bit of a desperate bid by the Shadow Girls, who seem for a while to be somewhat neutral players in this game but come to demonstrate an investment in saving Utena from the harm she’s headed toward. They’re flustered. They never thought she’d get this far - no one did. It’s no longer enough to dance and sing about the brave hero who doesn’t know what waits for her in the forest, what rules govern the game she’s about to start playing. It’s not been enough to address her directly from the shadows - lord knows, C-ko has tried. They’ve perhaps risked a lot by exposing themselves, by engaging her directly, by inviting her to their play, by showing not only her but Akio and Anthy that they know the fairy tale, that they want to save Utena from the fate of the Rose Prince, especially as they know they can’t save her from the fate of girls who cannot, will not, become Princesses. The UFO crashes because Utena has derailed their plans as well as everyone else’s. 


Guernsey Observation Tower by just_an_amateur

Obliviate (Michael)

|| in which love is the strongest kind of magic.|| 

Obliviate is a spell that can be used to erase memories from an individual’s mind. 



A crack of lighting cut through the night, temporarily illuminating the windows of Hogwarts castle. Rain was pouring down in torrents, pounding and crashing against the window panes, its loud lullaby unable to wake up the peaceful sleep of the tired students in their dormitories. 

If one were to perch on the window sill of the 5th floor of Gryffindor tower, the observer would have noticed  the silhouette of a pale boy, his wand raised threateningly, his dyed hair plastered to his forehead in fear. 

And if that observer happened to move a bit closer, he would have also noticed that this boy had green robes instead of the crimson red that Gryffindors proudly wore, an s-shaped serpent stitched onto the front pocket.   It was clear he did not belong in the tower, much less the girl’s dormitories. Not a single soul knew of his intentions, except maybe the boy himself.  

The boy puts down his wand as if reconsidering his intentions and hesitantly approaches the single bed beside the window where a  girl was lying on her back, sleeping peacefully. 

Her hair was sprawled out like an open fan behind her. She clutched her second pillow as if  contained her life source and her legs were tangled together. Her face was ridden of emotion in sleep but her mouth was open, drool running down her chin. 

The boy would have laughed at the sight of her before him if his business here wasn’t so serious. He had thought everything over, reconsidered it and thought it over once more. 

He had never wanted to do this, but he had to. for you.

for your safety. 

for your life. 

Everything he has done, he’s done for you. 

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Hadrian’s Wall

Aerial view of the Wall at Cawfields, looking east, showing Cawfields milecastle. The line of the Vallum – the earthwork to the south of the Wall – can be seen in the background

Permanent conquest of Britain began in AD 43. By about AD 100 the northernmost army units in Britain lay along the Tyne–Solway isthmus. The forts here were linked by a road, now known as the Stanegate, between Corbridge and Carlisle.

Hadrian came to Britain in AD 122 and, according to a biography written 200 years later, ‘put many things to right and was the first to build a wall 80 miles long from sea to sea to separate the barbarians from the Romans’.

The building of Hadrian’s Wall probably began that year, and took at least six years to complete. The original plan was for a wall of stone or turf, with a guarded gate every mile and two observation towers in between, and fronted by a wide, deep ditch. Before work was completed, 14 forts were added, followed by an earthwork known as the Vallum to the south.

Its military effectiveness has been questioned by many scholars over the years owing to its length and the positioning of the fortifications along the route. Regarding this, Professors Scarre and Fagan write,

Archaeologists and historians have long debated whether Hadrian’s Wall was an effective military barrier…Whatever its military effectiveness, however, it was clearly a powerful symbol of Roman military might. The biographer of Hadrian remarks that the emperor built the wall to separate the Romans from the barbarians. In the same way, the Chinese emperors built the Great Wall to separate China from the barbarous steppe peoples to the north. In both cases, in addition to any military function, the physical barriers served in the eyes of their builders to reinforce the conceptual divide between civilized and noncivilized. They were part of the ideology of empire. (Ancient Civilizations, 313)


February 12&13&14- we decided to head to the national park for a couple days! On the first day we arrived early and we’re still able to do a hike to the view point and do the canopy walk. The second day we decided to do an overnight hike and stay in a “hide”. It’s an animal observation tower that has 12 beds. We hiked 13.5 km, took us about 6 hours, and then stayed in the hide overnight before hiking back 10.5km the next day. The hide was really neat, obviously no electricity. There was another group that was staying in the hide and they had a guide with them so that was reassuring. The hide had 12 beds, that were wooden slacks. Definitely not comfortable but I actually managed to sleep a fair amount that night. We were only able to see only one animal- a tapir, it’s a huge animal and it was drinking water near the hide for about an hour.
When we made it back into town the next day we all were so exhausted and just chilled for the rest of the evening.

Valentine’s Day - {Saitama} @askcapeddarkness

Meticulous planning had gone into the occasion. It had to be nothing short of perfect for his fiance. The day would start off with a light breakfast in bed consisting of Saitama’s favourite fruits, homemade biscuits, and tea. He peaked at his slumbering lover as he arranged the fruit. 

Of course, he did not need a specific day to show his love and devotion to Saitama. But there was no reason to not do this for him. 

It was 8:30 am now, he would wake Saitama in half an hour. He set the fruit in the fridge and looked at his agenda for the umpteenth time that morning. 

9a - Breakfast with Saitama 
11a - Take Rover for a walk 
12p - Relax with a movie 
2p - Present to him a tied up Smile Man (being held on the roof) 
5p - Get ready for dinner 
6p - Dinner at observation tower restaurant in City J 
8p - Collect Rover and pack an overnight bag 
8:30p - Check into penthouse suite back at the hotel in City J 

And then the rest of the night he decided to leave up to improvisation. He had one more gift to present to him for that last part of the night. He was rather excited for it. 

Finally, 9 am rolled around, and Genos brought the food to the table, and poured the hot tea. He knelt next to his slumbering fiance, and kissed him on the forehead. 

“Good morning, Pumpkin.”