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66 floors.   Update:

I didn’t expect this photo to get so much attention. I’ve read some comments which you write with reblogs and most of them are $$$ 💸💸💸 💰💰💰
or “I wish it was me” or “me in 5 years” or “goals”.
What i understood is that an image can be deceptive and everything depends on our perception and what we want to see. Most of you saw money but this picture is about HAPPINESS, that night i didn’t spend even 1¥, that view cost me nothing.
I posted it because my blog is the place where i keep my thoughts and happy memories. The place in the picture is not where i live or the apartment i rented, actually, I got there by chance.
2 years ago I went to Shanghai to learn Chinese. One night we decided to go to the Le Royal Meridien bar on the 66th floor to see Shanghai from a bird’s eye view and spend money on food and drinks instead of going to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower observation desk, buying an expensive ticket and staying in a queue with hundreds of tourists.
We put on dresses and heels, got to the Le Royal Meridien Hotel and couldn’t understand anything when the elevator took us to the 66th floor. It was dark and there was nobody, the bar was closed but the doors were opened. We were alone and spent a great time there, looked around, saw a fantastic view and took a lot of photos. I was a bit sad that i’d decided to wear a baggy dress and it was difficult to take a photo of my silhouette. Anyway, it was a real adventure, we were afraid that the security can catch us but they said nothing, just asked to leave that place soon because they were going to lock the doors.

Later when we were in the elevator, two chinese girls came in and one said to the other that we were beautiful, it was funny because they didn’t expect us to understand Chinese and answer them!
What i mean is that happiness is not about money, it’s made of funny moments and crazy adventures which make you smile when you think about them ⭐️

Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING

東京タワー特別展望台 ∣ Tokyo tower observation deck by Iyhon Chiu


夕暮れの東京タワー︱Tokyo Tower at Sunset by Iyhon Chiu

Disneyland Paris Castle Concept” Tim Delaney, 1990

During the development of the Disneyland Paris park, one of the biggest concerns was the park’s centerpiece castle. After all, France was chock full of its own fantasy-like castles, so whatever the Imagineers built needed to be even more impressive than their previous feats. Many concepts and ideas were presented, but one of the most dramatic departures from the formula was from Imagineer Tim Delaney. Shown here, Delaney envisioned an art nouveau-esque observation tower inspired by European visionaries H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Guests would have been able to take ornate elevators to the observation decks for full views of this new Disney land. While this aesthetic was not a fit for the park’s castle, it was incorporated into the park’s Discoveryland and into future Disney parks.

Art ©️ Disney


世界貿易センタービル展望台 ∣ World Trade Center Building・Tokyo by Iyhon Chiu

O’brien’s Tower - Ireland

O’briens tower marks the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher. The tower was built in 1835 by local landlord and MP Sir Cornellius O’brien as an observation tower for visitors to the area. From the viewing platform, you can see the nearby Aran Islands, Galway Bay, and Hags Head.

The cliffs below have features in many movies, including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and the Princess Bride. 


The first variant of the Light Tank M5A1. In addition to the earlier variant dust screens, these machines were distinguished by the presence in the sides of the towers observation deck hatches. Later they brewed, and then generally removed

M5a1 variants of issue Massey-Harris, June 1943. These were medium tanks series

Tanks later release received a special “pocket” in which was hiding an anti-aircraft gun

On the aft hull tanks later series appeared massive box intended for personal belongings

M5A1 1944 were used in the Pacific. This one was taken during the battle for Kwajalein Atoll in early 1944

In Normandy and later in the rest of Europe on the light tanks used a variety of methods of additional protection. In this photo – the most common, sand bags. In addition, the tank is installed a special device to overcome hedges of bocagei

Stuart VI in March 1945. Compared to the base version changes are minimal

M5a1 variants with registration number U. S. A. 3047050, NIBT the Landfill, summer of 1944

On a test batch of five tanks delivery m5a1 variants in the USSR not moved

The same car on a test drive through the swamp, spring 1945


Northbound Amtrak Abraham Lincoln passing JO Tower at South Joliet, Illinois, consisting of equipment from at least five different railroads:

  • Locomotives from Penn Central (former New York Central), GM&O, and Union Pacific
  • Consist including an NP coach, UP coaches, a UP dome coach, a UP diner-lounge, and at the rear, CB&Q dome parlor observation SILVER TERRACE

March 1973

Photos by Joseph Petric


You couldn’t help but stare at him while Tony worked on his arm, zapping it with energy and collecting data every so often.

“Focus, (Y/N),” you think to yourself. “This is no time to get starstruck. Not when Mr. Stark is right here.”

You’d been hired to STARK Tower in order to see if JARVIS might be compatible with a second AI program that Tony could use for a few experimental projects of his. It had seemed to work out well, so you’d been allowed to stay as a more permanent addition to Tonys team.

This, however, was something he’d rarely allow other people to see. Bucky was very uneasy around new people and even Tony himself, so letting someone else in on this seemed to be a crazy idea but between your stellar business relations skills and the fact that you’d recommended a way for Tony to solder parts on Bucky’s arm together without them getting too stiff, he’d decided it was a safe bet to trust you with it. So you monitored data and simultaneously kept the two of them from murdering each other. A pretty nice gig.

It wasn’t part of the plan to start catching feelings for your assignment, however.

His bright eyes would sometimes flicker over to where you were standing and observe you. Everything pristine and clear. He never said anything, though. Probably why they called him a ghost, in all honesty. All you knew was that calculating glare caused something to flare up in your stomach. What exactly that feeling was was a bit difficult to pin down.

There was always one other thing that bothered you about your feelings for him even though your brain told you a million times that it was ridiculous. Being from the 40’s and growing up in a world very very different from your own, you worried if Bucky would be able to…. See past appearances, as it were. Of course part of you knew that this man was best friends with Steve Rogers and any friend of his couldn’t possibly be that bigoted…. But it still turned your stomach wondering if his stare was one of enticement or something much less pleasant.

“Screw him and his stupid metal arm if it comes down to it,” you thought bitterly, typing down on the holographic notepad. “This is the damn 21st century and I don’t have time for crap like this if it doesn’t work out. Just ask and go.”

Some time passed and Tony finished working on Bucky’s arm with a sigh and the drag of a sleeve across his brow. “Alright, Mr. Can-Opener. You’re officially good to go. Check in with (Y/N) about how the adjustments feel and then we’re done here.” Bucky merely flexes his fingers and nods, getting up from his seat and crossing the room to where you’re now seated in a desk.

“Nice to speak with you again, Mr. Barnes. How are you feeling today?” Your airy customer service voice sounds too breezy even for you. Bucky sighs and leans against the desk.

“Not much different, I suppose. It stopped short circuiting, which is nice. Feels a lot better since you figured out how to do that thing to it. Smoother now.” You smile softly.

“Happy to be of service. Anything is better than working with Tony, am I right?” Something between a grimace and a smile passes across his face.

“You’re right. Honestly I can’t stand the man. But I…. I need him. For *this*,” he says gesturing to his left arm. “I hate being so dependent on that jerk for something that I didn’t ask to happen to me. I wish….” He trails off, looking at the floor and crossing his arms. Well this was unexpected.

“Mr. Barnes….. Bucky…. I’m not so bad with technology. If you’d feel more comfortable that way, I could try and do your diagnostics myself from now on. You wouldn’t have to be around Tony unless you want to.” Bucky’s brows furrow and he chews on his lip. Comfortable? What the hell was comfortable anymore? Nothing. Still, the idea of not having to deal with Stark was very tempting. He runs a hand through his hair and sighs.

“If that’ll make you happy, doll.” You perk up at this new nickname.

“Doll? I thought you didn’t like me.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, we never seem to talk much beyond business and because… You’re from the 40’s and I’m not…. You know….. White……” You trail off awkwardly, a bit uneasy phrasing your discomfort so bluntly. Bucky apparently feels a similar discomfort and leans in to face you at your seat.

“You think I wouldn’t like you because you’re not white?” He asks in a deadpan. You shrug timidly. This actually makes him chuckle a little bit. “(Y/N), that is your name, isn’t it?” You nod. “(Y/N), I don’t exactly have the right to be that picky choosy about who I like. I’m nearly a hundred years old with a metal arm and hardly any memories. I only have one real friend left in the entire world.” The steel desk is clenched so hard in his left fist that it starts to buckle, but he doesn’t notice. “If I start choosing to care about who I like based on the colour of their skin….” He takes in a ragged breath before looking you right in the eyes, “then I am going to die a very sad, very old, lonely man. I swear to you I don’t think that way now and I never have.” You can see there are tears misting over his eyes that he refuses to let fall. You’re flabbergasted.

“Forgive me. I…. I had no idea you felt that way. I’m sorry.” He gives a small nod and licks his lip, lost in thought. The pain in the room hangs heavily in the air like a perfume and you’re struck with the unbearable urge to hold the tall man in front of you. With a bit of restraint, you slowly reach out a hand and place it on his. He flinches, not used to such a gentle touch. You leave it there for a few minutes as his breathing becomes more steady.

When he seems a bit calmer, you find your voice. “So, will you let me do your diagnostics? At least once as a dry run? We don’t need to talk.” Bucky stares out the windows of STARK Tower, observing the skyline in flawless detail. He clasps your hand in his flesh one without thinking.

“Alright. If that’s what you want.” You squeeze his hand reassuringly and pull up a calendar on a touchpad in front of you.

“It’s a date, then. How’s next Tuesday after your morning run sound?” Bucky smirks.

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll wear my best dancing shoes.” You squeeze his hand again before getting up to walk him out to start his day.

“You’d better.”

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The dragonslayer’s eyes were vigilant, giving careful and quiet steps so that he would not be heard, his lack of armour making the task easier. Perhaps under other circumstances he would have confronted the few knights that remained under the dead Pontiff’s command, his lightning a dangerous threat even in his weakened, weaponless state, but he could not afford to take such risk while he was carrying the agonizing Dark Sun in his arms.

Yorshka. She had told him the name, but he had yet to find her. Having tried many places already, this path took him to a dead end. Ornstein mentally cursed as he observed the isolated tower, wondering if his agility would suffice to make that jump, his hands occupied and unable to hold onto any ledge. His eyes shifted to the path that led seemingly nowhere, but quickly noticed that some of the tiny bits of snow which fell from the sky stopped in place, revealing a hidden surface.

He kneeled and bent forward, placing his palm upon the floor before releasing small streams of electricity, watching them scatter and outline the shape of the invisible path. Still hesitant, he walked over it to the point where he could jump down and set foot on the ground of the tower. Stepping inside, he hoped she would be here… and nobody else.
A Court of Queens and Lords: Part 9

Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Sidenote: I am so sorry for the late update. It’s been a crazy week. I want to thank @togreblog (and an anon) for motivating me to get out of bed and write this. This one’ s for you.

Part 9:

The High Lord of the Night Court and the Queen of Terrasen were seated across each other in an enormous and dimly lit office. Alone.

Aelin observed the room, which could be compared to the size of a large tavern. It was filled with books along the walls, different sizes and types of chairs planted around the office. A large desk on the far side of the wall where the High Lord was seated.

Aelin didn’t know how she got there. One second she was putting out a fire in a room and the next she was in a cushioned chair seated across from him. She felt the male’s gaze as she looked around the room, observing her every move. She looked towards the balcony to her left and wondered if she could grow wings of fire.

“I doubt it’d work.” The man said, lazily. Aelin quickly shifted her eyes to the man, startled.

“Excuse me?” She demanded, more than asked. His brows rose up.

“The..fire wings,” he grinned. “Fire isn’t strong enough to hold you up in the air. But then again, I assume I haven’t seen the full capacity of your power yet. It’s possible that you can pull it off. How much power do you have?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Aelin grinned.

“I’d actually like to know a few more things.” He demanded. Demanded.

“And what would that be?” she asked with a low voice.

“Your name and where you came from, for starters.”

“You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” An endless game of short answers. Aelin was surprised to find a worthy opponent.

The man smiled beautifully and Aelin had to remind herself that she was a Queen, a Firebringer. She can not and will not be intimidated by this man. But she had to admit, it was extremely difficult. He seemed ancient, as gorgeous as he was dangerous.

“I’ve told you before. My name is Rhysand, and I am High Lord of the Night Court.” Aelin could tell he was losing patience. She waited a moment before answering, trying to irritate the man, or Rhysand, a little further.

“My name is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.” And I will not be afraid, she added in her head. To steady herself. “I am the heir and Queen of Terrasen.”

“Interesting” he said simply.

“Very” she replied. “Seeing as though I’ve never heard of such a place called the Night Court or the title of High Lord.” He grinned. It seemed it was all he did and she suddenly felt the feeling of her court members thinking the same thing about her. Her court. She wondered-

“So you are unaware that you have just travelled to another world” he suggested. Aelin shot up from her seat and leaned closer to the man.

“Excuse me, my mind was somewhere else. What did you say?”

“You are in another world,” he said. “Called Prythian.” Another world? Impossible. How could she be in another world? Unless.. Unless that was why Maeve had been torturing her less. She was planning something. Something much worse than whipping her or locking her up.

He observed her as her face turned from confusion to devastation.

Maeve had sent her to another world. Which meant that Aelin would never see her court, her friends, or Fleetfoot again. She’d never forge the lock. She’d never see Rowan again. It meant she wouldn’t get to save her world. And Aelin realized something else. Something terrifying. It meant Maeve had all three of the keys. She felt all the weight on her shoulders fall into her heart and it physically made her sink out of her chair.

Aelin promised herself she’d never show weakness. She’d do what she always did. That in a moment of heartbreak she’d suck it up, stay strong, and wait until she was alone. This was not one of those moments as she was on the floor, clutching her heart and gasping for air. Rhysand walked around his desk and stood in front of her.

She expected him to kick her or kill her. She wanted him to. But he crouched down and started explaining what had happened. She could barely make out what he was saying as her failure was the only thing she could hear. A world split in two. Seven courts. A war. A curse and a valiant warrior. A King and Cauldron and confrontation. A portal. A wolf and hawk and-

She abruptly stopped her sobbing which made the High Lord stop.

“A hawk?” she asked, her voice raw.

“Yes. He passed through with a wolf and tried to escape. The hawk escaped. The wolf did not and is now detained under the Spring Court. He is a Fae and we’ve gotten word that his name is Aedion Ashryver.” he explained. Aelin forgot how to breathe. Rhysand noticed the shift in her. “Do you know who that is?” All she could do was nod.

She suddenly shot up from the floor and ran towards the balcony. Rhysand chased after her, probably thinking she’d jump from it and try the fire wings. She looked towards the open sky, purple and gray. She scanned the land, looking for something. Someone. She observed the towering snowy mountains and below the snowy mountains there were trees. Pine trees. And she smelled home and love. There was warmth in the air. And hope.

She waited a moment and turned around. She looked towards the male who had told her about his world. About the valiant warrior who he described with such admiration.

“The woman who broke the curse,” she started. “You love her.”

“That hawk who went through the portal,” he said. “You love him.”

They looked at each other again, and this time, it was with understanding. In the glimmer of each other’s eyes they saw humanity. And them saving it.

Aelin walked into the room and sat in Rhysand’s chair.

“Please sit down,” she said, as she waved her hand to the chair she woke up in. “We have lots of talking to do.”

Obliviate (Michael)

|| in which love is the strongest kind of magic.|| 

Obliviate is a spell that can be used to erase memories from an individual’s mind. 



A crack of lighting cut through the night, temporarily illuminating the windows of Hogwarts castle. Rain was pouring down in torrents, pounding and crashing against the window panes, its loud lullaby unable to wake up the peaceful sleep of the tired students in their dormitories. 

If one were to perch on the window sill of the 5th floor of Gryffindor tower, the observer would have noticed  the silhouette of a pale boy, his wand raised threateningly, his dyed hair plastered to his forehead in fear. 

And if that observer happened to move a bit closer, he would have also noticed that this boy had green robes instead of the crimson red that Gryffindors proudly wore, an s-shaped serpent stitched onto the front pocket.   It was clear he did not belong in the tower, much less the girl’s dormitories. Not a single soul knew of his intentions, except maybe the boy himself.  

The boy puts down his wand as if reconsidering his intentions and hesitantly approaches the single bed beside the window where a  girl was lying on her back, sleeping peacefully. 

Her hair was sprawled out like an open fan behind her. She clutched her second pillow as if  contained her life source and her legs were tangled together. Her face was ridden of emotion in sleep but her mouth was open, drool running down her chin. 

The boy would have laughed at the sight of her before him if his business here wasn’t so serious. He had thought everything over, reconsidered it and thought it over once more. 

He had never wanted to do this, but he had to. for you.

for your safety. 

for your life. 

Everything he has done, he’s done for you. 

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Always here

For LadyNoir July 

If you were looking at the rooftop of a small bakery during a particularly beautiful sunset, you would have happen to see two figures, sitting on the tiles, legs dangling off the side. You would know that it was Paris’s favourite superheros, watching the sunset, watching over your beloved city.


Ladybug felt the warmth of the sun’s rays on her face, and the start of the cool evening breeze through her hair. Chat Noir felt like a cat, basking in the warm environment, in the beautiful rays of the sun. He looked over to his partner, the sun’s rays creating shadows on her face, making it no less beautiful. He looked back at the sunset on the horizon. It was truly a magnificent sight.

“My lady, isn’t the sunset just radiant?” Chat Noir gestured to the setting sun on the horizon, coating the streets of Paris is a beautiful pink-orange glow. It was the mark of the end of the day, but for Ladybug and Chat Noir, it marked the beginning, for it was the night and in the silvery moonlight that they could be who they truly were. 

It had been almost exactly 3 hours since their very dramatic reveal. She and Chat Noir-no Adrien had been screaming at each other about safety, with Adrien scolding Ladybug for being reckless for trying to save him from the akuma attack. She had been shocked to say the least. Who was he of all people to tell her to be safe? She was a superhero for god’s sake. It was her job. Which lead to the shouting and the accidental reveal. He had almost screamed that he couldn’t lose his partner, his friend, his lady. And with those words, Marinette had understood why he had been so upset. Because it was him. It was him all along. As she watched him breathe deeply through his nose, she had released her transformation, watching his expression turn into one of awe.

Although it was clear that they were okay, they didn’t actually discuss the matter. It was almost as if they didn’t want to say anything that would ruin what they already had. They so badly wanted to scream their confessions but they didn’t. At least, until tonight.

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Valentine’s Day - {Saitama} @askcapeddarkness

Meticulous planning had gone into the occasion. It had to be nothing short of perfect for his fiance. The day would start off with a light breakfast in bed consisting of Saitama’s favourite fruits, homemade biscuits, and tea. He peaked at his slumbering lover as he arranged the fruit. 

Of course, he did not need a specific day to show his love and devotion to Saitama. But there was no reason to not do this for him. 

It was 8:30 am now, he would wake Saitama in half an hour. He set the fruit in the fridge and looked at his agenda for the umpteenth time that morning. 

9a - Breakfast with Saitama 
11a - Take Rover for a walk 
12p - Relax with a movie 
2p - Present to him a tied up Smile Man (being held on the roof) 
5p - Get ready for dinner 
6p - Dinner at observation tower restaurant in City J 
8p - Collect Rover and pack an overnight bag 
8:30p - Check into penthouse suite back at the hotel in City J 

And then the rest of the night he decided to leave up to improvisation. He had one more gift to present to him for that last part of the night. He was rather excited for it. 

Finally, 9 am rolled around, and Genos brought the food to the table, and poured the hot tea. He knelt next to his slumbering fiance, and kissed him on the forehead. 

“Good morning, Pumpkin.”