observation lounges

Lance has been on mission for two weeks, and Keith’s been waiting up.

He’s been listening closely to each transmission, and Lance sounds okay. He sounds happy, even, at first, since the planet has beaches everywhere, and the locals love to show them off.

“Man, I’m swimming five hours a day, easy, and then we have meetings that last, like, two at most, and then food. Wow, the food is awesome.” Lance laughs as Keith makes a face. “Yeah, be jealous, I’m living it up over here.”

“My last mission involved crawling around mining shafts for three days,” Keith grumbled. “Of course you would get to go to Luxury Resort Planet.”

“Your mission involved you being a big damn hero and saving fifty people from a cave-in,” Lance says, and he’s beaming with pride as he speaks. Keith can’t help the smile when he sees it. “It was amazing.”

“Pidge and Hunk came back already, how come you’re still there?” Keith asks, curious, maybe complaining a little.

“Because they trust me above everyone else, I guess. Something to do with Blue and mine’s affinity for water? Should be done soon.” Lance’s grin is edging into leering territory now, and Keith flushes, annoyed at how easily Lance can do this to him. “Don’t train yourself to death while I’m gone. I know you probably have a lot of, ah, pent up energy —

“Yeah, okay, Shiro’s calling us for dinner, bye now. Keith rolls his eyes, gives Lance a chance to laugh and blow him a kiss before he ends the transmission.

And then a week passes by with nothing, no calls at all. Allura assures him that everything is fine, that she’s still getting Lance’s reports every day, but that negotiations for the alliance are tougher than expected. Lance is refusing to leave until they agree to help protect the smaller, less technologically advanced planets in their system — they have plenty of ships and shields to spare.

Keith falls asleep every night on one of the couches in the observation lounge. Their bed is a little too empty for him, not as warm or as soft for whatever reason …

He’s drowsing now, on that thin edge between light doze and deep sleep, when he feels a tender pressure against his temple. He opens his eyes halfway, sees a flash of deep brown skin, blue eyes, and Lance’s smile. “Hey there, stranger.”

Keith will blame the fact that he’s not completely awake, that he hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks, for the way he jumps up, wrapping his arms tightly around Lance’s shoulders, sending them both crashing to the floor.

“Ow. Hi. But ow.” Lance rubs at his head, but he’s still smiling. “Missed me, huh?”

Keith glares, but he knows it’s not nearly as intimidating as it should be, considering his own lips are up at the corners. “Took you way too long. Should’ve just threatened to shoot them and be done with it.”

“And that’s why Allura sends everyone but you to these things,” Lance laughs out. His hand reaches up, brushing the bangs from Keith’s face, running through the rest of his hair over and over. “I definitely missed you, mullet brain, so tell me how much pining you did while I was gone. All of it, right? All the pining?”

“Nope, nada,” Keith answers, burying his face where Lance’s neck meets his shoulder. 

They lie there for a few minutes, Lance’s hand still stroking through Keith’s hair, his other hand running up and down his spine. Eventually, Lance tugs a little, prompting Keith to lean back.

“C’mon, I really need our bed right now.” Lance sits up so that Keith is straddling his lap. His hands slide down and before Keith can say or do anything, he’s standing up, and Keith has his legs wrapped around Lance’s waist, clutching tightly to keep from falling.

Keith inhales sharply. “Since when —”

“Since years of training, and a few weeks of non-stop swimming,” Lance answers, looking smug. “Yeah, I’m coming for your role as the buff one in our relationship. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Keith pretends to think as Lance walks them to their room. He raises his eyebrows after a few moments. “Remind you of your place tomorrow when we spar and I kick your ass. But for tonight? Nothing. This is pretty h— nice.”

“Hot? You were going to say hot but you chickened out at the last second!” Lance crows. “Man, I’m gonna get some sexy talk out of you, some day, you’ll see. And then I’ll probably die, but it’ll so be worth it.”

Keith twists a bit as they reach their door, palming the panel so it slides open and Lance doesn’t have to risk dropping him to do it. As soon as they’re inside he’s using his weight to force Lance back against the door, and Lance struggles to keep a firm grip on him, keep them both upright.

“Who’s the more muscular one?” Keith asks, breathes out right against Lance’s ear. He’s rewarded by a shudder, and Lance finally dropping him — Keith lands easily, grinning at Lance, who glares playfully, his blue eyes tired but warm.

“Yeah, yeah — gimmie a couple more weeks, then I’ll be able to bench press you,” Lance says, yawning as he strips down to his shorts, yanking on Keith’s shirt. “Querido, dale. Sleep now.”

Keith is down to his own shorts and in bed with his boyfriend inside of a minute. Lance curls up against him, resting his head on Keith’s chest, and Keith takes his chance to run his own hand through soft brown hair, watching how it curls around his fingers. A soft, happy sound vibrates into Keith’s skin, but no words come from Lance — he’s out.

“I did miss you,” Keith whispers. “Way too much. It was embarrassing.”

Lance just breathes deeply in response.

Keith presses a kiss to the crown of his head, murmuring into his hair, “I love you.”

He’s floating away into sleep himself, and he knows that in the morning, Lance will be there, and he’ll refuse to get up right away; he’ll whine and tease and seduce Keith into staying in bed. And Keith will complain and argue and give in begrudgingly except not really. Because he’d really, truly missed all of this a depressing amount. He’s almost afraid of how happy he is right now.

Lance mutters something about Slav, no, the pancakes exist in this reality and Keith snorts before he’s finally resting for good, a smile on his face and the boy he loves back in his arms.

Notes: I have a paper due tomorrow, and this is what my brain decides to do. Look at this disgusting pile of fluff. C’mon, brain, priorities. *sighs* If anybody reads this, I’m sorry if it’s unbearably sweet — I guess I needed some soft, happy boys to distract from my imminent doom when it comes to this school thing I haven’t even started. *more sighing*

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Congrats on the follower milestone!! *hugs* Could I have a headcanon? Leonard McCoy + sex?

Of course you’d want sex. It was you who first got me to write smut on here :D

  • Bones is a man of experience. You figure that out just by watching his body language. The way he carries himself is confident and certain, and he had this practiced ease around both men and women that almost pheromonally assures you he’s knowledgeable and good in the sack.
  • He’s also got a filthy sense of humour. You figure that out by watching his eyebrow quirk when he overhears conversations that could be taken one of two ways. He always takes it the dirty way.
  • He likes the slow burn. He’ll fuck you with his eyes for days before finally making a move.
  • He’s big on touch too. He’ll slowly undress you, letting his fingers trace along the contours of your body; a single fingertip along your collarbone, the pad of his thumb across the swell of your breast. He gets off on the sight of gooseflesh racing across your skin
  • He’ll happily switch. He loves to dominate and hold you down, but you’ve never seen him as turned on as when you turned the tables on him and tied him to the bed. You already knew he was into spanking you. And oh, did you enjoy it. Turns out he quite liked being spanked himself. And oh, how you enjoyed it. You particularly enjoyed the cautious way you both approached sitting for the next couple of days.
  • Not only did he have legendary hands, his mouth was talented for more than just swearing at Jim. He was, ahem, a skillful orator.
  • He always made sure you came first, but sometimes he would torment you and bring you so so close, only to withhold. The first time he did that, you didn’t speak to him for three days. The make-up sex was more than worth it. The next time he did it, you got revenge. The make-up sex was even better. 
  • He liked to distract you at work, either by sending you explicit messages or whispering filth to you when you passed one another. At least once a month, he made a game of getting you so worked up that you would attack him in his office.
  • He also had a thing about strange locations. You’d done it in pretty much every storage closet in the ship, at least twice down in water reclamation, and once in the captain’s chair when you’d pulled watch on the first night of shore leave. But his favourite place to do it was in the observation lounge on deck 14, looking out at the stars.


Loot - Part 4 - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Word count: 2,486
Warnings: language, mentions of abuse/injuries

A/N: another long part filled with nonsense. this part really got away from me tbh, it’ll be totally back on track soon. it just doesn’t feel believable to me to have something intense happen every time (although, arguably, believability is shot to hell when you’re writing about a sci-fi franchise). i wanted this story to be more about the reader and their feelings and jim and his feelings. i hope his feelings toward the reader are obvious without me having to point blank write them– like i hope you can tell through mannerisms. anyway, i’ve had a trying week and apologize if i missed some typos. lemme know if you wanna be tagged! ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

The artifact was becoming a pain— something you could say literally after the ancient hunk of metal scalded the skin of your palm and wrist, and something you could say figuratively after you were forced out of your oven-like temporary quarters more often than not for the past three days.

According to a drunken, loud-mouthed Ensign Chekov, the Enterprise had flown through a nebula that threw off the ship’s electrical balance. It caused the air systems, the warp core, and practically every electronic on the ship to be knocked out of equilibrium and into much more volatile, unpredictable states—  a statement you could confirm due to the onset timing of the artifact’s volatility.

When it came to the air systems, cool air would blast out of the vent when warm air was desired and vice versa. As for the warp core, several engineers found themselves in the medbay clutching burns from the core’s overheating while electronics such as communicators and PADDs shorted out, shut off, and came back to life upon whim.

Hearing that all the malfunctions were due to a nebula was a relief but the initial worry you experienced lingered a little. You wondered if the problems were being exacerbated by the artifact and almost had your suspicions confirmed when rumor had it the ship’s chief engineer, Scotty claimed this particular nebula couldn’t have been the only cause for so many issues.

You found yourself wishing you’d taken Jim up on his offer to explain to you why the artifact was so important. You also found yourself wishing you could pry a window open and throw the damn thing into the dark abyss of space— no amount of tuition was worth the pain it was causing you and the potential pain it could cause the hundreds of people on board.

As you sat atop a biobed in Exam Room 1 of the medbay, you swung your legs in order to appear more nonchalant than your ever-circulating thoughts actually had you feeling. You watched McCoy stand with his back against the edge of the counter, his hazel eyes narrowed as he read the screen of his PADD with his most casual frown.

“You can tell me if I’m dying— I’m strong enough to take it.”

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  • Jim is usually the affectionate one, that’s no secret. But it’s also no secret that Bones becomes the affectionate one when he gets tired
  • He thinks he’s great at hiding it but EVERYONE knows (Hikaru likes to give him a hard time about it, mostly because he’s the exact same way but shhhh) 
  • Bones gets tired and he just wants some kind of physical contact. He thinks it’s pathetic, but Jim loves it 
  • It’s almost like routine for Jim and Bones when Bones shows up on the bridge after a particularly long day
  • Usually it results in one of Jim’s hands hanging off the side of the chair intertwined in Bones’ 
  • Sometimes Bones is more tired than usual and sits next to Jim instead of standing, pretending not to notice when Jim starts to play with his hair (but he stares him down with a look that could kill if he stops) 
  • As soon as they get back to their quarters, Bones is all over Jim like white on rice. He’ll pull him into an embrace and nuzzle his head into Jim’s neck, and they’ll end up cuddling and watching some old movie (that Bones only sees the first 10 minutes of before falling asleep) 
  • He’ll actually hunt for Jim if he’s tired enough. One night Bones gets called in late to medbay because of some engineering accident, accidentally waking Jim. Jim can’t fall back asleep afterwards and wanders off to the observation lounge where he takes a seat on the floor in front of one of the windows. Bones shows up about an hour later, complaining about having to use the computer to find Jim, but curls up on the floor next to him anyway, his head in Jim’s lap 
  • Jim may give him shit about it all the time, but he wouldn’t change it 

Amtrak Observation 9251 SILVER PENTHOUSE by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
Amtrak 9251, named SILVER PENTHOUSE, at Kansas City, Missouri on October 7, 1994, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Number 9251 was built by Budd on Job 9659-019, one of three 3 Bedroom, 1 Drawing Room, dome observation bar lounge cars ( Plan 9511 ) for the CB&Q’s contribution to the California Zephyr, ordered in October 1945, delivered in December 1948 as CB&Q number 376. It became AMTK 9251 in 1971 and was retired by Amtrak in October 1981. In 1993, Burlington Northern Railroad purchased the car and placed it in storage. The car resurfaced in February 1999 in the Chicago area, and from there it moved south in May to Topeka and on to Ft. Worth, where it became enshrined ( significantly modified and renamed PRAIRIE VIEW ) at BNSF’s corporate headquarters.

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please tell me you've got more headcanons and stuff on pix and arrow, i'm in love with them!!

Time to brainstorm this thing
Note: Keith is half Galra in this AU
The post is very long btw, I decided to take out the Read More thing bc it won’t show the whole thing in my phone lmao

  • Sleeping habits
    • Pix sleeps like a baby. No sound. At. All. 
      • (Maybe some tiny snores and/or squeaks but that’s it)
    • Arrow sleeps as if he’s snorting instead of snoring
    • RIP Pix’s ears when he sleeps with his brother “Help me”
    • When one of them gets a night terror, they immediately reach out for each other, even in their sleep.
  • They both cuddle, with their tails entwined (Clinging almost)
    • Their tails/hands unconciously entwine with each other, w/o them realizing (most of the time, it’s just the tails)
    • So if they’re walking away to do something real quick, their butts always seem to find the floor. Makes them turn dark indigo every time lmao such weebs
  • Their tails function similarly to some animals, such as dogs (wagging), cats (curling/swaying/puffing out when startled or pissed, etc), possums (hanging/clinging onto something), and others (I’ll leave that to your imagination lol) 
    • The tails also act like a human hand (pointing, poking, etc)
  • Arrow is the one who looks like who can kill you, but is actually a softie (he was a shy and gentle cub back then and still is up to this day….)
  • Pix looks like a cinnamon roll (which he is tbh) but can actually kill you
  • Either one will stand up for the other when hurt (Mostly the paladins though tbh)
    • Case 1
      • * Person A laughs/insults Pix*
        • Arrow: wHAT DID U SAY U QUIZNAK
      • OR
      • * Person A laughs/insults Arrow*
        • Pix: Oh the hakuna mATATA IS OUT THE WINDOW COME HERE YOU SHIT (Lance and Pidge get a lecture with Shiro later lmaoo)
    • Case 2
      • Twins: *laughs as they bond with the team*
      • Person B: oh my y r there galras here
      • Person C: What trash—
        • Keith: sAY THAT AGAIN I DARE U
        • Pidge: fITE ME
        • Hunk: wHAT DID U SAY
        • Shiro: *just narrows eyes and lets his hand glow* (he isn’t one to shout weird things unlike his kids…..maybe)
  • When Coran tests out their coordination in those exercises that he made the paladins do in Episode 2, Pix and Arrow just FLOORS him at how they understand each other, from the maze to the handcuffing thing at the dinner table.
    • Lance: I zapped like a thousand times in that maze because of Keith!!! How are you not getting zapped, not even once????
    • Pix (in the maze) and Arrow (giving instructions): Lol
  • When the two sit next to each other, the team always find them leaning on one another, and/or scratching one other’s ears or head
    • They feed each others’ mouth when they have popcorn or something during a movie
  • Panic attacks set in the moment the two are separate (different rooms, barriers that keep them a few feet away, etc) 
    • They’re fine w/o holding each other but only if they’re side by side
  • Arrow is the most logical between the two, but in fact, he likes what Pix comes up with:
    • “Arrow lets do the thing”
    • “Aight”
    • *few moments after thing*
    • 9 out of 10, Arrow would actually proceed in doing Pix’s plan
      • the 1 is where Arrow is having the mix feelings of “I don’t wanna” and “but it sounds cool and I wanna try it out” 
      • Example >> Pix wanted them to dress in drag for undercover missions
      • “R u serious” “Do I look like I’m joking”
      • *comes out wearing said clothing*
      • “…I still hate this.”
  • Lance and Pix are partners in crime in pranks and stuff
    • They always seem to target Keith
      • “wHO puT PINK DyE IN mY SHAMPOO—”
    • But they include the others as well, but not as bad as the things that they do to Keithy lmao
  • The paladins realise something when they watch the twins make their meals: the two cooks meals for each other and always seem to get of what the other is craving
      • “Bro I made you ______ and ______.” 
      • “Yasss”
    • This also applies to small tasks, such as fixing each others’ clothes
  • Pix and Arrow are both suckers for pets/scratches
    • Pix will purr so loud and just…lean onto you….
      • He’ll accept them any time, any day
      • Pix is like those dogs that would just nudge your hand if you stop scratching/petting
    • Arrow is like Pix, but puts a tsundere front lmao (weak spots are his neck and ears, and probably his horn thingie on his head)
      • The moment you scratch him, he’ll just…..drop dead on the floor, purring so loudly while mumbling “i hate this” under his breath (his limbs always seem to turn into jelly every time)
      • “I don’t like pets okay?? What’s the big deeeeeeeaahhh—*drops*
      • Lance: *stops scratching ear and leans down* 
      • Lance: Y u always lying
  • The twins ask the paladins about their likes/dislikes/comfort zones/etc and they just…takes them into heart. They don’t like forcing things onto the gang if it’s something that they don’t like. (The team’s love for them expands a ten fold every time.)
  • Before the team found Pix and Arrow, the two had no clue on what a proper meal looks like, so Hunk makes them a meal as the two recover from the cyro pods
      • “What’s this?”
      • “I figured that you guys are hungry, so I might as well make you two some food! A full meal this time.”
      • But when the twins take their first bite, they squeak and try to suppress their joy in having a nice meal (tears included) and it just makes Hunk clutch his chest like oh my god???? When was the last time they ate a full meal??
      • Hunk then goes to the team, who are waiting by the lounge, and just yells gUYS WE HAVE TO MAKE A FEAST, LIKE RIGHT NOW………………..Which then results in having a little party for the twins (they love it and just softly cries about it)
  • Also, due to the twins’ stay in the planet where the paladins found them, they know some exotic food recipes that they managed to create so that they can survive emphasis on managed to create and surprisingly, it’s not that bad for humans.
    • this makes Hunk their cooking buddy every time it’s time to eat
    • “You used ____ to make ____ ??? Woah….”
    • “We can like, show you a few recipes, if you want?”
  • Shiro is like, really wary of them at first, since his experience with Galras aren’t exactly pleasant (but not to the point of trauma, because his PTSD is more on the time when he was experimented on and stuff like that)
    • But when he finds the twins in the observation deck, he kind of breaks a little when he sees how the two look, both distraught and exhausted. Shiro relates to them on a level that he has to comfort them
      • “Does this make me your dad”
      • “Shiro you’re kind of younger than us but whatever lmao”
  • Pidge can also confide in them when they miss their dad and brother
    • “You miss your family too, huh?” (This also includes Lance)
    • The four (twins, Pidge and Lance) mostly just lean on each other in the observation room, or maybe lounging area, every time they want comfort (Pidge always brings their laptop but whatever)
    • Pix is the one who comforts you with reassuring words, hugs/touches and etc, while Arrow is more on the silent comfort where he just leans on you/lets his tail curl around your wrist or somewhere idk and just listens to you rant about shit until you feel exhausted but better than before.
      • Both are good with hugs/touches tbh
      • The team loves it every time their tails curl around their legs/wrist every time one of them feels upset
  • Sparring with Keith and Shiro though
    • Keith is absolutely fLOORED (literally) at how good the twins are. But Pix and Arrow are on the same level as Shiro so it’s a tie between the three. 
    • “D-Damn…you guys are good.” “Y-You too, Shiro, wow…”
  • The twins are like big brothers to everyone; they give moral support when necessary (the ones who come to them for advice and stuff, or just hanging around them, are mostly Keith, Lance, Pidge and, maybe, Shiro)
    • Lance: *drapes himself over the twins’ laps while the two are sitting on the couch, relaxing*
    • Arrow: *moves his fingers through Lance’s hair*
    • Pix: Lemme guess……..Keit—
    • Lance: I don’t wanna talk about that mullet right now just keep on doing that thing with your hand pls
  • Princess Allura and Coran are extremely wary of the twins, due to their past experience before their 10k year sleep and the twins’ galran heritage and stuff like that. The only time they change their minds is when the team was under attack.
    • Allura was cornered and outnumbered, but before the drones’/soldiers’ shots can even reach her skin, the twins jumped in and took the blow with their shields that form into one HUGE shield when attached to one another.
      • Allura: “I-I…”
      • Pix: “You alright, Princess??” Arrow: “Are you hurt??”
        • And of what makes Allura double take and rethink her actions for the past few days, is the genuine concern from the twins.
        • She tells Coran all about it after the team returns back into the Castle.
        • Coran absorbs every word by heart and strides over to the twins, who visibly tensed up, as if they were expecting another rude comment or something, but made a sound when Coran enveloped them with a hug. Pix in his left arm, and Arrow in the other.
          • Twins: OvO !!!!
          • Coran: Thank you for saving Allura. I—We, thought wrongly of you. I apologise for our past actions and behaviour.
          • Allura: We truly are. *joins into the hug*
          • Twins: *slowly embraces Coran and Allura back, still looking confused but happy as hell*
          • Paladins: *soft crying/sniffles*
  • Bonus: Treats Keith like a little brother (but not as fatherly as Shiro ofc, no one can surpass the space dad)
    • Keith @ someone: Think that you’re so tough?? Huh?? I can probably take down your 9 foot ass and chop down your legs—
    • Twins: We apologize for our baby brother
    • Keith: I am nOT A BABy
    • Twins: Hush now

This is what I thought up so far!! Hope it fills u in on what the twins’ personalities are!! :D

For my “super soldier serum” fill for the bingo card. 6680 words. Thanks to @synteis for trying so hard to explain coding to my dense self. 

Howard liked to tell people he was an optimist. Hell, he would like it if he were an optimist. The truth was that he was a cheerful pessimist. He expected all things to go wrong all the time, and his goal was just to be on the right side of the things that went wrong and come out of them smiling. He guessed there was about a 50/50 chance of the guy pulling through the experiment. The process would work, but whether or not little Steve Rogers would survive was another story. Really, Erskine could have at least picked a guy who had some more meat on his bones.

He was just as stunned as everyone else when Rogers was revealed, shiny and new, and probably close to three times the weight of his previous self. Howard rushed forward with Erksine and they caught the man as he all but tumbled out of the tank. His skin was feverishly hot, and his muscles twitched and jumped under Howard’s hand. Howard didn’t understand the biology of it – biology was always too squishy and messy except in all the ways that squishy and messy could be fun – but it was his genius that had made the biology work. Howard could have kissed him. Maybe would have kissed him if Carter hadn’t gotten in between them.

They’d all been prepared for sabotage, but the shot ringing out from the observation lounge still took them all by surprise. Still, Howard Stark wasn’t a genius for nothing. In the chaos of Dr. Erskine collapsing with a hole in his chest, Howard reached out and plucked up one of the two surviving vials of the serum, slipping the vial into his pocket with a quick sleight-of-hand that he hadn’t practiced in years, but his body still knew without thought. He couldn’t reach the other before the traitor was down the stairs, gun motioning Howard away from the machine. The filthy coward snatched the last vial and made a break for it in all the shouting, Carter right on his heels.

Maybe he should have turned the vial over to the SSR when the thief’s vial was shattered, but Howard was a pessimist. Most had never believed it would work at all, so they were willing to humor the eccentric scientist, pat him on the head, sure, you can have this little guy we’ve got no other use for, but Steve Rogers had exceeded even Erskine’s best hopes. If they managed to replicate the serum without Erskine to keep an eye on the project? It wasn’t hard to imagine what any government, even the Good Ol’ US of A, would do with an army of Steve Rogers.

Howard kept the vial in his pocket, and if anyone had ever thought to count how many they’d had in reserve, it was chalked up to the traitor making off with – and losing – both.


Howard sat outside his wife’s bedroom and stared at the door. Jarvis paced in front of him as if he were the expectant father, stopping every three or four passes to press his ear to the door.

“It sounds rather… violent, sir,” Jarvis reported, looking a bit peaked when he turned around for the fourth time. Howard grunted, acknowledging that he’d spoken without bothering to reply.

It was the fifth time Maria had been pregnant, and the second that she’d carried to term. The others had all miscarried in the first or second term, and their daughter had been stillborn. Howard did not intend to make a fuss over it until he had a healthy boy in his hands. He would have been in the study working on the plans for the new plant, but Jarvis had been insufferable with his constant coming-and-going, bringing news every five minutes. Howard had taken a clipboard of paperwork to the hall instead to sit outside while Maria screamed and gasped in her bedroom. The light below the door flickered as someone passed in front of it, and then flickered again.

Jarvis looked up hopefully, but no one opened the door. He sat down on the hall bench, shoulders and spine stiff, face wrinkled in a concerned frown.

“I must say - you’re very calm, sir,” he said, darting a glance over at Howard, and then back to his vigil.

Howard took his eyes away from the door and turned his attention back to his paperwork, saying nothing. He was having a hard time concentrating over Maria’s wailing, and he’d just worked himself up to going for a fresh bottle of bourbon when Maria let out a great, growling shout, and fell silent. He waited, but Jarvis – despite the four previous false breaks in screaming – jumped to his feet. Just when Howard was shifting his weight to go for that bottle, they heard another scream; a thin, gasping wail.

Jarvis pumped his fist excitedly, and turned to Howard, catching his hand up in an energetic handshake. “Congratulations, sir!” he exclaimed.

Howard said nothing. He blinked at the door, shocked to hear the tiny infant’s cries, and growing more startled – and more alarmed – the longer the sound continued. He’d expected the babe to be born still, or at most to get in a single breath, but the child was shrieking at the top of its little lungs, and showed no signs of stopping. Several minutes passed with Howard staring at the door in stunned silence and Jarvis failing to contain his excitement. And then several more minutes passed. The babe quieted. The door didn’t open.

“What is the meaning of this?” Howard demanded finally, thrusting himself out of his chair and crossing the hall in three great strides. He shoved the door open, nearly hitting a startled maid, who held both hands up to stop him from going any further.

“Sir, you can’t – !”

“The hell I can’t!” Howard pushed past her to the bedside. Maria was pale against the white pillow case, her hair soaked in sweat, circles lining her eyes like bruises. The maid he’d shoved aside had her arms full of bloody cloths, and Maria was tucked into the bed with a dark duvet pulled up to her stomach. “Where is the child?” he demanded. “Did it live?”

“Your son lives,” Doctor Godall said, emerging from the adjoining room with a tiny bundle in his arms. Howard stared at him. Despite his words, he looked grim. “Though I’m afraid that he won’t for much longer. It’s his heart,” he explained sadly, “It’s terribly weak. I doubt he’ll live out the hour.”

In the bed, Maria issued a heartbroken sob. Howard closed the distance to the doctor in five long strides and swooped the infant out of his arms. The doctor reached for him in alarm, but Howard gave him a glare that stopped him cold. “I’ll spend the hour with my son,” he said sharply, and turned. Maria called out in breathless denial as he swept out of the room. Howard didn’t even pause – there wasn’t time.

Jarvis tried to follow him to the lab, but Howard roughly shoved him back and slammed the door in his face, engaging the lock with a barked command. The baby whimpered and mewled in the crook of his arm as he opened a secret panel in the back of the lab, and then yet another secret door in the corner of that lab. A tiny glass vial with blue liquid sat behind a three inch steel panel at the far side of his most secret space. He set the infant down on the padded bench, where it continued to gasp and cry, and retrieved the vial.

A simple injection in the foot set the baby to wailing. Howard watched the rest of Erskine’s wonder serum disappear and quickly stripped the swaddling blanket from the babe. He’d improved the design of the tank from Steve Rogers’ transformation, and it no longer needed to be upright. It was lighter, sleeker, more efficient. The baby couldn’t take the full dose of the vita rays, but it wouldn’t need a full dose.

The cover lowered over the screaming infant, and Howard hurried back to the control panel. He might have only moments to fire the device before the child died and took the serum with it. He didn’t bother with glasses, shielding his eyes with his forearm as he adjusted the dials on the control panel. The baby’s screams were inaudible over the crackle of the rays themselves, and the child was silent when Howard shut them down. Too much, and he would kill it. Not enough, and the rays wouldn’t activate the serum to its potential. Howard hadn’t had the time to do the calculations, so he could only hope that his gut had been correct.

He flipped the switch to lift the cover. It retreated into the ceiling, leaving the baby exposed on the padded surface. Howard approached cautiously. The baby looked up at him, blinking big brown eyes drowsily. Howard picked it up, wrapping it once more in the soft blue swaddling blanket. He waited several tense moments for some sign – any sign – of the baby’s increased health, but its cheeks remained pale, its chest continued a steady, though shallow rise and fall.

“Damnit,” Howard snarled. He glared at the infant. “Goddamn you.”

Howard found the doctor and Jarvis both seated at Maria’s bedside when he returned, defeated. Jarvis was the first to stand and Howard passed the infant over without a fight. Making another pitiful sound, Maria held her arms out for the doomed child.

“What name shall I put on the birth certificate?” Doctor Goodall asked softly.

Maria sniffled. “Stev –”

“Anthony,” Howard interrupted. “For my father. Edward for yours. Anthony Edward Stark.”

Jarvis gave him a look of profound disappointment, but Maria only smiled down at the baby. “Anthony Edward,” she confirmed, stroking her finger down its cheek. “I love you so, my darling.” She kissed its forehead, and Howard turned on his heel to flee the scene of his latest failure.


“I’m surprised you survived the operation,” Yinsen said over a can of beans. He scraped his spoon across the bottom of the can and looked up at Tony over the rim of his glasses. When Tony said nothing, he continued, “To be honest, even if we’d been in a sterile hospital with the latest operating equipment and drugs I would be surprised at your progress. I didn’t think you’d ever get out of that cot again.”

“Must have been all the alcohol and coke in my twenties,” Tony said, flashing his teeth in something not-quite a smile. “I need steady hands for this.” He motioned Yinsen over. The doctor scraped up the last bite of his dinner and set the can aside. He handed the soldering iron off to Yinsen and crouched next to him to direct him through the circuitry.

“I think it’s a miracle that you’re still here, Mr. Stark,” Yinsen said, delicately touching the iron to the circuit board. “I think you have great things left to do in your life.”

Tony didn’t respond immediately. He used a pencil to point out the next connection. “It’s not a miracle, Yinsen. I’ve just always been good at giving fate the middle finger.” He watched carefully as each connection was made – their supplies were limited and they couldn’t afford to make mistakes. “The doctor who delivered me wrote out a death certificate at the same time he completed the birth certificate. He had it all filled in except for the time. Didn’t expect me to live more than an hour.” Weak heart. What a joke.

“Then you have been blessed with many miracles,” Yinsen murmured.

Tony’s jaw tightened. “No such thing. That’s good. Leave it for now – we can work on the code.”  

Yinsen set the iron down and reached out for Tony’s shoulder. Shuddering, Tony pulled away from him and carried his battery to the ancient computer. It was still running Windows 98, and its processing time made Tony want to weep. He was tempted to redesign the operating system just so he wouldn’t have to deal with it, but the computer itself wouldn’t be able to handle it. As it was, they were probably going to have to store the code on at least two dozen floppy disks.

Tony sat next to the computer and hunched over what would be, very soon, a miniaturized arc reactor. Yinsen took the rickety stool in front of the computer, helping to shield Tony from the door. He hunched over the device and ignored the steady tap-tap-tap of Yinsen’s long fingers on the keys. Yinsen was a brilliant man, but he was wrong – there was no miracle involved. He’d survived because his doctor was one of the foremost medical engineers on the planet. He was going to continue to survive because he was a professional screwer-of-fate. And he was a fucking genius.

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Jeremiah settled back against the mast, frame mostly concealed to those below on the deck by the platform just above the deck on which he currently perched. One leg drawn up with an open sketchbook propped against it as charcoal stained fingers idly drew the outline of some of the city nearby his other swinging off the edge from where he lounged observing the deck from his chosen perch for those who belonged and others who, well, might not. The ship was shrouded in darkness, only the odd lamp serving to illuminate the deck below for crew to come and go as they wished in their enjoyment and participation in the local merriment. Over the hustle and bustle of the docks the distant sounds of music penetrated the air although it was the sound of footsteps below that drew his attention. Shifting to peer over the edge and recognising a familiar figure he debated on whether or not to announce his presence above and maintain his solitary watch deciding not to for once he spoke up voice carrying from above, “off to enjoy the festivities? Or just arriving back?”


For First Contact, John Eaves used the 1994 Playmates USS Enterprise-B toy (no. 6172), the only refit-Excelsior-class model commercially available at the time, to construct the golden display models of the ships seen in the display case in the observation lounge of the USS Enterprise-E. He filled one of them up with solid resin, made castings from it for additional copies, and had them all gold-plated

Ever since that post about Benezia’s clothes, I’ve been thinking way too much about outfit headcanon.

With all the research on smart materials going on these days — there’s already hydrophobic t-shirts and liquid body armor and the beginnings of a skin-tight space suit, and I’m also going to mention the Microsoft mood-detecting bra because it’s just hilarious — it’s no stretch to imagine 24th-century fabrics being flowy or clingy or whatever they want to be while providing the proper support. For the asari, this means heavy use of shape-memory polymers, not so much for fashion (though it does let designers make some truly outrageous costumes) but as an elegant way to harness the static charges built up by biotic use.

The simplest composite weave consists of three layers: the shape-memory layer that needs electric current to trigger its transformation, another layer that converts the static charge to said current, and finally a capacitive layer that stores any excess charge for future use. The low-grade biotic gestures every asari performs throughout the day is enough to maintain this basic transformation.

(More complicated costume designs that provide, say, temperature control or armor-like reinforcement require a higher level of biotic use. And that is why Samara likes to meditate in the observation lounge, when she’s not out fighting the dregs of galactic society she needs to recharge her costume.)

So in the morning, after stepping out fresh from the shower, Benezia takes her limp, inert dress and puts it on easily because there are no stiff parts or buckles in inconvenient places or zippers that don’t want to pull together. Then comes the most important step where she preens and checks herself out in the mirror, and then she takes a deep breath, flares her biotics, waits a moment while the polymers do their thing and tada! The Rack is now ensconced in a perfectly-fitted swath of fabric that’s comfy, supportive, practical and fashionable. Despite the dangerous-looking neckline she sports in ME1, she’s never in danger of any wardrobe malfunctions at all.

Now, how often do you see tech that takes one of the constant annoyances of life and transforms it something that makes you look fabulous? There’s absolutely no downside to wearing these clothes — it’s one of those genius innovations that only happen once an era as far as the asari are concerned.

The scientist who pioneered this type of material is dubbed the Parent of Modern Textiles, and until now she still makes it into all the asari listicles about the Greatest Inventors of All Time.

anonymous asked:

Can you please write one where he surprises you on your birthday with a party and just goes all out shopping for you and stuff <3 ; )

Thanks for the request!! I’ll do better ones as soon as I have more time x

Your eyes tracked the hands of the clock as they ticked slowly - painfully slowly- around the face of the clock.
You tapped the lid of the pen against your teeth, contemplating selling your soul to the devil just to make this day end quicker.
You sighed with relief as soon as the minute hand hit twelve and you stood abruptly, grabbing your bag and bidding a quick goodbye to your coworkers before you speed-walked out of the building.
It was your birthday, and the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in an office the whole day.

On your way home your mood dropped slightly as you thought about Calvin and how you cancelled plans to see him - your boss called you yesterday and said he needed you to come into work, so you had to cancel your arrangements.
You checked your phone while you sat on the busy bus, seeing you had a missed call from him. You couldn’t call back with all this background noise, so you waited until you got home.

You stuck your key in the lock, fumbling with the charms on the keyring in a rush to get inside and sit down.
The door swung open before you had a chance to unlock it and you frowned, puzzled, as you wondered if you’d forgotten to lock it before you left..?
‘Happy Birthday!’ A familiar voice shouted and you jumped backwards in shock before a massive grin broke out on your face at the sight of Calvin holding a huge bunch of brightly coloured balloons in your doorway.
You burst out laughing as he let go of the balloons, letting them hit the ceiling in the lounge before he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms around you.
‘You scared the shit out of me, you maniac.’ You mumbled into his chest, still smiling.
When he let you go you looked around your lounge, observing the bright banners pinned up everywhere, the balloons all over the floor and the ceiling and the colourful confetti scattered everywhere.
‘Oh my god, Calvin!’
‘I nearly died from lack of oxygen blowing up all those fuckin’ balloons.’ He said, his eyes watching you carefully.
You turned to face him and pressed an overjoyed kiss to his lips, grateful for all the effort he had put in when you hadn’t even expected to see him at all.
He walked through to the kitchen and you followed, kicking off your shoes as you threw your bag down on the sofa.
'Calvin!’ You exclaimed once again as your eyes took in the gifts strewn all over the place - all over the counters and some were even on the floor.
'I told you not to get me anything!’ You scolded him, but he shook his head.
'Shut up.’
You began opening the many gifts, laughing at how bad his wrapping skills were.
You got to the very last one, feeling Calvin’s gaze on you as he twiddled his thumbs, weirdly nervous. You wondered why he kept this one for last - it must be important.
Trying not to laugh, you put the last wrapped gift back on the counter before reaching over and filling the kettle, letting it boil.
'Want a cuppa?’ You asked, trying not to look at Calvin’s perplexed face.
'Open it first.’ He whined like a child at the shops who wanted another sweetie.
'Um… Nah.’ You said, pretending to consider it before your shook your head, dismissing the idea. 'I think I’ll open that one tomorrow. You know - prolong the birthday vibes.’
You burst out laughing, unable to keep it up for any longer.
'You’re such a dick.’ He said, his arms snaking around your waist as he leaned his chin on your shoulder.
'Please.’ He sulked, refusing to give up.
He let you go and you picked up the gift once again, much to Calvin’s satisfaction.
'This whole thing is literally just sellotape.’ You wheezed, unable to open it.
'Gimme it.’ He said, rolling his eyes playfully as he ripped the sellotape apart and handed you a little black box.
You carefully lifted the lid off of the sleek packaging and revealed a beautiful silver necklace with a real diamond featured in the middle of the charm.
You covered your mouth with one hand as you looked at Calvin, whose face held a nervous smile.
'Do you like it?’ He asked, his brown eyes boring into yours.
You answered by wrapping your free arm around his neck and pulling him closer to you, where you kissed his lips before cuddling him close.
'Thank you so much, Cal.’ You said into his neck and he chuckled.
'You’re welcome. Bet you’re glad you opened it now.’
He took the necklace out of the box and stood behind you, fastening it. He gently kissed from your earlobe down to your shoulder from behind as you admired the necklace. The beautiful jewellery looked so delicate and dainty on your chest and you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face.
You finished the day cuddled up on the sofa with Calvin, tucking into some birthday cake as you wondered how you got so lucky.

(I’ve heard rumours about leafy dating someone and if anyone COULD PLS UPDATE ME ON WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I would be eternally grateful lol) luv u guys x

Kaidan and Shepard looking out over the starts, Shepard’s head resting on Kaidan’s shoulder, his head resting on hers

Shepard getting those silly, stupid butterflies everytime Kaidan enters the room and scalding herself

Kaidan feeling overjoyed when Shepard returns from a mission unharmed, and his cheeks hurting from trying to stop himself smiling

Shepard waking up in the morning with her face buried in Kaidan’s side, and when she inhales his scent, she knows she can handle whatever the galaxy throws at her

Kaidan hugging Shepard, and when he buries his nose in her hair, he squeezes her tightly, but not too tightly

Shepard covering Kaidan with a blanket when he falls asleep in the Starboard Observation Lounge

Kaidan carrying Shepard to bed when she falls asleep at her desk

Shepard straightening Kaidan’s jacket and his hair (much to his dismay) before they go to some silly public event and thinking she’s the luckiest girl alive for gaining such a gorgeous, smart and brilliant man

Kaidan carefully putting on the necklace he bought Shepard, careful not to mess her hair, kissing her shoulder as he tells her she’s beautiful, and even though she blushes and denies it, Kaidan objects because he’ll be damned if he lets such a breath-taking, clever and amazing woman go unnoticed

Kaidan and Shepard holding hands, tentatively, shyly, and looking at each other with grins on their faces and in silence because, wow, they love the other one so much words would not do it justice

Kaidan and Shepard (。◕‿◕。)

Eyes Like Stars

Zoe Shepard has eyes like the void of space. Deep, boundless, and endlessly black; they seem to hold a beautiful darkness that sparkles and shines with distant pinpoints of light. When she sits in the Starboard Observation lounge, her eyes twinkle with distant galaxies and starlight, reflecting nebulas and supernovas until Kaidan is certain he could fall into her eyes and get lost forever. He could gaze into her eyes for hours, enchanted, counting falling stars and second chances, and all the ways he loves her.

Liara T’soni has eyes like luminescent twin moons. The most incredible blue Kaidan has ever seen; as though the Goddess Athame herself scooped up the atmosphere of Neptune, sprinkled it with shimmering stardust, and placed that gorgeous colour in the orbs that are her eyes. He’s stared into those eyes as they glistened with tears for her lost love, seen them turn to him when they were lost and lonely, and seen them shine and glow with happiness. A thousand emotions in the cosmic blue of her eyes, and he loves them all just as he loves her.

His own eyes are plain by comparison, an earthly brown; the colour of autumn leaves or rusted pennies thrown into a well. But late at night, when he stares into his lovers’ faces, he knows his eyes reflect their eyes and steal a little of that twinkling darkness and glowing azure. And when his eyes reflect the magic of his lovers’, his eyes are like stars too, and they hold a beauty of their own.

Mercenaries at the pool headcanons
  • Scout: Brags about what an amazing swimmer he is, but actually can't swim very well and ends up trying to pick up chicks by the poolside instead.
  • Solider: Does cannonballs almost nonstop. Splashes way too much. Yells constantly as usual. Generally a nuisance.
  • Pyro: Is ok with swimming equipped with water wings and an inner tube. Plays with boats in the shallow end.
  • Demo: Can't swim while drunk (Medic wont let him), so he hangs out in the hot tub with all the alcohol he can drink.
  • Heavy: Enjoys himself until he accidentally breaks the diving board. Plays Marco Polo with Soldier and cheers up.
  • Engie: Not much of a swimmer. Keeps an eye on Pyro and Soldier while relaxing poolside with a cold beer.
  • Medic: Puts something in the water and asks people if they feel strange. Spends the rest of the time observing from a lounge chair.
  • Sniper: Shows up in a Speedo with the Australian flag on it and unintentionally makes other people really uncomfortable. Swims a few laps and then joins Engie.
  • Spy: Gripes about going, shows up in his usual suit instead of a bathing suit, gripes about being there and how it's too hot and noisy and crowded. Sulks in a corner chair with a glass of wine until Soldier splashes him. He throws a fit and goes home.
The Silence of Stars

A/N - Just a little James and Shepard moment from my Shenga couple. There is no Kaidan in this, but I thought I’d give these two a little moment together.

James sat with Zi nestled under the crook of his arm, her body warm against his as they sat together in the Starboard observation lounge and stargazed. They rarely had moments like this, moments where it was just to the two of them alone, without the crew bustling around them, and without their other partner with them. Though he loved Kaidan with a fever he’d never guessed he could, he treasured these small moments alone with the woman he loved.

“Why Kaidan?” he asked slowly, trying to find words to ask a question he wasn’t sure he even wanted to know the answer to. 

Zi glanced up, her golden eyes reflecting starlight. “Why Kaidan, what?”

“Why did you go back to him after everything that happened? I love the man, I love you both, but I was just wondering why you gave him a second chance?”

“Maybe I’m forgiving like that.” She shrugged and looked away, a shadow flickering through her eyes.

James sighed and rested his chin on her head. “C’mon Lola, I know there is something more to it. He hurt you bad, but you still went back.”

Silence fell for a time, and he could almost hear the cogs inside her head turning. Her finger nails drummed out a rhythm on his leg, and eventually with a small sigh she relaxed against him and her hand found his.

“Kaidan was the first man I ever loved.”

Soft words.

Soft words that carried more weight than they should have.

The rest is under the cut :)

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Asakusa Ryounkaku 浅草凌雲閣 (Cloud-Surpassing Pavilion) building or Juunikai 十二回 (12 floors) - 1890-1923

The Ryounkaku was designed by the Scottish engineer W. K. Burton in the late 1880s. The opening was made in November 11, 1890 - Adjacent to Tokyo Asakusa Park, 46 merchandise stores from around the world were up to the 8th floor, the upper floor was likely an observation room. A lounge was on the eighth floor, and art exhibitions were held on the ninth floor, while the tenth through twelfth were observation decks. From there, all of Tokyo could be seen and on a clear day also Mount Fuji. Many artistic and cultural events were held in the Ryounkaku, including Western music concerts, geisha photograph exhibitions, beauty contests etc. Famous was the store where wood-block prints were made for Sugoroku, a popular Japanese board game. 225 Feet (65 m) height. There was a second floor of a wooden building on the 10th floor on the top the brick part. First building equiped of 2 electric elevators in Japan at this time. The billboard in front of the tower advertised Jintan, a breath mint product still sold in Japan.

It was the first “Tokyo Sky Tree"… After the Great Kanto Earthquake 関東大震災 in September 1, 1923, it was demolished.