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Observation Lounge - the Broadway Limited, 1972 by Steve Brown
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In the early years of Amtrak (operating America’s long-haul passenger service starting May 1, 1971) the Broadway Limited was the flagship train between New York and Chicago. This was the observation lounge at the end of the train, a former B & O Capitol Limited lounge car, very recently refurbished (weren’t those 1970’s colors wonderful?). I took this photo during a trip on Memorial Day weekend in 1972 between Harrisburg, PA and Lima, Ohio. View my collections on flickr here: Collections Press “L” for a larger view in black.


For First Contact, John Eaves used the 1994 Playmates USS Enterprise-B toy (no. 6172), the only refit-Excelsior-class model commercially available at the time, to construct the golden display models of the ships seen in the display case in the observation lounge of the USS Enterprise-E. He filled one of them up with solid resin, made castings from it for additional copies, and had them all gold-plated


WRSR Business Car by Chuck Zeiler
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White River Scenic Railway Santa Claus Special at Pyatt, Arkansas on December 10, 1994, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. It appears that this car was built by Pullman in 1925 as a 10 section lounge observation, converted to Southern Pacific Railroad business car 110 ( named LOS ANGELES ) in 1956. At that time it was equipped with thermo-pane windows and SP’s light package. It was repainted to the simulated stainless steel paint scheme seen here in the 1960’s. It was sold to FCP in Mexico in 1977. At some point it was returned to the USA and spent time on the White River Scenic Railway in Arkansas during the 1990’s, repainted in MP colors..

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LURVVED your comments about "Sandstorm Skipper"! Have you heard the rumor that she and Sam may have had a falling out prior to ECCC? The story goes that she was slated to go up there for more pics of the two of them that weekend, including pics with her parents, who I guess live there. It did not happen (Odd that there were no pics with her parents during The Wedding) Wondered what you thought about that and if you think it had something to do with Sam's "mood" observed in the airport lounge?

Did you send this anon to lots of people? I’ve never called anyone sandstorm skipper. Hmmm

Eyes Like Stars

Zoe Shepard has eyes like the void of space. Deep, boundless, and endlessly black; they seem to hold a beautiful darkness that sparkles and shines with distant pinpoints of light. When she sits in the Starboard Observation lounge, her eyes twinkle with distant galaxies and starlight, reflecting nebulas and supernovas until Kaidan is certain he could fall into her eyes and get lost forever. He could gaze into her eyes for hours, enchanted, counting falling stars and second chances, and all the ways he loves her.

Liara T’soni has eyes like luminescent twin moons. The most incredible blue Kaidan has ever seen; as though the Goddess Athame herself scooped up the atmosphere of Neptune, sprinkled it with shimmering stardust, and placed that gorgeous colour in the orbs that are her eyes. He’s stared into those eyes as they glistened with tears for her lost love, seen them turn to him when they were lost and lonely, and seen them shine and glow with happiness. A thousand emotions in the cosmic blue of her eyes, and he loves them all just as he loves her.

His own eyes are plain by comparison, an earthly brown; the colour of autumn leaves or rusted pennies thrown into a well. But late at night, when he stares into his lovers’ faces, he knows his eyes reflect their eyes and steal a little of that twinkling darkness and glowing azure. And when his eyes reflect the magic of his lovers’, his eyes are like stars too, and they hold a beauty of their own.

Questions and Answers

“My turn, huh?” Kaidan hummed as he finished pouring another glass of wine for himself and his company for the evening. They’d settled in the observation lounge and left any and all datapads, reports, and incoming transmissions at the door. Tonight, they’d agreed, there would be no work if they could help it. This was a time to relax and talk, a small attempt to make up for years of unsaid words and lost time. He and Shepard had managed to turn it into something of a back and forth game, asking difficult questions without judgment, fear, or anger. It had proven to be a formidable but necessary and rewarding exchange, all things considered. The longer they went, however, the tougher the inquiries seemed to be. “Would you have shot me on the Citadel if I hadn’t backed down first?”

Shepard chuckled quietly at that one. “You know, Garrus asked me the same thing just after it happened. I think he was concerned for my mental health. Too close for his comfort, maybe.”

“He’s not the only one,” Kaidan dryly responded as he glanced in her direction with a playful glimmer in his eyes.

“No,” Shepard said at last. “I would never have fired. Had you taken much longer to decide what to do, though, I would have forced you to shoot me.”

“I know,” he nodded and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “And then Garrus would have shot me and… well, it would have been an even bigger mess.” He made a joke of it, but Shepard could tell that it had been bothering him. She hoped that her true answer might allay his fears.

“Did you regret ever having been with me once we met on Horizon?” She was surprised that she managed to get the question all at once, as a lump had instantly formed in her throat. She certainly didn’t want to hear the answer, but she felt as though she needed to know.

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CB&Q Business Car THE ROUND-UP by Chuck Zeiler
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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad business car, named THE ROUND-UP, eastbound on Train # 10, the Denver Zephyr at Naperville, Illinois on July 30, 1965, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Built as solarium lounge observation 570 for the Spokane Portland & Seattle by Barney & Smith in 1915, it was purchased in 1934 by the CB&Q and numbered 220 and named Mississippi. In 1936, it was rebuilt as a solarium parlor for use on subsidiary Colorado & Southern’s train 31-32, the Zephyr Connection, and on the left side it was named Cheyenne, and on the right side it was named Denver. During WWII it was converted to a chair car and numbered 4811. During February 1946, it was converted back to its original configuration and name/number (220-Mississippi). Two months later, at this very spot, headed in the opposite direction, it was involved in a disasterous collision between the Advance Flyer and the Exposition Flyer. It was removed to the shops in Aurora, where it sat derelict for several years until it was pulled into the shops and sheathed in stainless steel for conversion to a business car. It emerged from the shops during January 1953 still a heavyweight car (201,900 pounds), and named The Round-Up. It became the BN The Round-Up, and was sold to the Canadian National April 1972. It was sold by the CN to Bombardier Ltd., and re-sold to Ron Salisbury, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Silence of Stars

A/N - Just a little James and Shepard moment from my Shenga couple. There is no Kaidan in this, but I thought I’d give these two a little moment together.

James sat with Zi nestled under the crook of his arm, her body warm against his as they sat together in the Starboard observation lounge and stargazed. They rarely had moments like this, moments where it was just to the two of them alone, without the crew bustling around them, and without their other partner with them. Though he loved Kaidan with a fever he’d never guessed he could, he treasured these small moments alone with the woman he loved.

“Why Kaidan?” he asked slowly, trying to find words to ask a question he wasn’t sure he even wanted to know the answer to. 

Zi glanced up, her golden eyes reflecting starlight. “Why Kaidan, what?”

“Why did you go back to him after everything that happened? I love the man, I love you both, but I was just wondering why you gave him a second chance?”

“Maybe I’m forgiving like that.” She shrugged and looked away, a shadow flickering through her eyes.

James sighed and rested his chin on her head. “C’mon Lola, I know there is something more to it. He hurt you bad, but you still went back.”

Silence fell for a time, and he could almost hear the cogs inside her head turning. Her finger nails drummed out a rhythm on his leg, and eventually with a small sigh she relaxed against him and her hand found his.

“Kaidan was the first man I ever loved.”

Soft words.

Soft words that carried more weight than they should have.

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Ever done chores and pictured what it’s like on the Normandy?
Like you’re cleaning your bathroom and wondering if Shepard ever finds cleaning their quarters after a long mission soothing. You also picture Joker cleaning the cockpit obsessively after a mission that almost killed his friends.
What about Garrus and Ashley washing the dishes and talking to each other quietly because it’s 02AM and they don’t want to bother the night crew?
Or Kaidan insisting on cleaning the Starboard Observation Lounge himself once a week?
You know, little things.