Blow that whistle.

Not my revenge but I watch everything unfold.

I work at a lumber yard right next to the train tacks, they are literally about ten feet away from our walls. As you can imagine it can get pretty loud when the train passes by however, I have learned to tune it out after working there for a while.  One of my co-works has not despite working there far longer than I have.   One day he got feed up and flipped off the train as it passed and yelled obsenities at it. He took to doing this every time it passed by for about a week.  Somehow one of the conductors noticed this.

Now you can tell if its that conductor because they will blow the whistle the entire time it passes by our yard and even as it goes way off into the distance down the tracks.  Needless to say my coworker is not amused but it just makes the rest of us laugh.

I will never be over the fact that Vulcans don’t really touch much, even husbands and wives, and therefore the way humans touch must be considered pretty obsene. 

I just picture the first time a human touched Spock him trying to figure out what an acceptable responce is to that and then after years of dealing with Kirk just being like “whatever” to touching that to everyone he was raised with would be practically pornagraphic.

I mean:

husbands and wives on Vulcan

Spock and his human friends

I swear to god

I don’t need a Canon Wincest relationship. 

First off, I firmly believe it already exists, the world would just explode if they explicitly showed one. 

Second, any canon relationship takes away from what the show is supposed to be: two brothers hunting monsters on one long ass roadtrip that never ends.

I would love it to be canon though. They don’t need to have sex on screen to prove their together.

Here’s my happy lil’ list of ways they could technically state wincest without making it “obsene”:

  • Matching rings. Not difficult, and they already have the same last name.
  • CUDDLES. Sam’s feeling sick? No problem, let Dean cuddle him. It’ll make them both feel a little better. 
  • Kisses on the cheek? like, c’mon. A quick peck when they’re about to separate. 
  • Commentary! Like, just allude to it? Like shy responses from either one about how they felt about the night before. (lil’ much, I get it.)
  • Wedding. Like marry them for a case but allude to “Had to happen eventually.”
  • Surprise gifts.

Literally, wincest doesn’t have to be this disgusting thing, it can be adorable. It can be awesome and barely there. Any canon relationship would need to be this way in the show anyway, because it’s a show about the brothers and hunting monsters…. 

Supernatural is not a ROM COM, it’s a great drama with scary undertones. But, if there was any relationship that I say would make sense and not change anything…. It’s Wincest. 


Werner Herzog lays some deep knowlege on your butt.

A tramcar named Desire

I hear it’s Solas Fluff Friday ? Well here’s the first chapter of “that one silly AU where Solas is a tram driver in a snowstorm”. More crack than fluff in this chapter, but promise of future fluff counts, right ? :D

Lavellan blew on her fingers to try and chase away the cold. Snow fell continuously from the sky and coated the landscape in a thick blanket. Never had a winter been so harsh in her memory. Century-old trees blown away by the gushing winds, Clouds weighing heavy on the horizon to the point of claustrophobia. A massive hailstorm had ripped the sky apart during the day, hitting everyone and everything indiscriminately, punching through windshields, blowing roofs away, forcing people inside their homes to hide from hailstones sometimes as large as tennis balls.

Surprisingly enough, the trams were still running. The lines were the city’s nervous systems, linking key neighbourhoods together, allowing people from all races and origins to travel at affordable costs in a city where the terrain didn’t allow for subways. That meant that the tramways were regularly cleared from the excess of snow by the volunteers of the Haven program for young Andrastians.

The luminescent numbers on the tram station’s flickered. Lavellan stood on her toes and wiped the screen with her sleeve, trying to read the estimate arrival time for the next tram.

Thirty five minutes.

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Obscenity & 1Point5 - Alabama Hotpocket [HD] (by JESUSdied4Dubstep)

Janis Joplin was arrested in 1969 in Tampa Florida after yelling obsenities at Police and later charged with disorderly conduct but the charges were later dropped, the judge said it was the singers “freedom of speech”. Ha!

The trick to this solution is that you’d have to be 100% honest. Meaning not just sincere but almost naked. Worse than naked - more like unarmed. Defenseless. ‘This thing I feel, I can’t name it straight out but it seems important, do you feel it too?’ - this sort of direct question is not for the squeamish. For one thing, it’s perilously close to “Do you like me? Please like me,” which you know quite well that 99% of all interhuman manipulation and bullshit gamesmanship that goes on goes on precisely because the idea of saying this sort of thing straight out is regarded as somehow obscene. In fact one of the very last few interpersonal taboos we have is kind of obscenely naked direct interrogation of somebody else. It looks pathetic and desperate. That’s how it’ll look to the reader. And it will have to. There’s no way around it.
—  David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men