I want to do watercolour portraits of all the channel awesome crew - as cheesy as it sounds watching their videos got me through some pretty tough times in the past. 

I started with one of my favourite reviewers, Obscurus Lupa :D

Alison, if you see this, thank you for putting so much effort into Obscurus Lupa, and making so many people happy!

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Lupa teams up with Oancitizen to review the greatest Shakespeare adaptation of all time: Hamlet the Vampire Slayer! Wait…

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A Talking Cat!?!

Only the Nostalgia Critic can help me take on something so amazingly underwhelming!?!

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It’s the 100th episode of Obscurus Lupa Presents! And what better way to celebrate than with my favorite movie of all time?

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Anyone up for a retelling of Heidi… with dogs?

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Goodbye Obscurus Lupa Presents, Hello Movie Nights!

Here’s what’s going on!

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Saw  this video by Obscurus lupa last year with my then girlfriend now fiancee. We found it absolutely hilarious and quote it all the time.

So now,  me  and my fiancee are determined to  make watching it a Christmas tradition! O3O

Angry kitten  voice FTW!

A Very Terrible Valentine's Day

Hello, all! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your loved ones or simply celebrating with yourself (You love yourself, as a human bean), there’s no reason not to celebrate the day with glorious bad movie reviews. So here’s a selection of OLP episodes that celebrate life, love, and hilarious over-acting:


A half Native American detective falls in love with the ghost of Kate Hodge. Magical powers and poorly-imposed explosions ensue!

Subspecies 1-4

It’s the greatest love story ever told between a goofy, half-hag vampire and his darling Meechelle. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

Beauty and the Beast (1987)

This Manic Episodes covers the most schmaltzy love story of all time! Join Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman as they read poetry, hug each other, and clean up hairballs. 

Ben & Arthur

Ben and Arthur just want to get married, but those evil Christians keep killing people and leaving holy water potions on their doorsteps. 


Kate Hodge is a rose petal who isn’t wearing any undergarments. Also her boyfriend might be a perfume-themed serial killer.

City Dragon

MC Kung Fu is ready to hang up his rapping martial artist ways to take care of his recently pregnant girlfriend. He’ll take you on a Night Swim!

Tammy and the T-Rex

Can a romance really work out between Denise Richards and a robotic t-rex with her boyfriend’s brain in it?

My Boyfriend’s Back

Just because he’s a zombie doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want to take you to prom.

Guardian Angel

Cynthia Rothrock is the bodyguard for a misogynistic playboy. Zing!

Blood Red Moon

It’s like Twilight with no budget. So better than Twilight.

The Room

You’re looking so sexy, Lisa! By the way, how’s your sex life?

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Obscurus Lupa Presents: OLP: Tammy and the T-Rex

I remember when I linked the Amazing Bulk review on my Tumblr it got a lot of attention (so much that I missed a stream one of you guis did if it) but I think I only linked this one to LE. (Actually, I think I rushed onto Skype after I saw this and was like HOLY COW THIS IS A THING YOU NEED TO SEE.)

So yeah, if you’re still curious about where that gif of hot hot teenage girl and robot t-rex lovin’ came from, this video will tell you all about it.

EDIT: Apparently the new Blip embed makes you watch it on my pretty purple blog. If that bugs you just click the link to watch it on Blip I guess.

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“The Amazing Bulk”, ladies and gentlemen.

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Movie Nights: Kindergarten Ninja

The ghost of Bruce Lee must set a NFL superstar on the right path. There are also children.

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Obscurus Lupa, from Channel Awesome!

I’m really going to have to find a better place to take pictures.  The lighting in my house isn’t the best, unfortunately, but I made do with what I had.

I think her shirt is my favorite part of this.  …I kind of dislike her hair, though.  Maybe I’ll try making her again in the future.

I’ve made a few other TGWTG personalities, too.  I’ll post them and hopefully have more coming at some point!

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