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Obscuro: What’s a kink that you have? What about it excites you?
R: I have many kinks… in my hair. It’s pretty darn curly! (Honestly, I wouldn’t know. ’,:/ )

The White Buffalo Gazette November 2016 36th Anniversary https://twitter.com/WhiteBuffaloG issue is a 12-page, full size, B&W art, comics, and info zine. Published by Edward Parker Bolman.

This zine has been around a long time and gone through a few different hands. It comes out periodically and this, the most recent issue, was put out by Edward Parker Bolman. This issue includes fan mail, art, and news, plus comics from Carrie McNinch, Clark Dissmeyer, Heide Solbrig, Brad W. Foster, Matt Feazell, and Buzzizyk & Siergey!

You can check out what Edward Parker Bolman is doing with The White Buffalo Gazette at https://twitter.com/WhiteBuffaloG