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Hi! ^^ Amazing blog! I really like Korean, so being able to read the actual words they say it's better, to me, than just reading the translation...but I'm not that skilled to understand on my own yet çç Anyways :) I wanted to make a little request, if possible ^^ About Answer Me 1997, there's a scene in which Yoon Je tells Shi Won that her friend asked him out, but at the same time wants SW to tell him not to date her. Is it only me who had so many feelings on that scene? Could you quote that?:)

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! I remember having an overload of feelings when I first watched that scene—so you’re not alone on that part! Yoon-je’s one-liner “만나지 마까?” was very memorable!

Good luck on your language learning, and here’s the snippet you requested, with a video of the scene below! :)

시원: 녹화는?
윤제: 어. 했다.
시원: 잘 했다.
윤제: 내 오늘…유정이한테 고백 받았다.
시원: 들었다.
윤제: 우짜지?
시원: 니는 어떤데?
윤제: 모르겠다…만나지 마까?
시원: 그걸 와 나한테 묻는데?
윤제: 만나지 마까? …만나지 마까?
시원: 소원이 뭔데?
윤제: 만나지 마라 캐라.