“so i have this errand i really need help with.” you said, looking at Loki and Valkyrie, “i really hate to ask but-”

“just show us the list love.” Loki said.

you handed him the list with everything you needed, after a quick glance he said, “i can grab all of this in three hours.”

“i could do it in two.” Valkyrie stated.

“fine, one.” Loki said.

“thirty minutes.” Valkyrie said, glaring at Loki.


Valkyrie rolled her eyes, then said sarcastically, “you must really be a magician, three hours down to fifteen minutes? impressive.”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

Imagine being Bella Swan’s cousin. You’ve noticed the odd going on’s of those Bella tries to keep close, but keep your nose out of it. However, she drags you to La Push to confront one of her friends where you end up meeting their resident hot head. Only he’s not a hot head.. and it’s totally love at first sight. Or something.

  • Jacob probably wanting to talk to Bella ‘alone’ and that leaves you and Paul leaning against his car watching the two of them
  • ”well thats an issue waiting to happen.” “tell me about it. I’m Paul.”

Idea taken from HERE.

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Paul X Reader

Sitting in the passenger seat of your cousin’s truck, you pull your jacket closed around you and then hold your hands up to the vents for some warmth. You had, had your weekend all planned out and driving to La Push had not been a part of it. So far all you’ve heard was Edward this and Jacob that, and watched as Bella stumbled over her words as she realized she was telling more than she was supposed to.

The trees soon give away to a stretch of road where one side is guarded against a steep plunge down into the ocean by a foot tall rail and the other side is nothing but rocky mountains. You perk up as you watch the rolling waves, smiling at the beautiful scenery only to scream when Bella suddenly slams on the brakes. Her behemoth of a truck skids along pebbles and sand near a section of the road that expands into a small parking location so one can overlook the ocean.

“Jesus Christ!” You yell, biting back a wince as the seat belt does it’s job to keep you from lurching forward into the dashboard. “Are you fuckin’ insane?!”

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Hi! so I’m obsessed with Eric Coulter fanfics and imagines and everything <3 And I decided to make a humble contribution to the fandom by rendering how I imagine Eric’s apartment to be. It’s probably a mix of Four’s room from the movies and a LOT of fanfics. I hope you guys like it and don’t mind me tagging you.

@jojuarez26 @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure @ericcoultered  @lacy-love @obscure-imagines  @sparklemichele @thetherianthropydaily @taesjinn @imagines-by-a-typical-fangirl  @ericcoulterdauntlessdivergent

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he turned to leave then turned around again, looking into your eyes, “if i dont make it back… i love you.” 


im being a lame writer today

Imagine being an Avenger, but also a secret part-time Victoria’s Secret model which none of the Avengers- with the exception of Natasha- know about. At least not until there’s a mission during one of your fashion shows and you have to hurry back to HQ.

Prompt taken from HERE.

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Gen Fic X Reader

Being a model was something you never thought was possible, but the lingerie on your body and the wings on your back proved that it was. You’d been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a few years now and it was one of the most confidence boosting things you’ve ever done. Well.. that and being an Avenger when they were in need of your inhuman abilities.

Missions were slow to trickle in and you’d been on leave for a couple days now that having been requested by the modeling agency for the latest runway show had you feeling giddy. The agency knew of your superhero alter ego, so it was widely known in the fashion industry that if you mysteriously disappeared then you were not to be penalized.

Natasha had taken you to your latest show since she was the only one who figured out where you disappeared to every now and then, and she had backstage access to anything she wanted. And it was while Natasha was watching from the back that the phone call came in, you having just changed into your second outfit of the night.

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Inspired by @obscure-imagines post (Love your blog! Love everything you do! <3)

Warnings: Smut

Words: 2,681

The betrothal happened quick, the marriage even quicker. As Sissel’s father realized there would soon be a clear divide between the Lothbrok sons, he wanted to marry off his daughter to ensure there would be at least one brother on his side. While Sissel, affectionately Sissy, refused and wanted nothing to do with the princes, much less Ivar, her father had the control over who she would marry, and marry Sissy and Ivar did.

The first 6 months weren’t bad, mainly because Ivar was off on a raid in England. And when they came back, only Hvitserk accompanied her husband. That night she had learned that Ubbe decided to stay with Bjorn and Lagertha in England, effectively starting the war Sissy’s father saw coming. Now that Ivar was back and readying his army for war, Sissy went with him as he traveled to King Harald’s land where they set up camp and he crowned himself king, naming her his queen. With this being the most time they had ever spent together since the wedding, Sissy did not speak unless spoken to and did whatever Ivar asked of her. After a few weeks at the camp, Ivar saw that she merely obeyed out of obligation to her husband and that did not sit well with Ivar at all.


“Sissy,” Ivar called finally, having been staring at her as she cooked for at least the last 15 minutes. Sissy stopped and glanced at him.

“My King,” Sissy said.

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you knocked and heard Eddie call for you to come in so you entered the apartment. “Eddie?!” you found him in the kitchen eating copious amounts of tater tots, “what are you doing?”

“I need to tell you something and it might freak you out.” he said, putting the food down, “i have a parasite.”

suddenly a huge black mass head appeared out of Eddie’s shoulder, “I am not a parasite!” you screamed and the being looked at you, “she is attractive Eddie, you were right.”

“what is going on!? what is that!?” you yelled.

we are Venom.” 

“it is Venom, I’m still Eddie… just, with a bit of Venom too.” Eddie tried to explain, “its complicated.”

tell her you love her.” 

“Venom be quiet for just one second!”

Y/N he loves you.”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! Eddie Brock is such bae and im so thankful for any gifs of him that i can get my hands on <3

Princess Harrington

Characters: Billy Hargrove x Harrington Sibling!Reader x Platonic!Steve Harrington

Warnings: Innuendos.

Prompt and/or Prompter: Imagine being Steve’s sister and he hates that Billy’s interested in you by obscure-imagines.

Synopsis: The reader piques Billy Hargrove interest much to the irritation of her protective brother, Steve.

Word Count: 1600+

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Fic Recs: Installment #7

I think most of these are spoiler-free, but read with caution. I admit, I was on a serious Loki kick while reading these (still am), so it is mostly Loki, even from weeks back. Lists are made from what I read and save for later to put to this list, I welcome being tagged to read stories and I can add stories I am tagged in to the fic recs list!

Listed oldest to newest.

1052 by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord (Loki)

Burdened with Glorious Purpose by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers (Thor)

Imagine Steve Finding Out You Have Abilities by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord (Steve Rogers)

The Wager by @startrekkingaroundasgard (Loki)

Hey There Frosty (Part 1) by @4fandomsinonebrain (Loki)

By Chance Series (Part 12, all links on post) by @captainrogerss (Bucky Barnes)

Called Out (link to end part, all links within) by @captainrogerss (Bucky Barnes)

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include by @works-of-fanfiction (Steve Rogers)

Imagine: it being known that Loki has a thing for you…. by @obscure-imagines (Loki)

Loki Cuddling Headcanons by @gotham-city-tales (Loki)

The Slow Dance Part One by @lokidoki-imagines (Loki)

What Loki learned For You by @thelokiimaginechronicles (Loki) – READER DISABILITY IMAGINE

Imagine you’re watching Infinity War for the first time by @granills (Tom Hiddleston) – INFINITY WAR SPOILERS

Romantic Gestures W/ Loki by @headcanons-for-u

Recently read and shared, but added here because I wanted to:

Truth by @ignoring-my-problems (Peter Parker)

Imagine also being a HYDRA experiment and during a fight against Bucky you both remember your intertwined past.

Prompt taken from HERE.

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Bucky X Reader

With the Avengers blatantly putting Bucky Barnes on the front lines of their little hero group and rubbing it in HYDRA’s face that they’d stolen their most prized weapon, HYDRA made it their sole mission to take back what was theirs. But in doing so they’d need their second most effective weapon and no one knew how effective she’d actually be since she’s been on the ice for several years.

“Are you sure this is wise?” the Doctor asks his leader. “The last time Asset 511 was awake, she and the Soldier-”

“Just do it. She’s going to get a clean slate when she’s fully awake. And if the Soldier couldn’t properly even remember the Widow, what makes you think he’s going to remember Asset 511?”

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As Long As Your Mine Bonus

“For my friend @dem-obscure-imagines because I loved the story so much.  

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After being reunited, you went, took off all your makeup, changed clothes and tied your hair up, you grabbed your boyfriend by the hand. 

“Let’s go back to my place, and do things like we used to, for old time’s sake, ya know?” You say, with a bright smile. 

“Why not?” You both got into your car, sang songs off key, and caught up on everything. When you got to your house, you two just ate pizza and ice cream, watched bad movies, kissed, snuggled, and enjoyed one another, as if you both were back in high school, and nothing had every happened. 


“Anyone see Victor? I haven’t seen him anywhere.” Clark asks. 

“All I know is that he left a while ago.” Barry adds.

“He’s trying to back out of training.” Arthur chuckles. 

“I’ll go look and see if he’s back.” Diana leaves. 

“No.” Bruce comes in to the training arena. “He went to go see a broadway show. He never said why though. He just said someone really important to him was there.” 

“Ha, nerd.” Arthur rolls his eyes, causing Barry to glare at him. 

“Well.” Diana comes back into the room, with a newspaper in her hand, and throws it at Arthur. 

“What’s this have to do with Tinman?” He holds up the paper curiously. 

“Read it, Arthur. So all of us can hear it.” Diana requests.

“Alright.” Arthur reads the paper’s headline out loud.  

Broadway’s First Bionic: (Y/N) (L/N) 

Young (Y/N) (L/N) took Broadway by storm staring as Elphaba in Wicked. Loosing her legs in an car accident, this determined young woman never gave up on her Broadway dreams… 

“Wait, what does this have to do with him? Did he just wanna see another girl in action?” Arthur questions.

“Well, she’s more than just another girl to him. Read this.” She points to the line that says that she went to the same high school as Victor, and that her boyfriend was killed. 

“Oh, so he wanted to see his friend from high school.” He nods his head.

“No, he went to see his GIRLFRIEND from high school.” Bruce says. “It says her boyfriend was killed in an accident, and they went to the same school. They also never broke up, according to the article, and the research on her twitter. If you scroll down far enough.” Bruce shows them the pictures of you two together.  “You see them together.”

“Awww, they’re cute!” Barry smiles. 

“He’s not gonna here the end of this.” Clark rolls his eyes, noticing Arthur smirking and snickering. 

 “To make you all feel better, I will go check on them. Bruce, give me his location, and start training.” 


Diana arrives at your apartment, and peeps through the main window. She sees the two of you, giggling and hugging. You were wearing his hoodie, which even she wasn’t allowed to touch. She gently smiled, and went back to tell them that everyone was okay. 


Well, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed! Keep in mind my requests are WIDE OPEN if you would like one! Thanks for reading, and until next time!

Wolf :)


-catching his attention first day and after that he just has to have you

-he has all these pick up lines

-like, he’s a walking pick up line creator

-him taking a lot of time to get ready for your first date and fussing over every last detail

-showing up to your date and he’s just 100% charm

-after that you cant get enough of each other

-driving around

-pulling over just to make out

-when he drives he has his hand on your thigh

-yeah you’re just so damn distracting when he’s driving so lots of stops

-lets be serious, you like driving fast and he can give it to you, he loves when he goes so fast you scream

-he likes doing other things that make you scream

-this boi has mad game in the bed room lets be serious

-he’s hella protective and if you were dating him you’d have to be chill with that

-king of arm over your shoulders

-king of glare down anyone who looks at you the wrong way

-you’re both reigning king and queen of PDA

-like when you stand next to  him, lets be serious, you’re running your fingers around his abs and shoulders

-but also such a deep like communication

-opening up to each other about everything

-supporting each other 100%

-being there for him whenever he has issues with his dad

-helping him learn to not take his anger out on Max when he’s really just mad at his dad 

-him sitting with his head in your lap while he tells you his life story

-he likes sitting with his head in your lap, looking up at you

-people being just shocked you’re with him

-having to explain to Steve why you’re with Billy

-honestly, just lots of explaining

-but people see how he changes when he’s with you

-really trying to get to know Max

-one day she snaps at you about why you’re dating Billy and you, without directly stating it, tell her there might be more going in in his head when he’s mean to her, perhaps he’s an ass to her so she knows not to do things that would upset his dad

-its obvious to Billy that you like Max, and he is super insecure about not being good enough so he tries really hard to make you happy and if being nice to Max makes you happy then so be it

-honestly, just helping Billy figure his shit out

-redemption arc please

-going to movies together and managing to get through half the movie before you both go find some place to make out

-honestly just primal attraction and need for one another

-he’s a lip biter, i see it

-being jealous of his hella long eye lashes

-him telling you he loves every single part of you

-him kind of being scared he loves you so much because he’s never felt that way before

-but he knows his heart is safe with you <3

-kissing in the rain

-sneaking around school together

-he’s a bad boy so skipping classes, unless you’re super against it, then he wouldent pressure you

-honestly probably doing something athletic together, unless you hate that, then you study or listen to music and dance while he works out 

-holding each other like your life depends on it when one or both of you is sad

-always knowing how to make the other smile

-there would be issues, not gonna lie, but you see in Billy the ability to redeem himself, and you are there with him every step of the way

-(last minute add on: super dirty dancing vibes in some dodgy bar with rock music going where you dont know anyone else and all you care about is each other)

Tumblr crushes challenge: where you post your own favorite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers!

I was tagged by: @crazylittlewitch and that made my day. So I’m doing it!


















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Love you all ♡♡

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rules are simple - if you’re tagged, show off your tumblr crushes and tag your post #mytumblrcrushes and of course, you don’t have to, but why pass up an opportunity to make someone’s day with this?

Imagine being a mutual friend of Negan and Rick. After one of their pissing contests when Negan can’t find you, he asks Rick if you’re with them. You’re not.. and it makes the both of them nervous. And angry at what your disappearance could possibly mean.

Prompt taken from HERE.
Original GIF post can he found HERE.

Special shout out to @obscure-imagines for letting me put my own spin on her prompts and @heartfulloffandoms for letting me use one of her GIFs.

Gen Fic X Reader

Waking up gagged and tied to a chair is never a good thing, but it’s even worse now that you know what people are capable of when they’re fighting to survive in a dead world. The last thing you remember is listening to your walkie crackle to life with horrified plea’s and shouts of anger. Both Rick and Negan’s channels were alive with threats and promises of hell to pay because of some sort of battle going on, so you got in your vehicle with the intentions of finding one of them only for your car to be clipped and turned upside down in a ditch. But all that was during the day and from what you can see through the dirty windows all around you, it’s night time.

Now here you are- gagged and tied to a chair.

“Good. You’re awake. Now you can tell me what I want to know.” The voice belongs to a male so dirty that there are no distinguishable features about him. His hair is just passed his shoulders and the strands are caked together with so much dirt and grime.

You grunt behind the gag and set your eyes over the man’s shoulder in defiance.

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I need a good music playlist but there’s somewhere in the middle obscure russian meme songs
imagine this
you’re jazzing out to blues brothers or some steppenwolf or something
and suddenly
then it’s back to normal for a while
the last song fades out
it’s dead quiet

anonymous asked:

Would you ever do a "Yes Daddy" shoot with a pretend daddy in it? Masked or obscured I'd imagine...

I want to do a bdsm shoot with a dominate figure yes