enough for me to barf stupid colors on a page and say it’s out of dedication to an amazing book.

Basically Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce is an outstanding story about a very kind, brave, and slightly misguided 14-year-old girl who just wants to be like the character in a book she loves, but is constrained by the militant structure of her society (her mom is off being general, and her dad has serious PTSD, so she ends up staying home and being upgraded to Chief Home Caretaker Person).

Eventually she discovers the banished demon butler and is all “HEY, help me with the housework so I can be a Ranger!” and he, of course, being a demon, is all “Of course… with a price.”

Shenanigans ensue, she has a super flamboyant bff named Udo, her dad has a Crowning Moment of Retired Badass, there are vaguely Aztec-ish overlords, and it’s magnificently written, hysterical, and amazingly heartwarming. And this piece is kind of dreadful at conveying that.

I’ll do better next time.

Obscure Fandom Week, Day 7: Shenmue

Summary from wikipedia:

“Shenmue is a 1999 open-world adventure video game developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega for the Dreamcast, produced and directed by Yu Suzuki. Suzuki coined a genre title, "FREE” (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment), for the game, based on the interactivity and freedom he wanted to give to the player. Suzuki intended to achieve this by simulating aspects of real life through the game, such as the day/night/sleep system, real time variable weather effects (unheard of in a game of this kind at the time), fully voiced non-player characters with their own daily schedules, quick time events, and various other interactive elements such as vending machines, arcades, and convenience stores.

The story of Shenmue begins on November 29, 1986, in the perspective of the protagonist Ryo Hazuki returning home to his family dojo to witness his father, Iwao Hazuki, battling with a tall, ominous man dressed in a green silk Kung-Fu suit known as Lan Di. He demands Iwao hand over an item known as the “Dragon Mirror”, though Iwao refuses to reveal where it is. Ryo intervenes in battle after his father is felled, but is injured by a blow from Lan Di. He then lifts Ryo from the ground and threatens to kill him with a final blow, which prompts Iwao to reveal its location underneath the cherry blossom tree.

After Lan Di’s henchmen recover the mirror, he mentions a man called Sunming Zhao, who was allegedly killed by Iwao in a rural Chinese village. The two then engage in combat for the last time, as he wishes Iwao to die “as a warrior”. Lan Di finishes the fight with a deadly blow, and he and his party then leave. Iwao dies shortly after in Ryo’s arms, which fills Ryo with the desire for revenge above all else. He begins to instigate inquiries into the incident with the local people of his hometown, Sakuragaoka.“

Everything is good about Shenmue. Everything.

The bad voice acting only makes it 10 times better. I would never want to play this game in Japanese.

My Obscure Fandom Week last minute contribution! At first I wasn’t sure, then I forgot, remembered again and there you have it.

Anyway, Maurice Hall from E. M. Forster’s Maurice. To be perfectly honest, I suppose it’s Forster’s best-known book but then again, Forster fandom in general is… Ah, let’s just say it’s hard to find fanfiction/fanart for most of his works. Coming back to Maurice, I believe it’s a book that anyone interested in LGBT themes should be acquainted with; its protagonist struggles to explore his own sexuality, meets many obstacles in the homophobic society, has his heart broken and made whole again, all the time guided by his childhood dream of having a very special Friend somewhere in the world. It’s a sweet story, and beautifully written to boot.

Drill Dozer is a game I simply like a lot despite its relatively tiny amount of content. This is one of those very rare occasions Game Freak got the chance to try something new besides Pokemon, and it delivered pretty darn well.

The character designs are very swell, the platforming style is entertaining, it managed to get pretty challenging, and, unfortunately, it just begged to have a sequel.

I really wiiiiiiiiiishhhh they could make a new game for a console, say the WiiU. But that would be too unlikely…

So, it’s the last day of Obscure Fandom Week, and I figured I might as well include something.

So, the name of this Anime is called Kaiba (no, not THAT Kaiba), and the premise is of this person who wakes up just from Amnesia, and he has nothing except a picture of a girl on a pendant around his neck, and a growing hole where his heart should be. 

In this world, memories and people’s consciousnesses are stored in chips that can be inserted into ones head. It’s a dystopian society where the higher ups enjoy the luxuries of switching bodies and all sorts of other pleasures while the lower class struggles every day, with more and more people without bodies. This person (Kaiba), roams many worlds, losing and attaining bodies on the way, and trying to find his identity in the world.

Kaiba, despite its child-like art, is a very adult show. It’s deep, diving into the philosophies of people and how neither the government of the aristocrats nor the rebellious factions of the poor are truly righteous. It analyzes various people and their relationships; their back stories, their wounds, and their motives. 

At its heart, Kaiba is a love story of a man who is chasing his lover through worlds, through universes, and through the conscious realm. A story of misunderstanding, betrayal, but also of hope, for the story doesn’t end on a dark note.

The art in this is just beautiful too, with a surreal touch. All the songs are actually sung in english by a Canadian-japanese artist Sierra, and they really reflect the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvQwAdR25lk&feature=related

I really thought I should draw something for Obscure Fandom Week, and even though I’m not sure if classic novels count as fandoms, I know there are at least a few other folks out there who love Crime and Punishment as much as I do.

Granted, I haven’t read it since high school but I loved it so much then. If I ever ever get caught up on my school reading, I really need to sit down with this book again.

There are lots of fascinating characters in this book, but I just adore the main character, Raskolnikov, and his best friend, Razumikhin. Just…man, I cannot resist quality bromance and ugh Razumikhin is so great for Raskolnikov; he sticks by him even though he’s an utter head case and is kind of his voice of reason and…yeah.

Apologies for not really researching their clothes…idk what Russian men wore in the late 1800s…but I was mostly focusing on getting their faces down anyway. This is basically who I saw in my head when I was reading it.

Can we do Obscure Fandom Week again?

Because it didn’t happen last year and it was pretty much me posting to an empty tag. So, if nobody’s going to organize it for this year, I will make an organizational post and try to raise awareness… but I don’t have many followers, so it should probably be somebody else.

In 2011, it ran from Oct. 16-22. How about we have it run from Oct. 13-19 this year?

Obscure Fandom Week list maybe
  • Evolution; The World of Sacred Device
  • Evolution 2; Far off Promise
  • Grandia II
  • Legend of the Dragoon
  • Eternal Sonata
  • Escaflowne
  • Violinist of Hameln


oh god the first three of these are Dreamcast games, who even owns a Dreamcast any more?? I feel like I’m listing these things and people will never actually be able to play them because they are so obscure. But they make me so happy. I’ll probably be late with everything because I draw so slowly on paper and my renditions will be so terrible that no one will actually want to play them BUT TOO BAD

yes Escaflowne is up there because of you, Yuyu, thank you for bringing the lack of escaflowne exposure to my attention moar people need to see this beautiful series

maybe I will just write derpy fanfic drabbles for some of them

In regards to Obscure Fandom week...

I’m far too pleased that I somehow got Jim’s eye color right. It doesn’t change the fact that I gave him glasses just because I <3 them, but…

Anyway, I want to do something for Obscure Fandom week, but I’m not sure what considering Chzo is taken. Yahtzee fandom in general, maybe? IDK

I was thinking Irisu Syndrome would be good, too, but not sure what.

Any ideas or requests?