Stephen Humphreys Villiers Gurteen - The Epic of the Fall of Man, “Comparative Study of Caedmon, Dante and Milton", 1896.

Diagram divided into two concaves, Heaven, or the Empyrean, and Chaos, or the Abyss.

The upper of these concaves of primeval space is to be imagined as a boundless region of Light, Joy and Glory, in the midst of which, the Deity, though omnipresent, has His visible dwelling. Here, He is the Chieftain of an infinitude of intelligences called the Angels, who, though dispersed throughout the ranges of Heavens boundless domain, yet lead, severally, their mighty lives, performing the behests of Deity, or lost in the abandonment of adoration.

The other half or concave of primeval space, Chaos or the Abyss, is a limitless ocean of universal dark - Epic of the Fallness and Uselessness, wherein the primal elements battle unceasingly in blustering confusion; no Angel having ever winged his way down into its repulsive obscurities. The opal floor of the Empyrean divides the two concaves; while beneath, unvisited of Light, Chaos howls and rages and stagnates eternally.

Cream is very fascinated with all sorts of animals, in addition to Chao, and is highly knowledgeable with both, knowing even the most obscure facts on both Chao and animals. Whenever Cream talks about animals and/or Chao, she does so with great detail and makes certain to dispel any myths associated with the creatures in question (ex. Dark Chao are commonly believed to be evil but in reality are simply mischievous).