[the Storyteller]

Starless skies; where the wandering moon breathes in obscurity to swallow chaos like velvet ink;
sable blood for water & soil; for deep forests, vast meadows and endless rivers; pumping through the hearts of creatures and strangers; of friends and foes.
An ocean of ink, gushing out of weary & sore fingertips, covering the grounds of existence; mirroring thoughts like hazy reflections in restless water.

I am a heavy-hearted storyteller,
I am a mortal god,
I am shapeless ink.

Selfportait ~

Assistant: @lukascelciuz

For starters

A quick head canon of what the titles mean (though some of these have already been proven to be true). Starting with the classes:

Prince- Destroyer of/with

Mage- Creator of

Seer- Guide of

Heir- Inheritor of

Thief- Stealer of/from

Rogue- Robin Hood of/from

Bard- Harbinger of

Page- Essence of

Maid- Keeper of

Sylph- Healer of/ with

Witch- Controller of/with

Knight- Defender of/with

And now Aspects:

Light- Luck/Knowledge

Void- Nothingness/ Obscurity

Rage- Chaos/ Negative Emotion

Hope- Holy/Belief

Life- Life force/ Literal life

Space- Literal Space/ creation

Time- Literal Time/ Independence

Blood- Bonds/ Social Ties

Doom- Death/ Inevitability

Heart- Soul/ Positive emotion

Mind- Logic/ Literal mind

Breath- Freedom/ Wind


“A Dark Summoning: Meme Magic, Pepe, and the Ancient Egyptian God Kek”

a series by shitpolsays 2016

A strange combination of ritual iconography, ironic futurism, sexual frustration, and desperate, slavering, omnidirectional hatred has allied devil-worshipping suicide cults with Trump-loving neo-nazis as a revenant Internet Hate Machine that drives both the intimidation of women and the media wing of Trump’s campaign. Kek, a frog-shaped god of Chaos, Obscurity, and the Primordial Void, is a theme in the representations of both the lawful good and lawful evil hentai-wankers who once made up Anonymous and now, in the wake of that unity’s fragmentation and dissolution into the internet as a whole, are merely wandering meme-o-mancers, variously aligned, trawling the circlejerk ecologies for dank ideomass.

Cream is very fascinated with all sorts of animals, in addition to Chao, and is highly knowledgeable with both, knowing even the most obscure facts on both Chao and animals. Whenever Cream talks about animals and/or Chao, she does so with great detail and makes certain to dispel any myths associated with the creatures in question (ex. Dark Chao are commonly believed to be evil but in reality are simply mischievous).