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I made a video about the two main things I reckon are the most bad about Half-Life 2 - or at least, the two which have the largest impact on the game relative to the “size” of the actual feature. The dynamic resupply in particular is a simple system without far-reaching code tendrils, but which has an extreme impact on the entire game, from start to finish.

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  • a guy with weird facial hair sitting in front of bookshelves filled with THOUSANDS of obscure video games and maybe a bad game of thrones figurine they got from their lootcrate subscription/sponsorship hanging out somewhere, maybe a slightly visible poster for a bro-classic action movie or sword art online hanging out somewhere: whAAAt's u-
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the signs as I've known them
  • Aries: they love deeply but don't necessarily want to admit it. enjoys scarier/darker stuff. introverted. wannabe rebel. communicating/ conveying feelings isn't very easy for them. passionate. have some kind of edge/darkness to them. ambitious. restless. watch out when they're pissed.
  • Taurus: stubborn. logical and practical. wants to talk about feelings. can be insensitive but loyal. intelligent af. adores music. grammar, punctuation, spelling freaks. for some reason does goofy voices and makes weird noises a lot. lives on the computer. hilariously clever.
  • Gemini: probably won't hesitate to throw someone else under the bus to succeed, but is friendly and nice. soft spoken, quiet. intimidatingly smart. athletic as hell. cute sense of style.
  • Cancer: soft squishy lil lovebugs. when they find their passion they go and do it. will love you forever. struggles with self love/respect. makes very good points in arguments. really likes food. odd obsession with animals.
  • Leo: egotistical and self-glorifying, but owns up to mistakes and apologizes for them. though if they're embarrassed by it they tell you to shut up. likes to be the center of attention. honesty about feelings is not their forte. just wants to be loved. hugs and cuddles are their fave, any kind of touching really. suck at texting. commitment issues.
  • Virgo: pretentious. super smart, probably in a lot of advanced classes. struggles with depression and self-image. looks to make deep connections. insightful. always knows obscure facts. really likes video games. awkward.
  • Libra: super understanding. on your side 100% of the time. amazing listeners. artsy. good with their hands. deep problems at home. gets annoyed pretty easily. puts on a mask a lot. trust issues. creative. rants for hours. twinge of sadness about them. can be really negative. has great hair.
  • Scorpio: kinky. excellent huggers. wants to help but kinda sucks at it. arrogant. great friends. saying "I love you" isn't natural for them. smart. tries. knows they've fucked up but doesn't do much to stop or fix it. a mysterious heaviness to them. abhors ignorance/stupidity. doesn't know how to handle breakups.
  • Sagittarius: boss ass bitch. motivated. intelligent. works hard. very understanding. cares about you. flips out at little things. wants fulfilling relationships. artist. listens well. family issues. not always honest about how they feel. strong. confident. full package.
  • Capricorn: quiet. judgey. soft and gentle huggers. aren't very concerned with relationships. hard to talk to, but want you to talk to them. will probably make it in business. articulate with feelings.
  • Aquarius: kind. hot as hell. craves physical contact. easy to befriend. fun to spend time with. honor roll af. manages emotions healthily. well-rounded individual. points out interesting things. stimulating conversation. there for you.
  • Pisces: innocent and doe-eyed. super cute. in advanced classes, as they should be. empathetic. caring. defensive of their friends. will always love that one person. easy to talk to. fully immerses themselves in their music genre. tries to be threatening but isn't. avoids conflict. bubbly. can miss the point a lot.

This didn’t get its own post back when I made it, so reposting: A video I did about Oni, one of my favourite games, and its weird mod community that only got started like 9 years after the game came out. Play it! 

“Yakiniku Bugyou” [Flyer, Japan]

  • Uploaded by Game Industry Term Encyclopedia (ゲーム業界用語事典)
  • It’s a game where you prepare delictable Japanese/Korean BBQ for customers; it’s what Destructoid’s Dale North once called “probably the only Japanese meat cooking puzzle strategy game series out there.” Thank God it’s Thursday.
Was  the publication of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” nothing but a marketing scam?

The success of the series remains a mystery to this day: why would any publisher in their right mind publish and promote a book that prides itself on being terrible, let alone thirteen? There was simply no market for it. Although its sales could retroactively be explained as a collective enthralling of morbid fascination, it must have been hard for Daniel Handler to get his foot in the door. Someone, somewhere, apparently thought that an abysmal product which revels in its own filthiness was a good idea. So where was the profit? Who was originally supposed to benefit from Daniel Handler’s ill-conceived and ungodly experiment?

Other writers, that’s who.

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Harris' Demise (Clock Tower REDUB)
Harris' Demise (Clock Tower REDUB)

We all know Early PS1 games were notorious for their bad acting, so I thought I’d redub a certain scene from my favorite video game “Clock Tower”.



Scissorman - Kouji Niikura


“Magical Truck Adventure” [Arcade Flyer] [Japan]

  • via The Arcade Flyer Archive
  • I tell you what guys, it’s sometimes a pain getting content for this Tumblr because of the occasionally inefficient way I like to have games link to one another. Also, I like to reserve Sundays for sharing the surplus of sports game ads but sometimes fatigue sets in and I could just post anything. Sometimes that anything could be for a flyer for a game called “Magical Truck Adventure,” where you control a rail cart and dodge obstacles… and there’s also some Lupin the Third-lookin’ character named “Mommy”. So yeah… either that or digging into the Internet for an elusive, probably non-existent ad for a football management sim. I’ll take the “Magical Truck Adventures.” Because with a name like that, routine and schedule can shove it.

I’ve been streaming a bit of late. So far mostly playing/discussing Half-Life stuff with @donhonk, but I may do other games/dev stuff too. Subscribe maybe.