Obscure Words for the Signs

Aries: He is ignoring you and believes that it’s you that is ignoring him, snap him out of it.

Taurus: Don’t put down that pencil until you have made your masterpiece.

Gemini: Ask yourself, who am I doing this for, and do it for yourself.

Cancer: Don’t sit there and wait for her to heal your wounded shell, go and ask her for help, and do not ignore the signs of her trying to help you.

Leo: Stay close to her, respect her, take care of her, and she will never leave you.

Virgo: You need to look out of the telescope and see the big picture.

Libra: You are not their every star in the galaxy, and you are not the only fish in the sea, but you will be someone’s galaxy, and someone’s fish one day.

Scorpio: They love you, and you better know it.

Sagittarius: Never ask for someone to go with you, but let the crowd follow as you make your own adventure.

Capricorn: Be closer to those whom you love, and love yourself.

Aquarius: He is waiting for your help, let him come to you.

Pisces: Never dismiss your dreams, ask her about them and you will see your reality.

  • Dir en grey


Tsurushita akatsuki koyoi de ikutsu

Awanai hada to hada wo shokushite fukami no doko e shizumu
aketa nuno wo kaki wake nagara kawa tainai e fukaku

Hirari hirari to kanashigeni mau someiyoshino ni wa nareru
kegare wa michita biran no tsuki to outo no yoru eguri tore

Omoeteiru no deshou?

Memai iro… yoru ga hajimari hito ga hishimeku
zakuro iro… toge wo sashite anata wa kieru

Himegoto kakusu mishukuji no tsurushita akatsuki koyoi de ikutsu

Blood Baby & Sacrifice

Oboeteiru no deshou?

Kogane iro… toge no oeta kumo ni naritai
namida iro… kioku wo megurasete
memai iro… yoru ga hajimari hito ga hishimeku
zakuro iro… toge wo sashite anata wa kieru