I HIT MY FIRST MILESTONE EVER ON AN RP BLOG. I’m absolutely stoked that I’ve been welcomed so warmly into this community! I don’t have much RP experience (and no photoshop skills pls forgive), so this has been a whole new thing for me and honestly, joining the RP side of this fandom has been one of my best decisions. I can’t express to you guys how much it means to me that you’re enjoying my writing!

THUS, to commemorate my first 100+ followers, I’m going to scream the names of my squishes into the void.

blackwellroyalty/delinquentisms, ncthanprescott

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I’m sorry this is such a small list!! I hope I didn’t forget anyone!! Everyone listed on here is absolutely incredible. I look forward to interacting with lots of other people and making more friends. I can’t be more grateful to you seriously sweet people for welcoming me so kindly!

“Big Sis” by Sales // Big Sis - Single (Out Now via Bandcamp)

It feels like it’s been a while since we last heard from Sales, but I think I’m wrong about that. It’s only been a year. Of course, one year can be a long time. Things change. Luckily, Sales still maintain that sweet, nostalgia-pop sound - autumnal and airy, sweet and wistful. The new track is available to download over at Bandcamp, or you can sample the goods here from their Soundcloud page. Either way, there are few ways to start a Monday that are as pretty.

Fuck Me, I’m Twee {listen}

slip on your anorak and turn up the volume (but not too loud) because we’re about to get TWEE AS HECK™

atta girl – heavenly || so said kay – the field mice || my chinchilla – cub || 100,000 fireflies – the magnetic fields || super crush – tiger trap || i’ve got a habit – the orchids || angel gone – beat happening || molly’s lips – the vaselines || pristine christine – the sea urchins || get me away from here, i’m dying – belle & sebastian || crush the flowers – the wake || twee – tullycraft || talulah gosh – talulah gosh || you should all be murdered – another sunny day || t-shirt weather – the lucksmiths || eighties fan – camera obscura || pop loser – velocity girl || hello rain – the softies || fireball ringing – the pastels || throw aggi off the bridge – black tambourine

lux-obscura replied to your post “¦you know what, fuck it, tonight I’m starting on writing the sequel.”

Whatever it is, I hope it’s dirtier by an order of magnitude than ‘Think I’m Finally Clean’. *settles in to wait patiently… -ish*

Jesus god, that is a tall order

I’ll, uh, I’ll see what I can do

that one is by far the filthiest thing I have yet written, and I felt like I was possessed by a porn demon when I wrote that. let’s see if I can summon one again. lemme get the candles and the offerings.


Photographer captures Beijing’s 2nd Ring Road in one shot

How much film would you need to photograph Beijing’s entire 32.7-kilometer-long 2nd Ring Road at once? About 79.37 meters worth, according to Argentine photographer Esteban Pastorino Diaz.

Last Sunday, Diaz broke his own Guinness World Record for creating the world’s longest photographic negative. To take such a long photo, Diaz said he had to enlarge the camera’s obscura in order for the film to fit. He also installed a rotating device at the bottom of the camera, which makes it easier to take panoramic pictures.

Diaz also had to keep his car at a constant speed of 15 miles an hour to maintain the photo’s quality. To make sure of that, he even got himself a ten-car escort. It took Diaz an hour and a half to capture the entire road on the dawn of June 20.

In regards to choosing Beijing’s 2nd Ring Road, Diaz said he was attracted to its architecture, which features a combination of traditional and modern building styles.

The previous longest photographic negative was also created by Diaz, when he photographed Buenos Aires, using 39.54 meters of film.


Interior/ Exterior Marja Pirila

“Interior/Exterior” project was a nocturnal inspiration after seeing some bw-images of Abelardo Morel in a photo magazine. In the room converted into a camera obscura I could capture an image of a person and at the same time that person’s room and the view from the window – what an all-encompassing method by which to photograph a person’s living environment! The originally documentary idea soon expanded in a new direction. The pictures began to form not only a person’s living environment but also to constitute an excursion into the mental landscape: reflections of memories, reveries, fears and dreams.

Images and text via.


Macabre photo manipulations by Anja Millen

Facebook,  DeviantArt, 500px

German artist Anja Millen aka Obscurae the computer opened a world of possibilities when she first discovered photo editing software in 1998. Anja has always been documenting her life and dreams through art and found a whole new medium to breathe life into her surreal visions

Anja Millen digitally composes, manipulates and paints one or more photos into dark portraits with a horrific or macabre twist. Now before you start worrying about Anja’s wellbeing: Don’t! She’s fine! Anja has stated before that even though all her art comes from within her and originates in her mind, it doesn’t actually show the way she feels. Instead of her feelings Anja shares her surreal ideas with us: a gloomy fantasy world we’re all allowed to visit through her art. via:beautifulbizarre

music blog for the musically depraved

if you dig any or all of these bands/artists or music in general I recommend taking a gander at my music blog

Adam Green
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Animal Collective
Anthony Green
Arcade Fire
The Beatles
Belle & Sebastian
Black Lips
Bon Iver
Chelsea Wolfe
Circa Survive
The Dead Weather
Devendra Banhart
The Doors
Fiona Apple
Fleet Foxes
Florence & the Machine
Future Islands
Grateful Dead
The Growlers
Iron & Wine
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
Johnny Cash
La Dispute
Leonard Cohen
Mac DeMarco
The Magnetic Fields
Massive Attack
Mazzy Star
The Microphones
Modest Mouse
The National
Neutral Milk Hotel
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Otis Redding
Pink Floyd
The Pixies
PJ Harvey
Sharon Van Etten
The Shins
The Smiths
Sonic Youth
The Sound of Animals Fighting
Tame Impala
Tom Waits
The Velvet Underground
Violent Femmes
White Denim
Wild Nothing
Wooden Shjips
Wye Oak

…and like a helluva lot more

I’m the nail in your tyre, the potato jammed in your exhaust pipe, the treacle poured in your petrol tank. I’m the banana peel beneath your foot, the joker that ruins your straight flush, the coin that always comes up heads and the gun you didn’t know was loaded-
I am the Doctor!
—  8th Doctor
The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature's Most Epic Road Trips
I am a freak for the American road trip. And I'm not alone, as some of this country's best writers have taken a shot at describing that quintessentially American experience. “There is no such knowledge of the nation as comes of traveling in it, of seeing eye to eye its vast extent, its various and teeming wealth, and, above all, its purpose-full people,” the newspaper editor Samuel Bowles wrote 150 years ago in Across the Continent, arguably the first true American road-trip book.

This is totally and utterly awesome. Atlas Obscura has mapped out various famous road trips from literature (criteria: a work of nonfiction with “a narrative arc matching the chronological and geographical arc of the trip it chronicles”). At each stop on the map, they’ve included a quote from the book. So follow Kerouac in On the Road, Steinbeck in Travels with Charley, Twain in Roughing It (all the  way to Hawaii!) and several more. You might just be inspired to start plotting your own bookish trip…