Unova! What a fantastic place– except not really, Unova was entirely worthless. In Proton’s opinion anyways. He does his best to a least try and scout out regions that are recent League additions because they usually have something interesting going on. But Team Plasma was a gigantic letdown, and now Proton’s just hanging about the region hoping there’s something somewhere that was worth the week he’s spending there.

He’s in some city (paying attention to his path of wandering is something Proton rarely does) and on a quest for foodstuffs. Which is something Unova is also lacking in any for of quality. Sigh. The sight of some girl standing in the middle of the sidewalk, gazing off at some building or something does distract Proton, however. He has to step around her, but before that’s accomplished he tosses her a comment. 

“Wake up, Pinkie, ‘fore you get knocked over.”

obscuralune  asked:

tfw no drake though ;__;

               “We’ve probably lost him to dementia.

                                   I’ll bet he’s out in Petalburg Woods right now, as we speak,
                                   wearing nothing but his goddamn boots and his coat—–
                                   meaning he forgot his pants and hat. And he’s blaming trees
                                   for his fucking arthritis and asking shrubs which tree he tied
                                   his Salamence to on Wednesday, as if it should still be at that
                                   tree waiting there for him. Not even his Flygon can help that
                                   crotchety old moron now. Not. Even. Flygon.”

       It’s important to note that Drake is only 3 years
       older than Glacia. She often over-exaggerates
       his age.