Meet Obscura, a Hong Kong based lifestyle magazine. Their new issue, just launched two days ago is all about minimalism and living with less.
Specially for this issue I made a simple home DIY and am super proud that one of the images that I shot is printed on the cover. But Obscura also interviewed my family and me about our home and how we live, that conversation was probably the most fun part of this collaboration, our kid Lois said the funniest things. (e.g. How do you occupy the spaces of your home? Lois: I usually roll on the floor.)

I’m giving away these 5 issues here

After Paris, London and Milan, the #smellslikememories exhibition is now in Hong-Kong at the Amelia Johnson Contemporary until 13th April.

Hosted by Obscura Magazine, the exhibition is centered around our ‘Replica’ fragrances. Five photographers from Hong-Kong and Japan re-interpret our scents to become part of our evolving and collective olfactive memory, found on www.replicafragrances.tumblr.com.

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Alden for Obscura Magazine Capsule Collection

a pair of brogue boots and shoes coming in high quality leather.

really nice looking shoes.

click through for more pics and an interview 

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Bathing Ape/Human Made founder NIGO opened his personal collection space to Obscura magazine for a feature in the Autumn 2012 issue.