obscura oddities and antiques

Mike Zohn of Obscura Antiques and the hit show Oddities is kicking ass, killing his job, and finding some of the rarest talking boards out there. This time he found an early, patent applied for, pre-registered trademarked #Ouija. This is one extremely early Ouija board and one of the first to bear the name Ouija! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I can’t thank him enough. It’s a variation of the one I got recently from Charles Kline and fills in a pretty important gap in my collection. Thanks for hooking me up Mike and thinking of me when it came time to give it a new home.

Bought bus tickets for me and Jess to go to NYC the week after next. We’re staying for a week to mind my sister’s cats (she just moved there and doesn’t really know anyone and taking Jess with me is more fun). So we’ll be staying for a week in the lower east side 2 crazies in the big city. Already making a list of cool stuff to do. Feel free to offer up any  non-tourist places/activties. I’ve been a bunch before with other people, but this time I get to do what I want to do.

So far:

-I found this vintage style nail salon in Bushwick called Wild Oleander. Check out the site, it looks amazing

-sales racks at Top Shop

-the largest Sephora

-the Strand bookstore

-the Highline

-Obscura antiques and oddities

-Search and Destroy

We’ll see what else. Anyone know of a badass record store??? My favorite one closed

Finally getting work actually putting together my main coord for Tekko using Elegy’s Eat Your Heart Out print. I was inspired by the store Obscura Antiques & Oddities to make a coord with a cabinet of curiosities theme. My bag is a shrunken head and I have little resin cast bat skulls pinned to the collar but I’m thinking about moving them down to the boots. My only worry is that if I trip or something (which I’m prone to doing) I might damage them if they’re on the boots. I also have a resin fetal skull that I’m going to be turning into a headdress and I’m still working out jewelry. 
(Please excuse the weirdness of my bed, it’s sheet washing day.)