obs powerstroke

I must apologize for not getting out much lately, however my work truck was in need of completion. 120,000 original kilometers started out as an f250. Now we’re on a single rear F450 drive train with airbags front and back with some 37s and front and rear diff lockers. 6 inch suspension 3 inch body lift 23inches of ground clearance. Dyno’d at 417horsepower. As some know I also have a cummins. However this is my work Truck, I’m hauling trailers through roads people don’t want to bring atvs down and had to move logging equipment through muddy roads new trucks cannot do this, at least to a point of abuse/ dependability. Why would I build a truck I’m working with. Because every kilometer is paid for anyways plus I build other people’s diesels on the side so I may as well do it for myself. Most importantly I get 1500km before I need to fill up.