Úlfheðnar Attestations

After a few recent questions regarding the historical evidence about Úlfheðnar, I’ve decided to make a short list summing up the evidence and attestations found in the lore. I won’t go into too much depth here but I’ll point out related materials I know of so those that are academically/historically inclined or motivated can go and look them up.

  • Vatnsdœla saga
  • Haraldskvæði 
  • Völsunga saga
  • Grettirs saga
  • The Gothikon Dance
  • Torslunda helm plate
  • Gutenstein, Sigmaringen, Germany sword scabbard (2nd picture)
  • Sutton Hoo purse lid (bottom right)
  • Obrigheim metal plaque (shown top)
  • Öland plaque (bottom left)