What is Kaleman??

So, If you follow my twitter, you will see that Ema (Coltonshipssterek) and I talk basically everyday.. and we mostly YELL AT EACH OTHER IN A LOVING WAY!!! Anyways, so my old Deafult picture on Twitter used to be a picture of Dylan O’Brien and I getting married that I photo shopped. 

Ema saw it and tweeted me about it, I obviously just wasn’t not going to reply, so I just told her that i had a bunch of photos of me with celebs.xD So, then she called me Matt’s (from Teen Wolf) creepy double. And then we @Lunsfuhd him into our conversation. Then throughout a course of days we started talking a lot and adding in @Tylergposey, @TylerLHoechlin, @ColtonLHaynes, @dylanobrien, & then made a separat post for the girls of Teen Wolf and then the parents/adults/etc. And for five days straight, (It started on a Thursday and ended on the following Tuesday) We got Posey to follow her, Gage Golightly to follow me, and reply from Eaddy and JR. and that’s about it. We even made a chart.

We just kept talking after that.. We DMed eachother eventually and talked, we followed eachother on Tumblr. etc. We made up the ‘ship’ name “Kaleman” because Ema’s actual name is Eman, but I hate typing in the ‘N’ and so I call her Ema.. She likes it so, I guess I did something right.

But yeah, so that is Kaleman. There is probably some I am leaving out but that is the basics. So yeah,

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