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The Accident- Pt 2

Request: could you please do a part 2 to being stiles wife and him getting in a car accident  and if you could let me know when you post thanks so much

A/N: So, I pretty much just started from where the first part left off, but skipped forward to the hospital…yeah.

Part 1 is here

It had been a long and hard ride to the hospital. The car had been filled with silence as you followed the ambulance that housed your daughter. Stiles was in your passenger seat, having opted out of riding in the bumpy vehicle that you were speeding after.

Your knee was bouncing as your nerves ate away at your sanity while you sat in the waiting room. A warm hand rested on your knee, stopping the anxious bouncing, and you looked over to see Stile’s with the small, white, butterfly bandages covering the cuts on his face. His hand squeezed your knee in a comforting gesture, and the only thing you could do was smile sadly.

“She’ll be okay,” he reassured you, his voice trembling and cracking on each word. “It’ll all be okay” However, from the way that the slight smile faded slowly off his face, you knew it wouldn’t be okay.

After today, nothing would be the same.

You eventually fell into a restless sleep, Stiles’ shoulder becoming your pillow. It was a few hours later when you were shaken awake by your husbands soft hand.

“Stiles, Y/N?”

You looked up, still groggy from your unhelpful nap, to see Dr. Geyer standing before you, hands clasped together in front of him and clipboard tucked underneath his arm. You glanced behind him to see Scott’s mother, Melissa, standing behind him, tears staining her cheeks, eyes red from crying.

You could already feel the burn of tears forcing their way out of your eyes, a lump forming in your throat. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as you took in the sullen look on Dr. Geyer’s face.

You looked over at Stiles just as a tear dropped down his cheek. You watched his Adams apple bob as he swallowed, probably trying to keep it together for as long as you could. You both knew what was coming.

“I’m sorry.” You squeezed your eyes shut as the tears ran down your cheeks. “I’m so, so sorry.”

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Once you heard those words come out of Melissa’s mouth, you broke down, no longer being able to hold in the sobs that had been threatening to escape. The noise in the waiting room for the ER fell quiet, your heart wrenching sobs being the only thing that could be heard. Stiles was crying quietly beside you as he embraced you in a hug.

You couldn’t believe it.

Your daughter was gone.


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