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5 Times When.. - Thomas [Smut] (Princess Squad July 2017)

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Newt

Word Count: 3910

Notes: Y’all I feel like this really fricken sucks so go easy on me, okay? My writing  has been so shitty lately (hence why I went on hiatus) and I feel like this is, like, the epitome of crappy fics. Pretty basic smut here too, nothing exciting or kinky. Literally it’s so plain and boring like me IM SORRY. Thank you to @dumbass-stilinski for reading over it and leaving me notes and just editing and being great ok because she literally the best.

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Surprising Dylan

Hi guys
This is my very first attempt at writing so it may be a bit weird, sorry if any of its confusing.

Thank you so much @rememberstilinski and @writing-obrien for proof reading for me

You’d thought you would have gotten used to Dylan having to leave for filming after being In a relationship with him for the past 6 years, but this time It was different.

Usually when he was away you had work to keep you busy. Unfortunately a few weeks ago your boss had fired you because he couldn’t afford to pay your wages anymore, you were left at home a lot on your own. You would call your friends but they all were too busy with their own work. Dylan had left 6 weeks ago to London to make his new film American assassin. Yes you guys would FaceTime, call and text all the time but it wasn’t the same. You missed him being there physically, you missed being able to cuddle him or just watch him work.

He was so handsome with his hair all disheveled after he’d spent the night running his hands through it when he couldn’t get a line into his head. The small smile that appeared on his face as he relaxes when you ran your hands over his shoulders from behind. Little moments like these were what you missed.

You couldn’t take it anymore, being in this house alone was starting to get to you. You got out your laptop and booked a plane ticket to London. You grabbed your phone texted Dylan to tell him that you were mailing him a parcel and it would be delivered to the post office closest to his hotel.

A few days passed and it was finally time to go see Dylan. You slept most of the flight so the time difference wasn’t so bad. You arrived in London at around midday. Making your way to outside after grabbing your bags you headed to the car that was waiting for you. You asked the driver to take you straight to the post office. Pulling up outside you looked out at the small shop, you could feel yourself getting nervous. You got out and headed inside. As you entered there were two lovely ladies standing behind the counter. You explained to them what you wanted to do and what you would need them to do.

After everything was explained and you were confident in this you headed into the small office they had to the side. You got out your phone and called Dylan, he picked up almost immediately. “hey baby how are you feeling?”

You’d completely forgotten you’d told him you weren’t feeling good so you were going to turn your phone off and spend the day in bed with movies. “I’m feeling a little better, baby I just got a message saying that the parcel I sent is ready to collect.” You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you said this.

“okay sweetie, I’ll go pick it up now, you go get some rest and I’ll talk to you later. okay ?”

“okay Dylan, I love you.”

“i love you too y\n bye baby.” you hung up and put your phone back in your pocket. You had about 10 minutes before Dylan would get there. You stood there mentally preparing yourself. You were so excited to see him, hug him, kiss him.

After what felt like seconds you heard the little bell on the door ring signalling that someone had entered the post office. You could hear people talking but you couldn’t make out what they were saying.

One of the workers came into the room signalling that it was now time to go surprise him. You quietly opened the door and walked into the main shop. Dylan was stood at the counter with his back to you. The lady cleared her throat behind you and said “ Mr O'Brien here is your parcel”.

Dylan slowly turned around but completely froze when his eyes landed on you. His mouth fell open in shock, “w what the, h how, when did you get here ?”

You chuckled at his blabbering. “my flight landed a little while ago, I came straight here. I really missed you Dylan”

“Aww baby I missed you too.” with that you jumped into Dylan’s arms as he wrapped them around you tightly. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he nuzzled his face into your hair inhaling the smell of your coconut shampoo mixed with the perfume you were wearing that he’d bought you for Christmas the previous year.

After a few minutes, you pulled away from each other. Dylan just stands there staring at you. “I can’t believe your actually here in front of me.”

You looked up at him to see he had tears in his eyes. “I was going insane in that house all by myself, I had to come see you.” he smiled down at you before pulling you in for a very passionate kiss. It felt amazing to have his lips back on yours after so much time apart.

You both pulled away breathless. Dylan placed his forehead against yours and whispered, “why don’t we head back to the hotel and we can order food and put a movie on or something?”

“Sounds perfect baby.” you grabbed your bags from the little room. As you were walking out Dylan took the bags from you and placed them in the car he’d travelled in. When you arrived at his hotel room you dropped your bags by the door and headed straight towards the bed.

You lay down and watch Dylan coming towards you with a big goofy smile on his face. He made his way over and lay down beside you and pulled you into him. “ I missed this.” he said as he ran his hand up and down your back.

“ I love you Dylan” you muttered as you felt your eyes getting heavier.

Right before you fell asleep you heard Dylan say “I love you too y/n more than you will ever know.” you fell asleep in Dylan’s arms with a smile on your face, you couldn’t have been happier.