isolat-deactivated20140312 asked:

movie: Amélie :)

opinion: hate it | dont like it much | its okay| like it| loVE IT| oH MY YGOSD 

havent seen it sry

favourite or least favourite part:   i googled it it sounds nice 

blog rate: 8/10

blog advice: your blog has nice posts ect

theres no face tag so i couldnt stalk it frowns +follow

other than that i think sidebars look pretty but it isnt nessecary so idk kepp it that way :)

send me an ask stating a book/movie whatever and ill do this

isolat-deactivated20140312 asked:

honestly i don't even remember why i followed you the first time but i /re/followed you using this blog because you're fucking amazing and incredibly nice (not to mention the blog okay the blog is a completely different matter that i'll shut up about because it's too perfect for me to express in any known language)

oh dear god why

how does this even compute i can’t even

jst leave me be i am so beyond a mess right now i can’t be seen like this