Just one video, I’m a few songs. Yes, sing alongs. Who am I? - #OBparody

Get ready to go on a musical ride through the first season of orphanblack! Brought to you by yours truly & fellow clone clubbers: Talia & Wallie! (Watch in HD!) (also available on Vimeo in case this video is unavailable in your country)

Rizzy Thrasher

Genetics : Skin / Hair / Eyes / Eyebrows / Eye Overlay / Face + Body Redness / Body Blush / Eye Bags

Makeup : Blush / Lipstick 

Accessories : Scarf / Septum Piercing

Everyday : Top / Bottom / Shoes

Formal : Dress / Shoes

Workout : Top + Bottom / Tights / Shoes

Sleep : Top / Bottom

Party : Top / Shoes / Socks

Swim : One-Piece


if there’s any issues please let me know!

if you use Rizzy, make sure to tag me! I’d love to see her in your game!