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so uhhhh I need more hockey friends (and by that I mean I need a hockey friend to begin with) so holla at ya girl if you’re a hockey blog and I just may follow you.

“Clearing his throat, Lance drops into a graceful and practiced bow. ‘Welcome to The Altean Kitchen. Keith and I will be your waiters this evening. Hunk has already prepared a lovely meal for you both, which we’ll be serving shortly.’ He straightens and smoothly steps up behind Allura, pulling out her chair and gesturing to it. ‘We invite you to sit, and we hope you enjoy your evening.’” 

Shut Up and Dance With Me, Chapter 9 by @wittyy-name​ (and @wolfpainters​)

So I heard it was Witty’s birthday (It’s a week late I’m sorry). So here’s a little gift?

Witty and Sora, thank you so much for Shut Up and Dance With Me. It gives me so much life and I can’t count the many times The Marks We Make has revived me from college stress. Your collabs are amazing and a gift to this fandom. Witty’s writing fills me up with warm gooey feels and Sora’s art makes me want to just drool and stare at it all day. Thank you so much and happy (very belated) birthday witty :> 


just an omake this week! next week should be a regular chapter installment. thanks @femoralynn as always for typesetting. you can post this to manga sites if you can figure out how to number it, and you can download the images from this post– they’re already in full resolution. if you need a name for the scanlation group, we are Uranucleus Scans.

had 2 sacrifice form 4 function there are too many got dam bisexuals in henrietta

please submit any critiques double spaced in 12 pt font

Richie Tozier

*this is focused on the movie not the book because I am not all the way done with it

I would really like to talk about the complexity of this character because I forget that people tend to only see him as a class clown type. This character is just as bit haunted as Bill or Eddie or Stan or the rest of the losers. I am only going to mention the book once in which it describes how he could easily be one of the more frightened one, and I think that speaks volumes. It is no secret that he is loud and sarcastic and over all obnoxious in a sense, but people fail to forget that he goes out of his way for that. I initially questioned why all the other losers in the movie had such deeper fears. I’ll give you the general over view just to clarify my thoughts on that 

  • Bill’s biggest fear in losing Georgie and that’s already happened so Pennywise uses that as fuel
  • Bev’s is her dad for obvious reasons 
  • Eddie’s is germs due to his overbearing mother
  • Stan’s is imperfection (hence the lady with the screwed up face) or things he doesn’t have control over, the unknown that are outside of the realm of reason
  • Mike’s is his fear of being burned alive and the trauma of losing his parents or submitting to violence 
  • Ben’s is his weight (this comes more into play in the book and it sucks we don’t get a lot of that in the movie) and I think death in a lot of ways is also a huge fear of his

So, tell me why would they make Richie’s fear out to be something as simple as  clowns??? Then, I was able to put two and two together. What does Richie have everyone view him as? A clown. Guys, Gals, and non-binary Pals what is Richie’s fear? clowns. So, when we hear he is terrified of clowns, that is a subtle hint that his biggest fear is actually himself. And, seeing as it’d be pretty hard to show that on screen or even in a book, it’s easy to use clowns as a symbol of himself. ‘What about himself makes him fear himself you?’ Admitting that he has to grow up or that he isn’t always going to be able to repress anything other than jokes. Clowns for him serve as a constant reminder that he uses humor as a way to cover up insecurities. And, don’t forget that at the end of the movie when Bill has to shoot ‘Georgie’ Richie also faces his biggest fear. Richie actually straight up hit his biggest fear with a baseball bat in order to save his friend. If anyone dare so he doesn’t love Bill then that is a straight up lie, which is why it’s kind of heart breaking that Bill punches him in the face. So, while everyone is feeling sorry for Bill, we are forgetting that Richie is also dealing with losing a friend that he really does love a lot. And, it should also be noted that what does he see when he first enters the house? That’s right! ding ding ding! A missing poster. It’s no wonder he is so loud and annoying, he is terrified of being forgotten or lost, and when he is lured into the room by ‘Eddie’ yeah it’s important that it’s Eddie of all people and everyone is pushing Reddie which I like the idea of myself we are failing to realize that I bet $1000000 he would go into that room if it was any one of his friends. Because another big fear of his that we see in that instance is losing a friend, which ties back into when Bill punches him in the face. He might not get a lot of ‘serious’ focus in the movie as far as fear goes, but there are a lot of subtle hints at it. He faces a LOT of his fears in this movie. I absolutely love what the directors and Finn Wolfhard were able to do with his character, so people please please please see him as more than a class clown.

**lemme know if u want me to do a deeper study at the other characters because this was kinda fun to make

Edit: if you took the time to read this then take the time to read Stan Uris’s because he is important as well and I spent 45 minutes trying to write out my thoughts properly