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Some of you may remember my popular bi, pan, and asexuwhale trio from last year. Well, I’ve decided to redo the set and add EVEN MORE SEXUWHALES (and an aromanatee!)

Bisexuwhale - humpback whale
Homosexuwhale - sperm whale
Pansexuwhale - narwhal/narwhale
Polysexuwhale - beluga whale
Asexuwhale - killer whale/orca
Aromanatee - manatee

All are available in my Redbubble shop as stickers, shirts, mugs, and more; text-less versions will be added to my shop soon, too.

Hey, for the love of fuck, please do not repost my art.

You are stealing.

You do not have my permission. If you have reposted (that is reuploaded somewhere else), please take my stuff down. You are not helping me. You are HURTING me. You are causing me a shit ton of stress. Stress that can fucking kill.

Please do not repost my art.

Reblogs are fine, I appreciate that. That isn’t stealing.

Just a reminder: You need DIRECT PERMISSION from an artist to reupload their work. Saying “credit to artist” or “not mine”  It’s still stealing.

Please don’t make me quit doing art.. Please don’t cause this unwanted stress.

You reposters are what makes an artist quit. You can also kill someone. Keep that in mind. Stress. Kills.